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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Student Teacher, Teacher Student

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think it's wise to look at the teacher being the observer self and the student being the participating self, one not being without the existence of the other.

Being that the teacher is only a teacher through being a student, in other words, the observer is only an observer through something to observe, the teacher and student are as worthy as each other. One is never without the other no matter how much of the teacher, the observer, we become.

Look at this reality this way, this reality is a school of numerous classes teaching numerous curriculums or topics, everything we are of is within this school. Yes, we could skip classes or school period; at no time does this exclude one of not being a part of what they have skipped.

Numerous classes can be and often are personally judged as being negative so we skip, ignore or denounce these classes, this is the student self. The teacher self observes, without judgment, that everything is of oneself no matter how much one tries to separate themselves from these negatives.

As when I went to school myself, math, English and science classes were mandatory, yes, you could skip these classes but they were still a mandatory part of the students teaching. Participation in these curriculums was essential within the school system; this is very much like participation within a 3rd dimension is mandatory even when our minds are not limited to 3rd dimensional spheres. Simply expressed, the school is primarily based on 3rd dimensional aspects of self even while numerous classes within this school teach beyond 3rd dimensional aspects.

Westernised atheism teaches the limitations of 3rd dimensional aspects of self while spirituality/religion teaches us aspects of our self beyond these limitations. Once we are of the unlimited aspectual self, it would seem to the student we are no longer of the atheist self, the self limited and aware only to 3rd dimensional aspects, at no time is this so. So once we become the teacher, we are no longer the student when in actuality we are never not of the student. To the teacher, the observer, the 3rd dimensional aspect of self is always present, only when we are of the teacher can this be so and even then the teacher is still observant of the student self, only can the student self perceive this to be otherwise.

It's the student, the participating self, that desires to skip certain classes because the student is unable to see itself of being of what the class is teaching. Yes, you don't have to express what is being taught but never perceive as a student you are not of what class you have skipped, ignored.

Time is a 3rd dimensional perception, perceive beyond time and you will realise that everything has always existed which simply means, you have always been apart of everything, no matter how hard you try to separate yourself from everything you desire not to be a part of. You are always the student as the teacher, in acutely if not more so the more of the teacher you become!! 

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Genuine Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

This video was presented by a person who I took under my wing to all their friends; I looked after them because they were having trouble assimilating into Australian culture, very much on their own accept for a child. They were trying to assimilate that much that they tried to assimilate into a religion they didn't understand.

Because this person was from Cambodia, I gave them a book on Buddhism. It's OK to assimilate into another culture but you don't have to personally give up the culture you are conditioned to, this also means not giving up an ideology and/or philosophy you are conditioned to. Of course if the ideology and/or philosophy are in conflict with the culture you are trying to assimilate into, often compromises have to be met.

I am so proud of this person presenting such a video on genuine love to all their friends, my guidance has proven itself to be true. So often do we guide people down our own path when they have their own path to follow. Yes, be expressive of your own path, which may or may not be helpful to other people's path, but avoid leading people down your own path.

What does a teacher do, do they guide their students down their own path or guide the students down the students own path? The teacher is simply being expressive of their own path that may or may not be helpful to the students own path. As they say," You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. "You can guide a student to your own waters but you can't make them of your own waters, this is unless the student's path is a part of your waters.

You could imagine how I feel that someone I have guided presented such a compelling video to all their friends. Genuine love isn't of attachments or desire, it's of the release of attachments and desires, Even attachments to ideological concepts that teach/preach love are not of genuine love. Attachments period are not of genuine love but of a desired love.

My own path is not to follow ideological concepts that I attach myself to but to use these ideological concepts simply as a guide, of course other people's path is to become attached to ideological concepts and use them as everyone's path. One is expressive of genuine love the other isn't.

It's not about what the teacher feels but of what the student feels. Genuine love is all about what the student inwardly and outwardly feels; this is the teacher's role. The student within us must also be guided in the same way without losing the teacher's guidance of genuine love.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Buddha Nature!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Buddha nature actually refers to the truer self, primarily of the self void of the distractions and influences of the ego. The following question was presented to me on this matter.

Has a dog Buddha nature?

Actually P. Ru├ĘGer, a very good and wise question.

We could say that only domesticated pets can become this unconditionally loving, in this case the influence of Buddha nature is influenced by humans.

