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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Human Conscious Evolution

What is needed right now is
evolving human consciousness.
Without that, science, technology,
development, everything will
go waste.
~Jaggi Vasudev~

Written by Mathew Naismith

As our ability to communicate with each other has evolved, so has our consciousness!!

Very questionable as the more we came in contact with each to communicate in our various ways; we also came into conflict with each other more. There are over 6,500 spoken languages at present which means 6,500 differences in human consciousness. We off course always create conflict to what is different to ourselves, the more differences we have, the more conflicts eventuate from these differences. Of course if we all spoke the same language, it would seem that we would find other differences to each other that would cause conflict.

Our own culture has determined what language or languages we will communicate through, it is also our culture that determines our conscious conditioning. Why is it easier for some people to learn new languages than other people? As you learn the language, you also become conscious of the culture behind the language. Of course if you are not interested in learning about the culture behind the language, it is most likely you won't remember the language in question. I have observed this occurring quite a number of times with people learning a new language.

How many wealthy people are interested in knowing about the poor? Being poor to the wealthy is like being of another culture, in actuality another species in certain circumstances. The multinationals simply see the commoners, the poorer people to themselves, as sheep or cattle, to be used and abused at will. They are simply seen as another species by the wealthy. How many New Age spiritually aware people look at our present human consciousness as being of a different species than their own species? They are of a positive consciousness, all else from this is of a negative/toxic consciousness. Do not a lot of atheists/materialists see religious/spiritual people as another species/culture to their own and visa-versa? To be self-honest here, of course they do, even while speaking the same language but a language of conscious dissimilarities.

You see, even while speaking the same language there is a difference of cultural values and understandings.

Can you see what is occurring here? It is not the differences in our languages that is causing us to conflict with each other, it is the unwillingness to learn about the culture behind the language. Because I have experienced number of interactions with people from India, I found the Indian people, at most, have the willingness to learn about the culture behind the language they are learning to communicate in. How many wealthy people want to learn about the poor man's culture? How many New Age spiritual people want to learn about the very same culture they have critically judged negative/toxic? And a lot of New Age spiritually people think they are the new evolved consciousness, this is while critically separating one consciousness from another!!

When you sit back and observe the differences in consciousness therefore culture in the absence of bias or disdain, you start to see the big picture. Observing the big picture simply means the observation of as many cultures as plausible or possible, no matter of the linguistic disparities.

This is the new conscious change, bypassing the language barriers and conflicts to focus on the culture. It is of course a lot easier these days to bypass language barriers. Try to remember, the language used was created from the culture we follow, how different did we find the language associated with the computer age/culture? It is a different language because it is a different cultural change. Simply, the computer age, as of the numerous ages the human species has experienced, has its own language and consciousness. How many languages or ways to express oneself was around during the age of the Neanderthals? This relates to how many cultures were evident during that age.

What I am saying is that our numerous cultures have created various and numerous languages, a sign that human consciousness was evolving, however, instead of these differences presently being a sign of an evolving consciousness, we see a regression of consciousness. Conflict is always a sign of a regressive consciousness no mater how technologically we have advance through conflict. Yes, a lot of our technological advancements have been through wars and conflicts, a sign that a consciousness is in regression in my mind.

The new conscious change isn't to follow the same old consciousness mentality of one against the other, like with positive against negative, wealthy against poor or spiritual people against all else. It is the union of all of what is, not what we would, in accordance with our own culture, desire it to be. To be self- honest here, we all, as well as myself, follow a particular culture, at no time, within my own consciousness, does this mean all other cultures are irrelevant or something to be disdained or avoided because it is negative. Yes, a certain culture will appear, a culture that accepts all cultures to be worthy within their own right for without our differences, human consciousness would have stagnated or simply withered away.

By all means, embrace our differences.

In regards to the following, I simply liked what was stated, at no time am I promoting this particular kind of schooling.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The Psychology of Mythology

Psychology is ultimately
mythology, the study of
the stories of the soul. 
 ~James Hillman~   

Written by Mathew Naismith

Mythology is about how we react and think within a world or environment, of course how we react and think in relation to an environment, comes down to our own psychology. Our own psychology simply determines the way we think, this is anything from science to religion or materialism to spirituality, etc. Of course one’s own psychology can be influenced by a number of different variables such as the different variables of science to religion for example. Often we judge a variable as mythology through one or two other variables such as science and materialistic ideologies. To me, it is a huge mistake to judge one variable by another variable, especially if we psychologically see another variable as an opposing variable. I cannot see any sustainable viable logical reasoning in this kind of bias by the psyche.

