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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Scourge of Honesty

What is ugly to the sufferer,
is often beauty to the learner

 Written by Mathew Naismith

As it has come about once again in human history, honesty is a scourge upon humanity, a humanity conditioned to dishonesty especially self-dishonesty. Within such a reality, a creation of fear looms, a fear of actually becoming aware of our own preconditioned dishonest disposition. We are indeed born into this......Mathew G

It is a real pleasure observing more and more people becoming aware, in other words instead of suffering from human history, many have learnt to learn from human history. It is very important at this stage in human history to know the difference, the difference between learning from history to suffering from history. Of course to do this, one must not ignore, for one's own pleasure or gratification, what history has to teach us. Yes, live within the present for what it is, not what we desire it to be. The present is simply saying how we are still suffering from human history, for we are still suffering from the past. If to stay positive is of the absence of negatives, we are still suffering from human history in that we are still reflective of dishonesty. Ignore the negatives to be and stay positive when the collective consciousness is still suffering from it's past. Simply, in all honesty, the past is still well and truly within the present, especially if we are still reflective of dishonesty to simply fulfil our present desires and pleasures.

Yes, many people are living within the present these days, a present in ignorance to human history, thus creating a reality even more based on dishonesty. When you think of the past or the future, this is still within the present, in all honesty, only the present exists. Living within the present is not in the absence of a future or past, it is not of the present separate from a past or future but a culmination of past and future being of the present, not separate to the present!!

To people like me, it is so obvious why we are still suffering from our history (past), we simply still have not learnt to honestly face human history for what it is and what it was. "It's in the past so ignore it", even though we are still so obviously suffering from the past!!

We desire to separate the present from the past and future so we can live within the present only, a present of self-gratification and desires. This is while we dishonestly ignore that we are still suffering from our past!! In doing so, we are unknowingly expressing a past human history over and over again. In all honesty, this is due to us not learning from our history as we ignore the past to be within the present separate to a past and future!!

In all honesty, is the past and future separate to the present, not of the present? This is while we are still too obviously suffering from the past human history, not learning from past human history!! Have we truly become this dishonest thus expressive of past human history?  So indeed live within the present separate from a past and future while ignoring that we still haven't learnt from human history, but are still suffering from human history through simply being this dishonest with ourselves. This is while honesty, especially self-honesty, is a scourge upon a reality conditioned to dishonesty!!

I have a very good internet friend, Mike Hopkins, who I often interact with. We don't always agree with each others views so we often simply agree to disagree without forcing our own views in each other. However, our views on the present world in relation to human history is often the same, this includes past lives lived (reincarnation). I recently wrote the following to Mike.                     

This is funny because I was a priest of high stature torturing people to death, you could imagine how this would have floored me when I recalled this life. By recalling this life I know exactly what I am dealing with in this life, it is the same exact mentality with slightly different tactics used. I also recalled a time in the 4th dynasty Egypt, where I was a healer but a healer who didn't put the high ranking officials before the commoners. I also wanted to free the slaves but if this couldn't be accomplished, I wanted the slaves to be treated a lot better than they were being treated.

In relation to my time in Egypt and medieval Europe, the whole of human existence was built upon plain simple dishonesty especially self-dishonesty. Look at how most people today react towards honesty, it is as if you're a leper or worse. I couldn't stay a member of youme as they don't just ignore abuse, they openly endorsed it, especially on our humanity group. I then told them a few home truths knowing exactly how they would react. They reacted exactly how people of dishonesty would react which was simple plain conformation for me.

Is being put up against a wall and shot or being tortured to death a deterrent for me? It is nothing to what I have already experienced. I also know this life is but a grain of sand upon a beach considering my whole existence so go for it boys. I am one person who doesn't suffer from my experiences but have instead learnt from my experiences.

Mike is like me, you tell it how it is, not how other people desire to hear it to gain popularity. At no point is honesty popular as it is often scorned as being negative, but you never know what will occur once we learn from human history!! Mike often reflects his own honesty through his poems as below.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Being Spiritual

Written by Mathew Naismith

There can be quite a big difference to what is perceived to be spiritual between the eastern and western mind. To the eastern mind, spirituality isn't primarily based on love, harmony and being positive where the western mind often bases New Age spirituality on love, harmony and being positive. Often in this case the perception of God doesn't figure for a lot of people, even though the perception of God is of a pure state of oneness. Love and harmony are simply a derivative of being spiritually connected. This love and harmony is also embraced by easterners but knowing that spirituality is not limited to just a few aspects as love and harmony.   

