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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Step By Step

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consider this, how would a truly egoless consciousness exist?

We of course presume that any egoless consciousness would exist in an ethical righteous way; this of course is considering that to be expressional of immorality in any sense, is to be of the ego. To also be egoless, is to also be aware to a much greater extent than a consciousness controlled by the ego, this is because the ego naturally limits a consciousness to certain aspects. The more a consciousness is controlled by the ego, the more limited a consciousness becomes, this is because the ego is only aware of part of oneself instead of the whole self.

An egoless consciousness is aware of the whole self, this includes being aware of its ego self as well without separation, remember, an egoless state of consciousness is of the whole, not just part of the whole self like the ego. This basically means that an egoless consciousness is fully aware, of course being fully aware is also having an awareness of being only partially aware as well. This is difficult to comprehend, how would a fully aware consciousness also be aware of being partially aware or not aware at all?

The ego thinks that to be fully aware is to exist void of the ego period, only in this can a consciousness be fully aware, this of course is the highest pinnacle of existence a consciousness can go. Of course to the ego the higher the better, even when this higher state of consciousness is unaware of its ego self that is limited to a certain conscious awareness.

Being fully aware also takes in being aware of our unaware states of existence; this of course represents the whole self. Take away a state of being fully aware or partially aware; you only have an awareness of part of oneself, not awareness of the whole of oneself.

Another thing to consider, would an egoless consciousness care about being less aware, experiencing an existence that is consciously limited? We are talking about a consciousness that is void of an ego, only an ego-based consciousness would strive to always be of its highest self which is a state of being fully aware. The problem with an ego consciousness trying to strive for this high level is the ego thinks it needs to do this void of an ego. Once the ego is extricated from a consciousness, the go thinks it has reached this higher level of consciousness.

Now the problem with this is at this higher level of consciousness, we are no longer aware of being unaware, of a state of limited consciousness. This state of being unaware of being unaware is to the ego the highest pinnacle of existence, it is a state that is fully aware, even while in this state we are not aware of being unaware anymore. The whole self does not just take in being aware of our aware state but of our unaware state where consciousness is based on the ego. Being also of this so-called higher level of consciousness, we are presently experiencing our lower levels of consciousness, in actuality; we are presently expressing our whole self.

This is not easy to comprehend. To be truly aware, one must also be aware of one's own unaware states of consciousness, I feel this is what we are experiencing at present in the word around us.
How many consciousnesses will the present truly awaken? One-step at a time and take each step as a process as opposed to an absolute be and end all. This now brings us to love and light as one of these steps in our awakening process.      

Love and Light

If I used love and light in some of the beyond human realities I have experienced, I am 110% sure, I would not be here right now. Consider this, how long would a person last, preaching love and light, in apart of the world dominated by extremists? The answer is obvious, not long, also considering my own experiences, love and light is obviously not the ultimate be and end all answer. To be honest, love and light is about control, this is because love and light basically destroys everything else in its path but only if used incorrectly.

Within a true process of awakening, love and light is used to quell all other states of consciousness that are limiting, however, if love and light is used as a be and end all, rather than apart of an awakening process, it becomes but another limitation.         
Once you get past the perceptions of love and light, you only then realise that the feelings of love and light is only a tiny part of the awakening process. Only then do you realise there is no be and end all, ultimate/absolute answer.

After 40+ years of awakening myself, love and light is but a tiny part of the awakening process, it's wise not to treat anything in this process as being a be and end all. It is also wise not to limit yourself in an unlimited consciousness. The trick is; you are only able to comprehend this when you go beyond love and light, only the ego in control perceives a be and end all, it is wise to be aware of this.

Even balance, which is brought about by neutralising extremes or opposites, is not a be and end all. It certainly is not an answer for extremes to stay extreme so it is not the ultimate/absolute answer for there is not one, not for the whole self.

It is obvious that many of us are using love and light as a be and end all. Being that a true sense of love and light is destructive to hate and dark for example, which is likened to switching a light on in a dark room, light and love is controlling. Anything controlling is limited within its controlling domain. Domain of course relates to a particular sort of environment, not the whole environment as in the whole self!!

I at no time did I try to be controlling in these realities I found myself in that were beyond human realities. All I did is release myself of the natural control of these environments upon myself, this is all. No truly aware consciousness wants to harm any part of another consciousness in anyway; actually, this becomes impossible to do in this state.

