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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Identifying a True Sense of Love

Written By Mathew Naismith

A true sense of love has no name......

The shining; a benevolent all accepting state of pure bliss, a bliss with no perceptions of labels, a state of true unequivocal acceptance of all within it's presence, a true state of oneness.

Is the above referring to what we call unconditional love? Yes, it's referring to what we call unconditional love but its not unconditional love for a true sense of love has no name.

To imply a name, as unconditional love, to this state is to separate itself from what is not unconditional, we therefore have conditions when we apply a name to this state as unconditional.

The conditions are, to stay away from everything that is toxic and/or negative so that one can experience this state. If you have to be in a certain environment to obtain and keep within this state, conditions to this labelled state are applied to a major extent.

This is why this state is very tricky to truly comprehend in the first place to then understand.

Our comprehension is to first put a label on everything we have comprehended exists, as with everything. This is what a 3rd dimensional mind does, applies a label to everything to be able to comprehend what it wants to then understand, however, as soon as a label is applied and implied, we have separation.

The word shining exemplifies this state void of separation, for all is of the shining but not all is of unconditional love. The label unconditional love isn't an exemplification, its separation from what isn't unconditional brought about by the 3rd dimensional mind to separate itself from what it doesn't desire to be of. Exemplifying is simply a clarification, in this case, a clarification of this particular state that all is shining void of separation.

Only in separation are we unable to comprehend that everything is of the shining, no matter what of the vibration it is.      

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Extrication from Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is weird and can even be called hypocritical from a person who has been interested and involved in spiritualism nearly all their lives. Extrication sounds like excommunication, given that extrication means the release from a snarled or entangled condition, very simular to excommunication.

Spirituality pertains to the otherworldliness, basically the spirit within all things, spiritual reality, as being different to being interested and knowing of physical realities and entities, an interest in all non-physical realities and entities.

Hang on, how can one extricate themselves from the spirit if everything is of the spirit? As everything is energy, everything is of the spirit, same thing to someone like me.

This would be exactly like extricating yourself from being energy!!

Extrication is a release from a snarled or entangled condition, if the condition you're in isn't snarling or entangling you, there is no reason for extrication.

However, anything that creates bias and/or prejudice can be entangling in that bias and prejudice often creates untruths as opposed to truths. As all ideological isms create a certain amount of bias, it is fair to say that we are all entangled to one degree or another to untruths. Untruths of course can quite naturally create what we are experiencing today, a reality based on deception.

Who truly wants to become aware that they are themselves in an entangled condition? Very few people.

Because our entanglement has been occurring for centuries, we are well and truly conditioned to this kind of existence to the point of not knowing what condition we are truly in. It's come to the point that most people don't want to know and will do anything to avoid knowing.

However, there are a few people who do want to know, in my mind this is the predicted conscious change, a change from discontinuing the cycle of entanglement.

As like with species throughout the history of the Earth, species can and do evolve from other species. As man himself has evolved from other species, he will again evolve into another species, this is natural law. It is also natural law that the species that another species has evolved from will either perish or adapt to the new species reality. How many species of animals have had to adapt or perish in our reality?

To be honest to myself, spiritualism is but another ism, yes, maybe an ism that tells more of the truth but still an ism that can still expresses bias. Spiritualism is but one of the processes to the truth, it's a process, a stepping stone, to truth and knowing of all we are. Only when we consciously become aware of beyond the perceptions of spiritualism will we know the truth, all else is an entanglement.

In saying this, one of the traits of a spiritual person is to humble themselves to the ego, to the entanglement of what the ego creates, otherwise none of us would be experiencing what we are experiencing. In a true sense, we are also all beyond these entanglements as we are all a part of the consciousness that is beyond spiritualism, beyond all entanglements. We are of one while still being of the other.

Yes indeed, more people today are grasping onto atheisms and new age spiritualism, strangely enough, atheism and new age spirituality are totally fear based. Atheists fear the existence of a God or divine entities, religion and even the existence of consciousness existing outside the human brain. Atheism purely exists only because of it's supposed opposite!!

New age spirituality has fear of negative energy, of being too much of this reality and only exists because of it's supposed opposite that is also fear based. Would not the new conscious change be about extricating ourselves from fear based ideological isms altogether?

I have done some really silly things in the past, trying to guide people away from labelling, therefore motion, when anyone conditioned to labelling and motion is unable, and probably unwilling, to comprehend an existence void of labels and motion. This is exactly the same with a fear based existence, this is why what I write about is for very few people and people who are not conditioned to a fear based existence.

