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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Improving Upon Our Weaknesses

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wrote the following to further explain where I was coming from in relation to my last post, Human Existence - A Balancing Act

"Indeed my friend, we are one despite our differences in culture and mind. Because I am not into what is good and bad, wrong and right, negative and positive, unlike the western mind in control, there are no negative or positive tags in relation to the western and eastern mind. As I will explain in my next post, both the western and eastern mind has a vital part to play in life for they are apart of life."


"Look at this way, the western mind most often desires to separate the physical/materiel world from the spiritual, only desiring to be of the spiritual or material world. The eastern mind doesn't do this as it is of oneness, a oneness that sees a connection between the material and spiritual world in the absence of separation and division.

The western spiritual mind often determines that the material world is unbecoming as the western mind is quite critical within its judgement. The eastern mind isn't critical within its judgement but simply observant of what can be improved. As it is stated, the western mind will build upon its strengths while the eastern mind improves upon its weaknesses. One creates balance, the other an imbalance!!"

In all honesty, how many western minded spiritual people do you know desire to separate the spiritual world from the material world? I really don't think being spiritual is to do with separating one from the other more, in truth quite the opposite. The sense of oneness to start with is the realisation that everything is connected and of one. Yes, it is difficult while becoming spiritually aware that the desire to feel more in harmony, secure and loving, is more desirable over and above anything else that doesn't fulfil these desires but we must avoid this occurring. The desire to dispel everything in some way that isn't of what we desire to feel is quite strong.

Let's be honest here, the western mind is going to have a far harder time of becoming spiritually aware than the eastern mind, this is why it is wise to get to know your eastern mind. The western mind is perfect for getting to know the material world as the tools created to do so by the western mind is unlimited, as the eastern mind is perfect for getting to know the spiritual world.

Yes, as of the eastern mind, the western mind has its place, problems only occur when the western mind takes over from the eastern mind in all of us. Considering that the western mind is of taking control, and the eastern mind is of releasing ourselves of control, it is by no mistake that a predominant western mind will take control of what the eastern mind controls. The funny thing is, the eastern mind never works by taking control but of releasing itself from control, within this action, the human self is released from its various limitations that control creates.

Control means to take power to direct or determine; to determine a result in accordance with the control expressed thus limiting all expressions to certain variables or values.

As the western mind will no doubt take offence to what I am stating here, the eastern mind won't, even when stating that the western mind is better at knowing about the material world than the eastern mind. The eastern mind simply sees this as something that needs to be worked on, not just something to express disdain towards unlike the western mind that is a lot easier to offend than the eastern mind. What is the western minds strength? Knowing about the material world. Where is the world at, at present in relation to the eastern and western mind? The world is obviously predominantly expressive of the western mind. What ability does the western mind focus on the most? Its strengths while even deliberately ignoring its weaknesses, at times at any cost!! A good example of this is the environment we are destroying, the very thing humans rely on for their existence. Yes, the Chinese are destroying their own environment as well, only because they are predominately expressive of  the western mind to compete in a western minded controlled world.

So what is a western dominated world focusing on the most? Its strengths, which is control, power, material wealth and global dominance, etc, also, anything and everything that doesn't pertain or is relevant to its strengths. This is why westernised spirituality, even when based on eastern spirituality, is often used to take more control and gain more power while in the material world. The western spiritual mind simply primarily focuses on the spiritual is in relation to taking more control, not what eastern spirituality is about, releasing ourselves from control.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

 “As spiritual searchers we need to become freer and freer of the attachment to our own smallness in which we get occupied with me-me-me. Pondering on large ideas or standing in front of things which remind us of a vast scale can free us from acquisitiveness and competitiveness and from our likes and dislikes. If we sit with an increasing stillness of the body, and attune our mind to the sky or to the ocean or to the myriad stars at night, or any other indicators of vastness, the mind gradually stills and the heart is filled with quiet joy. Also recalling our own experiences in which we acted generously or with compassion for the simple delight of it without expectation of any gain can give us more confidence in the existence of a deeper goodness from which we may deviate. (39)”  – Ravi Ravindra

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.” Rumi

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need." Tao Te Ching

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Human Existence - A Balancing Act

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was recently invited to join a group of people, predominantly of Indian origin, on a social media network site who, to me, show a good deal of balance between the eastern and western mind. There caring loving gestures in interaction to each other seemed quite different to when the predominant western mind in people try to interact in the same way. I have interacted on a number of forums where the western minded people don't quite seem as genuine within their caring loving interactions. The difference for this I found quite interesting.

