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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Coexistence of Duality and Non-duality

Written by Mathew Naismith


Something came to me when I awoke this morning.

This non-duality state is supposed to be the or our ultimate true state where in this state existence of duality simply doesn't exist. This simply means in this state we are totally unaware of everything pertaining to duality, where is true enlightenment or pure awareness in this?

The question is now, is what is known as God's consciousness, oneness, pure awareness or what ever, of non-duality? We are obviously speaking of one source here which seems to represent non-duality; this is often perceived as the ultimate state of reality, our truer being, however, a true state of non-duality is the absence of duality. This basically means that this state of non-duality isn't of pure awareness and wisdom because there seems to be no awareness of duality what so ever, there simply can't be.      

Because we exist in a chaotic reality that is often judged as being negative, any feeling or experience of a non-duality is going to naturally feel like an ultimate state. It's wise to be aware that it's the ego self that is searching for an ultimate state that simply in my mind doesn't exist, as such. It's this perception by the ego of an ultimate state that is the true illusion.    

However, I do believe there are states of pure awareness. Within these states, yin and yang work as one which is unlike our present state of reality. These are not states of non-duality but of both duality and non-duality working in balance with each other as one. To us or the ego, these states can seem like they are of total non-duality but there not.

It's actually the coexistence of duality and non-duality, yin and yang, that could be perceived as an ultimate reality from our view, for only within this coexistence are we of this pure awareness and wisdom. Religiously, you could say only in this state of union are we one with God, being that the perception of God to me refers to this state of pure awareness and wisdom.

My advice is, don't be fooled by the ego in search of an ultimate state, also, go beyond non-duality. Because we think this non-duality is the ultimate state, the ego doesn't search beyond this state. Simply, don't allow the ego to control you in this way.


Recently, I have involved myself in a number of conversations with a number of people, most of the conversations were sedate, one conversation not so sedate. Actually, the discordant conversation I was involved with assisted other people as observers just as much as the accordant conversations did if not more. Not everything that seems negative and discordant has a negative outcome. I also realised, through my interactions with the cordial conversations I was having at the same time, that the aware shouldn't be the ones to ostracise or be the ones to pull away from other people or situations. On rare occasions I have done this, of course there is a point where one should back away as well, this of course takes wisdom to know when to do this.

Wisdom isn't a feeling thing, it's a knowing thing or gut instinct; you are just aware often without a knowable cause or reason. If I feel someone's vibration seem discordant to mine, this is a feeling. If I just know someone's vibration seems discordant to mine, this is a knowing thing. This just knowing, void of the biases of feelings, gives us truer or more truthful perspectives, however, at times we can feel what we become aware of. It's wise to be aware that feelings often give us a perception of a negative or positive, especially when another person's vibrations seem discordant with our own. If feelings are giving us negative or positive perceptions, it is most likely we are just feeling void of being truly aware or knowing, wise.     

Is love and light based on feelings? If we are honest, we already know the answer to this question.

As what was explained to me, love and light seems to be a creation of chaos and destruction, a reflection of our own reality. One extreme creates another and of course as of all extremes, they are based on feelings/desires. Within this, there is no coexistence, just a perpetual motion of one against the other. How many of us separate and see that non-duality and duality as different entities, one of course being negative (the illusion), the other positive (real)? People like me think that non-duality relies on non-duality to exist and visa-versa, very much the same as light and dark, yin and yang, etc. Only in coexistence, void of exclusion of the other, can we bring a true sense of balance and indeed, a heaven on Earth. Extremes just simply and naturally create it's opposite, this is how consciousness seems to work, our present consciousness is a prime example of this.

There is a very good reason why many of the ancient texts and teachings inform us of the need for stillness, we seem to be simply ignoring this once again.......               

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Truer Sense of Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a very interesting interaction with another person in regards to my following post posted on another person's timeline. Progressive thinking like this, or more precisely progressive awareness, is not well accepted, in actuality, in a reality based on desires, progressive awareness is less accepted.

The reason for this unacceptance has to do with our desires or our fixations, for example, that there is only a starting and ending point, meaning, everything hasn't always existed and we come from something to end up where we are now. 