Spirituality, as of any ideological ism, has a purpose in life, when that purpose has reached the end of its cycle of use, we must learn to let go. Which ideological ism or religion exists in a true state of oneness with everything? All but none. Buddhism calls this state pure awareness and nothingness, all but none.

Pure awareness = all

Nothingness = none.

The all as one negates everything turning it into nothingness while still being all. We are all a prime example of this all expressed individually, in turn, creating fear of the other thus creating more of the other. As of anything of excessive motion, it will burn itself out, this simply needn't occur.     

Saturday, 20 January 2018

An Image to Live Up To

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my younger days while experiencing my first experiences in the welfare arena, I was accepted into a motor cycle group of people as being no threat to them. Even though I was within my own element, my own reality as a spiritually aware person that was involved in welfare work, I was well accepted and trusted. In this case I am talking about bikers, motor cycle clan members, from Mount Druitt and Blacktown areas of Sydney, hard core bikers.

Even to the average person as opposed to a new age spiritually aware person, you could easily say I was interacting with very negative people. It's hard to be in a more negative situation in relation to the biker's business side of their live; even the social side of their lives was daunting at times.

However, at no time did I critically judge that I was in a negative situation while interacting with these people, yes, it was quite daunting at times but I didn't critically judge it as negative. And no, I wasn't apart of their business side of things even though they would freely talk about this in front of me but only to a certain extent.

You see, once you get to a certain point of spiritual development, you begin to no longer judge what is or isn't negative or positive no mater what circumstances you find yourself in. In saying this, at times I do still judge a circumstance as being unbecoming. Just because something is unbecoming though, doesn't make it instantly negative, it's still simply unbecoming. I was at times quite uncomfortable in the presence of these bikers only because it wasn't my scene, my way of life. Just because it's not our way of life and living life, doesn't make it negative, it can be simply unbecoming void of critically judging a negative.

During my time when interacting with these bikers, a bloke who was a dealer in cannabis came up to me one day and stated, "I wish I could be more like you but I have an image to live up to". To me, an image like this is likened to an ideological ism we often try to live up to, our egos control us to that much of an extent that we have to live up to the image that our egos have created.

As our reality has found itself in an unbecoming situation, we can ourselves just simply find ourselves in this kind of situation personally, the trick is, is not to become what you are apart of. Be simply what other people around you wish to be and not what the ego desires you to be.

To these bikers, their ideological ism was hard core biking, they had to live up to this image once of this image. Being of an image is different to being apart of an image. Being of an image is being all of what is imaged. Being only apart of an image is only being apart of an image, not the whole of an image, this makes a huge different in regards to having to live up to an image. Once you are compelled to live up to an image, you become that image, however, if not compelled, you have no image to live up to, no ideological ism to be controlled by.

Once we become free of this kind of control, we become less bias and prejudice in our judgment of anything not of our own reality. When judging everything not of our own reality as negative, to be honest, we couldn't be more bias and judgmental even when our ideological ism is about not judging in this way. We are in an age of false prophets, an age of deception; we can all be fooled in this way.

Even in my younger days, I was not fooled in the company I kept at times. To judge my company simply negative would to be of my company instead of only apart of my company. Be very careful in judging your company as simply negative, only in being aware of this can we reach a stage where we no longer judge like this.

I would also like to say that I have assisted many people in my life, including disabled people; no doubt far more people than most spiritually aware people have simply because I didn't critically judge my present company or environment. Yes, I am often aware of my company and environment and vocal of this at times, but I am not in critical judgment of simply because there is no perception of negative and positive!!

Ideological isms can and often do separate everything in turn creating the reality we have today. It's simply the image we try to live up to that creates such a separated hostile reality and environment, when in all, we simply don't have to live by an image to start with. It's simply all to do with the ego deceiving us into living by an image.       

Friday, 19 January 2018

Using Ideologies and Isms Correctly

Written By Mathew Naismith

Having consorted on this topic with a number of people recently, including clashes with atheists of one kind or another, it is obvious to me we are using isms and ideologies incorrectly. We are using them as a be and end all, or, an ultimate state of thinking that should suite everyone. Personally, I don't know of any ism or ideology that would suite every, thankfully, on a collective scale, we are too diverse, too unlimited in consciousness for that.

Why limit human consciousness to one consort, one ideological view which dominates and limits our consciousness to one ideological stance? For me, I couldn't imagine being this limited, this encaged by a singular ideology. In saying this though, diversity of consciousness also includes people being very content within their own ideological stance.  

In my own mind, all isms and ideologies should be used as a guide, not a be and end all, an ultimate state of being for all. I would not like to think that human consciousness could ever reach this state of encaged consciousness, a consciousness totally limited by its own conscious limitations. Diversity is the key an ever evolving consciousness.