The psychology of mythology is all to do with good against evil, the difference to night and day, male and female interactions, how the weather determines our mood, moral and immoral behaviour, life and death etc. Mythology is to do with all of what life is and how we interact within this environment. Anyone who has conducted any kind of research on mythology impartially, realises that mythology isn’t simply about story telling as the following will clearly show.

Extract: Many years after the course was over, I would learn why. Apparently, narratives (stories) represent a particular way of constructing knowledge that comes naturally to us.
One writer has even gone so far as saying "Remembering is narrative; narrative is memory."

Research indicates that remembering a bunch of new, unrelated elements is difficult. But if the elements are part of a structured story, they are more easily remembered. That’s just the way the mind works. Research also indicates that memory is not a literal replaying of experienced events, like replaying a recorded video. Rather, it is a reconstruction of significant elements in a way that makes sense to us. We remember the past by making up stories in which the events relate to each other in a meaningful way.

My conception of science has changed over the years, partly because of my experience in my mythology course. I used to think that science was a way of establishing with certainty facts about the world, what is absolutely true beyond any doubt. As I read more about science and began to do science myself, I came to realize that in science we often attempt to model reality rather than establish indubitable facts. Scientific knowledge claims are always tentative and subject to revision. We strive for better models of reality, not just by looking for more facts, but by improving our insight and vision. A good scientific model is not one that attempts to capture every factual detail about reality, but is able to identify key variables that allow some accuracy in making predictions about the world. Just like a good myth provides enough insight about the world to help us navigate life's journey.


Being variable in thought is to do with diversity or difference. What if we only looked at our environments scientifically or religiously, viewing our world through one or two variables only? Our whole reality is built upon one bias or another which is anything but of self-honesty. Of course there are ideologies that do incorporate various variables, even supposed opposing variables such as science and religion. In a reality conditioned to self-deception and self-dishonesty, any variable, such as isms and ideologies, too variable in thought are not going to be very popular. How popular are people like me today!!

How many of us looked and look upon mythology as something irrelevant in the modern age or have disdain for mythology period due to our own biases and self-dishonesties? This is while totally ignoring the obvious psychological importance of mythology. Is human consciousness evolving by not being diverse and different in thought? It is obvious, to consciously evolve we must be diverse in our thinking but many of us are doing quite the opposite at present. Of course psychology is only one variable that observes mythology as being worthy of consideration.

If you are interested in researching this further, the following should assist in this. Remember, like any variable, they all only answer one part of an answer as no variable on it's own has the answers to everything, only one part of the answer.                         

Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Written by Mathew Naismith

Most often our past determines our future and most often our past, especially when related to trauma in some way, to something we desire to stay unaware of, isn't something we desire to be self-honest with. So what do we do? We only live within the present while saying the past and future are irrelevant or an illusion. This is while time is the predominant influence in our everyday life at present!! See how dishonest we can be to ourselves? Time of course represents a past, present and future, a state of union instead of separation, especially the separation of one energy source from another to escape facing our traumas personally and collectively.

It is common practice for a consciousness in trauma, either personally or collectively, to use every means possible to escape facing trauma. Of course to do this, we must turn away from being of self-honesty and become dishonest with ourselves, and of course everybody else.             

Extract: Throughout history, deception has been an effective survival strategy. Yet, like all primitive survival strategies, when deception becomes habitual and is not directly about survival, it prevents us from continuing growth. For each of us, to the degree that we are not real with ourselves or that we withhold important truths from others, we just cannot keep evolving.

I wrote the following reply to a query in relation to my last post, "Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma".  

Basically, what you are doing is guiding them instead of pushing them towards a goal.
My father was trained to do this as a foreman. I tend to do this myself, my downfall is I also express self-honesty, it is funny how this psychologically freaks people out. Actually, when it does freak people out, their reactions tell me a lot about them. It is not that people react, it is how they react and what they react to. 

Our consciousness collectively isn't conditioned to being self-honest. How many of us don't look at what our own country/culture has done and is doing to others in the world, but we will point the finger at other cultures. Bringing a person out of the affects of trauma takes one to become gradually self-honest, not an easy thing to face, especially when we are conditioned to be self-dishonest with ourselves.

I have someone at present under my wing that is not good physically and mentally, the fits, blackouts and the scaring to the brain certainly don't help. I am slowly coaxing (guiding) them to be self-honest without causing more anxiety attacks.

