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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Bliss of Neutral Being

Written by Mathew Naismith

What would happen if we got off the treadmill of motion, expressed less motion, meaning, instead of expressing more motion, therefore emotions, we expressed less motions, therefore less emotions. This seemingly would be terrible to express fewer emotions; we of course presume fewer emotions expressed means that we would become more apathetic, basically, less expressive.

Now consider an apathetic state void of motion, this of course reminds me of numerous eastern teachings of being within your own stillness, a state of true motionlessness, it is a state of what feels like bliss to us. When we become apathetic in motion, we become less caring and loving. It is wise not to confuse this state of motion with a state of motionlessness. Becoming apathetic in a motionless state is exceptionally different to becoming apathetic in a state of motion. The reason lies in that all motion is ego based, a controlling ego can only influence and control motion, it is unable to influence and control a motionless state of being for obvious reasons.  

I seem to be coming across more and more people who have been on the receiving end of extreme motions these days; so-called lightworkers/positive people often treat them harshly. It is wise to understand where these people are coming from and what is controlling them to treat people so. I find it strange how when anyone tries to bring in a balanced view, you often become victimised.

The following was posted by me to help other people understand that extreme motions only beget extreme motions in the end.         


Will excessive expressions of love heal the world and make for a more constructive reality?

Considering that love brings on huge amounts of emotions, love is obviously of motion, at times extreme motions. It is wise to consider that all motions are ego based and all extreme motions are ego controlled. 

Is it wise to try to overwhelm one extreme motion with another extreme motion?

You have to consider here which human trait is trying to overwhelm another human trait; of course the answer to this is a controlling ego. One motion trying to overwhelm another motion to gain control over all other motions depicts an ego in control, this is not just a simple display of ego.

Love is a huge healer, yes, however to use love to heal, is an acknowledgment that there is something to heal in the first place, of course the more extreme our motion of love is, the more acknowledgment we give to what has to be healed. Only in a reality controlled by the ego is there anything to be healed.

What would happen if we, instead of expressing even more motion, expressed less motion? The effect of expressing less motion is actually a lot more counteractive towards extreme or excessive destructive motions. The reason for this lays in that the less motion we express, the more neutral we become which in turn neutralises motion.

In the short term, love is a healer and euphoric, in the long term, neutralising all motion gives us nothing to heal thus nothing to be euphoric about. Feeling euphoric tells us there is something to be healed; of course a controlling ego loves this feeling of euphoria because there is something to be healed when there does not have to be.

Not many peoepl will understand what I am saying here, even though eastern teachings teach us to sit within a motionless state!! If you are being overwhelmed and exhumed by motion in a supposed motionless state, you are not really in a motionless state; however, I find it fitting to be in a balance between motions and motionless states of existence myself, however, this balance is often misunderstood by other people expressing excessive motions.  

I received the following reply on this topic. I should point out that the following reply was one of the nicer impartial replies I have received on this topic.   

The more I meditate, the more I have moments of a pure bliss wash over me at random parts of my day for various periods of time. I believe it is the ego stepping aside and allowing me to experience what I am meant to feel when I am not allowing the ego to take centre stage. I love this. I welcome this. I wish this for every living being to experience this feeling of pure joy. Would you agree that this is a wonderful thing that does not add to the negative? And are you basically saying that when we label or think we stand in the way of being instead? I'm not sure if I am explaining myself clearly, so hopefully you are following me.

My Reply
Indeed, this pure bliss creates an overwhelming feeling of love, in my mind; this is exceptionally natural for this state of bliss to create. We will also feel very positive, this too is overwhelming.

As many eastern teaching teach us to do, sit within the quietness of self. It is this motionless state that creates this bliss, which in turn creates a feeling of love and positiveness.

These emotional feeling are a creation from a state of bliss, everything that is created from this state is in motion. Any motion is perceptible to the ego as all motion is ego as all motionlessness is egoless.

The ego states, I am all this positiveness and love and runs with this while forgetting what created this positiveness and love in the first place. How many people, especially lightworkers/positive people, believe that love and light is the be and end all? It is actually this motionless, natural bliss, that is of neither light nor dark, negative nor positive that is, in a sense, the be and end all.

When lightworkers/positive people bag anyone who is of this balance, this bliss, they have obviously allowed this love and light to become controlled by the ego.

When you get into this blissful state, void of motion altogether, which means there is no positive or negative, love or hate, just pure being void of one or the other, you know you have discovered your truer being.

I thank you Diane for you are pleasantly illustrated impartial reply here, this does not occur too often.