Having also researched on this topic, I found the following quite interesting and very truthful. It is wise to know that isms and ideologies can and do create bias and even disdain, especially towards an opposing ism or ideology. Once influenced by such isms and ideologies, especially dogmatically, truth becomes a blur, truth basically becomes less truthful.                              

Extract: One of my bigger regrets is publicly declaring myself an atheist.
Not because I’ve made a recent conversion to faith—I’m still confident in my original opinion. Rather, because I believe “-isms” are dangerous, whether it is theism, atheism, vegetarianism, Buddhism or any other philosophy.

I do find the rigid conscious limited stance of atheists that treat atheism, materialism and science as a be an end, as an ultimate all powerful God like ideological ism, are as bad if not worse within their religion than extremist religion. Again, atheism, like any ideological ism, should be treated as guide, not some ultimate all powerful God like entity because this is exactly what is occurring.  

I personally know of a number of atheists, I was once an atheist myself, even my stepdaughter confirms that she is an atheist, for every good reasons I might add. They are not into extremist atheism, an ism that is being treated far more than just a guide to life to think and live by.      

The following will show how some of these kinds of atheists think, to me, there is no logics to the way they think and live. This is an example of westernised atheism, not eastern atheism, there is a difference.


As I have stated before, not all experiences and observations can be proven factually, it doesn't make them untrue to the observer or experiencer. The materialist/atheist stance is, to me, too rigid/dogmatic and illogical.

Everyone dreams including materialists, so if a dream can't be substantiated by hard core facts, the dream didn't occur. This would mean a materialist can't discuss their dreams void of solid evidence that they had an actual dream!! Strange logic's for a people who have a go at other people's logic's or lack of.

I do understand materialist/atheist ideological views, especially when limited to primary materialist perspectives.

I do however use a lot of actual experiences and observation, at times supported by scientific evidence. In a sense, I have a right to talk about my dreams void of physical evidence. How do you debate or even question a non-psychical occurrence void of actual evidence? It's totally illogical to even try but materialists do exactly this which shows how illogical they too can be!!

Fact and truth; I had a number of dreams last night.

Fact and truth; there is no knowable evidence of me having these dreams.

Fact and truth; I had these dreams even when the lack of evidence proves otherwise.

Fact and truth; the reliance on evidence to prove an occurrence occurred can often be flawed.

In my mind, we need to be more truthful with ourselves, evidence can be and is often flawed, this doesn't include actual tampering of evidence either!!


You have got to understand this stance of a lot of westernised atheists. To acknowledge observation and actual experience as evidence, would be to open themselves up to observation and actual experiences from opposing ideologies as evidence as well. The deception here is that atheists also rely on observation and actual experience as a prime source of evidence at times as well.

If you label an opposing ideology hypocritical, this deceptively takes the emphasis off their own hypocrisy, yes, its fraudulent behaviour by a lot of westernised atheists of today. It's sad that many atheists have turned atheism and science into yet another religion, yet another be and end all ism/ideology!!    

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Non-acceptance of Truth Today

 Written by Mathew Naismith

Today, telling the truth will not make you few friends but many enemies, this makes perfect sense in the age of false prophets, people and news. I have a lot of true friends but even more enemies; it's of course worth having more enemies because of the trueness of my friends!! I should also point out that the following will be quite controversial to some people.    

So what is truth and whose definition of truth are we talking about?

Truth is defined as being void of bias, prejudice and deception while of observation. Observation being not of participation as participation can often give a false representation of truth. The more of the observer we condition ourselves to be, the more of the real truth we will become aware of, for example, the more involved in a specific ideology we become, the more bias we are likely to be. The amount of participation in anything defines how bias our perceptions will become; this is unless an ideology teaches one to observe as well void of bias, prejudice and deception.

The following is a reply I gave to a person recently I would claim as being wise. Its bible related by the way.   


My Reply
I've actually heard the bible read in a number of different ways, this is how it actually should be. Yes, read within a certain context but not just of a certain context.

"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time."

You can read this as people using the actual name of Christ to deceive, this is what people are looking for, however, Christ represents the word of God, how many people today act as Gods to the people void of taking on the name of Jesus but the representation of a God?

By not taking on the name of Jesus but acting as God's is even more deceptive. False prophets simply mean the average person taking on the role of falsity, they act on behalf of the self-proclaimed Gods while making out they are pure, they are wolves in sheep's clothing. This is how deceptive our current reality is, many people don't even realise they are wolves in sheep's clothing!!

How many new age spiritual people are conditioned to ignore the so-called critically judged negatives in the world today? So if they saw a child was being raped, this is negative and must be ignored. We must put things into proper perspective, these people are deceived to ignore the negatives so the negatives can persist which are created and ruled by false Gods.

