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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Something Very Special

Written by Mathew Naismith

Imagine interacting with another person in away that your body and mind breaks down into various flashes of light, like sparkles of energy intertwining and interacting with each other. Each sparkle being apart of you shooting off in all directions within someone else's energy field, sounds ridiculous until you personally experience such a thing, also, energy void of form in any sense is pure energy.

It's difficult for human consciousness to perceive ourselves as pure energy without deducing that energy has to be of a form of some kind. Even the perception of being light refers to a form like energy field. Human consciousness is simply unable to comprehend anything beyond some kind of form, however, this is normal and should be accepted as being normal for human consciousness. All impure or unaware consciousnesses have limitations, this is quite natural and normal and of the whole and not separate to the whole.

Consider this though, can pure energy, void of impure energy fields, be able to experience interaction with another being as various flashes of light? If everything was pure energy, this pure energy would be limited to it's own existence. Considering that consciousness as a whole is not limited, in actuality it's infinite in nature, it's unlikely that we would ever be of pure energy, however, this doesn't mean we can't become aware of our pure energy state. This also means we can experience being various flashes of light, of separate energy fields.

My recent experience of flashes of interacting light with another energy field was induced by a very special person, a person who is able to perceive way beyond my own comprehension and understanding. The enjoyment to be able to do this with a person like me was special for both of us.

When someone like me makes reference to impure energy, in other words a consciousness that is limited to certain aspects and fields, this is not a put down. The problem here is, we are conditioned to a higher stature or a higher consciousness being better or more worthy than a lower stature or consciousness. Everything is based on levels, of course the higher the levels are always more desired than lower levels. This limited perception is very human, of a consciousness that is obviously limited to certain aspectual fields.

Consider this, is not a pure aware state not limited to being purely aware of just pure awareness? Actually no, the reason for this lays in that a truly aware state is also aware of it's own unaware states, it's aware of the whole self, not just the parts of the self it desires to be. As each flash or sparkle of light was separate to each other within my experience with another person, it was also whole. For human consciousness to be able to comprehend anything, it has to break it down into separate parts. When you pull a car, an automobile apart, what we have done is simply pull apart something that was whole to once again make it whole again. Even if we pull the car apart to never put it together again, the energy within the car is still whole because it's still energy. Yes, the car is no longer a car but it's still energy.

Being unaware or of an impure consciousness, a consciousness that is not aware of the whole self, is apart of being truly aware, one is not whole without the other. Here we are trying to so desperately reach our higher self when we are already experiencing our higher self, it's just that human consciousness is unable to comprehend this therefore understand this. In saying this, this kind of unawareness, in that a higher stature is always better and more whole, is very much of human perceptions, not of true higher perceptions. To be of a high perception is to also be of a low perception, a perception that is less aware.

What I am trying to say is being unaware is just as important to the whole as being aware. It's like saying that yin is less important that yang within a relationship because this is exactly how a lot of us are perceiving, the aware is far more desired therefore more worthy than being unaware. Being truly of pure awareness, as Buddhism states it, is no less important than being of impure awareness, a state of being less aware.

In saying that unawareness is just as worthy and important to the whole is fine, but when this unawareness becomes destructive unto itself and everything else, a wise consciousness would, in my mind, consider a different course of action. However, being less wise is also no less worthy or important to the whole as being of pure energy. Something else to also consider, you can't experience a pure state of energy, all you can do is become aware of it.

There is simply no motion or form in a state of pure energy, it's the impurity of energy that gives energy motion therefore form. Impurity of energy simply refers to energy flows that interact with each other as separate entities or separate forms of energy.  Unawareness simply refers to separated energy flows from our pure energy state. No matter how energy is expressed, it is never truly separate even when in separation; in actuality only within this separation is energy truly whole, as one.                

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