To the eastern spiritualist, spirituality isn't limited to certain aspects but is of all aspects, even of the aspects we don't desire to include in spirituality. Hinduism and Taoism are prime examples of this where the balance of negative and positive are apart of being spiritual, leading to a more aware and wiser state of being. It is not a separation of negative and positive, unlike in western spirituality, it is the culmination of negative and positive. To understand this, a truly connected spiritually aware person does not desire being positive over being negative for positive and negative work in unison as one. What does the western mind do instead? Separates the negatives from the positives and calls this spiritual!!    

I once came across a person who was crippled up, they were experiencing extreme discomfort and pain. I have never come across anyone so spiritually connected. Look at it this way, how many people experience their most enlightening moments in life while experience trauma, a so-called negative to the western mind? Trauma and pain can either be learnt from or suffered from, very much like humans learning from history rather than suffering from history. Of course this does take wisdom to do this which we have, in the modern age, replaced wisdom with what we desire.    

Try to remember, the western mind in all of us can be excessively critical, this includes critically judging what is and isn't spiritual to the western mind.

When you get to a state where you can ask any question and get an immediate correct answer, you know you are on your way to being spiritually connected. When you no longer need to ask questions to get an answer, you are spiritually connected. Only in this state do you then realise that the questions we asked were not formulating the answer to the questions, for the answers to what ever questions we asked always existed!!             

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Blame the US!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

By all means blame the US and its citizens for the world's degradation, a state where the quality of being human is being degraded. I can only put this in an Aussie way, an Australian way, "Criky, what a croc, ya av got to be drongos to believe this tripe."

The interpretation of this is as follow, "I am bewildered, what a load of lies, you have got to be idiots to believe in this kind of unsubstantiated claims.

It is certainly misleading (tripe) for a very good reason, our own degradation is a collective issue, not an individual nation's issue. Yes, nations like the US are certainly not helping, like Australia and Britain for example, but the US is not the cause of the degradation in the world at present. Yes, leaders in a capitalist system that has gone troppo, gone crazy with greed, but not the cause of the greed that is leading to so much degradation. Remember, Great Britain was a mighty empire once that a lot of the wealth within its kingdom ended up in Great Britain. The consensus is, if Great Britain didn't do this, another nation certainly would have.

I recently watched a Jewish multinational being interviewed who witnessed first hand the holocaust. Basically stating, if he didn't use and abuse the system and its people to gain wealth and power, someone else would have. These people simply don't want to be in that situation again, when the entire people of a nation are being subjected to so much abuse and degradation themselves. Even when it was obvious to a lot of notions of the world that this was going to occur, they sat back and did nothing. Of course this wasn't the only time in human history that the Jews were subjected to so much abuse and degradation as a notion of people.

Think of it this way, how many abused children growing up as adults become abusive themselves? Now be honest in the absence of bias, how similar is the nation of Jews, not just Israel, reflects the same tendencies as an abused child?

"Studies also now indicate that about one-third of people who are abused in childhood will become abusers themselves. This is a lower percentage than many experts had expected, but obviously poses a major social challenge."

One third equals 33.333…%. So you could say that 33.333…% of Jewish people in the world could well be abusers themselves. That is a huge percent but think on this, how influential is this 33.333…% on the rest of the Jewish nation around the world? When abuse like this is actually allowed to go unheeded and actually supported by nations like Australia, Britain and the US, no wonder the quality of being human is being so degraded at present. Of course human's are not the only one's being degraded, the environment as a whole is certainly on the receiving end of this degradation. This kind of international abuse is certainly influencing the rest of the world that sat back and allowed a notion of people to be abused in this way!!

So again, is all the emphasis of our present degradation upon our whole environment caused by a single nation and it's people like the US? Criky, you would have to be a dingo, an idiot or a fool, to believe this. You would have to have a desire to believe this.

Try to consider this though; you have 67% of people in the world who are not conditioned to abuse. I can think of a number of nations that have also been abused in human history that have not become abusers themselves, so many of the American Indian nations are a prime example of this. As a lot of people of the world who were abused as children, not all abused children become abusers themselves. This also makes reference to that not all nations that have been abused become abusers themselves for only 33.333…% will do so.

It really seems that more than 33.333…% of the nations in the world that have been abused by other nations become abusers themselves!!  

