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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

That For Which Seems Lost

Written by Mathew Naismith
 To lose something that you never
had to lose in the first place to be lost!!

Sounds funny doesn't it? To lose something you thought you could lose if lost. Think of it this way. A couple are married and one of the couple believes the other partner is as deeply in love as they are. After awhile this turns out not to be true. The question is, can one lose someone's love that never really existed before hand? It can if the partner believes their love was reciprocated.

In all honesty though, you can't really lose what you never had to lose in the first place, even when it feels you have lost. In all practicality you had nothing to lose in the first place. It is handy to think philosophically like this when you feel a loss in this way, "I didn't have it in the first place to have lost it"!!

I actually go further with this, in that material life itself isn't something I have or own to be able to lose in the first place, therefore life itself can't be lost to me.

So why do we feel a loss even when we didn't really have the loss to lose in the first place?

Possession = The act of having and controlling property, and, Anything owned or possessed

The feeling of owning something has to do with control. In relation to love, an expected or desired return of love to the same degree. Sadly, often marriage is seen as an ownership so expectations become of desires and of course our desires often have control of over us. It would seem control gives us something to lose even when we don't have anything to become lost in the first place.

How many people today think they have to take control? In this case there is always someone else trying to take control by controlling you, leading to a vicious endless cycle of ownership of control.

Yes, I can feel a material loss, but I know that no material possession really belonged to me to lose in the first place. Sadly, love is often treated as a material possession or something expected or demanded from others. Do I expect to be loved by my wife? No, my wife's love is simply something given by her but not owned by me, it is simply a blessing.        

Sunday, 12 January 2020

A State of Common Order

Written by Mathew Naismith

"Oh my gosh, my ego, what a bewildering anomaly you are."

Anomaly in this case means a deviation from common order, being common order for souls like mine, a true awareness of the ego to one extent or another. A common order of the presence of awareness in the absence of bias and desire.

Being aware while of the absence of as much bias and desire is common order, all else from this is of disorder. Today, the world around us at present seems to be primary based on bias/prejudice and desire, of course from this disorder is created as we are seeing. Yes, we are sitting within our western country safe havens, while so many other countries are subjected to disorder from these safe haven countries, but this is not common order. Why? Because the disorder orchestrated by safe haven countries is of pure ignorance, for only in ignorance can a consciousness become disorderly and destructive.

If I sit within my own personal safe haven, often staying ignorant to anything that is negative to this haven, would I not also be orchestrating disorder? Any kind of ignorance, especially of deliberate ignorance to serve a desire or a bias/prejudice, is of disorder, not common order. Is this not also of the orchestrating of disorder? The ego in control will of course refute this to the bitter end, usually in fear of losing a bias and/or desired reality, as opposed to a reality of common order where biases and desires have no control over the ego or soul.

Imagine a state of common order, where bias and desire has no control, so very hard for the ego in control to imagine. It is not easy for the ego to become enlightened, for only is it that the ego becomes enlightened, especially to itself. A state of common order has nothing to enlighten, only can the ego become enlightened, especially an ego of bias and desire, control.

I recently vividly dreamt of carrying many rifles. Guns mean in this case an injustice to me and/or someone else in my close circle. The carrying is of carrying this injustice until my ego can resolve the biases and desires of the person of obvious orchestrated disorder, in this case injustice and abuse. The person orchestrating an injustice upon my wife and I became apparent, our egos became very hurt as this person is very close to us. My vivid dreams are often foretelling, as of anyone's.

As my own ego is aware of, you can only hurt for which is of the ego. No consciousness of common order can become hurt in any circumstance. This means that this kind of aware consciousness can experience any kind of environment without the threat of becoming disorderly, of a state of the controlling ego. Sitting within our safe havens, be it collectively as a country or personally, isn't of common order but disorder. Of course being of disorder your egos will indeed fear being of any other kind of environment.