As the following link will illustrate, the western mind sees itself the dominant force of nature, where the eastern mind see itself in harmony between man and nature, of equal equality and value between man and nature. Why do, for example, Hindus express a sacredness to certain animals where the western mind only sees animals as something to use abuse. In saying this, how many pet owners of a western mind show a sacredness to their own beloved pets? Is this the eastern mind in all of us, the eastern harmonious mind seeing other creatures on Earth as no lesser value than themselves?

How many western minded spiritual people put the spiritual world above all other worlds? To the eastern mind, spiritual values are of no lesser value than material values and visa-versa, make no mistake though, a lot of easterners are becoming more western in mind than eastern thus an imbalance is created. As I have spoken to a number of people from India, the concern of their own people becoming more of the western mind is concerning, in that knowing how the western mind puts itself above nature and all else not of itself.

You might then look at the Hindus for example, in how they have so many spiritual festivals. To the western mind, and understandably so, the Hindus seem to be prominently of the spiritual world, there is no balance between the material world and the spiritual world!! The many God's and Goddesses are simply a representation of the many facets of life as a whole. Many deities represent man's own character and psychology. In actuality, Hindu deities represent the material world as well as the spiritual world. You will find this in most eastern spiritual teachings, only if you are not predominantly of the western mind that is.

If you are also of the eastern mind, you will find the following quite interesting. It is in relation to a book titled, "East and West: Understanding the Rise of China."


Sunday, 24 February 2019

To Be Spiritual in Essence

Written by Mathew Naismith

"Essence is a deep word: it drives our souls and is the engine which our spirit revolves around. Essence transcends each of our stories and follows us no matter which forms we may take. To see and accept the essence of another is to have power in how you work and flow with another. To embrace your style is to never work against yourself. Essence can have other meanings, but for a human being, this definition of style is one that will take you far."

A part of our own spiritual essence is to observe, at times without participating in what we observe, and accept the essence of other people, animals and the environment as a whole. Spiritual essence is about observing the connection with other essences with the environment as a whole. How many spiritual people feel this essence where non-spiritual people don't? Being spiritual is really to do with your own spiritual essence and the connection this has with all other essences within the environment. Yes, the perception of a God also gives us this spiritual connection that all is connected even when perceived to be separate. Sorry, but the perception of God is not disdainful to me in anyway. 

A lot of spiritually aware people think we should simply observe as this is a more spiritual. To accept that everything has a connection is spiritual, this means accepting being a participator as well, for there is no observation without something to observe and visa-versa!!

How many spiritually aware people desire to separate themselves from the present participation, the present reality?  A lot of people but you need to understand that our own spiritual essence is not comfortable being this out of balance, in fact the more of the spiritual essence we become, the less we desire to feel out of balance with the rest of our environments spiritual essences.

Yes, as we become more of the spiritual essence, we desire to feel more balanced with our environment, not less balanced. However, you come to a point where you also observe, in the absence of desire, that accepting the present reality as it is, is just as spiritual if not more spiritual no matter how imbalanced it is. Once our desires (ego) no longer control us, we are free to observe and participate in all of what creation is for what it is, not what we desire it to be. This simply means any true spiritual person can exist in any environment. Many of us today are a good depiction of this.

In my early teenage years, I had a choice to either become more of an observer or become more of a participator. Even though I had to endure discomfort from a chronic injury from six rears of age, I chose to be more of a participator than an observer. The trick in this is the ability to observe your own participation but also accept simply being a participator at times. I allowed my participation to be free of my own observations thus allowing me more freedom to express myself as a participator. To be honest, even if we know it or not, a lot of us are doing just this, allowing our own participation to express itself without the influence of observation from any source.

I don't find it strange that while we are being observed by the authorities within our participation, a lot of us react differently to if we weren't being observed. Why do multinationals do as they please? Because they have a perception they are not being observed as they have no authority above them observing them. They would indeed change the way they participate when observed by a higher authority, this is why many of them stay ignorant to any other higher authority observing them!! Actually, a lot of people do this, stay ignorant to any other higher authority or consciousness observing their own participation.