So what is the answer? As I have been stating for a while now, we need to as nations and of people of nations stop suffering from our history, instead start learning from our history thus ridding ourselves of abuse all together.

Instead of suffering from history
as we have always done, we need
to now learn from our history
as we have never done
it would seem.........

~Mathew G~

Friday, 15 March 2019

Bringing About World Peace

Written by Mathew Naismith

Peace always comes at a price, especially world peace.

How many people are at present sitting within their own peace? In a lot of cases to do this takes one to ignore the insurmountable negatives in our present reality. In this case, peace didn't come at a price for the people finding peace in this way but it does for the people suffering from these ignored negatives.

Of course many more of us state that we shouldn't try to change other people's lives journeys, even though each person's journey is connected to numerous other people's journey. The collective human journey is indeed one journey, how did the recent massacre in New Zealand influence so many of us of the collective human consciousness?  

You know why materialist influence is influencing and changing the world, and not for the better for all? Materialists actually treat humans as a collective consciousness; the materialist journey is indeed collective. No one's negative or positive is ignored for the sake of their material wealth and power, in fact this is why they are so wealthy, powerful and influential upon the rest of the world.

Many people of westernised spirituality often think, "My journey or path is separate to everybody else's journey or path", when in all honesty it's not, " so I have no right to influence another person's journey" I don't just have a right to try to influence the people who listen to me; I have a responsibility to the collective consciousness to do so. However, unlike materialists, this kind of influence is not forced upon people, it is simply there when needed. Yes, become noticed but in the absence of force and control, for example, multinationals who are obviously forcing their own journey onto the world, onto the collective consciousness.

I am willing to die or become incarcerated (jailed) for trying to bring about world peace by trying to influence the collective human consciousness. If you are into past lives, reincarnation and souls, this seems to be my soul's journey, to try to influence the collective consciousness, especially away from materialists who force their own journey onto the collective consciousness through control and manipulation. In this life, I am a small fish in the barrel unlike other past lives where I was quite prominent in my influence.

It is vitally important not to separate your own journey or path from the collective journey. You do have a right and even a responsibility to the collective consciousness to influence this collective journey, this collective consciousness, not by force but by honesty and love.

Think on this, did Gandhi sit within he's own peace and do nothing to influence the world? He instead enacted on being the change he wished to see upon the world!!                      

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Perception of God

Written by Mathew Naismith

Try to keep in mind before reading the following, I was brought up as an atheist and I have never followed a religion or any other ideology or ism in my life. What I have exercised in, after extracting myself from the doctrines of atheism, is finding reason within all the ideologies and isms man has created in discovering the environment man exists in. This of course includes the perception of God.

Before I go on, I would like to share with you a dream I had last night. As usual as in an awakened state, I was looking in all the nooks and crannies I could for whatever presents itself. I usually do this in the absence of bias as a lot of ideologies and isms can create a great deal of bias at times. I saw this cave so I of course decided to investigate even though this cave was quite dark. The cave didn't turn out to be a cave and I found myself looking out over an ocean. I was in awe while listening to the wave's crash on shore. The ocean was quite rough but still so beautiful. I then decided to in my dream on purpose think of the perception of God, what occurred then was quite amazing.

When you are consciously aware that you are having a dream, this is called lucid dreaming. In this state of dreaming, you are able to consciously influence the dream; in my case it was to do with an experiment to see how the perception of God changes my dream. As I said, I like to look into all the nooks and crannies, into all the possibilities in the absence of a much bias as possible. I thought the scenery was beautiful before. As soon as I had a perception of God, the ocean was no longer rough and everything simply sparkled. It is as if everything came alive.

Don't make the mistake and think religion is of God or has to be of God, religion is simply one of many tools for man to investigate he's environment as a whole. As of a lot of atheists who totally denounce that a consciousness can exist outside of the physical brain in accordance with atheistic doctrines, religion can have its own biases as well as human history clearly shows. As history clearly shows, not everyone of religion was of God, far more of the church than God sadly enough. You see, to be of God or have a perception of God has very little to do with religion but religion can keep us in touch with God or the perception of God.

It is also important not to separate religion from science. Take Hinduism for example, where science has always been apart of the religion of Hinduism. How many modern day scientists believe in a God and/or follow a religion of one kind or another?