We also don't desire to be apart of something unbecoming, like this reality that we are experiencing at present. It's as if we are discarding the yang in favour of being just of the yin; of course there is no true sense of oneness in this or truth.

Progressive awareness is to do with being aware that everything has always and always will exist, this of course also includes, not excludes, starting and ending points, especially of origin.

Progressive awareness simply has nothing to do with the desire to be one thing or another, but everything no matter how unbecoming it might seem.

Note: This post is rather long, sorry for any inconvenience; I simply could not split this post up in two parts.


So if I focused on myself and healed myself or became enlightened, I would be healed or enlightened!!

No, for the simple reason we are one. If one part of this collective consciousness is not healed or not enlightened, we too are of the same, of course a controlling ego will not have this in any sense.

I will listen to a truly enlightened person, for only a truly enlightened person knows they are never healed or enlightened if any part of the collective is unhealed or unenlightened.
Where has the true comprehension of oneness gone in the world?

I am often labeled a guru or enlightened; never will this truly be the case because a real guru or enlightened person could never accept this for obvious reasons.

Heather MacEwen So this must mean that we have to work towards healing or enlightening ourselves - so that in the improbable scenario we all give action to this cause, we are then all healed and enlightened together.

It would be futile to say 'what is the point in even trying to find self healing or enlightenment' because then you could be the one that prevents oneness.

My Rely
Very interesting view, yes of course. The very act of perceiving to be healed or enlightened prevents the collective from being at one, this is probably why human consciousness collectively may never be at one. 

It's infinite, there is always a part of the collective consciousness as a whole that needs to be healed or enlightened. If it was the other way around, we would only exist and experience finiteness. I think having a part of the collective consciousness as a whole that needs to be healed or enlightened, gives us infiniteness. This is as it should be because consciousness should always be infinite in nature; actually I don't think it could be any other way. 

It's strange to think that we can only be at one while being aware that we are never truly enlightened or healed as a whole. I think our own awareness of this gives us a true sense of oneness. 

If we only perceived that we were enlightened, where is the oneness in this when excluding the parts of ourselves that are not enlightened? A true sense of oneness has no exclusions; it's something human consciousness seems to have always done and probably always will; it's just one of the traits that make human consciousness human I suppose. 

Thank god we are not just of human consciousness.

Heather MacEwen Great reply Matthew. I enjoy reading your posts but I really do have to take time to digest the content and understand it.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

My Rely
 It's funny, most people would say what I write is complicating things. I thinks it's more complicating things when we separate everything as most people are conditioned to do, for me anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that someone got the gist of this to the point you did. We must think outside the square to find our truer being in my mind, human consciousness is too limited, of separatism and self-centred.

I think it's easy for others to say that you're complicating things when they don't understand. My opinion is that if you don't understand, then ask and become committed to taking time to try and understand where another person is coming from. Surely this will help us all to become united/one.

So, to look outside the square - should we try and view human collective consciousness as limitless - like Divine consciousness, or are we limited within the Divine consciousness?

My Rely
Very good question, should we try and view human collective consciousness as limitless?

Would we be lying to ourselves if we viewed something that is limited as being unlimited? Considering that our present reality was created from lies, I'm not sure if this is a good thing to do.

I think human consciousness is naturally limited while being apart of an unlimited consciousness at the same time. Oneness to me refers to the yin and the yang, the limited and the unlimited without separation or refutation of one or the other. To me, human consciousness is an important part of the whole even being as unlimited as it is. A controlling ego desires that we are only of the unlimited, in other words of the yang while refuting or denouncing the existence of the yin, there is certainly no wholeness or oneness in this.

Only when conversing with eastern minded people do you realise the extant to which the eastern and western mind thinks. The western mind often excludes one or the other in favour of one or the other, it's a liar/deceiver in other words. 

In India, people were brought up being aware of the controlling ego; we in the west are brought up to do anything but be aware.

I think all we need to simply do is be aware that we are of an unlimited consciousness as well, while at the same time desisting in trying to separate one from the other.  It's funny that a controlling ego always desires to be glorious, the best of everything only.    