How many spiritually aware people today critically judge the present reality as being negative, point blank? The perception of negative in opposition to positive is based on fear, the fear of being in the presence of negatives. A people living in fear are easier to control by the false Gods. It's certainly the age of false prophets/people.


Let's be honest, most people prefer to be lied to, deceived, as studies have proven, most people in the world accept lying (deception) as an every day occurrence in their own lives.

To lie, one would have to not accept part or all of the truth, even if it's only part of the truth, it's deception for only the whole truth isn't deceptive. Human consciousness only knowing parts of the truth about itself is deception, this of course includes me, the difference is, people like me know we are living a lie, in a deceptive reality. Now, try telling some kind of truth in a reality based on deception, you are going to receive a quick and often hostile rebuttal and/or refusal.

To only be aware of what one desires is a lie, to live this lie as the truth is pure utter self-deception.

Do we really want to lie and deceive ourselves any longer? The question is direct; the answers however are as ambiguous and numerous as the isms we hold dear and true.    

Monday, 15 January 2018

Protective Guides

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my own mind, when we pass away we can be more alive and aware than we are in physical life. Considering this, guides refer to an entity or a soul that attaches itself to a person and/or a family as a guide in physical life, guiding a person and /or family through physical life.

My grandmother had a very hard life with my grandfather, even the WWII soldiers my grandfathers fought with in Africa and New Guinea didn't like my grandfather. He's mannerism and mentality was too harsh and brutal for most people.

I was left with a fully dislocated elbow when I was six years old, on top of this, our own family situation as children was terrifying at times. We must remember, mannerism's and mentalities are created. If a person is brought up under harsh conditions, this conditioning usually carries through, both my parents experienced harsh circumstances within their own family as children.

My siblings still cover up abuse from the past and present, they also act out a certain amount of neglect onto other family members. Being an advocate against bullying and abuse, you could imagine how my family have responded to me and my openness and disapproval of bullying and abuse.

My grandmother had a beautiful well balanced mannerism and mentality. My grandmother is one of my guides, now consider this. As children, we can often take on our parent's persona, is it not possible to also take on our guides persona? Considering that we are more alive after our demise, it is quite feasible that one can take on a guide's persona, especially if the guide is close and protective to the person they are guiding.

My grandmother didn't like people being abused either however unlike me, her ability to put a stop to abuse was very limited in physical life, this however is different in her present existence. My grandmother often works through me, maybe too tenaciously at times, it's like she is making up for what she couldn't do in physical life through me.

The neglect and abuse my grandmother and I experienced in our own physical lives, made us aware and wised up to how neglect and abuse can become hereditary, passed down from generation to generation. We might seem a little tenacious in regards towards our disapproval of abuse but at least the abuse stopped with us.

My grandmother loves what I am doing, trying to guide people through awareness and openness brought about my own and my grandmother's life experiences. It's not easy being open and honest with ourselves in regard to ourselves. There are many people who are bullying that have no idea they are bullying. Abuse is simular when just of a form of bullying/controlling, but when it becomes more aggressive and violent, it's very unlikely a person expressing these actions don't know they are being violently abusive.

My grandmother also likes me guiding people who are into spirituality to be less judgmental of the negatives and positives in the world, be more moderate in our mentality in regards to the world and not become too harsh in our judgment of it. Avoid disdain at all cost; simply view the world or human consciousness as an abused animal that has been lost and neglected for sometime.

Can we take on the thoughts, feelings and persona of our guides? In my mind, most definitely. I didn't morn my mother demise because I new that my mother is far more alive and happier in her demise than in physical life, how could I be mournful, I couldn't be happier for my mother. The point is, any entity that is more alive and happier in their demise is likely to be a great influence to the people they guide, especially if the guided have a liberal or moderate and open mentality and persona.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Age Spirituality

Written by Mathew Niamsith

Having had numerous interactions with the so-called new age spiritual movement, I have to ask myself, where is this westernised new age spiritual movement leading us?

For starters, a lot of the new age movement isn't new, it's on the back of and based on spiritual writings and practices that stem right back to the first spiritual movements. Light and love, peace and harmony, enlightenment and oneness have been apart of spirituality since the dawn of man, so what's really new?

To a lot of people, the concept of a one world order, one government, one religion and so on, is a fallacy. Considering that Adolph Hitler, with the help of Italy and Japan in WWII, tried to force a one world order on the rest of the world and that the Romans tried to do the same hundreds of years before, a one world order is certainly very plausible today. The point is nothing has changed from thousands of years ago; the mentality of human beings is as old as old, not having evolved for thousands of years.