However, it is well documented that wild animals that have had their lives saved by human's show just as much unconditional love.

This then brings us to the point can animals, domesticated or not, be of Buddha nature.

Buddha Nature: "The terms refer to the notion that the luminous mind of the Buddha is inherently present in every sentient being, and will shine forth when it is cleansed of the defilements, c.q. when the nature of mind is recognised for what it is."

Are animal's sentient beings?

This is questionable: "In Buddhismsentient beings are beings with consciousnesssentience, or in some contexts lifeitself.[1] Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates, or skandhas: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness."

Can animals also attain enlightenment?

To refer to attainment is to also refer to an effort exerted to obtain Buddhahood. It is questionable if animals, unlike human's who have to deal with egotism, have to attain enlightenment to become truly unconditionally loving, actually, it's doubtful.

I myself agree with the following as everything is of consciousness.              

"In Mahayana Buddhism, it is to sentient beings that the Bodhisattva vow of compassion is pledged. Furthermore, and particularly in Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Buddhismall beings (including plant life and even inanimate objects or entities considered "spiritual" or "metaphysical" by conventional Western thought) are or may be considered sentient beings."

Human's need to be enlightened to the facts beyond egotism, animals don't unless influenced to the extent of human egotism.


I also received the following query from another person, "But I can't help but believe that our essential nature will make itself known somehow, to remind us of who we really are." The following was my reply.


Carolyn Field I think it does this Carolyn but we are too much within the influences of the ego to notice them at times.

Are you not aware of your essential nature? This is all it is unless the ego inflates it into something more comprehensible so that the ego can understand what it comprehends in the first place. Basically, to be more than awareness is ego.

In saying this, our egos underestimate a state of pure awareness, a state void of the influences of ego. Such an underestimation decreases the influence a pure state of awareness can have upon us. Our capabilities beyond ego is infinite in nature, there are simply no limitations.

Just to be aware is enough in a universe, a reality, of egotism.

I should also state that wild animal saving the life of other wild animals show a sense of unconditional love, even towards another species of animal.

Having sacred animals like cows or monkeys might seem ludicrous to the western mind but consider this, a show of unconditional love and respect is shown to another species. Does the western mind respect and show unconditional love even to other human beings? The western mind often shows total disrespect to other people's cultures, it's simply not conditioned to respect and express unconditional love towards anything not of its own. This is unless it can materially gain from this of course.

This now brings us to materialism, a state that has no desire or need of ethical or spiritual matters, animals simply don't have this dilemma. Animals don't have the dilemma of material, ethical or spiritual matters, they are totally free of these matters. They are then of course going to be able to express unconditional love a lot easier than most human beings!!

The essential nature basically refers to the fundamental element within all things for example, energy and spirit. Energy is of everything as the spirit is within everything, the truer self or the truer elements of self void of contamination through separation, for only the ego separates everything to quench its desires!! Animals simply don't have these dilemmas to battle with; it's totally unconditional, not just to do with love but everything as a whole without separation. How many spiritually aware people separate unconditional love form unconditional acceptance, especially in regards to our present environment, animals simply don't have these ego created dilemmas!! 

So are animals of Buddha nature, even possibly more of Buddha nature, our essential nature, than most human beings?      

Saturday, 17 February 2018

How Truly Aware Are We?

Written by Mathew Naismith 

The caption that went with this photo was, "This is what greets you when you get to heaven."

I wrote in reply, "I'm fine with that, look at all those happy smiling faces that prove that true love and acceptance has no conditions what so ever. I am thinking of making a post out of this."

Do you have to be enlightened or spiritual to be and express unconditional love? Only does man think like this, so how truly aware are we!!......... 

Friday, 16 February 2018

What Is a True Sense of Love?

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are certainly going to have a different perspective on this, giving that each of us are conditioned to a certain way of perceiving in our own way.

A true sense of love to me is a love with fewer conditions attached, not more. A good example of this is relationships, why do some relationships work and others don't?

It all comes down to the conditions we attach to the love within a relationship. In observation of a loving relationship, you will observe that fewer conditions are attached, for example, how many positives and negatives are expressed or even observed? Each perception of negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc, add more conditions to the love, of course the love, the relationship, in the end will fail if too many conditions are attached.