Heather MacEwen Am I thinking along the same lines as you if I suggest that in a way, 'we' limit human consciousness by refusing to accept the whole i.e. Yin/Yang? If this was embraced fully we would become limitless and a heaven on earth?

My Rely
Do we, in the way we use human consciousness, limit human consciousness?

I think human consciousness itself has to refute the existence of the whole to stay as human consciousness. However, as human consciousness has evolved from other conscious forms, we too will evolve from human consciousness; we will simply leave human consciousness behind us in my mind. 

So yes, we are limiting ourselves to human consciousness when we are at the same time of the divine consciousness, a consciousness that isn't limited.

I think heaven on Earth simply has to do with awareness, considering our present reality having been created from ignorance, I think being more aware would bring a heaven on Earth. Being aware of the true nature of oneness would definitely help in this in my mind; we are just too disconnected from our divine nature, too unaware and deliberately so in a number of cases.

Heather MacEwen Yes, makes sense

Supplement: I will explain the idea of this using the same method as people from India do; use their environment to explain themselves.

My wife and I are debt free, however, this does not mean we are truly debt free because our country isn't debt free. We perceive we are personally debt free; this is clearly only a perception or a desire.

Ok, let's say that the country is debt free, does this mean we are debt free? No, if anyone is in debt and doesn't pay that debt, it's not the financial institutions that lose out; we do with higher charges to cover these debts.

We might be healed but if the Earth is unhealed, are we truly healed? Considering that the Earth affects our health and well being, are we truly healed? To simply put this, our desires lie to us.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Our Natural Non-inhibiting Abilities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I feel impelled to write this post strictly for the readers of my blog, this reason for this isn't clear to me as yet.

It's funny playing the lesser or minor role in dreams where I am not the hero or the main character, in actuality, I often usually play the observer without taking part in my dreams.

Last night I had two interesting compelling dreams. The first dream was to do with a stream that was clear at first, but then started to become polluted from a source further up from the stream. I collected samples of the polluted water to show the authorities, however, my endeavours were being hindered. Unusually in my dream, other people came to my aid; I was then able to produce my findings to appropriate people to take action.

I was not the authorities that found the source of the pollution and cleaned it up; all I did was take action to inform the appropriate people that were able to take action. What was interesting is that I had a feeling that the stream represented today's spirituality. My role was to only make the appropriate people aware of the pollution, that is all, I was to have no role in finding the source of the pollution and cleaning it up. I am wondering if that is not what I am doing in real life!!

My next dream was to do was a young lass (girl) who had extraordinary gifts.

There was this bloke (man) who had extraordinary gifts himself; no other person could match his gifts. On live television, this man tried to manipulate this lass, basically to see how gifted this lass actually was. He tried to control her moves, simular to people who have been hypnotised. The lass laughed and at this point made the bloke do exactly what the bloke tried to get the lass to do.

There was no feeling the lass was trying to take control of the bloke, all the lass did was repel back the energy the bloke tried to force onto the lass in the first place. The feeling I got from this was that all of us can do the same while trying to not take control of anything. This lass seemed to have no known human inhibitions. The simple lack of human inhibitions allowed this lass to do extraordinary things, however, to the lass, there wasn't anything extraordinary about herself, the way she was, was normal void of anything extraordinary.

The perception of being extraordinary or gifted actually takes away our natural abilities. Having the perception of being gifted in anyway gives us preconceptions thus inhibiting our real and natural abilities. Perceptions and preconceptions are limiting, we might have certain gifts but to an unlimited unrestricted source, such gifts are indeed a laugh.

This reminds me of a video I watched where a young woman was induced into a state where human inhibitions were themselves inhibited. Everything was seen as pure energy, however, what was more compelling to me was when this young woman was asked if she felt good or not. This young woman simply could not answer such a question as it had no significants. There was no question of feeling good or not, basically the perceptions of negative or positive had no meaning in this state.

We often take what makes us feel good like materialism, religion, love and light and so on, and perceive this as the highest pinnacle, very simular to the bloke in my last dream. With our inhibiting perceptions, we often seem to make everything into a religion that makes us feel good, in turn, inhibiting and at times regressing into states that are highly limiting.