However we must consider, just because human consciousness hasn't evolved, doesn't mean consciousness as a whole hasn't evolved. We must also consider the natural cycles of life as everything in time is influenced by these cycles, the problem with cycles is, if a consciousness goes against these cycles, it will perish for the cycle has moved on leaving a consciousness without a cycle to live by for a time. Perishing simply means a consciousness will eventually restart the same old cycle all over again, very much like humans have done for thousands of years. New age spirituality is still a part of this old cycle for it's primarily based on and influenced by ancient spiritual movements.

Imagine not perceiving in negatives and positives, bad and good, hate and love, light and dark, basically, not in separation, a state of true oneness. Of course the concept of oneness has been around for thousands of years, but how often has human consciousness as a whole embraced this oneness? It hasn't, not in known times.

How many new age spiritual people have disdain for this reality and of anyone of a different movement to theirs?

To me, an evolved consciousness will leave disdain behind in the old cycle, in actuality separation of consciousness through the perceptions of negative and positive, bad and good, hate and love, light and dark, won't be able to be expressed for all will be as one.  

So does this mean no expression of love?

Lets' put things into perspective in relation to human consciousness and the sun. Man is unable to be as violent and as destructive as the sun can and will be, why then is human consciousness felt as a bad vibration and negative but the sun isn't? Why don't we get bad vibrations from the sun as we do of human consciousness at it's most violent and destructive time? 

As we have an obvious bias perception and vibrational feelings towards human consciousness in comparison to the sun, we also have bias perceptions of love and light in comparison to hate and dark. We have separated one from the other; imagine no sense of separation, no bias segregation giving us false perceptions. It's hard to imagine isn't it while still experiencing a segregated reality!!

Sadly, through my own experiences, the following is a good example of today's new age spiritual movement. It's either ignoring everything not of what it desires to be of, or, it lashes out at anything not of its own desires. I should also say I have friends who are of the movement of love and light, they are themselves quite moderate within their being and expressions, nothing like the bellow example.                   

My Reply
"better yet, why would you continue a discussion after everybody already said goodbye?"

So now it would seem I am not allowed to continue a discussion on my own post, this is bullying.  If the discussion isn't on their terms, it can't be on any terms, especially mine on my own post. Go figure!!

Did John say goodbye? Why lie and deceive GS?

Our topic was about speculation which I proved you were incorrect with, now you are lashing out big time after trying to bully me in respect to speculation. What lie did I tell about speculation and a black and white mentality? I wasn't even allowed to express my own thoughts on my own post without a show of disdain towards me.  

The disdain from you towards me is insurmountable GS, you have proven this within your reply. Why so much disdain? Yes, I proved you incorrect in regards to speculation, why lash out just because of this? It's a very shallow response GS.

"I pray that justice for you comes swift and 7 fold."

What an ugly thought, I certainly don't wish this upon you, in actuality quite the opposite; I hope one day you are able to observe yourself void of so much disdain. When you do, I truly hope you are not too hard on yourself like you are to others at present.

Many Blessings GS, really.

Is this my ego facing down people like this? Yes, but it's to protect others, I am certainly not protecting myself from such vibrations but others.

To be spiritual is to also humble yourself, this includes humbling yourself to the ego.

Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, you become conditioned to protecting others even while putting yourself in peril, it's this simple. You embrace so-called bad vibration as well as good vibrations for all vibrations deserve to be embraced in care.         

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Easing the Pain

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are many ways to ease the pain of our present environment, religion, materialism, Wicca and new age spirituality of love and light are but a few ways of easing the pain. It is wise to be aware that none of these are right or wrong, they are simply ways of easing the pain. Is religion wrong or negative to a religious person? Is atheism wrong or negative to an atheist? Yes, to anything not of our desires can be seen as wrong or negative, within this perception, only the negatives of an undesired will be observed, this is human nature.

How negative is religion to atheists and visa-versa? How negative is everything else to a new age spiritual person that is not of love and light? Of course the extremism involved determines how negative everything else will be that is not of our desires or vibration.

People like me are simply into wisdom and awareness, this is not usually determined by what we desire but of what actually is, of what we observe in other beliefs and ideologies, not of what we only participate in that is usually governed or controlled by our desires.

Participation; as opposed to observation, is easy to recognise, it's usually linked to a desire rather than to what actually is, for example, God is depicted as a man. Atheism; the mind (consciousness) can't exist outside the human brain, or, there never was or ever could be a God or divine presence. To a person into wisdom, what would we know to be so absolute, but we are because of our desires?