Yes, my ego mind wants to change our world, but my divine mind is aware that one should not do this in a controlling way. The reason for this is simple, once we express control, we are only expressive of the ego mind, this is why the ego mind has many western minds tricked into thinking control is the answer.

However, the divine mind releases its ego mind from control, from the limitations that control creates for all expressions of control relate to limitations, the ego mind.      

Saturday, 18 February 2017

On the Mountain Pinnacle

Written by Mathew Naismith

The pinnacle of success or achievement is so different for each person, one group of people desire a world of material wealth and power; others desire a world of love and light, of course both world desires are controlling over the other. For humans, it always comes to the point that one has to control the other, like the light controlling the dark or the dark controlling the light, to become predominantly the over all power of all. However, there is another choice, a choice of neither one nor the other, a choice of just being. This is likened to an achromatic existence of simplicity where the pinnacle of our outlook is to just be average.

For people like myself, the mountain pinnacle is to be average, to just be and let be, of course to be average takes in our concerns of our environment without also being controlling or destructive to the light or dark. When people like me observe a consciousness struggling to find light in the dark for example, we often give advice without forcing our advice. We simply give different views to the normal point of view; of course, the normal human point of view seems to be always about one controlling the other, or more precisely, one destroying the other within its own presses of control.

To just be and let be, allows us to exist within an average existence of neither one extreme nor another. Within this existence, there is no view of being controlling; it is just simply being void of intentions of being one or the other.

How many of us truly desire to be just average? It is usually a choice of dark and light, good and bad, rich or poor, enlightened or not enlightened, aware or not aware. How many people of light and love desire to be aware of the dark in the world? How many people of the dark, desire to be aware of the love and light in the world? In this case, we cannot let things simply just be, it always has to be a choice of either one or the other. To one or the other, there is no middle ground or neutrality of just being.

The trick is that you do not desire to be average; you just let it be void of trying to take control of anything. To desire is control and of course a control over something else. Desire always indicates control but to have an outlook of just being average is simply just being within any existence. This however does not mean we accept the controlling ways of the dark and light, it simply means we just be void of having the desire to take control over anything. Of course, this also means not taking control of the natural environment as a whole.

People like me, no matter how destructive the light is to the dark and the dark to the light, simply give our views to a simpler more balanced way of existing, of course the light and dark can't accept this kind of neutral existence, where is the control in this kind of  an existence to start with. Within this mentality of dark and light, there has to be control over the other, I often view this kind of mentality as a black and white mentality, there can only be a perception of black and white and one always in control of the other.

Of course, people like me who are neutral and just have an outlook to just be and let be, are aware that a neutral balance existence of black and white is beneficial for the whole environment, in that one not being more predominant over the other. We often have the perception that one has to be predominant over the other.

OK, I am stating we, which some people obviously have a hang-up with, an emotional preoccupation with. What does an emotional preoccupation denote and a control by what human trait? We or us simply means not just the I as in me myself, the divine mind instead of the ego mind, again it's this simple, only a controlling ego desires to make more of this!! This is certainly worth noting at this point.

We often have this perception because to be honest, we are conditioned to this perception from birth that one has to be predominant over the other. How many people are born into a country or world at war? Of course, war/conflicts denote control and dominance by force of one over the other; we are indeed conditioned to perceiving one has to overcome the other. The black has to dominate the white of visa-versa. How many people are born in a family unit where one person or a kind of people are dominating over the other or others?  We are indeed conditioned to this kind of existence but very few of us are conditioned to an existence of just having an outlook of just being average in a neutral existence.

At the human level, my ego mind desires to be more than just average in a chaotic existence; however, my divine mind often states that I am already at the top of the mountain in being just average and just being. To my divine mind, there is no higher pinnacle than to just be and be average; this is because everything else is of the ego mind that desires rather than having an outlook of just being.          

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Relationships - Focused Intentions

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am going to get quite personal here, being that relationships are of a personal nature, a nature of focused intentions. Of course if our intention where not focused on the relationship, it would not be personal. Personal to me means to focus our intentions on the other person within the relationship; you cannot truly have a personal relationship with another person if we do not have the right intentions of focus to start with.

In my 53 years, I have had only one girlfriend, my wife, this doesn't mean I did not experience focused intentional relationships with other women, this means to experience focused intentional relationships, one does not have to be of a girl or boyfriend status.