Even though my ego reacts to disorder, my ego is aware that it can experience any kind of environment without fear of losing what the ego desires to only experience. As of many egos even today, they sit within their common order while comfortably experiencing an environment of disorder. This state isn't a safe haven, for only the ego can experience a safe haven; it is simply a state of common order in plain view of the ego. My ego at present isn't this aware but aware enough to quell the control the ego could have over me, my own ego is satisfied with this.

For only the ego in control will try to lead the horses, other egos, to water and try to make them drink, become of common order again, this includes your own ego. 

For reference to any ego who thinks I have once again plagiarised, you will simply think as you desire to.......             

Friday, 3 January 2020

Drinking from the Water

Written by Mathew Naismith

All we can do is try to lead a horse to water, we certainly shouldn't make it drink the water, even if we could.......Mathew G

Gosh, what is one to do? Be open, honest and truthful, especially to oneself but most of all, realise that only an ego in control judges in black and white, negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right. Judging in this way isn't negative, bad or good, in the absence of a controlling egoistic consciousness, it is simply one of infinite ways to exist.

For people into the control, including trying to control the ego and how the mind thinks, you are going to suffer the most under the control that is presently being implemented. Yes, by all means ignore the negatives to stay positive and in control, but expect this control to be 100 times more in control of you in every sense from other people in the near future. When all this implementation and expressions of control comes to a head, people like me will simply go with the flow, as usual, for it is what the collective have created it to be.

As it is, yes, some horses will drink the water, but realise that not all the horses will drink from the water. You would think a thirsty horse would drink from the water!! Actually, a thirsty horse will always drink from the water, no matter how dirty (negative) or clean (positive) the water is, but an ego in control won't it would seem, they would rather die from thirst. How many proven ancient teachings teach us about the ego and its deceitful ways, especially of self-deception? Instead, ignore these proven teachings because they are negative!! 

I could quite happily sit within my own bliss within any environment, not just an environment that pleases or feeds the ego, and live my own life in bliss separate to the horses that desire not to drink from the water. But alas, my own ego has to at least try to lead some horses to water as we are all in this together. 

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Enlightening Your Ego

The real meaning of
enlightenment is to gaze with
undimmed eyes on all darkness
~Nikos Kazantzakis~ 

Written by Mathew Naismith

As a good internet friend of mine posted recently in reference to wisdom.


Stay away from people who think you are arguing all the time you try to express yourself."

Indeed Tawny, often an expressed wisdom is argumentative to those of the absence of wisdom. Why? An incomprehensible is always a threat to people's egos, sadly, I have experienced this numerous times.

Wisdom: The ability to apply knowledge, experience, understanding or common sense and insight, also, the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight.

Having only lived 56 years, I have noticed within this short time how wisdom has quite quickly become shunned. The reason for this is interesting in that at the same time honesty coupled with truth has also become shunned by so many. Why?

Within the same short period, personal satisfaction and desire has escalated, in that there are so many more external sources to fulfil our desires and happiness these days. If the wisdom, honesty and truth aren't fulfilling or so-called positive, it is immediately shunned under numerous critically judged labels. No joke, this has occurred within my short life time. Remember, this is also in the same predicted period of false prophets. False prophets/people are predominately expressive of dishonesty and deceit, especially of self-dishonesty and deceit.  

Yes, express love and positiveness but at what cost to other people? We are in this together, no amount of love or positiveness will change the way we are unless wisdom, honesty and truth are apart of that change. You cannot be of wisdom in the presence of desired honesty and truth, in other words in the absence of perceived negatives. Negatives and positives are of the whole truth therefore of honesty and wisdom, any desired negative or positive is anything but of honesty therefore wisdom.

If at anytime you have to ignore a negative, like with Palestine and Yemen, to become and stay positive and happy, your positiveness and happiness is created through the ignorance of what threatens your positiveness and happiness. If you were truly positive and happy, no amount of external awareness, honesty and truth would seem threatening to your ego. Yes, your ego will react to these external forces, but when one is truly wise, the external influences are fleeting and at no time threaten your own state of mind.