Observation; doesn't work on desires but what actually is. Desires simply don't take part in observation, however, when we also participate as well as observe, we quite naturally express desires therefore create reflections or bias perceptions of what isn't desired. The trick is, try to observe yourself while in participation, yes, observe other people and your environment but be primarily observant of yourself within a particular environment. Most importantly while in observation of your own participation, stay way clear of wrong or rights, negatives or positives as these reflections simply denote a desire and an undesired. Don't judge yourself too harshly for it is natural to be desiring while in participation.

Easing the pain void of desires simply takes one to also observe, especially our own participation, of course as of always, this will be seen as negative to anyone of a desired belief or ideology, this is human nature. What we desire is simply finite in nature and transitory in it's easing of the pain, especially on a collective scale.

One more thing, what you desire creates pain for someone else's desire, avoid this if possible.                                     

Monday, 8 January 2018

It's Not All Negative!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

The worlds in a mess, this isn't judgment, its truthful observation. If I was to observe the world in a mess but ignore this observation for fear of judgment or negativity, all I would be doing is being untruthful, self-deceptive and less aware, not more aware and truthful. If I was to simply judge a world in a mess as negative, is this the truth?  

As I wrote in my last post, a lot of people's enlightenment comes from times of trauma, this is on a personal level, then why can't a collective consciousness also become more enlightened, more aware, while experiencing trauma?

A truly aware consciousness has no need of trauma to become enlightened, in actuality it's impossible for a true aware consciousness to experience trauma and an enlightenment induced by trauma. However, a consciousness that isn't aware will most likely have to experience trauma to become enlightened, more aware. If a said trauma induces enlightenment, even on a collective scale, is the said trauma really a negative? Personally, what we are going through as a collective just simply couldn't be judged as a negative, in saying this in time's of trauma, it's not a positive either and justifiably so. My advice is, stay away from judging or even observing our present circumstance as negative or positive, it's either neither or both in my mind. A very holistic view!!  

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Your Own Social Acceptance

Written by Mathew Naismith

Personally, I think it's advisable to go along with your own social acceptance mentally and physically. The picture above shows me wearing a thawb/thobe, just because in my culture this kind of dress isn't usually accepted, this doesn't and shouldn't mean I shouldn't wear this kind of dress. It's advisable not to be limited to and by your own culture, all this creates is separative ideologies and concepts therefore realities based on separatism.

Yes, at no time cause distress or show disrespect in one's dress but one, in my mind, should always try to dress to one's own social acceptance. If you go to a black tie event, you wear a black tie. I wore this dress at a market that is one of the biggest markets in our area, at no time did I feel I was being disrespectful or giving people grief. Yes, it was obvious certain people of my own culture were unconfutable and non-accepting of my dress, however, it was they who were giving themselves grief through their limitations in accordance with their own culture, not me.

To atheists of extreme views, all else based on beliefs and faith is socially unacceptable, the same is with religious people of extreme views. In Australia, you're not being a real man in certain social circles if you're not interested in football, go figure!! So the coalition forces are not at war with real men because they don't follow football and wear garments like thawb's and kaftans!!

Spiritually, one must sit, eat, think and be a certain way to be spiritual; at no time can one be conflictive, destructive or violent. Light naturally destroys dark, in a sense an unawareness is quite aggressively replaced by awareness. To the light, it may not seem aggressive but to the dark it couldn't be more aggressive. The Earth and the sun can be exceptionally violent and destructive; we can often find ourselves quite insecure and volatile in a natural world/reality. So because the Earth is violent and destructive therefore cause insecurities to ourselves, the Earth and the whole of the universe isn't spiritual!!

To a lot of spiritually aware, it is socially unacceptable for a spiritually aware person to be violent in any sense. Considering that certain spiritualists in India lash out at people and that in certain Buddhist meditative practices violence is acted out, being limited to certain accepted non-violent spiritual social beliefs isn't true in accordance to nature. It's simply not natural to limit oneself to certain set boundaries within nature, for nature has no limitations. Considering that consciousness as a whole is infinite in nature, it's funny that we are still limiting ourselves to certain set social standards, usually in accordance with the culture we fixate ourselves to.

A lot of people experience their most enlightening times under duress!!

Spiritual pertains to the non-physical, just because the non-physical is expressed in a physical way, doesn't make what is expressed physically non-spiritual as it's never not spiritual, even when the non-physical is expressed physically. Physical expressions simply mean interaction with different forms of energy sources separated by various differences. Just because I separate one energy source into different energy sources, doesn't make these different energy sources not of energy, then why do we think that by expressing the non-physical physically make it non-spiritual, especially if it's violent!! As energy is always energy, no matter how different the energy becomes, the spiritual is always spiritual, there is always a spiritual, a non-physical state, to the physical.