Before and in the early part of my relationship with my wife, I was experiencing intentional relationships with two other women, of course my wife was not my wife at this stage. My wife to be was another intentional relationship that I was experiencing at the time.

What I am talking about here is intentional relationships, not casual relationships, there is a difference. Intentional relationships refer to a relationship that our focus is on the other person on a personal level, this can incorporate lust or desire but this is not our main focus. In an intentional relationship, the focus is on the whole person, not one part of the person, for example, the way they look or smile. The focused intentions are on the whole person as a whole.

One of my intentional relationships was with a woman who loved sex, to the point of experiencing sex with multiple men at the same time; I however was not personally into this kind of experience myself. It became obvious to me though that she never experienced an intentional relationship before.

We were walking down the street one-day and I reached out for her hand to hold while we walked, she looked at me in total amazement. This women was treated as a slut/hussy by other men because her main focus of her relationships was based on sex, nothing else, in this case the whole person no longer existed. This woman was conditioned to accepting relationships that were not focused on the whole person, only part of a person, of course this kind of relationship is anything but based on intentional relationships.

It would seem at no point did any other man try to hold her hand while walking anywhere, mainly because she was labelled a slut/hussy, a person of ill repute. Men, who love sex, are labelled mucho or studs; however, women who love sex are often labelled and treated as sluts/hussies. I knew of this women's main focus but this did not worry me. The rebuttal I received from my family and friends was amazing, how dare I treat a known slut/hussy as a whole person. In my own mind how dare I not, it was this simple, I was not going to allow prejudice, bias or ill judgement to stop me from treating another person as whole being.

You see my main focus was on the whole being, if I was to only focus on parts of the being, I would have judged in accordance with a lot of other people. Being who I am, I focused my intentions on the overall being, which neutralised all other aspects, which then allowed us to experience an intentional relationship together, a relationship constructed around the whole being of a person, not parts of the being.

You certainly know when you experience a true relationship, it's whole, the same goes with our whole self which includes our whole environment, not just parts of the environment we have more desire to experience than other parts of the environment. How many peoepl look at our present environment like a slut/hussy? In doing so, we are missing out on so much because our main focus in on part of the whole, not on the whole.

We should all have a personal intentional focused relationship with our environment just the way it is; instead, we focus on parts of this environment while in disdain of the rest of the environment. Where is our personal intentional focused relationship in this? Of course within this mentality, we are going to be more in ill judgment of our environment, not less.

As I treated my women with respect void of bias or prejudice, I treat my whole environment with the same respect. I take my environment personally on an intentional relationship level, this means I embrace and accept the whole of my environment just the way it is, however, like in any relationship, if the intentions are one sided, it's time to move on or try to amend this situation.

In the end, I moved on from my other intentional relationships to marry my wife to be, I certainly have no regrets, but I also have no regrets in showing these other women in my life what an intentional relationship is like.

Your focused intentions must always be on the whole, only within this can we be whole ourselves and free from separation.   

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Divine Mind, Ego Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

In recent times, it has been stated by other people that we do not all think alike, so stating we and us a lot in my posts, relate to how we think alike when it's obvious we don't. Well, this is not actually quite true, yes, our ego minds do not think alike to other ego minds but the divine mind does. Actually, a lot of ego minds do think alike to some extent, it is that other ego minds can think completely different; for example, the difference in the thinking process between western and eastern thinking can be enormous, I've experienced this first hand many times over myself.

When the ego mind is conditioned to a certain culture, that conditioning reflects on how the ego mind thinks, this of course can be in total contradiction to another mind conditioned to a completely different culture. I think this gives us a good idea of what an ego mind indicates; a mind that is set to certain conditions according to the environment the mind exists in. To go further with this, the ego mind is of motion; this reflection of course refers to the divine mind as being motionless.         

Each motion defines in how the ego mind thinks, for example, if a mind is only conditioned to a certain culture, that mind will only be able to perceive in accordance to that culture. However, the divine mind has no set culture that defines in how the divine mind thinks, yes, each culture has a perception of what is and isn't divine but this perception is ego based. When primarily of the divine mind void of cultural differences and influence of the ego mind, all that is of the divine mind is perceived as being the same. Many of us often call this mind state a state of oneness. It is a state of mind that observes the similarities of everything instead of the dissimilarities, only an ego mind is aware of the dissimilarities. Of course this is to be expected as the ego mind is about separation, not oneness,

You could put two ego minds in the exact same environment and they would most likely think differently, even though it might be ever so slightly. This is due to the ego mind naturally perceiving that all is separate to another. Knowing that all motion is of the ego, being that all egos are of motion, it figures that all motion is going to be perceived as different to other motions. For example, one motion of going up, is going to be seen different to another motion that is going down. Even if all motions are going up, the ego mind will observe that each motion is going up at a different rate of climb. The divine mind does not observe it like this, mainly because the divine mind is not of motion. There is no separation between rates of climb, all the divine mind observes is motion, only the ego mind is able to observe different rates of climb.