Through new age spirituality, how many negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc, are expressed, even the word toxic has become a common phrase. These perceptions are putting more conditions on our love, not less, so how true is this kind of love really?

I was recently on the receiving end of this kind of love that had insurmountable amounts of conditions attached to their love. Just because we create our own reality, our own vibrations that we are comfortable with, doesn't make all other realities (vibrations) negative or positive but this is exactly what is occurring?

If you desire it or not, we are all a part of the collective consciousness, it's wise to moderate the conditions we put upon this relationship. Of course to desire to have to feel all warm and fluffy to express love is but another condition; this in turn creates anything but a true sense of love!! Did Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale always feel warm and fluffy? Their love had nothing to do with the desire to feel all warm and fluffy......themselves.

Participate in love by all means, but observe your own participation to make sure you are not putting more conditions on your love.     

Thursday, 15 February 2018

A True Sense of Love!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

There is a lot of reference to God in my following replies that I gave to another person recently, a person who approached me with there own ideas of what a true sense of love is.

God is in reference to oneness and unconditional love, it represents the whole self as opposed to man's separateness of the self from others and the environment man doesn't desire to be of. Yes, we can create our own reality separate from the collective conscious reality, however, at no point within our own desired reality are we ever separate from the collective consciousness.

We certainly have a different perception of love, this perception will create the reality we personally create. This perceptional reality we create isn't for everyone; it's wise to be aware of this while expressing one's own reality.

If you don't feel like reading through all the comments by me here, I recommend reading the last comment, it sort of explains everything, however, there are a few good points made by me in reference to the other replies by me like, "Love is acquired, not desired......."   

Reply 1
Well my friend, what can I say.......

What you have written here very few people will comprehend Nagual, what you are unable to comprehend, you certainly won't understand.

In relation to my wife and I; if my wife found more happiness in someone else, would my love for my wife be happy for my wife or sad?

Desire dictates sadness and even bitterness, this is not me or my wife for it is not about our desires but the happiness of other people we truly love. Desire always dictates otherwise. 

Not many people truly comprehend the true sense of love, if they are unable to comprehend a true sense of  love, how are they then able to understand a true sense of love?

What did Jesus do? There was no desire, it was simply a true sense of love otherwise he wouldn't have sacrificed himself for of what he loved. Actually, he's actions were not sacrificial at all; it was pure love, not easy for us to even comprehend in regards to our present conditioning to desires above all else.

I am not religious myself but I often make reference to God and even the holey trinity, to a lot of people's discussed sadly enough. I am simply not inhibited by such a limited consciousness.

Be Always Blessed,

Reply 2
In my mind it should have something to do with relationships, in actuality human consciousness as a whole. To separate one from the other isn't of God but of man.

Love of another shouldn't be based on desire but of God, yes, desire to be with another but not of love of another. If I was not to love my wife as God, my love would simply be of a desire. How many people desire to feel love? This is simply desire Nagual and of man, not of God.

Love is acquired, not desired.......


I added the following in ( ) to a post that was presented to me in regards to the following. A true sense of love doesn't separate one from the other, a true love through God, a sense of oneness, is to not separate but to unite.    

 Reply 3
I love you for your bright ideas (and your dull ideas)
I love you for your Good energy (and your bad energy)
I love you for your pure intentions (and your impure intentions)
I love you for your wise decisions (and your unwise decisions)
I love you for your righteousness (and your unrighteousness)
I love you for your beliefs (and your disbeliefs)
I love you for your endless smile (and your frown)
I love you for the help you offer to the world (and the help you don't give to the world)
I love you too because through you
I see all my beauty too (and my ugliness as well)

Reply 4
It's not good stating so often do you understand now, too evangelistic like for me. My advice is to not put yourself so much above everybody else.

I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, do you understand now? I've given myself while under a huge amount of trauma.   

I'm simply not into creating a Goddess out of love, love is not the be and end all and should never be treated as such in my mind. Try truly loving void of truly accepting. If you can only accept love, this is anything but unconditional love or acceptance.

If your acceptance has conditions, so does your love Nagual, it's this simple.......

Reply 5
I think so much and analyse!! You have no idea Nagual, so much just comes through me not from me.

Within your reply here, you are putting yourself above me, this is too obvious, no thought necessary in this.

I spoke with an 84 year old Yoga teacher tonight, if you have to feel love to express love, you have conditions of your love to have to feel love. It's simply a desire, not of God's unconditional love.