Of course if you are spiritual in essence, it seems no amount of observation will change the way you participate in life. Actually, knowing you are being observed influences you to become more of the spiritual essence within all things. However, you will find when you come to a point of spiritual growth, you will accept participating while not under the influence of observation just as much as accepting being influenced by observation. It is amazing how people react when they truly believe that God, a higher authority, is observing there participation. This of course changes when the Church or sect becomes the higher authority!!     

Hard to imagine isn't it, that a person of true spiritual essence accepts participating as much as observing? This is only hard to imagine because many of us desire to be and feel a desire of being spiritual in essence only, in all honesty, desires and feelings have nothing to do with spiritual essence. A truly spiritual person will not desire to be in any one state over and above other states no matter what they feel or desire. Of course feelings and desires are of participation which is as accepted as being totally egoless!!

In a reality of imbalances, you will desire to feel balanced; this is so natural for a person spiritual in essence. Once you connect, not only with your own spiritual essence but with the spiritual essence of your entire environment, you will see the balance within the environment. It is like looking at the small picture, your own spiritual essence, as opposed to looking at the big picture, the spiritual essence within all things.

Should we accept the imbalances that are created in the absence of perceiving that we are not being observed by a higher authority? Let's be honest, why are multinationals so expressive of imbalances? They perceive they are not being observed for only in knowing we are being observed do we express more balance. How many criminals act more in a balanced way within their present environment when being observed? How many religious people, who believe in God, act differently when God is the higher authority, not the churches or sects? If you don't accept being part of this imbalance, it is most likely you are a part of bringing human reality back into balance with the rest of the environment. To bring natural balance back in human reality, we must also accept being non-accepting of being imbalanced as well, a true sense of acceptance.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Love-Pure Spirit

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wrote the following in reply to the question, what is love?  

OK, is honesty binding and dishonesty unbinding in a relationship? Honesty creates room for love to flourish where dishonesty creates room for hate to flourish.
Is love of pure spirit that binds everything and hate of un-pure spirit that separates everything? The answer to me is obvious, you are perfectly correct Richard and PL which doesn't surprise me one bit.

In how many relationships does hate flourish in when dishonesty is present? Now, in how many relationships does love flourish in when honesty is present?
Make no mistake, our relationship with our entire environment works just like a personal relationship, where dishonesty creates hate and honesty creates love. Yes, while trying to be expressive of honesty within a predominant dishonest reality, you will be hated for being too honest but better this than being dishonest and only creating room for hate to exist in. On a personal level, how often is one partner's honesty rebuked/hated by the dishonest partner?
Expect to be hated while knowing that the love you are expressing is true, honest and sincere.      

Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Embracement of Honesty

Written by Mathew Naismith

OK, the following is across the board of humanity it would seem.

I was recently subjected to a high degree of injustice, only because I expressed the truth and I wasn't going to tolerate disrespect and abuse. Blatant lies were told about me, these where not just accepted but embraced. It would seem it is OK for certain people to lie and deceive but it is not OK for certain other people to tell the truth or rebuke being abused and disrespected.

Also, I am not supposed to like my views being questioned; this is while I write quite long posts and replies, at times supplying numerous evidence to support my claims. As it has been said to me, I leave myself way too open for questioning in stating so much!!  

On the other hand, it is accepted and embraced, for certain people only within certain groups, to say as little as possible so they can't be questioned about their own views. This includes supplying as little evidence to their claims as possible. It would seem that lies and deceit are embraced while honesty and truth is scorned in our present reality.  

I would say unbeknownst to a lot of people, they have become conditioned to embracing lies and deceit, including self-deception, over and above honesty and truth. This is occurring in so many sectors in humanity it is not funny.

Is there any hope in a humanity that mostly unknowingly embraces lies and deceit over and above honesty and truth? Only time will tell but how is humanity conditioned to lies and deceit going to embrace honesty and truth to start with?

I think it is time for the people who are not conditioned to lies and deceit to speak out, even if that means being scorned and hated. As I have previously stated, for only in a reality of accepted lies and deceit can hate flourish so. This also means that only in a reality of accepted honesty and truth can love flourish so.

We indeed have a choice, even at this stage of the game......          

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Making Room for Love to Flourish In

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it, making room for love to flourish in? Consider this, how much room has hate taken up? Is it reasonable to say that hate cannot flourish in a world where love flourishes, where there is no room for hate to expand in?

I wrote the following to another person in regards to a love that has no conditions.         

For love to flourish, instead of hate, honesty must prevail. How much hate does dishonesty create? I think the answer to this is too obvious. How much love does honesty create? Is the answer to this obvious to a lot of us, honestly?