If we observe indifferences, this is ego mind. If we observe similarities, this is the divine mind.

Divine mind = similarities (sameness) + egoless + motionless + fearless + true image

Ego mind = dissimilarities (difference) + ego + motion + fearful + abstract image

The divine mind observes motion but the ego mind will try to avoid observing the divine mind, this is because the divine mind is different to the ego mind and is often observed as a threat to the ego mind. The divine mind does not observe the ego mind as a threat, it is only observes the ego mind as a threat to itself, to it's own existence. The last thing the ego mind wants to do is not exist. The ego mind is always in fear where's the divine mind is never in fear.

The divine mind does not observe the differences between itself and the ego mind; all is observed as being of one, this is because only similarities are observed, not dissimilarities. One of the similarities observed by the divine mind is that both divine and ego mind are of a mind or consciousness, there is no true separation. The divine mind also observes motion as a abstract image of it's own divine mind, all is created from the same mind no matter how the abstract image is expressed. Yes, we are all an abstract image of the divine consciousness (mind).             

Let us take closer look at this divine mind. The divine mind is of the divine plan, a plan that has always been in existence, this plan has always been written. Liken this to an architect that draws up house plans for an example. The house plan is motionless once drawn; it's the builder who puts these plans into motion, the architect is the divine mind and the builder is the ego mind. We all represent the builder while in ego mind, however, while in the divine mind, we represent the architect. Of course without the architect, the divine mind, the builder is unable to build.

Divine mind = the architect of creation

Ego mind = the builder of creation

The difference between an architect and the divine mind is that the architect draws up plans while in motion, while of the ego mind, however, the divine mind has no ego mind of motion to draw up plans. You can see why they say it's always been written or there is a divine plan, existence as a whole has always existed but in motionless form. This is why I say the divine mind was not the actual builder of the universe, the ego mind was. Think of a collective ego mind, a collection of ego based minds working together for a common cause, the cause in this case being the building of the universe.

I am not saying the divine mind did not create the universe; I am just saying that the divine mind did not build the universe. No ego-based mind is the true creator; of course it would love to think it is. I honestly think we were of a collective ego consciousness once that built this universe, and many others. While of ego mind, we are the builders but while of the divine mind, we are creators.

This is why I also do not have disdain for the ego mind, it's the builder of the creator, however, like any builder who reads a plan incorrectly or who is incapable of builder from a plan, things often will not go to plan. It is basically not the creators fault for the building not going to plan, the emphasis is on the builders themselves. We might presume that the architect's plans could be wrong and faulty. In an existence build around the ego mind, this is possible. In an existence created around the divine mind, it's an impossibly, I will explain.

Divine mind = pure awareness

Ego mind = partial awareness            

In a pure aware state, no plan can be drawn up faulty because of the awareness involved; this of course is different in a state of partial awareness. The funny thing is, the builder sees the architect as being the most important part of the relationship, however, the architect sees that the builder as being the most important part of the relationship. The divine mind and ego mind are an integral part of each other; one without the other or in unison to each other creates nothing. Out of unison to each other, only chaos will be created, very simular to a builder not being able to follow a plan correctly. Are we reading the divine plan that badly or are we just incapable builders?

Please do not take this as gospel or absolute, it is plainly not but it might be a reflection of it.                        

Monday, 13 February 2017

The Awakening

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am not sure how I am going to go with this; I am just not comfortable with putting these topics in writing. I have headed this post the wakening as the two main topics of this post, which keep coming up for me, are directly to do with our own awakening, an awakening that is very natural by nature. One of the topics has to do with oneness, zero point, pure awareness, God's consciousness or what ever, a state that is often referred to as a higher consciousness by the ego. The second topic at hand is to do with order and control; this too is in reference to this higher consciousness as mentioned above.