So many people today are denouncing God just because of the perceptions of religion has in relation to God. In all honest truth, what would we know? We can't actually know so we can only perceive through various religions in relation to God. Try to remember, not everyone of a religion is of the perception of God as history quite clearly shows us, actually quite the opposite at times. Yes, as of any ideology or ism created by man to investigate and examine his environment, the ideology or ism to do this is only as perfect as man himself, considering man isn't perfect, denouncing God just because of a number of indiscretions in religious history, isn't exactly a wise of unbiased way of reasoning. Man is not perfect therefore it is quite unreasonable to expect his created ideologies and isms to be perfect. I actually expect them to be imperfect before expecting them to be perfect, within this, a reasonable an unbiased deduction can be formed. How perfect is numerous science theories taken as being fact? Even some of Albert Einstein's theories that were taken as fact are being questioned as science should to evolve.        

What I have exercised through life is an unbiased culmination of the universe being created by a far more aware and wiser consciousness. If you culminate all the research on out of body experiences (OBE's), reincarnation, CERN, that scientists can create mini universes and on it goes, I would have to be a total ignoramus or a very ignorant atheist to ignore all this evidence. Of course not all atheists are this ignorant, just not convinced enough to believe which is fair enough. Having been an atheist, it is amazing how bias one can get when you religiously follow atheistic doctrines. Of course the same can be the case for religious people as well as history clearly shows again.

God or the perception of God doesn't follow a certain religion; religion simply follows a perception of God or whatever you want to call a more aware and wiser consciousness than our own to be. As of my dream, the perception of God changed my scenery to something even more beautiful and spectacular. In a time of chaos, deception and destruction, what is so wrong in having this kind of perception? My subconscious and consciousness obviously perceives God to be a changer of worlds, but only through our own awakening and intervention.         

Monday, 11 March 2019

Honest Exposure

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” 
John Lennon

For those who love both the truth and friends, piety (righteousness) requires us to honour the truth first.
- Aristotle

Is being positive in the absence or ignorance of negativity or a state where one confronts negativity for what is truly is honestly? In all honesty, being positive isn't of the absence of negative, it is the honest realisation of what negativity truly portrays. If I was to witness a child being molested, to stay positive, would I ignore this negative or see the violation of a child as being vile. Of course words today like vile are also a negative these days, when they simply clearly state an honest evaluation or observation. How much of the world today is being violated just because we want to be positive therefore ignore these negative violations?  It is obvious world peace isn't come by doing this.

I recently joined a social network group called Youme. This social network site seemed plausible and attractive to uninhibited socials interactions, where open minded free thinking honesty can be implemented and expressed.  After endorsing Youme as of open minded free thinking honest social network site, I found out, quite accidentally through an altercation with another moderator and the owner of Youme, that this was far from the truth. I of course had to undo my endorsement of Youme to the same extent I endorsed Youme in the first place.              

I posted a post on FaceBook in relation to this and one of the responses I received was as follow with my reply to this response. This site is wholly run and controlled by atheists, and a like, of extreme atheistic doctrines it would seem. The bias related to atheism was too evident especially from the owner of the site. Atheists simply don't have to be this uncivil but too many on the net are sadly enough. Even after I asked mysefl to be removed from this site and deleting the owner of the site as a friend on FaceBook, they harassed me a number of times after this. No professional social network site owner would harass people under these circumstances like this would they?          

At least you know where to send your energy now Matthew. There are lots of us here who respect and value your thoughts.

My Reply
I very much appreciate this Heather, I adore the way you think too. I did deserve what I got from them, in a sense, as I ended up exposing them for what they are, not what they portray themselves to be. The reaction I received showed me how close to the bone (truth) I got in relation to their real intentions and character. I hope for other people's sake I have exposed this social network group for what it truly is. And I was silly enough to endorse this group.

The funny thing is, if I was as badly behaved as they are trying to now say I was, why wasn't I removed straight away? When you consider that I was not well liked by many of the moderators and admin, and that I posted a post about atheist beliefs, why wasn't I removed straight away? Because I didn't actually break any site rules, I simply exposed them for what they truly are. Actually, they really exposed themselves. If I didn't cut so close to the bone (truth) psychically, they simply wouldn't have reacted as they did, they would have laughed it off and told me to grow up or something.

If someone told me that I was the vilest person in the world, I would simply smile and say to myself, "You have no idea what you are talking about." Now, say this to a person who is vile, the reaction would be completely different as these people on youme clearly showed me. As you know being a policewoman, people's reactions tell a thousand words, they have no idea of this. I didn't state vile in my reply to them but I did state indecent.