This has done it, I am going to right up something about self-honesty. 

Spiritually, how dare I turn to science and psychology for the answers, this is while our minds are predominantly influenced psychology. On the other hand, how dare I turn to spirituality for the answers, even though science has proven a number of spiritual practices to be highly beneficial to us!! From atheism/materialism to spirituality/religion, dishonesty predominantly influences our lives, this is instead of self-honesty.

The article I have inserted is worth reading through, but only if you are a self-honest atheist/materialist or spiritual/religious, etc, person. If you are not into self-honesty, the article supplied will only represent a threat to your psyche and be promptly denounced in some way. Yes, by all means go into protective state of mind but do this honestly. All that dishonesty will create, either personally or collectively, is more of the same trauma, if not to you someone else.

Yes, I can get into a conscious state of timelessness, where there is no past or future, only the present moment, a state perceived by my ego to be of utter bliss.  At no time is this separate to time where a past and future exist. Of course when a consciousness experiences time, a past and future, trauma is sure to exist as time is of cycles and endless changes. Spirituality is about how you cope with the associated trauma in relation to time, not how you try to escape from time and times association with trauma. I could not think of a higher level of fear and self-deceptiveness, which spiritually is suppose to be not about, or am I simply being naive here?

A number of people might relate better to the following article. 

Extract: The topic of brutal self-honesty is consciously looked upon as worthy of pursuing but the majority of people don’t have the emotional maturity to follow through with such a concept.
Brutal self-honesty requires hard, emotional labor. It requires the individual to engage with the following:

Ego Dissolution

The ego wants you to stay unconscious. It doesn’t want you to be brutally honest with yourself because that means that the ego must change and change is not what it wants —comfort is what the ego wants.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will place a patient into a less destructive mental state/reality by creating a less destructive reality, a less destructive illusion. This allows the patient to move from a destructive reality to a more constructive reality/illusion. Yes, delusions/illusions have there place within humanity. 

Psychotherapists/psychiatrists will not try to bring a patient back to reality straight up, for it is most likely that the real reality caused trauma to the person in the first place. The last thing you want to do is cause more trauma but at the same time gradually bring the person back to the real reality that caused them trauma. As you could imagine, this can take some time to do as bringing a person back to real reality is accomplished through various stages.

As I observe materialists/atheists and spiritually aware people battling it out with each other for supremacy, I have myself observed a certain amount of trauma on a collective scale. As a lot of people have concurred, the human collective consciousness is mentally strained through centuries of trauma/conflict. The collective human consciousness is conditioned to suffering thus creating further and further trauma. As soon as we are born, we are immediately conditioned to being in trauma on a collective scale, this is instead of being conditioned to a peaceful existence.

Spiritually aware people are obviously traumatised by our present reality, our present consciousness, this is too obvious as their own actions depict. As of a mentally ill patient who is traumatised by our present reality and go into a protective state of mind, an illusionary state of mind/reality, so can a collective group of people in trauma. How many soldiers suffer with the same mental conditions? Being traumatised by our present reality is no different collectively.

What do a lot of spiritually aware people do? They escape the present reality by creating their own reality. There are a lot of spiritually aware people who have created another reality for themselves to save themselves from further trauma, this is highly psychologically/spiritually constructive to the collective consciousness. However, it is not constructive to the collective consciousness when, while existing in the present reality, we totally ignore everything we deem to be negative, or, totally ignore everything that creates more traumas for ourselves personally. This is like a mentally ill person creating a reality that is highly destructive, either to themselves and/or everybody else. Simply staying ignorant to what has caused the trauma in the first place, is simply not going to help the collective consciousness, in actuality quite the opposite as is being presently proven.

As for materialists and atheists, what is their trauma?  The trauma of there possibly being more than what they can perceive making their own ideologies and beliefs illusionary and deceitful. Also, the trauma of religion taking over again thus inflicting more trauma on the rest of the world. I don't think we would have been any better off if we where all atheists or materialists from the word go, in actuality history tells us we could have been worse off.     

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will bring a mentally ill person back to real reality through stages, eventually allowing the patient to hopefully exist within the present reality, not a made up reality. So many spiritually aware people have done just this through different and various spiritual techniques, brought themselves back to the present reality without the feeling of being traumatised by the present reality. Yes of course, as a lot of spiritually aware people believe, everything physical and of the ego is an illusion!! As soon as someone expresses themselves in this way, I know where they are coming from.