Firstly, an awakening to me means to become more aware of our whole self other than just the human self. It is an awareness that often goes beyond normal human perceptions and perspectives, especially an awareness that goes way beyond physicality as a whole. An awakening that is not conditioned to physicality while in a mortal or immortal state of existence. Even in an immortal state of existence, our perceptions and perspectives can be based on physicality; I feel this is brought about by a fixation to physicality that can go beyond mortal existence.

Order and Control: We presume, or more precisely, the ego presumes, that to have peace and harmony, we need to be limited or controlled by some kind of order. Now I stated limited because all order limits a consciousness to a certain kind of order, for example, Fascism is a particular order of control that limits a consciousness to certain set boundaries. Materialism works in the same manner as of anything we allow ourselves to be controlled by; of course, control means to be limited to certain boundaries.

In the west, we so often presume that various eastern spiritual practices are about taking control when in actuality they are about releasing control, meditation is a prime example of one of these eastern practices that is about releasing control. Meditation, as of many other eastern practices, is not about helping us take control of our lives, these practices are about releasing ourselves from control period, this means they should never be used to take control of our lives, instead, used to release ourselves from control period. Only the ego presumes that these practices are about taking more control of our lives.

The ego presumes, as soon as we release ourselves from these restrictions or limitations of control, we then take more control of our lives. At no point are these practices about taking control. The reason for this is simple, all order and control is limiting, the last thing we want to do is limit our consciousness even further as spiritual awareness is about becoming less limited, not more limited, or, replacing one set of control and order with another set of control and order.

Let us take into consideration of this oneness, zero point, pure awareness, God's consciousness or what ever you want to call this state, how controlling is this higher consciousness? If this higher state was supposed to be of order and control, why are we existing in a world of chaos and mayhem?

We could say that because this higher consciousness is not controlling, this is the reason we exist in a chaotic existence but this is not so. Consider that this God's consciousness is not of order and controlling, this is the reason we are not of order and control. This higher consciousness has no control over us, or more precisely, our egos so we, being uncontrolled by the higher self, allow the ego to control us through some kind of order as mentioned previously thus limiting our conscious awareness.

We, our egos, are noticeably uncontrolled by the higher self, only the ego is controlling and of order, this means the ego is uncontrolled by the higher self, but at the same time controlled by it's own controlling orders that it fixates itself to. What all this means is order and control naturally creates an existence based on chaos, this is where the ego cons us to think order and control creates peace and harmony. As of the so called higher consciousness, there is no need of order or control within such a state for there is no chaos or mayhem, just pure bliss. Yes if the ego did not have us conned that we need order and control, we would indeed experience this bliss of our so called higher consciousness.   

It is a Con by the Ego: It is said that the awakening process is a part of the chaos we are presently experiencing; this is true but only in accordance with the ego. It's the ego that needs to be awakened, not our truer being, the ego seems to have us conned that we need to awaken, or as many people put it these days, ascend. The present circumstances in our existence are a part of that ascension/awakening, I must emphasise though, this need to ascend or awaken is the egos perception of what we must do, it is not something we have to do.

As the reply I received below refers to, the kick refers to a need, by the ego, to go through chaos and mayhem to ascend/awaken. The ego needs to be kicked by creating chaos and mayhem so the ego can ascend/awaken through this process. Our truer being or our higher consciousness needs no such thing to awaken; we truly need not go through what we are going through, but the ego states otherwise.         

I agree from a limited perspective but I feel you may be missing a bigger picture. This is about awakening the sleeping people and uniting them. Sometimes people who are asleep need a kick in the ass to awaken and this is the kick. We will see how many wake up on this call           

My Reply:
I keep getting that we don't have to wake up this way, but as you say, some people who are asleep need to awaken in this way, to comprehend there awoken state I feel, otherwise it would slip by unnoticed. It's a con by the ego, the ego wants us to be kicked or do the kicking, within this the ego stays controlling, otherwise it loses it's control. Yes, the ego needs to be kicked, or so the ego has made it seem that way. We really don't need to go down this track but the ego has us coned otherwise, I think we need to awaken to this.

The so-called higher self will humble itself to whatever the ego classes as a low level, however, there are no true higher or lower levels but there are ego controlled existences to non-ego controlled existences. 

The ego loves to class these as levels; I think the reason for this is so it can ascend to a higher level. This is not a bad thing when the ego exists in a destructive existence though; actually, it's quite natural for the ego to do so in this state I feel.