All I did was to confront an obvious violation. I have no regrets in how I confronted and exposed this violation but I am apologetic in what this exposer of violation actually exposed. It seemed I exposed something far deeper than I expected on a personal level, this was not my intentions. It is difficult in how our own violations go, at times to the core of our subconscious, but we must be honest with ourselves if we want to influence the world away from being conditioned to violating other people and other nations.                    

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Honesty and the Divine Spark in Everything

Written by Mathew Naismith

How would dishonesty react to honesty being honest? Dishonesty simply sees honesty as a huge threat to its existence and often reacts in accordance with what dishonesty creates, chaos, deception, hate, greed, control, separation through perceptions of negatives and positives, etc. Now, how does honesty react to dishonesty being dishonest? Think on this, is there any threat to honesty from dishonesty?

Before the invent of man or consciousness as we know it, was there any kind of a perception of dishonesty? Dishonesty is simply a creation of consciousness but a consciousness that perceives in negatives and positives, opposing separated forces battling it out for supremacy. Now, you might say honesty wasn't present either, even though honesty relates to it just is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. The universe was just is, with absolutely no perceptions of what was negative and what was positive.

Honesty is not a creation of creation, it is what creation is about. This might sound unreasonable but imagine if there were no perceptions of negatives and positives therefore biases to start with, where all energy is simply just energy. You can actually attain a mental state like this, where the ego has no control over consciousness. There are no perceptions in this state for there is no separation of energy, just a pure state of honesty and self-honesty which bring about feelings of love.

Recently, I had an altercation with dishonesty when being of open mindedness and honesty, pointing out the deception, manipulation and disrespect of dishonesty. Of course backing my honesty up with evidence doesn't help, for dishonesty will always react badly towards such actions. Any action remotely threatening the control dishonesty has over consciousness, will often be dealt with the full fury of dishonesty. Keep in mind, because dishonesty see honesty as a threat to its existence, dishonesty will often deceive itself and all else that honesty is on a crusade against dishonesty when in actuality it is the other way around.

Honesty is simply being honest, there is no crusade or campaign of honesty to rid us all of dishonesty, for in the presence of honesty, dishonesty is simply unable to be in control. Honesty simply takes away the control of dishonesty has over a consciousness, for in the presence of honesty, dishonesty is unable to control consciousness'. As soon as dishonesty tries to portray honesty as being on some crusade against dishonesty, dishonesty is simply telling me what dishonesty is quite unaware of. I often smile to myself at this stage.

Try to remembers, it is quite natural for dishonesty to be of chaos, deception, hate, greed, control, separation through perceptions of negatives and positives, etc, for this is its natural created environment. How could honesty see dishonesty a something negative when dishonesty is simply being within its natural environment?

Now, considering all the above, how will dishonesty, which is represented by hate and dark as opposed to love and light, going to react to light and love (honesty)? It will do exactly what it is doing at present within our reality, threatening reality with the full force of dishonesties fury. All we need to do is work at bringing forth the divine spark of honesty within everything. No matter how dishonest dishonesty becomes, this divine spark of honesty is always present, at no time will you influence the dishonesty in consciousness to become honest. As soon as you try to do this, dishonesty will protect its existence to the bitter end; at no time expect it not to. All we need and should to do is work on the divine spark of honesty within a consciousness, nothing more.

It is stated that Edgar Cayce, who was a clairvoyant in the early to mid part of the last century, that Russia will be the leading nation in the world in relation to spiritually. You may ask; how could such a notion become so spiritual? Easy, Russia will learn from its history, unlike the rest of the nations in the world who will still suffer from their history. Don't get me wrong, there will be pockets of people around the world who will be of the divine spark of honesty but the leading notion of this divine spark seem like it will be Russia. This will make Russia quite untouchable to the rest of the world's dishonesty and violence. Eventually and gradually, all the other nations in the world will desire to be of this divine spark.

The divine spark of honesty is the ability to use energy wisely instead of unwisely, this will give Russia a huge edge over its detractors/enemies, consciousness's of dishonesty.

"Europe is as a house broken up. Some years ago there was the experience of a mighty peoples being overridden for the gratification and satisfaction of a few, irrespective of any other man’s right. That peoples are going through the experience of being born again, and is the thorn in the flesh to many a political and financial nation in Europe, in the world… Q. What is the name of that nation referred to? A. Russia! (3976-8)” [Source]"