If the universe was created by a far more aware and wiser consciousness than our own human consciousness, what the universe represents is a reflection of a consciousness. Just because the universe and everything within the universe is a reflection of another consciousness, doesn't make the universe and everything within the universe an illusion, especially considering the trauma our present reality creates for us. Any consciousness in trauma will enter into any illusionary state to escape trauma, even and probably especially at the cost of the present reality. It is fine entering into an illusionary state of reality/mind to protect ourselves from further trauma, but it is highly harmful to the collective consciousness when done at the cost of all else.

An extreme reaction to trauma is to ignore what has caused the trauma by any means. Excessive expressions of positivity and creating illusions that everything that causes us trauma is an illusion, is of the same mentality of a mentally ill person in trauma, a person trying to escape their present reality, their present state of mind. A mentally balanced approach that is often orchestrated in psychotherapy, is to not put yourself into a state of mind of extreme reaction to trauma, but into a state of mind that is more passive and constructive and less illusionary and extreme in nature. The universe is simply a reflection of a far more aware and wiser consciousness, not simply and categorically an illusion or negative/toxic, point blank.

Think of this in relation to creating your own illusion. How many sports people put themselves into a state of mind that they are superhuman? In ancient battles, often both sides put themselves into a mental state of being superhuman like. Creating an illusion is fine, it is how we create an illusion that really matters.       

I really hope this helps some people, even though what I have written here is of my own mind.       

Sunday, 20 January 2019

The Supernatural!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am not seeking truth, all I am simply doing is seeking honesty, especially self-honesty in others and myself. Truth is limited to what we are aware of, honesty has no such limitations, unless we impose limitations on honesty through our ideologies and isms. The following post is simply about my own self-honesty, as I suppose all my posts have been about to date.  

Supernatural: Once you become truly at one with God, what then makes a God? So once you are truly of supernatural powers, what then defines supernatural, what higher power is then not natural to you? So supernatural comes down to this, if it is not natural to you at this point, even of the point of human existence as a whole, it is classed as being supernatural!! Don't' get me wrong, it is quite understandable to someone like me that we perceive what is and isn't supernatural, I however don't myself agree with this perception as it is merely a perception created by our own antiquated state of mind, a mind that still holds onto the mentality of throwing rocks (missiles) and stones (bombs) at each other.

It is highly understandable that a mentality that basically still throws rocks and stones at each other after thousands of years of existence, will indeed still see itself as being inferior to some higher order. And why not, considering that our mentality hasn't evolved that much over thousands of years? When you consider a species that hasn't evolved that much but have created so much, what would have a species created that did mentally evolve? To a species as our own, probably something supernatural, mainly because we are not conditioned to this kind of conscious existence and understanding.

I need to at the point define what supernatural is.           

Supernatural: Not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material

Nature: The essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized.
"it is the nature of fire to burn"; "the true nature of jealousy"

Natural law; an observable law relating to natural phenomena.


Natural law (Latinius naturalelex naturalis) is a philosophy asserting that certain rights are inherent by virtue of human nature, endowed by nature—traditionally by God or a transcendent source—and that these can be understood universally through human reason. As determined by nature, the law of nature is implied to be objective and universal;[1] it exists independently of human understanding, and of the positive law of a given statepolitical orderlegislature or society at large.

So supernatural is something that doesn't exist in nature or is not physical or material. So God creating this universe was of the supernatural, even though scientists today are aware in how to create a universe, even at the stage of awareness we are at!!

I don't look at God or any other consciousness that might have created this universe as being supernatural. To me, it is highly natural for a far more aware and wiser consciousness than our own to create a universe, even if we are unable to perceive such a consciousness at present existing. You must understand, for example, just because penicillin didn't exist before it was discovered, didn't mean it wasn't going to be discovered, or, wasn't already discovered in some other part of the universe. Just because we are presently unaware of something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, of course it doesn't mean it does either!!

So supernatural is about a higher force than our own, even of reasoning, that doesn't exist in nature, even though we are of nature and we perceive that supernatural forces exist!! So if a consciousness did create this universe that we are unable to see or is non-psychical to our present understanding, this force is not of nature? To someone like me it is more of nature, for it is natural for a far more aware and wiser consciousness to create, especially a universe. Keep in mind, natural means, "In accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature." What we perceive to be of physical reality, a far more aware and wiser consciousness might perceive differently to what human consciousness perceives. This is the same with what is and isn't of nature and what is and isn't supernatural......