Everything to materialists that isn't of materialism is negative. Everything not of actual church religion is negative. Everything that is not of love and light is negative. No wonder we are so limited therefore inhibited, look at all the negatives that these three inhibiting preconceptions have created on there own to start with. No one of the preconceptions will ever be of the lass in my dream, only of the bloke who in the end was anything but extraordinary.

I simply cannot properly and justifiably explain our natural state of existence; all I can do is give an outline of our truer being as of anyone.                 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

If You Build It, He Will Come

Written by Mathew Naismith

One of my all time favourite movies is Field of Dreams staring Kevin Costner, of course one of my favourite quotes from the movie is, "If you build it, he will come".  This was in reference to building a baseball field so he's deceased father will return as one of the players.

To me, this quote has reference to the collective consciousness. " If you build it", is in reference to building a constructive consciousness under very trying conditions, very much like the movie when Kevin Costner's character build the field on his farmland which incurred ploughing in part of his crop. This made it hard for him to keep his farm. In a sense, we are ploughing in the old consciousness which is making it hard for us to exist in such a chaotic reality.

Now the second part of the quote is interesting, He will come". You could make reference to this to the second coming of Christ or something simular. I actually think it's more to do with a Buddha/Christ like consciousness cementing in place the consciousness we create. It's not referring that a single consciousness will save us, this must occur collectively.

I think what this basically means is that once we have created a constructive consciousness, this consciousness will be confirmed or reasserted to be of true virtue. Basically, true virtue means to live in truth instead of lies. I do believe we will have conformation of this through the collective consciousness, as one consciousness instead of separate consciousness's. This means conformation is when we become the Buddha/Christ consciousness through our own efforts.

However, for all this to occur, we must start becoming aware of the things going on in the world at present. I was recently sent an article on yet anther cancer cure being suppressed. The following was my response to this.                       

When there are so many known cancer cures out there, why keep on supporting cancer groups that don't support these cures in any sense? They are obviously only looking after their own jobs, this is too obvious.

When a consciousness stoops to the level of living off of sick and dying people, how low can a consciousness go from here? Cannibalism maybe!! Well, in certain parts of the world human meat is being sold in markets, also, living off of sick and dying people is as bad if not worse than cannibalism in my mind. It's certainly a sickening form of cannibalism in my mind, slowly feeding off of sick and dying people. 

It is impossible for human consciousness to go any lower, I certainly don't want to be around if there is a lower level.

Yes, we could just judge this as being negative and ignore it; in actuality the suppression of cancer cures is positive, especially when these suppressions are being shared around instead of ignored because they are negative. We are conditioned to ignore these suppressions, for one reason or another, so that others can feed off of sick and dying people. Building our field, a constructive consciousness, has nothing to do with living and subsequently supporting lies, all this will do is create the same of what the collective human consciousness is presently experiencing.

I would myself like to build a field constructed from truths instead of lies; of course this takes one to become aware as opposed to deliberately staying unaware. If we like to be aware or not, our present collective consciousness fully endorses lies and the feeding off of other people and other consciousness forms.

Being aware of the field we build will help us create a more constructive reality, but we must be aware and willing to face the truth instead of hiding the truth or hiding from the truth.

Note: My actions here are not causing ripples; in actuality they are calming the waters for only through lies can the waters stay murky and unsettled. Any unsettledness is caused by the lies themselves.                  

Monday, 15 May 2017

Beyond the Teacher/Guru

Written by Mathew Naismith

Even though people like me often make reference to well tested ancient teachings, we can't think of anything worse than a consciousness continually relying on these teachings. A true teacher loves nothing more than the student or listener (novice observer) to go beyond their teachings/observations, to evolve into a more aware state of consciousness, only in this has the teacher succeeded in their teachings.

I am not myself one of these teachers or a guru, I am, like many people, a novice observer which basically means I am primarily a student, a learner of observation rather than primarily an observer of participation. I am primarily a channeller, a person who relays messages from non-physical energy sources, this is all. I should also point out that I am not a psychic medium either.