You know when you are wise in the absence of desired positives and happiness, you simply can't judged what is not of your own as negative or positive, however, don't at any time expect that your ego won't always try to still judge in this way, as my own ego still tries to do. To counteract this, enlighten your ego with wisdom, honesty and truth in the absence of as much desire as possible. If you have to firstly avoid others who can't comprehend wisdom, honesty and truth in the absence of desires, by all means do so. You can't recondition an ego to something that is incomprehensible to the ego. Being in the absence of states of anti-wisdom is comprehensible to the ego you wish to enlighten. Once your ego becomes wise and aware, you will come to a point where you become influential upon people of anti-wisdom. Yes, at this stage your ego has no further need of avoiding people of anti-wisdom, for you have turned the table of influence, in other words, your enlightened ego becomes influential upon unenlightened egos, not the other way around.  

So, if you are being shunned in any sense when speaking of and through wisdom, honesty and undesired truths, this is a sign of an enlightened ego. If you like, a very positive sign.    

Monday, 30 December 2019

The Environment, Not the Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

When you focus on the environment instead of the mind, the mind will automatically change to that environment without effort......Mathew G   

As our environment changes, so does our mind.......

In other words our environment depicts how we are going to think. How many people who have experienced trauma that they have never experienced before think differently afterwards? How many people who have experienced some kind of enlightenment think completely different afterwards? We often focus on how our mind is thinking, or not thinking, instead of what creates the way we think in the first place.

I was brought up in a radical atheist environment, where the ignorance of anything beyond what the atheist mind desires to comprehend dogmatically rules the mind. This was our families environment, this was until all of us within the family experienced an environment way beyond the comprehension of an atheistic environment. I should say that not all atheistic environments are this radical and dogmatic, usually eastern atheism is aware of there being more to us than a materialistic aspectual image. In truth, a lot of eastern atheistic environments are of the immaterial over and above the material, however, western atheism seems to be of the opposite environment.

Yes, it is the environment our mind is subjected to that we need to focus on, not the mind itself. When you put yourself within a praying, chanting or meditative environment, how different does our mind think from an environment in the absence of these practices? I don't myself practice these practices a lot these days, as such, I don't have to. A lot of people who have time to think often think discordantly, this is of or relating to the ego, especially the controlling ego. "I didn't like what a certain person said to me, I was hurt by what they said or they hurt a person I love, etc." The only part of you that can be hurt is the ego. An environment controlled by the ego is going to certainly create a certain way of thinking, usually a discordant way of thinking.

I awoke at 5:30 this morning, in waiting for my wife to awake, my mind wondered in thought. The first thought was of bliss, just simple bliss, nothing more, nothing less, however I am not always of this kind of environment. Because I am not about taking control, even of my own thoughts and environment, my mind can experience times of discordance. I am not into trying to control the controlling ego, for this is only of the controlling ego. I instead allow my ego to control me at its own will, but not in the absence of myself being aware of the environment a controlling and discordant ego can create. If my whole environment was of the absence of a controlling ego, I wouldn't have an ego that I would have to keep reminding the ego in how discordant an environment the ego in control can create.  You can make your ego aware, it often doesn't want to become aware though but with a little practice, the ego will accept being aware.     

You may think that the ego is quite willing to accept being aware. When my environment was predominately atheistic, my own ignorance was astounding in relation to anything existing beyond the material. Religious or spiritual people can be the same in only wanting to become aware within the limitations of a particular ideology. In this case, all else seems to become evil or sacrilegious in some way, very much like anything from my perception of positive is negative.

Now, should we build upon an environment of escapism to create some kind of beneficial environment for all?

The need or desire to escape anything won't create an environment that is not based on the very same environment you wish to escape from. If a certain environment you wish to escape from, because it is negative in some way, has created a feeling of a need or desire to escape from, the newly created environment is created from what you wish to escape from in the first place. The ego needs to make peace with the present environment to truly create an environment linked but not of the present environment, whatever that environment may be. Try to remember, each environment is what it is, yes, the ego in control will make more of it but each environment is what it is no matter what environment this may be. Each environment creates its own mind, its own way of thinking and being.