Monday, 6 February 2017

Right and Wrong - Positive and Negative

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before I get into the right and wrongs we create as religions, I would like to broach on the topic of inspiration, even of a guru.

I went through a stage where I did not need inspiration from anyone as I inspired myself. I then entered a stage in my life where other worldly wise and aware people inspired me; at this stage, I did call certain people gurus as they did at times inspire me to the depth of guru. I then came to a very silly stage where I listened to external forces that said gurus, inspiring wise people, were just being expressive of ego. This stage did not last long, today; many people inspire me these days.

What is frightening these days is there seems to be more and more groups cropping up slamming anyone who expresses wisdom and awareness. It is as if you are not allowed to inspire other people in ways that are not of other people's structured beliefs. You certainly cannot be seen as having experienced more than these people in any sense of the word, in this case you are often labelled egotistical and that you are not my guru or far worse.

We seem to have entered a stage where we think, void of actual experiences, we are just as wise and aware as anyone, within this belief, we don't need to be inspired by anyone else, this is unless the inspiration is in accordance with our own views that is. If you are going to be inspiring and wise, it must be within their right as opposed to your right even if you do not live by a right. Actually, if you do not live by a right, this is worse than living by an opposing right; you are seen as not being right at all and are often treated as such.

I wrote the following for a particular group, it is about being void of right and wrongs, good and bad, negative and positive. It is a state of being, not just void of wrongs (negatives), but also a state of being void of rights (positives). We need to be honest with ourselves, as soon as we talk about a positive; we are talking about a right, an absolute.                  

You get to a point where, as of wrong and rights, love, light and positivity, are no longer needed. Love, light and positivity are highlighted for a very good reason, this often occurs in a chaotic existence.

As there are no wrong and rights, there will be no true or excessive positivity and negativity either. The yin is no longer seen as indifferent to yang, within this, all wrong and rights, positive and negative, are neutralised.

Trying to live by the yang void of the yin, negates the yang's purpose of existing in the end, both must be embraced thus neutralised.

It is often asked of me why I embrace so-called unbecoming people, negative people, why don't I feel their negative vibrations?

Once you neutralise positive and negatives, wrong and rights, bad and good, these so called negative vibrations no longer exist. You no longer need a positive (right) to negate negatives (wrong), they simply do not exist as they are no longer needed.

The neutralising of positive (right) and negative (wrong) is pure bliss, everything else is only a perception of this bliss.

However, love, light and positivity, can be a stepping to this neutralisation, but only if we do not become too attached though. I cannot wait for the time we no longer need love and light and positivity in our lives any more. I think human consciousness needs to evolve from these wrong and rights.

We tend to attach ourselves to a certain right, what ever that may be, and turn it into another religion, another be and end all. We then talk about that there are no right or wrongs but then talk in positives and love and light, but another right!!

In a reality of natural chaos, it is understandable that we attach ourselves to these rights, in doing so though; we often box ourselves into another religion, another right. This action of course adds to the chaos even though we are in relative peace in accordance to our right. We create another right often in opposition to other created rights, collectively; it is obvious this is only going to add to the collective chaos.

To exist in peace within an existence of natural chaos, we need to stop adding to this chaos with another right. We need to detach ourselves from these right and wrongs completely to bring real peace and harmony, instead of doing this, we create another right!! 

The funny thing is, it is natural do act in this way in a reality of chaos. The universe was created through chaos, this is it's natural state, we need to exist in this kind of existence more wisely in my mind.

I would like to further add to this, it is impossible for a true observer to perceive in right and wrongs of any kind, only a participator is able to perceive like this, or, an observer of one's own participation can perceive like this too, be it to a much lesser extreme. The less of a participator we become, the less we naturally perceive in right and wrongs. The middle ground here is being able to observe your own participation in life, this allows us to perceive void of extreme right and wrongs. Within this action, we are able to quell the chaos in a naturally chaotic existence. In my mind, we are not supposed to totally be of an observer while in a natural environment of chaos, this is unnatural to this kind of environment, but we can quell the chaos we experience.

In this case, quelling means to neutralise, you still have a right and wrong, yin and yang, but they are in harmony or balance with each other; there are no extreme expressions of these rights and wrongs.

Freedom can only comes through releasing ourselves from extremes expressions we so often attach ourselves to.    