Honesty must prevail to being first hated to be then embraced, once we accomplish this, love will have all the room it wants to flourish in.


Well stated PL. I have a love of this 3D reality as I have love of a 4th and 5th, etc, dimensional realities where others only show contempt towards this reality. Contempt simply shows a love that is based on conditions. Our present reality seems to be purely based on conditional love, but I still have no contempt for this kind of love/reality for my love has no conditions.
Do I have contempt for a corporate world destroying all within it's path that does not serve them? No, I only express it's shortcomings. I am simply honest within my expressions and that is what matters the most to me.
In all honesty, how much room are we giving love to flourish in when we are still showing so much contempt for one thing or another? In all honesty, were not. Any sign of contempt simply gives more room for hate to flourish in, for contempt is closely associated to hate, not to love, especially unconditional love.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

I Am All of What All Tribes Are

Written by Mathew Naismith

As you will notice with the following, there is a difference in consensus in if we have lost our tribal mentality or not, also, if we should retain or abandon or evolve from tribal mentalities. Should this matter to us? It should matter to all. How often is one ideology or ism seen as a separate entity to our own, a separate tribe to our own? How often does this cause conflict, for example, conflict between the tribes of atheism in relation to theism and visa-versa? I have lost count how many people have lost interest in what I am writing just because I mention atheism, religion, paganism, God, psychology, science, spiritually, etc, in my writings. Wow, so many conflicting tribes these days, probably more than ever in human history!!     

I am into oneness, where all tribes are of one energy source, it is all energy anyway. Only the creation of separate energies creates tribes, where separate energies oppose each other. As soon as one energy sees itself as being separate to other energies, conflict naturally arises from this, this is instead of different energy sources seeing themselves as simply different to each other, not separate to each other.      

What is tribe mentality?

Deyfing tribal mentality. ... By definition, a tribe is simply a form “of human social organization based on a set of smaller groups…and are defined by traditions of common descent, language, culture, and ideology” (“Tribe”).

The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 in order to gain a foothold in the then-closed-to-foreign-Western-companies oil industry.  After a decade of conflict, Western companies are able to search for “oil in Iraq from some of the world’s largest oil fields and reaping enormous profit” (Juhasz).  In this situation, the United States is one tribe and Iraq is another, the necessary resource is oil, and the result was indeed war—right on point with tribe mentality. 


On the other hand:

tribe is a group of people that care for each other and look out for each other no matter what. They are bonded by a strong sense of shared values, meaning, and purpose in life. ... He knew that if American society was going to persist, it needed to somehow adopt a similar tribal mentality and sense of unity.



While the tribal mentality has definite benefits in terms of establishing common ground and ensuring group survival, it is not a conscious agreement. We are born into it. Yet at a certain stage, both personally and collectively, the tribal mentality must be challenged. People can then begin to recognize the need for a personal honor code independent of the tribe. If humanity is to progress, we need to learn how to treat everyone – regardless of tribal affiliation – with honor and respect.


I thought the following was spectacular, a theist trying to educate atheists in their own group/tribe in theist teaching, mainly to dispel ignorance within certain atheistic rituals and beliefs. Make no mistake, all concepts and set criteria in accordance with a group are ritualistic to that group. Try not following certain concepts and set criteria in a group, a tribe, and see what occurs. In all honesty, many of us are as ritualistic as ever.       

Good on you Heather as I am into free thinking for all, not just in line or limited to certain criteria in relation to certain tribal beliefs and rituals. If you have a belief that all claims must be proven to be fact, in accordance with certain tribal rituals only, things like DNA didn't exist until proven by a mind that still knows very little about it's own environment. The way we are destroying our own environment for starters clearly shows how ignorant and unaware we still are. What would this kind of mind know what is and isn't?

You can be as anti-theist as you like, the truth is, not many people in the past or at present would have a decent education if it wasn't for theist schools and teachings. In the past, monks are a prime example of this, of course to understand this you need to be aware of what monks were teaching. Now, how many atheistic schools, even today, are into educating people to a high degree of standards? Yes, we could be totally bias and only point out the negative things that humans as a whole are capable of but what about the positive things!!

Maybe the only reason I can see impartially like this is that I don't belong to any one tribe like atheism or theism, I am all of what all tribes are.