I once found myself within an environment of great discord, in the end I decided to leave this environment. This environment got to the extent where I was often visited by malignant entities however unlike so many others within the same environment, I overwhelmed these entities, not the other way around. Even when I overwhelmed these entities the people around me were obviously subject to these entities, in other words overwhelmed by these entities. As of any malignant energy source, they often attach themselves to something that is not biological in form, their energy is then most often transmitted out from this non-biological form.

Try to remember, benign energy is not conducive or beneficial to living matter, in actuality malignant energy can't create life, only destroy life through separating and the distorting energy. No living matter that is overwhelmed by this kind of energy is able to live very long through excessive distortion of energy, however, if a biological form is conducive to distorting other forms of energy, especially benign energy, this life form is often kept intact to a certain extent.

Yes, only benign energy is conducive to life and only benign energy can create and recreate life. Imagine being totally overwhelmed at death by malignant energy sources, what is the possibility of your soul living a benign existence again? Benign energy is not of separating energy therefore not of distorting energy.

Malignant Energy = separation of energy + distortion of energy + deceit and trickery + ignorance

Benign Energy = union of energy + clarity or beauty of energy + truth and honesty + awareness

Awareness means being aware of everything in the absence of biases or desires. This simply means that positives are not desired while at the same time the negatives are shown disdain in any way. Doing this is simply of malignant energy because of the separation therefore the distortion of energy, usually to fulfil desires and/or biases. Malignant energy wants you to separate energy in this way. How extreme have the negative and positives today become? Within benign energy, negatives and positives are contributive to each other, only while not in conflict to each other. Think of it like two couples who work together in harmony to couples who don't. The negatives are nowhere near as extreme as a couple who are discordant. The message is here, don't become discordant or ignrant to malignant sources of energy as this is exactly what malignant sources of energy want you to do.

When you honesty look upon the human collective consciousness, you are aware of what energy has overwhelmed the collective human consciousness, at present. I can't myself look at this as something grotesquely negative, it is simply a consciousness lost within its own creation, as of any malignant energy source is. This is quite natural for a consciousness lost within its own creation, to become overwhelmed by malignant sources of energy.

In my case, lucky enough, I am apart of a malignant energy but not of a malignant energy, in that I have not allowed, to any great extent, malignant sources of energy to overwhelm my mind. Yes, I experienced separating energy therefore distorted energy, like anyone else, but I have not become of that for what malignant energy creates, a distorted energy source. I am lucky because I am aware that malignant sources of energy make up a very small part of existence as a whole. It is probably not luck but the learning from life instead of suffering from life......

When you focus on the environment instead of the mind, the mind will automatically change to that environment without effort......Mathew G    


Thursday, 19 December 2019

Dieting the Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sounds funny doesn't it? It is what it exactly states, putting the ego on a diet. From psychology to spirituality is it often mentioned, in one way or the other, about putting the ego on a diet, in other words quelling the ego from its thirst, its lustful ways.

I have deliberately put myself into various different environments to see which environment is less about feeding off of each others ego, and more about putting the ego on a diet. Sadly, very few environments were about quelling the ego, putting the ego on a diet, especially on the internet, instead the feeding off of each others egos seems epidemic.

Why don't people like me feel comfortable within these environments? Why do so many others feel comfortable within these environment and uncomfortable within environments of dieting the ego? The same old adage, you are meant to be where you are most comfortable, for what ever reason.

Imagine threatening to take a multinationals wealth and power away from them to any extent, the normal response is to penalise and/or incarcerate this threat in some way, any way. Now, imagine exposing a spiritually aware person feeding off of other people's ego is going to lead to. Often the same old act of penalisation and incarceration in some way, any way, is implemented, as experienced by myself and by others many times over by light and love and/or unconditional loving people.                    

So pointing out an obvious is negative and even of toxic vibrations, but to call anyone not of your own negative or of toxic vibrations isn't!!