Try expressing love void of having to feel love. I have been expressing this kind of love most of my life, not just a few years as of yourself as you have depicted.

How many people predominantly have to feel love to express love? This kind of love has insurmountable conditions as it's based on desiring to feel love over and above expressing love.

Reply 6
Very well articulated Kim. 

I worked with disabled people, they often don't have bright ideas, so called good energy, pure intentions, wise in decision and so on it goes. I also look at multinationals as disabled for they know not what they do. These people were excluded in this post, all I was doing is including them, in actuality they need more of our love and acknowledgment, not less and certainly not excluded because of conditions of positive or negative energy.

The conditions of love are of so called positive energy, everything else is often excluded as of this post sadly enough. Yes, the post is a nice gesture but the gestures are of insurmountable conditions.

If you are going to make reference to God, you must also be making reference to unconditional love, this often doesn't occur.

If the conditions are of having to love oneself to understand love, you have conditions, this is obviously not of unconditional love Kim. What if there is no reason to love oneself, no need of it!! The question of loving oneself or not in relation to unconditional love has no relevance; it simply does not come into question, as soon as it does, you create conditions.

What I am trying to say here isn't easy to comprehend; if it's incomprehensible, it's certainly not going to be understood.

Love yes, but without the insurmountable conditions that new age spirituality put upon love.    

The discussion didn't end up well; I ended up being referred to as just he and this is from so-called very loving people. Use people's names when in discussion, it's a simple sign of respect. I ended the discussion with the following. 

"Where has the real love gone? To people like me, it's disheartening, I suppose it's the way of the wind......"

Monday, 12 February 2018

Like a Butterfly

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is wise to understand is that when people like me seem derogative, we are not really being derogative, only a perception of negatives and positives will judge like this. If I call the human race a virus that is devouring its host, this isn't being derogative as there is no perception of a negative, it's simply stating a fact of how humans can behave. This kind of behaviour is quite natural for the human species to express up to date, of course if the human species allowed itself to consciously evolve even further, this kind of behaviour simply wouldn't and couldn't exist, I will explain.              

What is or isn't negative or positive to the observer is completely different the participator, mainly because there are no negatives or positives perceptions when of the observer. The more of the observer we become, the less motion is expressed therefore the less of the perceptions of negatives and positives we judge/perceive. Also, the more of the observer we become, the less we feel love and light because we are love and light. Feelings are of a high degree of motion therefore participation.  

The participator judges more negatives and positives the more of the participator we become, this is probably why the expressions like toxic and negative are used so frequently these days in Westernised spirituality. You see the more of the participator we become, the more perceived negatives and positive we perceive/judge.

OK, on one end of the scale negatives are ignored and/or denounced because they are toxic to our own positive vibrations. On the other end of the scale we have materialists who ignore what they have created, for example, child and adolescent prostitution. In the middle of the scale we have people like me who are not ignorant to these things, this is simply because these motions are not critically judged as being negative as it's natural for a leech to leech/sponge off of a victim/host.

How many of the elite create and then live off of sick dying people? How many of the elite create a reality that feeds off of other people in one sense or another? Cannibalism comes to mind which was and still is a part of some people's reality around the world, it's certainly a part of the elite's reality which is then forced upon the rest of humanity.

Is the human species acting like a virus, a leach and a cannibal negative?

Is an actual leach type creature negative because it naturally feeds off of other animals? Is a virus negative because it naturally devours its host and is a cannibal negative while naturally existing within its own environment?

A spiritual person goes into a forest and immediately feels all these positive vibrations, this is while at the same time the forest is all about a dog eat dog world. Are other animals praying off of other animals, each other and plants negative, why is it then negative for the human species to act in this way?

The human species is a part of the natural environment, this is too obvious in the way the human species mimics so much of the natural environment, the difference is, the human species somehow puts itself above what it mimics. Also, a leech is a leach as a virus is a virus as a cannibal is a cannibal, they are what they are void of being like each other, however, the human species is expressive of all of these motions and more, the question is now, is the expression of all these motions, all these participation's, representative of an evolving consciousness?

Yes, the observer observes that some parts of the human species is expressive of these motions of the natural environment, this is completely natural for a species to do when it puts itself above all other species and forms of existence, the point is, not everyone of the human species expresses themselves in this way.