What I do myself is stay in balance between motion and motionlessness, this is of course the same as being in balance between finite and infinite consciousness. I at no time prefer one state of existence to another state of existence, as I do not refer to my infinite being, being my truer self to my finite being; I simply try to free myself from this separation.      

Monday, 23 January 2017

Just Like the Birds in Our Garden

Written by Mathew Naismith

Because I have never studied in or followed any isms, ideologies or concepts in my life, it is becoming apparent that this lack of influence by these isms, ideologies and concepts, is setting me apart from most other people's views. My posts and blog's are becoming more and more conceptional to a different way of being, a being that seems to be beyond present human perceptions a lot of the times.

This post, I thought, was going to be about why we are embracing love so much and justifiably so, however, we need to also realise how destructive and negative love, especially when expressed to an extreme, is to other existences. I will get back to this topic but I obviously needed to touch on the topic of why my views are often unaccepted accepted by many people.

The following is a reply I gave to someone just recently in regards to subjectiveness being plainly not of our true being, I think this gives a clearer perspective of my views and insights.        

My Reply:
Because we have been conditioned by certain ideologies and isms that are based/influenced by human perceptions, this view that everything has always existed and has always been apart of us is hard to acknowledge and accept. We bag the ego, which is time, space and matter, we are therefore anything other than what we bag, and egotistically so. We egotistically want to be just of all this light and love or nothingness but where not, not in my mind.

In my mind, we need to consciously ascend/evolve from our present consciousness that is primarily based on human perceptions. Basically, we need to format the hard drive to ascend/evolve, this means becoming unconditioned to our present consciousness based on human perceptions, ideologies and isms:)

Thinking that subjectiveness is ego, therefore not apart of our truer being, is not true for me, this is an old human perception we need to format/delete for it no longer has relevance, or should not have relevance if we are going to ascend/evolve in my mind.


Now back on to what I initially thought was going to be the topic of this post.

Looking out into our garden from our veranda, I sit a watch birds flutter quite merrily and contentedly in our garden, they seem to be in utter bliss void of any emotions of love or hate, bad or good, right and wrong. They seem to be just being, a being in a heavenly state of existence it would seem.

It is hard to imagine that any existence would be heavenly if we took love out of an existence, especially extreme expressions of love; in our present circumstances, this is understandable. You see birds do not have a perception of chaos, hate and destruction; they are just being void of these perceptions. Because we experience and perceive these things, especially to excess, we valuate that any other heavenly existence would have to be full of love, in actuality, any kind of bird like existence would seem like heaven to us in our present circumstances. We often cannot perceive or imagine this so we go to an extreme in opposition to our present reality of chaos, hate and destruction.

We are however embracing love for a vary good reason, it's healing to start with plus it takes us away from all this chaos, hate and destruction in the world around us. It is nurturing and peaceful and gives us a sense of security in a very insecure world. No, there is utterly nothing wrong with this. I should point out at this time I am not comfortable with extremes, one extreme always creates the opposite extreme, as of all extremes, they are destructive, especially towards each other and anything else in between.

Now how is love destructive? Love is negative towards negatives to start with, it's also destroys hate within it's own presence. Hate cannot exist in the same space as love. Again, there is nothing wrong in love negating/destroying hate within it's own presence, the point is, love is destructive and negative especially when expressed to an extreme. To me, our true being in a peaceful heavenly state cannot be destructive, even towards chaos, hate, destruction, and even negativity.

This is a prime example why I, like the birds in our garden, do not express a black and white mentality of negative and positive, love and hate. Today, I do not even judge myself being positive; I do not have to for it no longer has a purpose in my life anymore. I am more like the birds in our garden these days, just being within my present reality void, to one extent or another, of one perspective or another. As of any life existence, there is a life and death struggle for which we in the end lose, this is the same with birds, however, their existence is a lot more heavenly than a lot of us have ever experienced.

Yes, we can experience this kind of heavenly reality but we need an extreme in opposition to another extreme to do this, we need to destroy or have negative thoughts against an opposite to feel like this. This is not like these birds in our garden in any sense. Yes, love, especially when expressed to an extreme is negative towards chaos, hate and destruction, love is anti-hate within it's own existence and expression.

Yes, I know, love isn't supposed to be the opposite of love, then what is the opposite of hate? Love, all of what is has an opposite like our states of oneness, pure awareness, nothingness or what ever, has an opposite. As time is the opposite of timelessness, finite existence or being is the opposite of infinite existence or being, one creates the existence of the other. Our truer being or self also has an opposite. It is said that our truer being is pure awareness, I call it wisdom. The opposite of this is of course ignorance, which many of us have judged as being an illusion or of a fake existence, I find it strange how the controlling ego wants to be something more grander than what it is so it judges everything it doesn't want to be an illusion or fake!!