This is exactly the way it is today, sadly enough. Any ego gorging itself off of other people's egos seems to react in the same old way, but the present gorging in the spiritual sector is suppose to represent a new more advanced or higher vibrative consciousness!! Now imagine being one of a few people trying to guide people to put their own egos on a diet, in other words quelling the control the ego has over us at present. What new more advanced or higher vibrative consciousness? The same old adage in relation to the ego, penalise and incarcerate anything that threatens our feeding off of other people's egos.     

Yes, by all means learn to support each other in a more loving peaceful manner, but not at the cost of fattening up the ego. As it is of the present question of climate change, our ego, while gorging on what the multinationals have created, will be in defence of our own participation in climate change. The threat of further taxes exasperates this threat even further.

As I replied to the questioning of climate change: Yes, another argument against climate change is that weather, simular to what we are presently experiencing, occurred many times over human history.  

Yes June, but how many glaciers where around back in the 1800's? How many explored glaciers of the 1800's are still around today? Couple this with things like how much forest is still standing, that we are polluting the earth on a massive scale, that the ozone layer is thin and wholly and that we are phenomenally abusing energy on a huge scale, today is nothing like anything in the past. It all makes a difference to the environment therefore the weather June.

So should we have to pay higher taxes for our indiscretions? No, for the multinational have been feeding off of our ego's for years now, they are the one's that should have to pay, not the people they are feeding off of.      

Extract: You’ll be glad you did: Needing fewer ego-boosts gives you your mind back to focus on your priorities, making the best use of your options and opportunities. A leaner ego diet also makes you less gullible. Like a kid with a sweet-tooth who can be lured into danger by anyone dangling candy, people who need lots of praise can be readily manipulated. The hungry are soon eaten. When you’re hungry for praise, it shows. People can tell you crave to hear. They’ll sing your praises until you’re feeding out of their hands. When your ego-appetite is tamed, you are put in solid possession of your soul, your life and what you want to do about it, less distracted by your need for approval.

Yes, as I have stated many times over, making the best of what is, not the worse. A fat ego will always desire to see everything not of itself as being negative, the worse scenario. Is feeding off of other people's egos negative to people like me? My ego, to be honest, would most definitely say yes, but wisdom just says to my ego, "It is simply a consciousness lost within its own creation, nothing more, nothing less." The creation being, that we are epidemically feeding off of each other s egos. It is epidemic because this is the conscious environment the multinational's egos have deliberately created, it is purposely epidemic. Of course the natural remedy for this is to put the ego on a diet. How many obese people desire to go on a diet unless they have to or desire to?

As is stated in the above," A leaner ego diet also makes you less gullible. Like a kid with a sweet-tooth who can be lured into danger by anyone dangling candy, people who need lots of praise can be readily manipulated."

Look at how the approval rating for people like me has dropped since the epidemic of feeding off of other people's egos has escalated, it doesn't worry me for a very good reason. Yes, as I have stated in previous posts, tame the ego, put the ego on a diet, which is becoming even more disdainful to more and more people it would seem.

So what is the remedy? It is so simple, become aware but at the same time self-honestly become aware. For starters, become aware of egoistic epidemics as of feeding off of each others egos, however, as I stated before, "you are meant to be where you are most comfortable." Try to also become aware, that when the ego is at its most comfortable, is when the biggest price for the ego to be comfortable is payed. My ego is not comfortable in being of honest truth and of self-honesty but that is how the ego works and plays with us.  

Monday, 16 December 2019

Exasperated Egoistic Extremes

Written by Mathew Naismith

One can never be too positive!!

In a known age of false prophets, if the cover is not all glossy and glittery, what is in between the covers can't be positive. You have to play up to each others ego's to be positive it would seem, otherwise you are simply negative, something to penalise and/or incarcerate in some way. Yes, it is the same old consciousness being played out. The responses I receive at times is, well, hmmm. I responded to this as below.     

"We think quite differently on this matter PL. It is well known in psychology that one can become too positive for a number of different reasons. Also, leaders like Hitler and Trump are/were well and truly overly positive, what about multinationals, etc!!