Yes, the human species is a part of nature but it's also a part of a different natural state of existence, an existence that is of the observer rather than a participator.

The universe itself is all about participation, motion, everything it creates is of participation; this is what we call nature, a natural environment of motion. This however is not the only natural environment we are a part of; we are also a part of the observer of participation.

The observer can be of love void of having to feel love first to be of love, in actuality the feeling of love is negated through being love instead of just feeling love. The participator on the other hand has to feel love, within this motion it will never become truly of love because there is simply no observation of love, just participation of love. Can we stop acting like a leech, a virus and a cannibal if we are still in participation of these motions? Only through observation is human consciousness able to evolve, of course observation is of awareness, the more we observe, the more we become aware.

Yes, it's hard to imagine, in a reality, a universe, of a high degrees of motion, one seemingly has to express love to be of love, basically, to put love into motion. Imagine being love without having to feel love. It's hard to imagine only because we are conditioned to participation rather than observation. As there are no perceptions of negatives or positives in observation, there are no feelings of love, joy, harmony and so on, they are simply not needed to be of these motions. Imagine being of motions void of motions, simply a motionless state of being of everything void of judgment or bias.

Yes, the natural environment of motion, the universe, tricks us to think we have to put everything into motion to be of that motion, this could not be further from the truth for we are more than motion could ever express in one state of motion. Motion represents a very tiny part of who we are as a whole; only through being aware of this will human consciousness evolve. Yes, we are a part of our environment but only a tiny part, the rest is often obscured through excessive motion.

All of creation is not based on the perceptions of negatives and positives, good and bad, wrong and right, love or not love and so on, separation period, perceptions are simply created and perceived, they are not the bases of all of creation.

Yes, man could have been a butterfly, he simply chose differently........

Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Journey to Behold

Written by Mathew Naismith

I feel like a charlatan at present. Having posted over two thousand posts on topics like letting go in one sense or another, I still have an attachment to a journey I have no passion to belong to for I have my own journey to follow. I am not talking about a path as in our own personal paths that we follow through the collective human journey; I am talking about a journey that my path has lead me down to.
My family individual paths are following the present human journey, a journey conditioned to one order trying to dominate each path being followed. This means that all paths must follow the present dominating journey or perish, however, my path is leading me down a different journey, a journey where a particular order doesn't dominate all other paths lead.

The Roman Empire, the Napoleon Empire and the world order of Adolph Hitler's fascism, are of world orders; the human collective consciousness has been conditioned over thousands of years to the dominance of an order over all individual paths. All paths are to serve the order or perish, this is apparent today as a one world order once again tries to dominate over all other orders and paths lead.

Confucius died disheartened in China because he was unable to influence his countries journey to a great degree, his countries journey was of course following what China was conditioned to on a collective human scale. I would say Jesus was also disappointed at his attempt to influence the collective human consciousness as well, as of anyone with a true sense of love and compassion would for the collective consciousness.

You could say people like this tried to change the collective conscious journey rather than just simply influence the collective human conscious journey. The influence wasn't done in a way that inferred force, deception, lying and brutality under one order, so it wasn't to change the collective journey but to influence it in a way to be more moderate within its order.

A one world order will denounce or, if applicable, totally ignore anything it's proclaimed as being negative, especially if it's of toxic vibrations. It's of course understandable that a one world order will feel that other orders are of bad toxic vibration, these people will literally feel bad vibrations from other orders it sees as a threat or has disdain for.

Do you see where I am coming from in relation to new age spirituality? It's of the same order it's trying to extricate itself from so it denounces anything not of its order as what? Toxic, bad vibrations and so on it goes. Yes, while being of another journey collectively, we will feel that the present journey is negative and even toxic to our new order, the trick is to not treat a break away human collective journey as being an order. As species have evolved from other species over millions of years, I believe a new consciousness will evolve from the present human consciousness, this can't be obtained if we are still of the old order or of any order to be precise.

Yes, it is possible that western perceptions like love and light are of a different path while following the same human collective journey, in actuality this seems to be the case but I don't think it's meant to be.

The more unconditionally loving we become, the more accepting we become, our acceptance should be more unconditional not less. There is simply more conditions in what we don't and do accept, considering that to truly love one must be accepting, being less accepting isn't truly love, it's a desire. Try loving something you don't accept, within this unacceptance there is a huge amount of conditions. How many conditions are their to a world order? This is why there is no true love within a one world order, only desire. Yes, many of us simply desire a new human journey which will only continue us on the present journey unbeknownst to us.