It really seems we are going to continue on the roller-coaster of extremes, this is very much unlike the birds in our garden that are not expressive of any extremes.

A state of heavenly existence does not rely on extremes; it relies on a balance existence with all of what is. Yes, it is quite understandable that while experiencing one extreme that we will be enticed to express another counteractive extreme, however, this reaction will only keep on creating counteractive extremes. One motion creates a counter motion like a pendulum; it is ongoing until one finds true balance between opposing motions just like a pendulum while motionless. Like a pendulum while motionless, it's this quietness that creates heaven, not extreme opposing motions!! 

I would rather exist within my reality like a bird, for the bird is free of human extremes and opposing diversities. This is me, neither one or the other for I am free of one or the other.                      

Saturday, 21 January 2017

A True Sense of Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had another interesting anecdote presented to me by Sreeram Manoj Kumara seen below; I also inserted my reply to this anecdote.    

"If I advice "be a witness" I am still in duality.
If I say "I am that" even if it implies duality
"I" just has to fade away."

I had to ponder on this. I thought I would give a western perspective on this.

1/ Observer - A state of consciousness that only observes void of participation. This state can be related to, if you like, a consciousness of God's/Goddesses in observation only.

2/ Observer observing one's participation - A state of consciousness that observes it's own participation. This state can be related to a consciousness of wisdom/awareness in observation and participation.

3/ Participator - A state of consciousness that only participates void of observation. This state can be related to a consciousness of ignorance/unawareness in participation only.

In observation only, the "I" does not exist, egoless.

In observation of one's own participation, the "I" fades away as if it never existed, ego.

In participation only, the "I" not only exists but also is everything. In this case, all perceptions are based on the "I", a controlling ego.


The following goes into this a lot deeper, if you are not into deep thoughtfulness, it is advisable you stop here, however, the following explains the anecdote of Sreeram's in a more in-depth way.    

We could say that being a witness is being an observer, however, a witness is not usually in relation to observation of oneself, the witness refers to the observation of other people and/or our immediate environment. Observing your own participation isn't being a witness especially in conjunction with "If I advice" as "If I advice" relates to a wrong or right, good or bad. As soon as we become the advice, we become the participator that create wrong and rights.

If I say "I am that", in the west this is often in reference to the ego, however, the observer says I am that, meaning, I am all of that I observe, there is no ego present within this observation as all is observed as one. When I observe myself, only in relation to myself, I observe all of what is but if I observe other peoepl and/or my environment, I am only participating even in observation. In this case, observation actually becomes a witness as opposed to an observer. Remember, witness is in reference to a participator dually, observation refers to the observer non-dually.

When you learn to observe yourself, you observe all of what is. When you observe all else in advice, usually other than yourself, you observe as a witness therefore become the participator.  

So where does science fit within this as science is all about being the observer?

Good science, so to speak, is about being able to observe yourself at one time but at other times witnessing your environment other than yourself. Bad science on the other hand is about only being a witness, a participator, of the environment void of being able to, truthfully, observe oneself. Science fits within both the observer observing one's participation and participator categories as my reply to Sreeram shows; this of course depends on the kind of science applications used.

Science is incapable of being an observer without being a witness to what science observes, this like a true state of spiritual oneness is unable to be a witness while in observation, even when in duality. Once one is able to observe oneself as all of what is, void of separation, even in duality, one is able to observe oneself as if it is of everything, not a separate entirety to everything. What makes science what it is, is its inability to be just an observer void of being also a witness at the same time. It's like what makes human consciousness human. What makes human consciousness human is it's limitations, science is the same within it's own limitations of being unable to just observe void of participation/witnessing.

At no time is our own participation not being observed, in actuality, it is this observation that creates what we participate in. Basically, everything we experience is being created through observation. You could say that your higher self is observing your own or it's own participation, in doing so, creates what is being experienced.

This is difficult to accept because we often separate the observer from what the participator experiences. We are conditioned to perceive primarily through the perspectives of time, space and matter, this means we are unable to comprehend that the observer and the participator coexists in the present only. Only the participator will perceive that for there to be a participator, an observation has to be made first to create the experiences a participator experiences. Take away the perception of time, space and matter, what you have left is a perception void of a past and future, this is of course why time travel is possible.

Observation and participation simultaneously occur outside the perceptions of time, space and matter. Once we free ourselves of these perceptions, we begin to realise who we truly are, simultaneously all of what is as a whole and at the same time individualistic in nature. We are not one or the other but all of what is be it duality or non-duality.         