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Helping the Empathic

Written by Mathew Naismith

If you only relate being empathic to the spiritual or spiritually aware, bare with me as this is not the case. Psychology recognises the existence of being empathic for a very good reason but before we go into this, I think we need to define what being empathic is.  

Empathic; showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It is important not confuse being empathic to being of empathy. "Empathy is the ability to comprehend or imagine what another might be feeling. Whereas, the Empath can literally feel what another person feeling." It is also wise not to only relate being empathic to being spiritual, in actuality being empathic has nothing to do with being spiritual or spiritually aware, you are either sensitive to other people's vibrations or your not. This is like my wife can't hear a mosquito in the room but I can, my ears are obviously more sensitive to the vibrations of the mosquito flying than my wife. At other times my wife can hear/feel vibrations I can't.

Look at it this way, how many people are more sensitive to what is going on in the world to other people, other people who are far less emotionally involved to what is occurring in the world. Yes, I am relating being empathic to our emotions therefore vibrations for everything that is of energy vibrates. A less emotional person is not going to feel what is going on in the world to the same degree as an empath. Yes, certain atheists, materialists and scientists, are more objective, a state of mind not influenced by emotions, than spiritually aware people. This does not mean that spirituality brings on feelings of an empath but it can certainly help. Spirituality simply works by teaching or conditioning a person's consciousness to be more subjective, a state of mind influenced by emotions.

Sadly, a lot of objectively minded people only see being empathic as a bias, a mind influenced by our emotions giving us bias evaluations of ourselves and our environment as a whole. You could put this another way, giving subjectively minded people a distorted sense of reality. Yes, this is what objective people think, which is also of a distorted reality based purely on objective thinking, one way of thinking and being. This is while none of us are truly unemotional or unbiased by the way we think, either it be objectively or subjectively of mind. Yes, objective minded people think they are not biased by the way they think, even when they primarily think objectively!!          
Everything is of energy therefore everything vibrates, so if my wife doesn't hear or feels the mosquito's vibrations in the room, the mosquito doesn't exist? The same is with ghosts, they don't exist because we are unable pick up on a ghosts vibrations. Yes, some people are more sensitive to certain vibrations than others, just because certain other people are insensitive to these vibrations, doesn't make them unreal. The question is now, is an objective mind, conditioned to certain vibrations only, less sensitive to other vibrations outside of objective thinking? To a person like me who subjectively and objectively thinks, the answer is too obvious.    

Now, how do we help a subjective mind cope better with being empathic? I should point out our objective part of our mind copes a lot better with being empathic. 

As the following will show, there is a psychological way of dealing with being empathic, however, if you prefer to do it another way, my suggestion is through a sense of unconditional love. This does not mean you have to force yourself to love everyone and every situation you find yourself in, this is highly impractical in a reality such as the present reality. All you have to do is have a sense of unconditional love, in other words a general conscious awareness of the existence of unconditional love. Of course if your mind is conditioned to being primarily objective, even a sense of unconditional love doesn't exist, very much like the mosquito in the room.

In a state of unconditional love, it is impossible to feel negative or toxic vibrations, for the love of being unconditional in your thoughts dispels, negates or neutralises the affects of negative/toxic vibrations. Think of it like neutralising the mosquito in the room, dispelling any vibration that is not in tune with your own vibrations. Yes, often I have heard negative /toxic vibrations being expressed while at the same time being expressive of the existence of a sense of unconditional love, which of course is impossible. Make no mistake, being aware of a sense of unconditional love doesn't dispel negative vibration but it does take the toxicity or the ill affects away from negative vibrations. The negative vibrations simply become nullified or neutralised, for one has no sense of conditions. Basically, a sense of unconditional love releases our mind from the numerous conditions we put upon ourselves and the rest of our environment.

I have simply lost count in how many conditions there are on being spiritually aware these days!!               

Extract: The trademark of an empath is feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities. These people filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.

Extract: It’s perhaps not the first accolade you would think of when think of the UAE, but it is an accolade none the less.
A study looking into the psychology of countries and their residents revealed that three countries in the Middle East – the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – are three of the most empathetic countries in the world.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Constructive Energy Use

Written by Mathew Naismith

To someone like me everything is energy, including the ideologies and isms we follow or feel comfortable with. My own energy field feels comfortable with the concepts of science, spirituality, philosophy, nature, oneness, psychology, etc. I mainly focus on the similarities of these concepts instead of the dissimilarities. Too often today we primarily look at the dissimilarities while deliberately ignoring the similarities; of course we seem to be more into separating energy these days in disharmony than connecting or linking these energies together in harmony.