We are having a physical experience; does this mean we are not of our soul? We are never not of our soul no matter how physically expressive we are, in actuality, try having a physical experience void of a soul or the spiritual. Try mentally creating something physically void of thought, one comes before the other and is always of the other. 

We might then think that we are being more spiritual the less physically expressive we are. To people like me, we are being more spiritual being expressive of physicality, not less spiritual. For starters, we are humbling ourselves and we are not allowing our egos to control how humbling we express ourselves physically. Secondly, to be expressive of everything physical, is to be aware of everything physical, in actuality, to be aware of separateness of physicality is to truly be spiritually aware. How truly aware and unlimited, infinite, are we when only aware of what we desire or perceive to only be spiritual?

In all, I simply could not imagine myself being limited physically and mentally to a certain cultural standard, in saying this, being limited to certain set standards like this is also apart of the spiritual journey. I was not accepted by certain people at the market in my dress, however, they too have a right not to be accepting therefore be expressive of their own culture in accordance with their own social acceptance.  

It's not what we think, it's what we don't think that creates the problems we have in life!!      

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Overcoming a Hostile Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

The universe and our present reality is naturally hostile, this is its natural state. We might think a pristine environment like a rain forest isn't hostile, try existing in this kind of environment without some kind of protection. The stars are beautiful, try existing outside the Earths atmosphere without some kind of protection, in saying this; nothing is hostile to the spirit, the non-physical self.

If you could condition your mind to non-physicality void of crutches and fixations, all that is left is pure spirit, put in another way, pure energy. It's this state that is known as the shining, a state void of crutches and fixations. Look at it this way, what is negative and positive in the absence of crutches and fixations? Materialism, religion, new age spirituality, atheism and so forth, are created crutches and fixations in retaliation to other crutches and fixations. Yes, even love and light can be and often is a crutch and fixation as it's in retaliation to a hostile environment, however, a true sense of love and light is shining as it's not in retaliation to anything.

How fearful are the people of love and light to the questioning of their love and light? Also, everything else other than what is judged as love and light becomes negative, this is why there are more perceived negatives in today's new age spirituality than ever, not less. Considering that the spirit has no crutches and fixations, therefore no sense of what is and isn't negative or positive, how much closer is today's new age spirituality to the spirit?   

It's our crutches and fixations that create an even more hostile environment within a natural hostile environment. How hostile are materialists to a true sense spirit? Seen as materialism is based on and totally relies on crutches and fixations to exist, it's no wonder materialists are afraid of the spirit, a state void of crutches and fixations!!

Why do a lot of us only shine now an again and not all the time, considering that the shining is different to feeling simply euphoric? The answer is crutches and fixations which are created through fear, a state of insecurity, however, there is nothing wrong or negative to feeling fear or insecure, in turn, attaching ourselves and creating crutches and fixation within an environment that is naturally hostile. Try going into a forest full of snakes and panthers and not being respectively fearful. In this case fear becomes awareness of a danger. Yes, fear is also another kind of awareness but an awareness void of the spirit.

Now try going into the same forest shining, of pure spirit, there is simply no fear for there is no crutch or fixation to physicality, the spirit becomes one with all. However, this state does not mean that a fearful state is negative or wrong, it just simply means existing and experiencing a state void of the spirit. A state of fear is but a different state of awareness but its still awareness. This is very much like having a crutch and fixation to new age spirituality or materialism, there is nothing wrong or negative within this kind of awareness, it's just simply not of the pure spirit.

I thought I would insert a couple of replies of mine to a good internet friend of mine.


My Reply
Many blessings to you and yours as well Mike.

I am thinking of writing further on this, it's just got to come to me though.

The universe is highly chaotic and hostile, in actuality most of the physical realm is hostile to human beings, however, it's the spiritual realm that isn't chaotic and hostile.

I think what has occurred is that we have turned everything spiritual into everything physical. Religion, new age spirituality and materialism, for example, are all based on the physical. God becomes a physical figure of man. Light and love is the opposite of chaos, hostility, negativity. Materialism speaks for itself. It's all to do with euphoric pleasures, if it feels good it must be good. Giving birth doesn't feel good physically but emotionally or even spiritually it feels good!! 

We exist in a hostile environment that is naturally hostile, all we need to do is balance out this hostility with the spiritual, or, a balanced psyche.  The psyche is non-physical therefore spiritual in my mind.

My Reply
Do you mean people like you and I or humans as a whole Mike?

Human consciousness isn't infallible, it's most often conditioned to certain conditioning, spiritual consciousness however is infallible as it has nothing to be conditioned to.