I accept my family's journey as being their journey and not mine; this is the same on a collective human scale, within this I can truly love what I am parting from. Yes, the present human journey feels simply not of my own, should this really mean it's toxic or even negative like a world order? You will find what you truly love hard to detach or extricate yourself from, as it should be if we are truly becoming a part of a new consciousness.

You should love what you are detaching yourself from, this is simply not occurring. You must love it for what it is, not what you desire it to be in accordance with your own order. The journey to behold is simply not of an order, it's far more accepting than that...... 

Friday, 2 February 2018

Acquiring Spiritual Wealth

Written by Mathew Naismith

As I have illustrated in the below image, to desire is to separate oneself from what one doesn't desire, for example, material or spiritual wealth is desired over being poor or non-spiritual. Within this process, we have either knowingly or inadvertently separated ourselves from an undesirable.

What this is saying in regards to spiritual wealth, is we shouldn't desire to take or obtain/acquire spiritual wealth. Yes, material wealth is always taken or obtained/acquired, this is the only way to obtain this kind of wealth, but spiritual wealth should be acquired void of desire. The reason for this lies in that any desire of spiritual wealth negates spiritual wealth within its own actions, this is because spiritual wealth is the culmination of everything, not an anticlimax in regards to everything.

 How is one to experience an anticlimax in regards to spiritual wealth if we have separated everything through our desires?

Spiritual wealth can only be acquired, a true sense of spiritual wealth isn't even obtained, it's simply acquired. Obtaining refers to seeking. To seek one must have a desire in what one is seeking, one can't seek void of desire, seeking is simply desiring. Acquiring spiritual wealth is allowing the wealth to come to you, not you going to it.
To seek out any wealth is exactly like seeking material wealth; it's all based on desire.

So if we meditate or shut ourselves off from all human distractions, like through being a hermit for example, is this not based on a desire to obtain a higher degree of spiritual wealth?

All what one is doing when shutting oneself off from human distractions, is to allow the life force of wealth to come to you, you are not seeking, you are simply allowing this wealth to come to you void of as many desiring distractions as possible. You are also allowing everything to be as one void of separation, this is spiritual wealth. It's not spiritual wealth when taken or obtained through desires.

Human consciousness desires, spiritual consciousness doesn't, for the only wealth that is truly of wealth is spiritual wealth and that comes free of charge to everyone. In a true sense, wealth taken or obtained through desires isn't a true sense of wealth for it is finite in nature; it's limited to the desires desired. The reason for desires being limited is simply due to desires naturally separate one from the other, in turn, limiting ourselves to what we have separated ourselves from.

It came to me recently that multinationals have no true wealth, for all wealth has to be taken or obtained. Imagine not having to take or obtain wealth, having wealth given to you freely through free will. Any wealth obtained through desires isn't given freely or by free will, it's taken or obtained through various means.
Finally getting back to this post again after a couple of days, I have had some interesting times recently which I am thinking of talking about in a video, maybe. As of our dreams that can be three dimensional, the three dimensional mind relates better to a three dimensional videos than to two dimensional writings. It's important to awaken the three dimensional mind to other dimensional aspects, even through three dimensional means. Comprehension and then understanding!!

Getting back to the main topic, so it would seem that we shouldn't desire!!

Not at all, being of human consciousness is of desires; this is one of the traits that make human consciousness human. What I am saying is, moderate our desires so they don't become a major part of our lives so we are able to acquire spiritual wealth. Desires simply erode away our ability to acquire spiritual wealth, the more desires our lives are based on, the less chance of acquiring a true sense of spiritual wealth.

Imagine being of love void of having to first feel love!! Of course love isn't just of love; a true sense of love is based on a true sense of acceptance, compassion, a balanced mentality and so on. Love is not the be and end all, this is desire/lust, everything as one is, this is why this state has no labels. The trick is, be love, which basically means observe love void of being predominately a participator of love while being also aware that all participation is based on desire; it's really this simple.....                

While we are predominantly being a participator, acquiring a true sense of spiritual wealth will always elude us or be hard to acquire, being that participating is based on desire, it all makes perfect sense. Let go......