Thursday, 2 February 2017

But Another Fear Based Existence!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have been busy communicating with a number of different people again. I often get out of my comfort zone like this, which of course makes me even more appreciative of my comfort zone. This also allows me to observe different views and actions, my own views and actions are a little mundane at times to me.

The following is an interesting reply I received on the discussion of being overly positive. I am also going to insert links to other sources that explain why positive thinking is not all it's cracked up to be, they are certainly worth browsing through in my mind.

There is a difference between living with rose coloured glasses in order to avoid looking at the hard ourselves, and finding balance enough that we can distance ourselves and not get pulled into drama, including our own. We do need to acknowledge those aspects of self, allow ourselves to feel those emotions we like to avoid, before we are able to release them.

My Reply:
We do need to acknowledge these negative aspects and in the process neutralize them. Having fear of negativity, ego and judgment, is not neutralizing anything, it is running way from them.

When it gets to a stage when balance views become negative, I think this is taking positive thinking way too far. To this excess (extreme) is when positive thinking becomes destructive and highly judgmental in my mind.

Honestly, it's all based on fear, I thought we were supposed to distance ourselves from fear based existences, not just create yet another slightly different fear based existence than what we are experiencing at present!!

Take my dreams for instance; they have at times been quite traumatic. If I did not face these horrid negatives face on, I would be still in fear of them. The world around us is like our dreams, face what is going on and neutralise them, do not just judge them as negative and ignore them.

In all, if we want to create another fear based existence, we are going the right way about it. Fancy having fear in talking about the atrocities in the world in fear of being negative. Observe what is truly going on but at the same time avoid being a participator as much as possible. 

I do not get this mentality, more is better especially if it is positive, when is enough not enough? Take Donald Trump for instance, he will never obtain enough power and money to serve his desires like any multinational, these people are on a treadmill they are unable or unwilling to get off. To these people, it is exceptionally positive to keep trying to obtain more money and power; there will never be enough, is this any different to positive thinking? To be honest, of course it is not because if a bit is beneficial, more has to be even more beneficial and on and on it goes.

As people like Donald Trump obviously fear being poor and powerless, spiritually positive people obviously also fear negatives, so more of a good thing as being positive has to be more beneficial!!

Once we start limiting our own consciousness to fears and the attachments to more has to be better, all we will create is more of the same, albeit in a different format.

Yes, it is predicted that man's consciousness will evolve into a more loving caring consciousness, however, this will occur naturally void of fearing so called negatives of the world. I could not stress to my readers more, please do not be drawn into an existence that is still based on fear and lies, especially if it feels all worm and fluffy. Yes, by all means take in this love and oneness but please don't do this in ignorance of our present condition. My advice is to not look at negatives as being negative or positives as being positive, and please don't get to a point where balance is just seen as negative.

As I stated to certain people recently, "The only thing balance is limiting of is extremes. The reason for this lies in that extremes are highly limiting. Balance has no true limitations accept to these limitations, makes perfect sense to me."

Free yourself of this fear and never get into an existence based on any kind of fear of who we are at present, this also means not fearing being limited either!!

Extract: It turns out there’s some science behind my feelings: A look at the research reveals positive thinking isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, researchers are asking: What if embracing so-called “negative” states like failure, pessimism, insecurity, and uncertainty actually has a positive outcome?

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Positive Energy Conundrum

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have had a few interesting conversations with various people recently. It's wise to know your own thoughts and perceptions but it's even wiser to know other people's thoughts and perceptions, especially on topics that are sensitive to most people. The arousal of our sensitivity seems to tell us that we are too attached to certain thoughts and perceptions, otherwise we wouldn't allow the discussion of a certain topic to arouse our sensitivity.

It is understandable, while existing in a reality not altogether harmonious, that we will find the discussion on positive energy more appealing. It's not by accident that at a time of conscious change, that our environment will be in disharmony. The present disharmony or negativity expressed in the world at present pushes us towards positive energy more than at any other time. It is as if we need coaching from life forces around us to embrace these positive energies more enthusiastically, probably to the point of being overly anxious in this action. Waite a minute, how can anyone be overly anxious in taking on positive energy in such a disharmonious existence, surely more is better?