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

As One Door Closes

Written by Mathew Naismith
I think most of us would know this saying, "When one door closes another door opens." What occurred to me recently was a little different, as one door was closing, another door was opening, at the time I did not realise this until I read the following.
"A full heart cannot be filled.
Only those who perceive their heart is not full seek to fill it.
Most people are taught to seek fulfillment from people and things outside of them.
In the spiritual community many seek twin flames and soul mates to fill their heart.
This too is outside of you!
The problem with all of this is:
The only thing that belongs in your heart is you!
Who or what is in your heart that does not belong there?"
My Reply:
Very well stated, we need more of this. Too many western teachings condition us to find fulfilment externally, for example, you must sit right, eat right, live in a certain way to find fulfilment and enlightenment/awareness.

"Only those who perceive their heart is not full seek to fill it."

How excellent is this line which actually says it all. Western teaching/perceptions condition us to first perceive our hearts are not full in the first place, this couldn't be further from the truth for any of us. We perceive our hearts are not full based entirely on external aspects.

My biggest awakenings came to me while going through the hardest part of my life, my wife was the same.

I don't usually do this but I am going to promote this group here, my facebook/int friends need to know about this group. It's funny, while one door was closing, this door opened to me.

Much Blessings

PS My dreams told me of the group I just left, I dreamt of very fancy boats last night. As some people use numerology and horoscopes to guide them, I use my dreams which are exceptionally accurate at times.


I also loved the guidelines in relation to this group.

Welcome to The Human Mastery Group <3
Please read the group outline below...
1) This group is to assist in the understanding of how to integrate your divine aspects into the human experience in order to make the integration/ascension process easier, practical and functional for those of you who are human.... :)
2) Ask any and all questions you have that pertain to your human experience and the integration process.
3) Be kind and respectful.
4) This is a safe place to share and learn.
5) Please, do not argue or debate, instead learn and see your own reflection when someone or something triggers you.
6) Accept that everyone has a different perspective and opinion and no one is right or wrong, only different.
7) The intent of the group is to assist each other and make the transition/integration easier.

Our external aspects are to me are but a tiny reflection of what is within, we then rely on these external reflections to give us fulfillment when internal fulfillment's have always been present within. Put in another way, our whole environment is but a tiny perspective of what is within, we then expect to find our whole being within this tiny perspective of our whole being externally. Yes, our external environment can tell us parts of that are within, however, our external environment, which is but a tiny perception of our whole being, will never be totally fulfilling, as it does not truly reflect our whole being. Basically, it would seem we are trying to replace our true whole being with parts of our being with external aspects of our whole being.

OK, science generally depicts our external being, science tells us of ourselves through various perspectives that are within our environment. You can see why science alone will never have all the answers as it's only depicts apart of our whole being through our environment. Specifically through other science techniques as opposed to generally, science is going within. Many science techniques today focus on consciousness and not just of a consciousness that has to be linked to a physical brain, this is definitely looking within outwardly. It is like observing from within outwardly into our environment, instead of inwardly looking in from our environment.

It is basically freeing ourselves from the perception of looking within from our external environment...... 


Monday, 16 January 2017

Shooting for the Sky

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following quote was introduced to me by a bloke of the name of Sreeram.  

"Quietude when active and active when quietude is the sign of the wise."

My Response:
I had to come back to this. I was recently removed from an ascension group, a group of people looking  to ascend beyond the present human consciousness.

There was  a lot of talk about toxic people, there was two of us that stated that it is toxic within itself to express such actions, you are continuing on the cycle of pain, release yourself from this endless cycle. This didn't go down too well with a number of people, in the end, ending up with my removal.

I was too active with this group and labelled in accordance. I pointed out the sun, being the most active energy source in the solar system, is at the same time the most life giving, obviously not all active energy is toxic/negative.

These people desire quietude void of being active within themselves, in a finite existence this isn't practical for finite existence is based on motion. It's as though they are shooting for the stars, infinite being, instead of shooting for the sky, infinite and finite being.


Extract: The greatest perfection seems imperfect, and yet its use is inexhaustible.
The greatest fullness seems empty, and yet its use is endless.
The great straightness looks like crookedness.
The greatest skill appears clumsy.
The greatest eloquence sounds like stammering.
Restlessness overcomes cold, but calm overcomes heat.
The peaceful and serene is the norm of the world.

Let's say yin represents our infinite being and yang represents our finite being, also that yin is the stars and yang the physical.