Some people feel comfortable with the energies (concepts) of science while others are more comfortable with the energies (concepts) of spirituality. Of course when our main focus is on one energy field, any other energy field or concept in contradiction will seem dissimilar. Our main focus is then of the dissimilarities while deliberately ignoring or being unaware of the similarities, often to prove to oneself that the fieled we most focus on is right over all other energy fields (concepts). And we wonder why we are abusing energy at a very high rate, playing one against the other all the times!!

Yes, you must go with the energy flow that you feel more comfortable with, this can be anything from science to New Age spiritual concepts such as love and light. The psychological benefits of following what you most resonate with outweighs the dissimilarities to other energy fields or concepts. However, if our main focus is on the dissimilarities between energy fields or the separation from other energy fields, this is most likely a sign of an abuse of energy to serve our own agenda or desire.

The main agenda of science is to find truth and to prove this truth through what can or can't be proven three dimensionally.

The main agenda of spirituality is to seek for truth, simular to philosophy, to often question and even answer what science is unable to, in other words question what can't be proven to exist three dimensionally.

I should state that science has answered a lot of questions spirituality as a whole has been unable to answer at present. In my mind it is a huge mistake to totally ignore the similarities of science and spirituality to suite our own agenda or desire. Science, as of religion/spirituality, can be a huge benefit to humanity when not used abusively. As religion has been abusively used in the past to suite an agenda or desire, so is modern day science. At no time judge another energy field opposed to our own energy field as being worthless to humanity while being abused. This is like saying that all abused children are worthless to humanity!!

To use energy destructively, one must primarily look at the dissimilarities between different energy fields, however, to use energy constructively, one must primarily look at the similarities between different energy fields without ignoring the dissimilarities to suite our own agenda or desire. Energy is not restricted to three dimensional aspects, of what we desire or what our own ideologies and isms determine. Energy as a whole is infinite in nature, not finite like ourselves and our three dimensional reality. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Lost Within its Own Creation

Written by Mathew Naismith

"For a consciousness existing in deliberate ignorance, as people like you and I know, we are not doing all that bad, probably because wisdom still prevails within such a consciousness. Of course witch hunts often dispel wisdom and awareness within an ignorant consciousness. It is what it is Susan.

I was recently speaking face on with other people about human consciousness recently, in how human consciousness has not evolved over thousands of years. Instead of throwing rocks and sticks at each other, we are now throwing bombs and missiles at each other, not much of a conscious advancement. In truth, the way we use science, energy period, has taken us further back in evolution. The New Dark Ages isn't of religious content or influence, it is of science and materialism. As of any ideology or ism within a consciousness that desires to stay ignorant, ideologies and isms will naturally be abused.

It is natural for an ignorant consciousness to become abusive towards energy, while being deliberately ignorant to all else that doesn't serve its desires. Of course it is not natural for an aware consciousness to be abusive towards energy as a whole, this is our dilemma Susan. Of course it is only a dilemma if we allow it to be, for it is what it is, a consciousness lost within its own creation.

It is funny you brought this topic up as I was going to write about this topic."      

I often come across people on the net that manipulate and deceive to defame or stupefy their opponent in a discussion. This is often deceptively accomplished by segregating an opposing argument to sound completely different to what the opposing argument is being presented as. As it is for a consciousness that uses bombs and missiles, people who manipulate to purposely deceive are known to be highly intelligent!! To someone like me, this is highly bewildering as I could not think of anything more unintelligent.  

I am completely perplexed to what we call intelligent these days, where wisdom has no place. Would have a wise consciousness created Fukushima or created an energy they are unable to properly control and clean up when things go wrong in the first place?

This is sad. It is hard for a lot of people in the world to remotely imagine a consciousness that works in unison with energy as a whole, instead of against it. The reality this kind of consciousness would have created is simply beyond a lot of people's imagination, for human consciousness is conditioned to abusing energy.

Sadly, to a lot of people today, what I have written here is simply negative, just not sure when the truth became something negative and manipulation, deceit and using energy abusively become a sign of intelligence!!

People like me don't look upon humanity to find a right and wrong, negative or positive, we instead objectively observe humanity to observe the truth of humanity the way it is, not the way we would desire to observe it or it to be.