Would any of us, who are sensitive, loving, caring, giving and compassionate, keep voting in people who support regimes that murder unarmed women and children to start with? The answer is clearly, no, not if we are truly of these things. Would a person of these traits, sit back within their own positive existence while other people within our environment suffer for the sake of our self-created positive existence? We have become that positive that negatives do not seem to exist any more, or, we ignore anything we deem as negative for the sake of protecting our own positive existence. It would seem we have become that positive, that we blatantly ignore or attack any deemed negativity that looks like threatening our own personal haven.

Now it is often said that any world-changing event has to start with our own change, we change so the ripple effect of this change goes out to the rest of our environment. What kind of ripple effect will this cause when our own personal positive existence comes before anyone else within our environment, actually, at the cost of other people continually suffering because we want to keep our new changed existence safe from any kind of negativity. To be perfectly honest, this is exactly what many of us have done by ignoring negative occurrences in our own environment.

We have gotten to a point where negativity just does not have a place within our new and improved excessively positive existence, an existence that is suppose to have a positive or constructive influence on our environment. When it gets to the point that we insistently and continually sacrifice women and children, for example, for the sake of our own self-maid haven, people like me wonder where the world is truly going.

"Don't mention anything that is negative, all this will do is create more negativity, be as positive as possible."

What the hell are we thinking? I could not think of a more destructive mentality than this, and this is the ripple effect many of us are pushing for at present. "More or extreme is better in relation to positive energy; we can't get enough of this." Allowing people to suffer to keep our safe havens secure from negativity, is not the kind of ripple effect we want to push for; all this will create is disharmony, actually, it's probably why the world is becoming less harmonious and loving, not more.

Would not the so-called elite want us to deliberately ignore the negatives, so we can create and keep our own personal safe haven? Yes of course, they can then do as they like, as they are doing, without having to answer to the people in their little comfort zones, safe havens. "It's too negative to acknowledge what is really going on in the world; I need to protect my safe haven no matter what." These people are not going to sacrifice these safe havens for anyone, this is too obvious.

Yes, be positive but not at the expense and backs of other people.

I would also like to bring up about how love and light is suppose to be the new be and end all, the ultimate answer to our disharmonious existence. I have forgotten how many of these we have had throughout human history.

The expression of love and light is great, as of any positive energy, excessive expressions of love and light will do the opposite. How many people these days treat love and light as a religion to start with? It certainly seems, for a lot of people, that this love and light is the new be and end all at present. So where is the balance in this? So balancing out excessive amounts of love and light in opposition to excessive amounts of hate and dark is balance!! No excessive motion of one or the other like this is a true sense of balance, all this will create is more of the opposite as we are presently experiencing.

In the antediluvian period, there was Atlantis and Lemuria, Lumuria is depicted as love and light, and Atlantis ended up being depicted as hate and dark. Lemuria was more spiritual were Atlantis was more material. Atlantis won over Lemuria in the end, physically anyway. Why should love and light win over today, when love and light of the Lemurian's didn't work over the Atlantean's back in the antediluvian period?

We seem to be making the same mistakes of excessive motion is better to overcome another excessive motion.

What does love and light and spirituality depict? Infinite consciousness, which is less of motion and more of motionlessness.

What does hate and dark and materialism depict? Finite consciousness, which is more of motion than motionless.

In a reality based on motion, which of the above is going to be stronger and more influential over the other? Seen as we exist in a reality based on motion, anything that expresses more motion will win out over the other, however, if a motion is predominantly of motionlessness (spirituality), this motion wouldn't have a chance in dominating or influencing a reality predominantly based on motion. This is exactly why the Atlantean's won out in the end, the Lemurian's ended up expressing excessive motion when all they should have done is express a balance of motion and motionlessness. There is a point were even excessive extreme amounts of motion cannot penetrate or influence a motion in perfect balance with itself and it's environment, the Lemurian's in my mind lost this balance.

We for starter, within our present existence, do not have this to lose because we have not yet obtained this perfect balance ourselves, how the hell is love and light today going to win over then?


As I have mentioned earlier on in this post, this disharmony of excessive positiveness and love and light, has pushed some of us to awaken to what excessive motion creates, we are not pushed to be more positive but more of a neutral being encompassing all of what is negative and positive. Within this action, all negative and positive motions become as one in perfect balance between each other creating perfect harmony. As I also said, this perfect balance is unable to be dominated or influenced in anyway by excessive extremes motions, even within a reality based on motion.

It is wise to free yourself of excessive motion when you are more of infinite consciousness than any other consciousness, if not; your only option is to stick to excessive motion to force change. For the truly aware and wise, this is not an option.