Yin = infinite being + stars

Yin and Yang = infinite and finite being  + the stars and the physical

Yang = finite being +  physical

In our existence, yin and yang would be separated from each other if it wasn't for the sky, it's the sky that brings our whole being together, for we are not whole unless we are of the other. Why is yin and yang often displayed as a whole? What we seem to be doing in a lot of cases, especially in the West, is shoot for the stars  (yin) at the expense of the Yang (physical), when one is not whole without the other!!   As it seems of many people in these kinds of groups, it's the stars or nothing at the expense of the whole and yin.

Yin and yang are often represented as black and white, this is in relation to a black and white mentality which I try to avoid myself. The reason I try to avoid this, is where does the sky then fit within this kind of mentality? It often doesn't which means one will never become truly whole with one's whole being. The yin and yang symbol is represented as separate entities, the physical and stars in this case, however at the same time symbolised as one as a whole which is represented by the sky in this case.

In an existence of extreme finite (physical ) expressions,  we are desiring to be just of the infinite (stars), within this action, we are excluding what makes us whole and balanced again, the sky. The sky is often referred to as the grey area, a state were black and white intermingle to create the whole being as opposed to separate beings as in black and white, yin and yang.

Yes, many people are also anti-ego in these groups, of course only the ego can have disdain for itself !! It's not the ego that wants the stars void of the physical, it's a controlling ego for a controlling ego is all about separating one from the other by excluding the sky, and in this case the physical. A controlling ego doesn't want balance of it's this balance that takes control from the ego. Within groups like this, I often give a balanced view, for example, instead of saying people are toxic, state they are imbalanced instead, this of course was not accepted either.

How often is a person trying to bring this existence balance rebuffed (rejected)? It's like what is occurring in relation to the Romanian sphinx. Underground tunnels and chambers have been discovered that hold knowledge that would bring balance back to this very existence. This knowledge  has been withheld because this balance would take away the control  the ego has over this existence. No controlling ego consciousness is going to sit by watching its control being diminished, it's the same with various spiritual groups at present it would seem.

Will peoepl like me who are active, which seems to some people be in opposition to passive, be accepted by other people either shooting for the stars or the physical? Like I stated, a controlling ego will not sit by watching it's control being diminished or eroded by expressions (motions) of balance. We must accept within ourselves that no expression or motion of balance will be ever accepted by a consciousness controlled by a controlling ego, this was never going to occur, only an awakened conscious to the controlling ego will accept this. The strange thing is though, would I be as aware of the controlling ego if the controlling ego wasn't as extreme within it's motion as it is? Very unlikely, you see what seems negative (toxic), isn't always the case.

Shooting for the sky instead of the stars will free us from a controlling ego, anything other than this is still of a controlling ego, for the controlling go is unable to exist in a balanced existence. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Acknowledgment Beyond Perceptions

Written by Mathew Naismith

In finite realities, which are based on time, space and motion, perceptions influence us in every way single way from our feelings of various vibrations to the views we have of other people and our environment. It's however different in finite realities in that perception just plainly don't exist, they can't because perceptions need motion to exist. A true infinite reality has no motion, in actuality it's not even a reality as we know a reality to be.

It would seem more people are becoming more in tune with infinite consciousness or our infinite being (higher self). This connection, while still existing in a finite reality, gives us perceptions of our perceived higher self. What many of us seemed to have done is compare one to the other, infinite consciousness is perceived as way more passive and loving than finite consciousness. This perception in my mind is absolutely correct even though it's still just a perception we have. Being that this quite correct perception is purely based in motion, finite consciousness perceptions, it's amazing how accurate this perception is of our infinite being as a whole.

In this case, we would also perceive that less motion is positive while motion is more negative is also correct. It's true, the more motion that is created, the more destructive a consciousness is more likely to become, human consciousness is a prime example of this.

So we now have a perception that motion (finite existence) is of a negative polarity and motionless (infinite existence) is positive. The more passive we express ourselves as, the more positive of the polarity we perceive we are of.

Motion (finite)= negative polarities + active

Motionless (infinite) = positive polarities + passive

In our perception within a finite consciousness, we perceive that passiveness is obviously more positive than activeness, basically, motion is negative and motionlessness is positive.

Recently in discussion with others, I was seen by some as negative to the point of obviously being toxic, basically, highly and excessively negative. At the exact same time though, I was seen by other people as being positive even while expressing, at times, excessive motion. I was very active at times in the discussions as opposed to passive, this was seen as being negative by certain people involved in the discussion, the reason for this varied. The funny thing is, some people felt my vibration were negative, other people thought it was positive!!   