How many people who think they are truly positive separate energy into positives and negatives? I couldn't think of anything more negative, to separate energy into various parts even further, most often to do with escapism which is another factor.

How many truly positive people ignore the negatives to retain a positive? Usually at the cost of people being abused, Yemen and Palestine come to mind.

We often use the positives to feed the ego even more, nothing more, you can't do this while being in a neutral state of consciousness. In a true neutral state, which I haven't attained myself, it is just energy, not negative and positive energy. If you think in negatives and positives, you think in black and white, which includes people. Often the conscious is unaware of how the subconscious works so will deny this, as expected.

I won't build up other people's ego on a lie, but I am often helpful in getting people to look at life in a different way. Getting away from separating energy more is but one of them. Yes, we could sit within our own created humour and build up each others ego's, but not on the back of the abused, which in all honesty is occurring even more today.

Sadly, a lot of people in the west can't comprehend what a true neutral state is, actually, a lot of ego's just simply don't won't to. Also, the fear of being negative is purely based on fear, which a lot of excessively positive people have unknowingly got themselves into. Actually, they simply don't won't to know and deceptively deny it to the bitter end.

The ego will often judge by the cover. Even when between the covers have been read, the cover still takes precedence. Often so-called self-proclaimed positive people will only read the cover to feed their ego's even more, this is too obvious.

The funny thing is, I am personally known as a light hearted humorous person. It has been known that women will come up to my wife and I and state I wish my husband was like me instead of a grumpy bum.  My own cover isn't all glossy and sparkly, so is often misread, but between the covers is another story. Very few excessively positive people desire to know my story, proffering to read the cover instead for obvious reasons. The reason for this is very interesting.

In what I have gone through in life, if I was anywhere near as negative as these people need to believe, I wouldn't like to think where I would be now. It takes a lot of honest collective conscious awareness to be were I am now, considering the circumstances. In the end, our own ego's will only believe and desire to know what feeds the ego, all else is penalised or incarcerated in some way, a sign that a consciousness has not evolved for thousands of years. I never penalise or incarcerate people into negatives and positives, as a lot of excessively positive humourous people do. A lot of times, it is simply a consciousness lost within its own creation."

I recall a time that people feeding off of each others ego's was deemed to be also positive, all else of course being negative to this extreme positive. As I recall my past lives lived to some extent, people feeding off of each others ego was nullified or neutralised, this act of balance is just not occurring today.

In days of past, excluding empires built up feeding off of each others ego's, people of wisdom were revered. Today, any sense of wisdom, which includes honest truth, is penalised and/or incarcerated in some way, usually by people who are excessive within their own positiveness or negativeness. When a consciousness becomes expressive of extremes, extreme ideological views are understandably created.

It is the way the collective consciousness has chosen to go, it is what it is what it is. As I try to often relay, make the best of what you have, not the worse. Making the best of what is, isn't of some extreme expression of positiveness or of feeding off of each others ego, it is simply of awareness and wisdom, if you like, honest commonsense reasoning. Commonsense reasoning must be of the absence of bias or desire therefore honest truth.

I am bewildered that so many people have put themselves in a predicament as to dreadfully fear being negative in any sense. We often read of wisdom and awareness while only taking on that for which serves the ego the most. The present state of the human collective consciousness determines this, this can be averted. 

This reminds of the question have humans created their present extreme weather occurrences, or, is this just a part of a natural cycle? A bewildering question of separatism created by bias. Extremes are a part of natural cycles, as is extremes of human consciousness. The answer of course is that our present extreme weather is a part of a natural cycle, but a cycle we are making far worse through our own actions and inactions. You would think that a consciousness guided by wisdom would counterbalance this natural cycle of extremes, instead, in the absence of wisdom, we exasperate it to an extreme. 

Yes, our natural environment can be of extremes, this doesn't mean we have to exasperate these extremes to become even more extreme. Yes, consciousness is influenced by its environment, but a wise consciousness knows not to exasperate these extremes even further. Sadly, human consciousness is seemingly going right along with the present natural extremes, further expressing extremes to an extreme.......