A consciousness doesn't become lost within its own creation by accident, it is orchestrated, in other words planned and controlled, often in great detail, very much like a musical arrangement for performance by an orchestra. A consciousness has to become conditioned to abuse to abuse energy, otherwise a consciousness will naturally exist within and in unison with energy as a whole.

Monday, 7 January 2019

The Very Real Untouchables

Written by Mathew Naismith

When we humanly think of the untouchables, we often think of people in authority who can do as they will to their environment. This includes looking down at other people as of a lesser value or quality for what ever reason. These reasons can vary from material wealth and power to spirituality, where negatives and pain are avoided at all cost, even at the cost of other people and the environment as a whole. How many spiritually aware people today look down at the negatives as of a lesser value or quality than the positives? Of course when you look down at these negatives as being of a lesser value, you also look down at the people expressing these negatives as of a lesser person than yourself.

As you become aware, you actually become more active within a negative environment, not less. You don't become less active within a negative environment because you actually observe less negativity, not more negativity the more you become aware of an environment. I will explain.

A truly aware consciousness doesn't see humans in pain or in trauma, it is simply observed as an experience created by a consciousness being unaware or deliberately ignorant. You can only experience pain as pain when a consciousness is unaware. It is like how we today are highly abusive to energy; this is instead of using energy in unison and harmony with energy itself. Humans often make the mistake and think that energy itself is lifeless, even when a seemingly lifeless energy created us and the universe to begin with. Because after so many centuries human consciousness as whole is still living in ignorance to energy itself, and how to use this energy, we still exist in pain and of creating pain for other people and the environment as a whole.

How many psychotherapists and Hindu gurus, for example, live in harmony within a disharmonious (negative) environment because they are more aware, either spiritually and/or mentally? Pain and trauma are simply observed as a creation of ignorance, of course the only way to relieve a consciousness from such abuse, is to awaken a consciousness to what is creating their pain and trauma to begin with. You should be getting some idea now of what I mean by the real untouchables.

Multinationals see themselves as untouchables, the ability to do as one desires unto an environment at will. To a consciousness that is not aware, multinationals are untouchables but to the real untouchables, multinationals are highly vulnerable, probably more vulnerable than most other people for their energy is sucked off of other sources of energy. Any energy form that relies on other energy forms to exist is indeed highly vulnerable to a consciousness that is more aware. Yes, if you're positive energy exists only because negative energies exist, your positive energy is sucked off of negative energies by staying ignorant to these negative energies. It is a strange way to become and stay positive, avoid negatives at all cost, even at the cost of other people and the environment!!

Real untouchables observe far less negatives to avoid, in actuality real untouchables don't observe or judge what is and isn't negative period, they simply observe a conscious state trying to exist in ignorance. To the real untouchables, there is no pain, only of what ignorance creates. Make no mistake, the ignorant will indeed feel pain for this is a natural part of a consciousness existing in ignorance. This is why the real untouchables don't interfere in such a reality based on pain that has been naturally created by ignorance. It is natural for a consciousness to experience this kind of pain in such a state of ignorance.

So what can we do to live more in harmony within such a reality?

- Avoid abusing energy period, this also means trying to avoid existing off of other energy forms in disharmony. Try to work in harmony and in unison with energy, all energy, in the absence of the exclusion of energies that don't fulfil our desires.

- Don't try to become positive through the ignorance of negative energy. All this does is give negative energy more room to expand as we are seeing at present.                       

-Try to avoid judging or simply observing an unaware or ignorant state of consciousness as being negative. An unaware state of consciousness will create pain and suffer more pain but the more aware a consciousness becomes, in any environment, the less pain one will feel.

- So many spiritually aware people are feeling all these negative vibrations these days, there are so many more negative vibrations to avoid these days to stay positive!! This simply shows people like me how unaware we are becoming, not more aware, for only in ignorance can so much pain be created and experienced (felt). This doesn't mean we shouldn't try to avoid being controlled by abusive energy forms, in actuality avoiding these kinds of energy takes away their power and control, but at no time stay deliberately ignorant to these types of energy especially to fulfil your desires.

 - I really do mean this, in a more aware state you actually should feel less negatives vibrations and pain in any environment, not more. In saying this, pain is our friend. When we are mentally strained, our minds make us aware, through mental trauma, to what pain has been creating. It is the same with physical injury when pain tells us of the injury incurred. The pain we feel today holistically is telling us of the injury to human consciousness. Pain is no longer simply critically judged as being negative the more we become aware, therefore the less pain you should feel/experience.