Now consider the following. The sun within our solar system is excessively violent , it's not just simply active, it's violent to an excess. The sun expresses a huge amount of motion as opposed to motionless, do we perceive that the sun isn't just toxic but demonic seen as it's the most active source of energy in the entire solar system? No, so why do we often judge that all active motion has to be of a negative polarity?

The point is, we seemingly often perceive, while becoming connected with our infinite being, that anything else other than this infinite being is negative. Could any biological life exist without the sun being as violent as it is? Yes, when the sun becomes imbalanced within it's own projection, it will express extreme motions that will in the end destroy all of what it created in the first place. It is predicted that our sun will, in it's end, envelope Earth as it expands before it's own end. Within this, motion as we know it will cease to exist as biological life will. There will be no motion, everything will be passive but at the expense of destroying biological life as a whole. You see, not everything that is passive has a  positive outcome, in fact it's devastatingly quite the opposite.

Could you imagine not sitting by a stream and listening to the birds sing and see the fish swimming, this is what motionlessness (passiveness) will destroy in the end when the highly violent sun ends it own cycle of life. We seem to have the perception that all violent acts are negative when in actuality passiveness is highly destructive within it's own existence.

The way we are perceiving while existing in a finite reality, the sun would have to be the most negative energy source within the solar system but it's simply not. This is exactly why I try to stay away from this kind of black and white mentality, there is no true black and white to anything. This kind of black and white perception is only still a perception in the end.

While becoming connected to our infinite being, we often, in my mind quite incorrectly, perceive that our passive motionless being has to be way more positive to that of our finite being, that simply and obviously is not the case. In this case the sun would have to be perceived as the most negative source of energy in the solar system. I believe this perception has come about because we are now existing in a reality of extremes, very much like when the sun will end it's cycle, anything other than this end will be perceived as being more positive, giving us the incorrect perception that all active motion is negative.

Of course any extreme motion will give us the perception that all motion is negative, it's just simply not the case though. Could you imagine being around when the sun ends it cycle, any other existence at that time will be perceived as being more positive, that is where I feel many of us are at. It's quite understandable why we perceive like this but you should look beyond these perceptions to really see the truth of the matter, not all active motion is negative, in fact violent motion can be extremely life giving. Of course acknowledging this while we are influenced by our present perceptions is going to be difficult. We are often too influenced by our present perceptions of all motion and motionlessness is of just a negative or a positive.  

Freeing ourselves from these perceptions, is only replacing one lot of perceptions with another lot of perceptions, but a more accurate truer sense of perceptions while existing in a finite reality. It's just simply not all black and white.        

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sustainable Pain Relief

Written by Mathew Naismith

What a daunting few days I have had, got myself involved in a group discussion explaining labelling people toxic is toxic within itself, it's advisable to break this cycle of pain and abuse. I supported another person in this and it didn't go down well with a few people who are obviously in a lot of pain.

It's amazing how we don't realise how when in pain, we inadvertently continue the cycle of pain and abuse. Trying to explain this to people who are obviously bitter is daunting, there is no way they were going to accept this so they themselves became quite abusive. This topic was always going to be a touchy subject to discuss, the pain involved was quite overwhelming. I don't mean just the pain of past or present trauma, I mean the pain to realise you are yourself continuing the pain by being abusive yourself to others. You are in away continuing the cycle of abuse and pain, this is daunting for anyone to accept.

If the pain has created an inner bitterness within yourself, the realisation of yourself continuing this cycle becomes even more unacceptable. Imagine bitterly hating the abuser who gave you this pain in the first place and accepting you too are of this abusive cycle. It got to a point where these people would talk to each other while downing  me on my own post. They didn't even think that continuingly downing people between themselves on someone else post, was unbecoming in any sense. They were totally oblivious to themselves continuing on with the abusive cycle they themselves were subjected to, this was even after being informed of what they were doing. The type of abuse doesn't matter, abuse is abuse, if this cycle isn't broken, it will indeed turn a person very bitter.     

We also explained about how acting the victim is only going to lead to more pain, it's advisable to drop feeling the victim and get on with life void of making the pain from trauma even worse. Is trauma really worth this much energy? Trauma takes enough out of us already but we then give it even more time and energy by acting the victim.

I explained about how my own abuse didn't lead me to label my abusers toxic, this infuriated them because it seemed I was in competition with their own traumatic pain. There was too much ongoing pain which has lead to these people becoming quite bitter. The real problem then revealed itself, I was a man seemingly trying to compete and overlord these women, no matter what I said I was not going to make any difference. The other person involved in this was also a male. After talking with a male and a female privately, we all concurred there was a lot of male hating going on here as well. I learnt so much from this encounter and it would seem so did a number of other onlookers/observers.