Let's be honest here, the tribal ritual of atheism is to deny expressions of beliefs, especially if an atheist is only of the mind that atheism is only of the ritual of disbeliefs as opposed to beliefs. However, many atheists concur that atheism is also of the belief that God doesn't exist, not just the disbelief God doesn't exist. This perception makes a huge difference in our own bias. Of course any display of bias is of futility when seeking actual truth as opposed to a desired truth. A desired truth is always based on the same level of bias expressed in accordance with what? Our own tribe!!            

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Surrendering Yourself to Honesty

Written by Mathew Naismith

When I look upon another person, all I see is a reflection of me either that be something I desire to be of or not. This is how people like me truly and honestly look upon ourselves. We don't just try to see the reflections of good, positive and right, we also see the reflections of bad, negative and wrong. In a reality of numerous expressions of variations, I would simply be lying to myself, that I am simply beautiful, peaceful and everything else I desire to lie to myself about. Yes, I wish/desire to be only of what is pure but where not and that is okay, I surrender myself to this honesty.

Spiritually, I can sit within the best of them, in peace, harmony and stillness; I could not think of any other state I would desire to stay in more, of course this is why I will never become enlightened within my present consciousness. Enlightenment isn't about peace, harmony and stillness, even though this is it's affects, enlightenment is about facing the truth in what you are therefore everything else is, not what you only desire to be of. I was going to say I just lost half my readers, when the avid readers of my posts and blog's today know exactly where I am coming from, for they too are honest within themselves. They would have to be to still be reading my posts and blog's.

I have found the hardest thing for people to do is be of self-honesty, even a slight mention or reflection of self-honesty repels and/or defiles a lot people it would seem. How dare people like me be honestly self-reflective, especially while expressing that everything and everybody is a reflection of me, all of us. If you can think of the worse person in the world you would not desire to be a reflection of, in all honesty, if you like it or not they are simply a reflection of you. So should I dishonestly sit within my own space and only observe in other people around me what I only desire to be of or observe?

In my time while growing up, our culture defiled homosexuality. Some of my so-called friends actually went out poofter bashing, they of course asked me to join them but even back then, while being conditioned to that culture of defilement, I simply refused.

Where is the (I) when negative is separated from positive because we desire not to be of the negative, only of the positive? Do we really think that this kind of defilement and separation is going to improve our present existence? Of course in my early days, my culture was about judging gay people as something negative and straight people as being positive. How many people today are judging their reality as being positive and all other realities they have disdain for as being negative?

I am presently amused at how a number of westerners are jumping up a down about foreigners in their own country. There country is being invaded by undesirables. I find it amusing because it was acceptable for western countries to invade and defile other countries of the world, even under false pretences as recently observed, but how dare foreigners take over western countries in a far more passive way!! No, I don't like how disrespectful certain foreigners are towards a people who kindly opened their door up to them, but I am still amused at the reaction by westerners. How dishonest is their reactions?   

You see, this kind of self-honesty is not very acceptable in a culture that defiles other parts of itself. In all, if you are of self-honesty, expect to be defiled and try to surrender to this kind of defilement. Accept that the reflection of other selves will do this as they see self-honesty as a threat to their reality, a reality often created on the back of dishonesty. Can you understand their reactions like in relation to gay people and foreigners? People of self-honesty are indeed a huge threat to realities based on self-dishonesty.

As I often am, I reflect self-honesty, as in the above, quite often. As you could imagine this is often defiled. Do people of self-honesty put themselves up above other people not of self-honesty? Everyone and everything is a reflection of who you are, so if other people are of self-dishonesty, this is a reflection of you if you desire it to be or not. To be truly self-honest desires have no place. A true reflection of self-honesty is in the absence of desire, I certainly don't desire to be a reflection of self-dishonest people but in truth, I am. Try to remember this, just because everything around you is a reflection of you, doesn't mean you have to be expressive of that reflection. Did I go out poofter bashing? Am I amused at other westerns response to foreigners in their country? Just because you are aware of self-dishonesty, doesn't mean you have to be of self-dishonesty.


Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Complete Surrender, an Enlightened State

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is enlightenment sought in only desiring or even needing to be in a state of enlightenment? Given that desire or need is of the noise around us, this is instead of quietness, is desire or need to stay or even seek this state of quietness not still of the noise? I will explain.

I was often accused of being very quiet in my younger days, when I desired or needed to be within my own quietness. The noisier or chaotic my environment became, the more I desired and needed to stay within this quietness, this is until I surrendered myself to the noise.