As I have expressed in my last post, I am a whisperer, meaning, a person of some awareness and wisdom, however, the difference between me and the truly wise is my wisdom primarily comes through me in my channellings, this is all. Of course my own life experiences from an early age have given me wisdom, mostly the wisdom to comprehend what is being channelled through me, this is too obvious.

At times, I am simply unable to comprehend what is being channelled through me for various reasons. At times my present personal life intervenes or my ego mind is simply unable or unwilling to comprehend what is being channelled through me. I am certainly no guru as I am not well studied or do I follow any kind of ritualistic practice, I am simply a receiver and sender of messages, obviously from sources way more aware and wiser than myself. However, the ability to comprehend most of what is being channelled through me simply implies that my own abilities, to comprehend beyond normal human consciousness, are evident.

In all, the message is simple. Only when we go beyond these teachings and channellings, can we say we have gone beyond the teachers/gurus. In actuality, the presence of people like me is a poor reflection of how far human consciousness hasn't evolved; people like me should no longer exist, its this simple. Our own existence is an indication that human consciousness is still not listening. The very existence of people like me is a poor reflection of the consciousness being whispered (messaged/channelled) to. We are certainly not a very good sign that a consciousness has and is evolving beyond the teacher, guru, channeller, whisperer etc.  I simply look for the day people like me are no longer needed or exist.   

Note: In reference to what has been mentioned recently, there is no plagiarised content within my posts.        

The Lies of Positive Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is another interesting read on positive thinking that was sent to me.

Why “positive thinking” won’t help you out

Osho: “The philosophy of positive thinking means being untruthful; it means being dishonest. It means seeing a certain thing and yet denying what you have seen; it means deceiving yourself and others.”

Henry Ford: But Henry Ford’s logic was clear.
"No. I do not believe in any philosophy of positive thinking."

Consider this; the more positive you are, the more negative everything is that isn't positive to the same level or degree. In actuality, excess passivity creates more negatives, not less; this is another reason why many ancient teachings teach balance. Of course, a true sense of balance isn't the balance of excesses but of moderation, this means there is less of a difference between positive and negative. Within this, neither creates an opposing extreme to itself thus in turn creating less negativity/positively.

Positive thinking is also in line with love and light, how many more negatives are created through excessive perceptions of love and light? How many more people do people of love and light judge as being negative compared to themselves? Considering love and light is based on positive thinking to oppose negative thinking, the dark, it's quite understandable that love and light will create more negatives. This isn't saying that love and light is bad or negative, but love and light can create negatives or be destructive. However, if used in a balanced way, love and light is very constructive, this simply isn't presently occurring in my mind.

To my readers, anything that teaches excessiveness/extremism, avoid at all cost, one excess will always create an opposing excess to the same degree/level, it's wise to be aware of this. Instead, embrace teachings that teach balance and moderation. Even better, condition yourself to not judge everything as a positive or negative, as always considering our preconditioning, this is easier said than done but plausible. 

I keep receiving messages like this and channeled messages saying to moderate the way we use love and light and positive thinking, however, it would seem that we are simply not listening to the whispers. I don't think we should allow it to get to the stage we have to be yelled at though. People like me, and far wiser people like Osho, are the whisperers; please listen to the whisperers who express moderation and balance, the reality that will be created otherwise isn't worth experiencing in my mind.  

Friday, 12 May 2017

One Source of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Niasmith

It's funny how a more advanced science today is in line with ancient teachings, that all things are connected as one. It's all of one source no matter what you call it.

Now imagine trying to separate yourself from this source. The act of trying to separate oneself from this source will of course create realities quite different from a consciousness who is close to the source, or in other words, aware of the source. The more aware we are, the closer to the source we are. The less aware we are, the further from the source we are. It's simply this unawares, this perceived separation, that creates chaotic and destructive realities it would seem to me. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


It is said it is good to be humble

However, it is also good to be humbled to

Of course this all depends on the
consciousness experienced at the time!!