I wrote the following post for this group to try to help in the healing process in regards to what we presently discussed. Going through trauma is painful enough, realising you have been continuing on with this trauma by acting the victim is even worse. We all should try to break the cycle of pain, desisting in playing the victim is a good start to this.                           

The Pain of Ascension/Transition

Talking with other people privately, there is a consensus that there is a lot of pain within this group, of course within any group, especially a large group, there is going to be pain. For any group situation to work out, it's for the benefit of the group to work through this.

This reality that we are transcending from is quite painful, more painful to some than others. In the west, we think going through a painful abusive relationship is the worse, people born in war torn countries who have everything taken from them, including family members, would think we are living in heaven. Could you imagine having your children taken from you to be used as sex objects? Imagine being powerless to do anything about this!!  

The point is, to successfully work through this we must first stop being the victim of these circumstances, all that being the victim does is create more pain and to an extreme, create inner bitterness.

How many people believe and act the victim of this reality? Transition pains are bad enough, adding to this by thinking your a victim of circumstance, is only going to add to this pain.

Are we truly victims? Actually yes, victims of our own actions of being and acting the victim, this is all. I'm in a country that has never seen war within the country itself in my lifetime, why would I act the victim in any circumstance?

The funny thing is, even if I was in a war torn country, I don't think I would still act the victim, I would hopefully work with what I have which is life itself as millions of people in the world do.

The pain of ascension can be made a lot easier on ourselves, it's really up to us. It's really not advisable to blame other people and the reality itself for this pain, this all rests with you.

Freeing ourselves form pain will take us to firstly realise we are playing the victim, only then can we stop the cycle of abuse and pain in the world today......   

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Obscurity v Exposure

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is going to be quite controversial for a number of people, especially where I supported some of these views. One thing to note with what I write as always, nothing that I write is either right or wrong, negative or positive, bad or good, I'm really not sure why it has to be one or the other all the times. While explaining about consciousness, it is unwise to write about consciousness in cement or rock, it's just too variable, knowing this, there is no true right or wrong, just an expression of a particular variable.

I recently received some interesting perspectives in regards to my post titled, " Matrix and Finite Consciousness, the following was in response to these perspectives.


WWIII started some years back, it's certainly not a conventional war. Many other wars were to obscure the real war and assist this darkness in the mean time.

The more we become aware, especially of the dark, the more of the light we become. It's actually a good thing in becoming aware of the dark, as it shows how much of the light we have become. The dark is all about obscurity and secrecy, this needs to be exposed for all to witness, only in this will we purge the dark within ourselves.

Many people are tying to avoid exposing the dark because it's a lower vibration. This is exactly what the dark wants us to do, keep it obscured as opposed to exposed.

The perception of light basically represents awareness and freedom, the dark represents deliberate ignorance and servitude.

The matrix needn't have represented ignorance and servitude, it could have been far more of the light than what it is at present.

You presented some interesting perspectives here WT, thank you.

P.S. The more of the dark we become aware of, the better. No one of the dark is able to see their light because it's obscured, the exposure of so much darkness is a very good sign.


First of all, as I have stated in my reply to WT as above, obscurity represents the dark, a state of consciousness that exists in deliberate ignorance, an ignorance to it's truer being, in this case represented by the perception of light.

Exposure represents the light, a state of consciousness that exists in deliberate awareness, an awareness to it's truer being, in this case or our case,  represented by the perception of light.

So is our truer being the light as opposed to the dark?

The ego within us all would love to think this but in truth, we are truly neither one or the other nor are we not of one or the other, within this, all is neutral until we perceive one is above the other in some sense. Basically, the exact same perception of light neutralises the dark and visa-versa. It's really not a good sign that we need to perceive/create so much light, as this depicts how much dark  has been created in the first place. People like me are quite happy existing in a reality of the perceptions of neither dark nor light, negative or positive, as each is attributed to the other. Basically, one can't exist without the other in the whole scheme of existence as a whole.

Yes I know, this is very hard to comprehend as it's of no known teachings, as I have presented it here, that I know of.

WWIII, when did it actually start?

How do you give a starting date when our infinite consciousness started exposing our finite consciousness for what it's created, especially considering infinite consciousness is not based on time? The sixties seem to come to mind but was not the sixties just a prelude to war between our finite and infinite consciousness? Sorry, no date comes to mind but what I do know is this war is between our finite and infinite consciousness. When did our infinite consciousness, overall or collectively, became threatened by finite consciousness, a consciousness of obscurity and deliberate ignorance?