- I have said this a number of times before, be careful of people who teach through the lack of actual life experiences themselves, people who plagiarize their experiences through other people's experiences. Reading books and workshops are of other people's experiences and is most often manipulated to fulfil a certain desired result. Try to listen to the people who have experienced pain and trauma and who have overcome insurmountable obstacles.

- Lastly, try to accept that a consciousness existing in ignorance will naturally create an abusive existence. Pain is a natural part of a consciousness existing in ignorance, of course becoming aware of what the pain is telling us can be a daunting process. We expect a consciousness deliberately existing in ignorance to become instantly aware of the pain it creates for itself!! As of the Hindu guru or psychotherapist, for example, be patient and particularly impartial.                     

Tuesday, 1 January 2019


Written by Mathew Naismith

So what happened to all the predicted positive loving spiritual manifestations once again, in a year of predicted great spiritual evolutional change? Bewildering isn't it? 

Firstly, try to understand, it is not all about the human self becoming enlightened or becoming ascended in some way. As a lot of people say, it is a the soul having a human experience, which means life is really about the souls transition, not necessarily the human self's transition. Don't get me wrong, the two can go hand in hand, meaning, as the soul becomes more enlightened (aware), so will the human self. The problem is, most often the human self will become more unaware, not more aware. We often expect and even demand that we feel good all the time, for this is what spirituality is about!!  

This expectation is simply created when we start to feel good in a chaotic abusive reality. Because we start to feel good through becoming more aware, we then think this is what spirituality is about. We then deliberately ignore all the deemed negatives in the world to feel even better, for only through doing this can we feel even better. This is while other people in the world are far worse off, mainly because they are being ignored themselves or their situation is deemed too negative to become aware or stay aware of.

If you look upon the abuse in the world and all you see and feel is negative vibrations, as opposed to your own vibrations, this is anything but positive, of love and light or of God. How many people look upon the violent destructive sun as simply being negative, a negative we must ignore to be positive? If anyone in the world is suffering even more because we want to be positive, I wouldn't myself call this positive. As I stated in my last post, often highly abusive energy forms will often deceive to obtain what they desire for themselves. This often entails to deceive people into feeling good while being abused and the abused eventually becoming abusive themselves. Ignoring the negatives in the world is highly abusive to energy as a whole, especially if this is done to simply make ourselves feel even better and better.

So being positive is ignoring all the suffering in the world so we can feel even more positive, this is so we can manifest a more positive loving reality!! This really makes no sense to someone like me.

As of the sun, that is far more violent and destructive than man is at present, don't look at man as being negative, look at man as simply lost within his own creation, for he really knows not what he does. How often do you look at a person lost in the bush, (forest or wilderness), as simply being negative? So why express disdain towards the human collective consciousness lost within its own creation? When you go into the bush and get lost, you have created your own environment to become lost in; the collective human consciousness is no different to this.

People like me don't expect or demand to feel good, however, we also don't expect to feel bad either for there are no expectations or demands. Not an easy thing to express in a reality such as this, where we expect or even demand so much from our environment. If you had any idea what actually exists as a whole, you wouldn't expect too much from a reality such as our present reality. In actuality, you would go with the flow more and not critically judge so much of this reality as being simply negative. Just by the reactions of people towards this reality, people like me know how aware or unaware people truly are.

Energy; such as our environment, which includes our body and mind and the universe as a whole, is not there to serve our desires or to be abused, it is there to simply be experienced. Of course abusing this energy will create a different experience than working in unison and in harmony with this energy, it is all apart of creation.

So what actually occurred in 2018, who benefited from 2018 spiritual manifestations?

Countries like Yemen and Palestine don't think much of what spiritual manifestations have created in 2018, in saying this, multinationals, Arabia and Israel certainly benefited by these manifestations. This reminds me of the time when certain North American Indians got together to pray and chant (manifest) for peace, they were of course massacred by a Christian cultured civilised people!!

These Christian cultured civilised people also saw themselves of being of love and light, a civilized people as opposed to a barbaric (negative) people trying to pray and chant for peace and the acceptance of being of equal quality. It is not the first time a certain group of people have deemed everything not of themselves as simply being negative!!

In 20189, try to stay away from the deceit of everything not of yourself is negative, therefore suffering should be ignored at all cost to create our own perceived and desired reality.

This is funny, I am an advocate against abuse, but I don't critically judge abuse as being simply negative, end of story, to manifest my own desired reality.......