It has been said to me and a lot more people think this, that I am not truly spiritually aware because of my surrendering to the noise. I was once in a group of people who were quite spiritually aware, other people interacting on the forum within this group not so aware. I was asked why I interact in the way I did with the peoepl on the forum who were not as aware. I simply answered that these people are no less worthy to interact with on their own terms than interacting with you on your own terms. The more aware this group desired to stay within the quietness they have found, this is instead of not desiring nor needing to be in any state, is still of the noise. To surrender to the noise as well as the quietness is the surrendering to all of what is, not just to what we desire or need.  

I wrote the following to a couple of people recently.                 

Taoist wisdom helps keep me balanced with the rest of life.

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.”

Yes, I speak a lot for those who speak the loudest, to help quell their thoughts. I often speak a lot in quelling our thoughts of opposing life, this is to surrender to life. Yes, there may come a time that I will surrender to
the opposing side of life. Within this moment all will be seen as I have surrendered to all that is. A state of neutrality.


I was a member of quite a number of Google communities on G+, many of the opposing views to the other.

My own group is obviously going to be different to other groups that are not so much about honesty, but about serving the ego or the group itself for example. We are still very expressive of the tribe mentality obviously, where one tribe is different to the other tribe and it's this difference we focus primarily on still. This is instead of observing a difference but the difference still makes no difference, for all the tribes belong to the one tribe in the end anyway.

When tribes only focus or see the differences between these tribes, dishonesty will abound primarily because of bias. Of course there are groups more focused on honesty than dishonesty and visa-versa but in the end it is still one tribe. The problem with the tribes of dishonesty is they don't and won't see it this way, that we are really all one tribe no matter what our differences are.

So many people have the idea of enlightenment is to desire or have a need to be and stay within the quietness. Once sought, one must do everything to stay within this state. If you are unable to spiritually, not necessarily physically or mentally, stay within this state of enlightenment (quietness) when of the noise, the chaos, you are not enlightened nor of a true sense of love and light. The reason for this is simple, needs and desires are of the noise, not of the quietness, so if you desire or need to be in this quietness, you are not truly of a state of quietness or enlightenment.

You simply surrender yourself while sacrificing your needs and desires. Yes, your body and mind needs sustenance to survive, surrendering also means to surrender to your needs and even desires, in other words surrender yourself to the noise, however, one must also be of the quietness. Sounds stupid doesn't it, how can one be of one thing and of another? Simple, you surrender to your body needs and even desires, the noise, while spiritually surrendering to the quietness, a state of no desires or needs. A complete state of surrender and yes, this means to surrender to emotions like hate, this doesn't mean you become hateful though, I will explain.

I have hate groups from atheism to New Age spirituality who hate and/or despise me with a passion, I am way too honest and open in the way a number of isms and ideologies are being used and abused. I am simply not fond of abuse period, to me there is no sense to it, especially considering our present circumstances in the world. I embrace their hate and/or disdain, not because hate groups show how different I am to them, it is because I surrender myself to their hate. If they feel they need to hate me or have disdain for me, I surrender to these emotions, to do otherwise would be of their hate, of their noise. You see, you don't have to be of what you surrender to, just accept what you have surrendered to exists, no more, no less.          

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Exposing Today's Hate Groups

Written by Mathew Naismith

When the Nazi party first arose, the German authorities took no notice as this group was radical, so unappealing to the mass, and didn't have the numbers to make any difference. We of course know what this lead to. The same is with Zionism, the Israeli authorities debunked Zionism as being a radical group for simular reasons and now look at what they control. Be careful with this though, it is so easy to get into the same hatful reality. Not all Germans were radical hatful Nazis as not all Israeli's are radical hatful Zionists, in fact quite the opposite.

This is funny; my stepdaughter at present is writing a book about a Nazi soldier who realised that the Nazi party was hatful, unjustly cruel and manipulative.

Some hate groups are so obvious where other hate groups are not so obvious. I wear a thobe from the Middle East as I have garments, like kurta's, from India. I also have garments from Asia and the pacific islands. Sadly, the looks of disdain I get from a number of my countrymen when wearing these garments out in public is saddening. I of course also get pats on the back and smiles from a number of my countrymen for being so openly accepting of other cultures and their teachings.   