Actually, the real question is, when did our infinite consciousness  truly start exposing finite consciousness for what it created? The sixties is only a prelude to this because finite consciousness was not predominantly in control of this reality, the sixties is a sure sign of this because we could still express freedom without being oppressed to any great degree.

Music is a good indication here of the time when we started to really become repressed. Disco music was certainly still of the same freedom of the sixties, however, when did the love of the sixties turn into blatant lust for example? Blatant lust really started in the disco era but freedom of expression was still very evident. If you know anything about the disco era, it was deliberately crushed by numerous people.

Another good indication of a starting date of WWIII, is when rap music was deliberately introduced to fill privately run prisons in the US.

I find it strange that WWIII is seemingly attributed to the US in almost everyway. Don't get me wrong, this isn't stating that US citizens are the cause of this, it's the oppression within the US, upon it's citizens by dark energies, that is the root cause of WWIII.

This now brings us to the perception of dark and light energies. Anything that is perceived/judged to be dark and light, negative and positive, good and bad, is but a perception that creates a particular reality depending on what is being perceived.

If you observe the whole world, each and every person around the world has a different perception of what is negative or positive, so which negative and positive is truly negative or positive? You see they are only perceptions, however, what is and isn't destructive is another matter but in saying this, there are people who will state that war is constructive!!

Our actual perception of light and dark, refers to the light being of awareness and freedom where's the dark refers to deliberate ignorance and servitude. Basically, one consciousness is limited where's the other is limitless, one consciousness is finite where's the other is infinite. Basically, the dark doesn't want to be exposed where's the light wants to be exposed.

Being unwilling to being apart in exposing the dark because it's too negative, is assisting the dark to stay obscured. We might think while deliberately ignoring the dark and becoming the light, that the light will expose the dark. Light is based on awareness, not obscurity or deliberate ignorance, the perception of light is purely based on exposing the dark, not the exposure of light. The last thing the dark needs is to be exposed for what it creates. We basically need the perception of the darkness within human consciousness to be exposed before we can evolve, this also means that humans will indeed be expressive of this darkness at times.

The process of evolving from one state to another, relies on cycles to give consciousness motion, without this motion, human consciousness is unable to evolve. Human consciousness is noticeably in a cycle, if we take motion away from this cycle, all that will occur is that human consciousness will stagnate and basically rot away from within. All consciousness that is based on time/finite consciousness, needs motion to evolve. It's highly unadvisable to help hide or ignore a destructive part of any consciousness.

Obscurity has nothing to do with freedom, so free yourself of your obscurities that will in the end free your consciousness from it's created limitations. Be exposed and unlimited within your own consciousness.    

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Change the World - Expose Internet Bullies

Written by Mathew Naismith

Not too recently I came a cross a lass who was being bullied on the net by a number of people, basically, being accused of presenting fake material to support her views and falsely so. It turns our that this lass was being bellied by people who belonged to a certain group/ism.

I am often accused of being brash, aggressive and plainly negative on the net, especially after giving evidence to support my views.

I have lost count how many times I have come across other people being bullied on the net, what's worse still, numerous onlookers just sit by allowing this to occur. The most funniest thing is here, these are usually the same people who want to help change the world the way it is.

Do you find something ironical here? If you are unwilling to change the little things in life, how is one to help change the world? It's plainly not going to happen.

Expose bullies for who they are.

It's obvious to be a bully, one must express a certain amount of ignorance, of course deliberate incognisance will create bullies and abusers alike. Yes, bullies are indeed abusers in their own right because of their ignorant status. They are also controllers who want to control a situation, discussion or a discussing board as a whole.

It's simple, expose these people as bullies, abusers and controllers and most of all, expose how ignorant these people are. Don't sit by and let this occur because it's judged as being negative, conflictive or of some kind of expression of a lower vibration. Is it of a lower vibration if we sit by and allow this to occur, without lifting a finger, to help other people who are obviously being bullied?

This act of so may people allowing other people being bullied on the net, just shows people like me how little we truly want to change the world, it's this simple.

Exposing people in the way they are expressing themselves, isn't negative or of a lower vibration or bad, it's just simply expressing the truth of the matter. If the truth seems this vile to you, the world will obviously stay as it is, this is true.

Start off with the little things in life to help change the world as it is, it couldn't get simpler than this. Freedom comes through starting off from the little things and letting it grow, plant the seeds of freedom that will eventually outgrow these kind of actions and expressions.