~Mathew G~

Monday, 8 May 2017

Beyond The Seeker

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is certainly not going to be for everyone. Any comprehension beyond the seeker or questioner or human consciousness, is going to be virtually impossible for anyone fixated to one or two processes to becoming further aware. Being aware that the seeker and the euphoric feelings of love are of the starting point of awareness beyond human consciousness, any fixation to these processes will limit a consciousness to human consciousness. When being expressive of a seeker, it is wise to be aware of this, this is unless you are happy being just aware of the seeker.

It’s probably wise at this stage to be aware that the seeker is of motion and that the non-seeker is of motionlessness. Seeker = motion. Non-seeker = motionless.

Human consciousness is basically of the seeker and of a consciousness that often becomes fixated to euphoria’s; it’s these limitations that make human consciousness human. I should point out, at no time try to change this consciousness, in actuality, it’s impossible to change any limited consciousness, of course you only realise this when you observe human consciousness from a more aware conscious perspective.

Human consciousness is part of a process that is needed when of a less aware consciousness to become more aware, for example, ominous or destructive expressions of consciousness are obvious within their lack of awareness, for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy. Simply look at human consciousness as being one part of an awareness process or a stepping stone.

I stated perspective instead of levels because there are no true levels, only can perceptions of levels exist when perceiving from an unaware state.  An aware state is never seen or perceived as a higher level than an unaware state while of a more aware state, this is because levels relate or depict an unaware consciousness. Also, perceptions of levels relate to limitations and of the participator, however, perspectives relate to limitations but as an observer. The reason perspectives are also limited, even as an observer, is due to perspectives being also ego based, basically, to seek is ego. Perspectives are still of the seeker or measurer even when in observation. 

We might now think that stating that human consciousness is limited, is a limitation within itself. To a non-seeker, human consciousness is but part of the process of becoming more aware, human consciousness isn’t seen to be limited within this state because it’s a part of the process of becoming more aware.  For example, is a wheel of a car limited while not attached to a vehicle?  Yes, the wheel needs to become attached to a vehicle to become less limited.

An unattached consciousness, such as human consciousness, is limited until attached by a process to the whole self. Basically, the wheel is human consciousness and is limited until it’s attached to the whole self, in this case the whole self relates to the vehicle.  Whole self = Vehicle. Human consciousness =Unattached wheels.

The seeker and fixations to euphoria’s is part of the process of becoming more aware, it is wise to see them as wheels to a car, unattached they are limited, attached, they are far less limited.  Human consciousness unattached to its whole self or divine self is limited, this is until it becomes apart of the whole process, very much like wheels of vehicle.

To any unaware consciousness, the seeker is imperative to becoming more aware; however, any fixations to any part of the process will hinder and even negate a consciousness to becoming more aware. In actuality, at times fixations can cause a regression in conscious awareness; this has occurred in human history many times over, the religious Dark Ages are a good example of this.

The non-seeker does not seek, however, part of the process of becoming a non-seeker is to seek; this is why the less aware seeker is never perceived as being of a lower level or value. Each part of the process has its place, even within its own limitations as long as it’s a part of the process and not separated from the process. The seeker doesn’t, or more precisely can’t, comprehend that human consciousness is part of the process where’s the non-seeker can.  Of course from our whole self, we can experience any process, there are no limitations within a non-seeker; this simply means that at no time is a non-seeker limited to just being aware!!

A truly unlimited consciousness means having the ability to become aware or unaware, void of any limitations and the perceptions of one consciousness being of a higher level than another consciousness. 

To a lot of people, what I have written here will seem confusing and/or probably of non-sequential rhetoric, if this is so, it’s not meant for you at this point of the process. If you can imagine being of motion (seeker) and motionless (non-seeker), you are on your way of going beyond the seeker, it’s this simple.

Try to comprehend that you are not just of motion or motionlessness. If any part of the oneness is in motion, you are in motion. If any part of oneness is in motionlessness, you are motionless. At no time is this oneness, which represents everything, ever not of motion or motionless, seeker or non-seeker. At all times you are simultaneously the seeker and the non-seeker, this means at any time you can stop being the seeker by just focusing on the non-seeker, to do this however takes some comprehension of what I have written here.