Human consciousness on it's own is always going to be in the dark however in conjunction with the spirit, it's infallible to one extent or another.

The funny thing about light, the truth, is it's blinding to all else conditioned to the dark, untruths, therefore a negative!!

An important point to remember and to specifically accept, we exist in an environment that is naturally hostile, violent and destructive at times, the spirit accepts this and has no desire to change this very natural state. However, the non-spirit trying to become the spirit always desires to change this state, it's simply apart of the process to become the spirit. It's an awareness of what is hindering the process of becoming the spirit within a hostile environment, the trick is, don't become too fixated to one part of the process, all this does is continue the cycle of hostility thus creating more negativity, not less negativity. Simply accept it as a hostile environment, and move on, evolve, it's this simple.        

Monday, 1 January 2018

Spiritual Shining

Written by Mathew Naismith

The magnificence of the world can only be experienced if properly witnessed, all else is but an abstract interpretation of the world........Mathew G

Abstractive: Being abstractive simply means a representation of part of, not a true interpretation or expression of what is as a whole. How can the magnificence of the world be truly experienced if not properly witnessed/observed? An abstractive representation refers to participation rather than observation; this is very much in line with how an abstract artist works. They don't observe in what they paint; they participate in what they paint, in turn, what is represented or expressed is participation rather than observation.

Yes, an abstract artist will observe what they paint, but they will only paint in what they participate in to what they observe. They don't observe in what they paint but paint in participation of what they observe, the observation becomes participation through abstractive representations or expressions. Human consciousness is an abstract artist creating whatever reality that is observed in an abstract way. Abstract = participation rather than observation, you could call this abstractive participation.

So what has abstractive participation got to do with shining spiritually?

Shining; simply refers to being aware to the point of physically expressing awareness void of bias and desire. This means within this state we don't pursue euphoric feelings of love and compassion, we simply allow these feelings to come and go void of trying to hold onto them. If I was to always try to hold and express these feelings, all I would be doing is expressing bias and desire. This is not shining but simply expressing an abstract expression of what is being observed or felt.

Now we might think that pure observation void of participation is shining, this is also simply not the case. Observation void of participation is simply a state void of participation of what is being observed, this kind of state is bias in that participation is absent, usually deliberately so. Also, being the observer is often desired over and above the participator, in actuality in absence of the participator. What is there to observe or become aware of if there is no participation to observe? A pure state of awareness can only be observed if there is also participation.

To be in quietness is the observer. To be in unquietness is the participator. A true form of abstract art is never quiet, however, art that is of the observer and the participator are of, not quietness and unquietness but neutrality, a state that represents observation and participation void of extremes or bias expressions. Bias imbalanced expressions simply create distorted realities, very simular to abstract art. Bias imbalanced expressions are not illusions but distortions; this is why I don't consort to the idea that realities like this one being simply and wholly an illusion.


Spiritual: Reference to the spiritual pertains, not to the sacred or holey but to the non-physical, in actuality, when I make reference to the spiritual, it's never of the sacred or holy.

The perception of sacredness and holiness represents separation, within these kinds of perceptions, we will never be of what we hold as sacred or holey as they will always be separate to us. We are of what we idolise and worship, only in distorted realities is there a perception of separation. Of course distorted realities pertain to a consciousness that is bias therefore of distorted truths. Separation of our sacredness and holiness is simply a distortion of consciousness brought about by distorted truths based on desires, the desire while within a distorted reality, of separate higher consciousnesses to ourselves.

Insecurities: Psychologically, a consciousness that feels entrapped or not of a particular chaotic reality will quite naturally separate itself from the sacred or holy, in turn, creating a distorted view/reality of sacredness and/or holiness. This distortion allows a consciousness in trauma to feel better or even euphoric. It's an in-built defence system within the psyche that automatically activates when a consciousness is in deep trauma or peril. Our own insecurities create numerous distortions within a consciousness, collectively and personally.

Once a consciousness is conditioned to insecurities, the psyche automatically activates a defence mechanism to lesson traumas associated with insecurities. How many new age spiritual people feel insecure/uncomfortable with the present reality? This will of course quite naturally distort consciousness even more, not less. Materialism is the same, it makes us feel happier and /or secure in a world conditioned fear. The trick is to not feel insecure void of separating ourselves from the sacred and /or holy. In my mind, the deemed sacred or holy or materialism should never make us feel more secure, we should already feel secure no matter how distorted the reality we are experiencing is.                                  

Yes, become familiar and aware of the sacred and holy, but not in separation to yourself. All that separation will create is distorted realities based on insecurities. The shining is simply being void of separation and feelings of insecurities.