At present, I have noticed a sharp rise in atheistic hate groups of radical idealisms. I have also noticed the disdain a number of New Age spiritual groups have for our present reality. If you continually critically judge a reality negative and toxic, you are in fact critically judging its people negative and toxic. Yes, as hate groups preach acceptance, free thinking like certain atheist groups, and love, you disguise the hate behind the group. Make no mistake, hate groups are highly manipulative and deceptive, like Nazism, and look at what Nazism did to Germany. My advice is to stay right away from hate groups or any social media network that supports hate groups or its people in any sense. It is amazing the people being used by these groups to cover up hate groups intentions quite unknowingly at present.

Hate groups basis is abuse, the abuse and control of anything that remotely resembles an ideology of a difference to these hate groups. I have actually been told that people from radicalised atheism to New Age spirituality absolutely hate me. I could not think of anything more gratifying that people from these hate groups hating me. I must be doing something constructive in exposing the abuse in regards to these hate groups!!

Please try to be aware of what you are getting into and/or unknowingly supporting, these hate groups and their people are out there more than ever, if not more so than ever. I love diversity and it's this diversity that makes us all human, for without diversity all we are is robots all thinking and doing the same thing. How many hate groups want to force this upon us, thinking and doing as they tell as to do? And they call this free thinking or conscious freedom from our present reality!!    

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A Touch of Guru 2

Written by Mathew Naismith

Imagine if somehow your positiveness was taken away from you. Most people couldn't mentally, spiritually and physically cope with this because they rely on being positive to live life. Now, what would happen if a spiritual Guru had their positiveness taken away from them? Absolutely nothing in their life would change, probably because a Guru doesn't rely or have any kind of attachment to what is and isn't positive and negative in their life. Imagine how harmonious this would be, were our lives are not determined by any factor pertaining to attachments and desires.

I need to now insert the following exchange I had with someone in relation to my last post, "A Touch of Guru." 

What I notice. while not taking any particular view to heart, is today's non spiritual person seems grounded in post modernist thought, while dismissing a natural view of spiritual people throughout history who were much more grounded with a natural reality...and all the questions that entails. 

For instance, Yeshua ben Yosef is not who is presented in today's belief. Furthermore, the Christian tradition itself was a natural movement, not a religious diatribe of dos and don'ts.

My Reply
You seem to be so true to yourself it is nearly unbelievable. To be true to yourself is to observe the world through as little bias as possible, all else is an untrue depiction of yourself and the world around you. A touch of Guru.....

As I am presently writing, take away positiveness from most people, they would crumble. Take away positiveness from a true Guru, nothing would change in there life. I have a funny feeling you comprehend this, not many people would or would want to. Take away positiveness from a false Guru or most western spiritually aware people, they would too crumble, if not more so than non-spiritual people.

Sadly, when ideologies, isms, concepts and beliefs become a fixation, something we have attached our psyche to for security and support, we lose the true nature of these ideologies and isms,

I am often impressed by your psyche because you explain yourself very well, especially on this topic. If you don't mind, I would like to use your reply here in my next post. I won't make any personal reference to you if this makes you feel more comfortable with this.


It is amazing. Ever since I have been mentioning the difference between Eastern and Western thinking, a certain cultural people have stopped interacting with me on quite a huge scale. This is while other cultural people, even other Western cultures, of the world have remained steady. Within their own actions, they have unknowingly proven the points made about the Western mind being easily offended. As it is said, the Western mind is easily offended, even to the point that if you are not praising the western mind, you are attacking it. This is like if you are not positive, you must be negative, the Eastern mind in all of us doesn't think like this.

Extract: Those who make certain words offensive do so because there is something to be gained. For many, to feel offended is to feel important, validated.

It is quite interesting that a predominantly Westernised mind doesn't see itself also being of the Eastern mind. In the West, it is often thought if you are not positive, you are negative, offensive. In the East, you have obvious depictions of yin and yang or like in Hinduism, the importance of a harmonious interaction between the male and female within everything. Of course harmony is constructive while disharmony is destructive but even destruction has its place.

To live in harmony in an earthquake area, you either learn to build better buildings or you move away, thus you have learnt from a negative situation. We often become more enlightened through the negatives than we do the positives, the present state of the world is no different. Of course to learn from the negatives, one must not ignore what the negatives have to teach us while in favour of the positives!! In all honesty, what is the Western mind doing on a huge scale at present? The state of the world simply shows that the Western mind in all of us is simply not learning. The Western mind is even shrugging off thousands of years of life experience; this is like killing off all the old people because they no longer serve any purpose. No matter what the life experience has been, we can learn from it.

This is interesting. If you removed the Western or Eastern mind from the spiritual Guru, you would see a huge difference. Yes, even taking the Western mind away from a spiritual Guru would make a huge difference in their lives, for the Guru is not of one or the other but of all of what is without bias and desire. What makes a Guru a Guru is the harmonious integration of opposite polarities. Try to remember, just because it is an opposite, doesn't mean it is always in opposition. I have lost count how many Westernised minds/people see themselves in opposition to me, it is quite insurmountable, especially from when I started writing about the difference between the Western and Eastern mind. Could you imagine the reaction from the Western mind/people if an Eastern mind/person wrote about the difference between the Western and Eastern mind as I have done!! How offended would have the Western mind/people become then? 

I found the following research by psychologist Steven Heine quite interesting.              

Extract: UBC cultural psychologist Steven Heine discovered profound differences between Western and Eastern minds. A recipe for prejudice, or just the opposite?    

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

A Touch of Guru

Written by Mathew Naismith

1- (Sikhism) each of the first ten leaders of the Sikh religion
2- (Buddhism) a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher
3- A recognized leader in some field or of some movement
     "a guru of genomics"

Should we truly ignore or denounce an environment that depicts a high degree of life experiences, awareness and wisdom? Imagine ignoring an environment that has thousands of years of life experiences behind it because of our prejudices. The psychological benefits of not ignoring such an environment are huge to start with. Imagine ignoring a Hindu spiritual teacher/guide because they are Hindu, even while knowing that Hinduism is the longest surviving religion/school of life. As many of us have discovered, techniques in dealing with modern day life still stands today, even though this kind of wisdom can be thousands of years old. In actuality, because these ancient teachings are still relevant today, shows they are proven.

Imagine from infancy not learning from our environment while experiencing the very same environment we are not learning from!! How many of us are doing just this these days, totally ignoring the very same environment we are experiencing as opposed to a desired environment in accordance with our own prejudices? Some of us desire to be only of a fifth dimensional reality, while showing no desire to learn from their present 3rd dimensional environment!! So when you have dismally failed in learning from one year of schooling, you go onto the next year of schooling!! It is simply not going to happen.

Gurus, no matter of what kind of Guru, is apart of our environment we can either learn from or not as of any part of our environment. Yes, spiritual Gurus can become wealthy or financially comfortable while teaching a whole history of learning of awareness, life experiences, wisdom and psychological sustainability or balance. Material wealth is simply apart of an environment a Guru teaches in and does not ignore or have disdain for because they are of spiritual virtues. One of the main differences between a spiritual Guru and spiritually aware people, is that the spiritual Gurus have no disdain of an environment or desire to be of one environment over and above another.

It is wise not to confuse a wealthy Guru to a wealthy multinational. Most often the multinational losing all of their material possessions will emotionally suffer greatly, the same can't be said of a spiritual Guru. As of all material possessions, including our own possession of our physical self/life, it is but a passing moment as all that is finite in nature will pass by. It is no big deal. How many people, including spiritually aware people, spend a lot of their energy taking care of their mind and body, in other words their greatest material possession? So it is not okay to gain material financial possessions but it is okay to gain and cherish to death our own personal material possessions, our physical body and mind!!

There is a big difference between a Guru and a non-Guru; thousands of years of life experiences, awareness and wisdom are but a few main differences, especially in regards to a spiritual Guru. I don't follow Hinduism or any other religion /philosophy religiously, but I do know of the benefits of not ignoring them because of my own personal prejudices and disdain.

You might then look at new religions or modern day science not being of thousands of years of experiences, awareness and wisdom. Modern day science derived from mysticism and philosophy, in other words thousands of years of experience, awareness and wisdom. New Age religions have also derived from thousands of years of experiences, awareness and wisdom, however, if this thousands of years of experience, awareness and wisdom are ignored because of our prejudices, we lose what our environment as a whole had to teach us. My own wisdom tells me this is a huge mistake that so many of us are presently making.

I have to say this. I take my hat off to the people who have been avid readers of my blog/blogs, I have told it how it is, not how we would desire it to be told. The desire of being negative or positive, bad or good, wrong or right, black or white, has no bearing upon you. It takes a huge amount of energy to obtain and always be in a positive frame of mind, as it takes to be negative, this is while being truly positive takes no effort at all. If being positive to you is avoiding anything remotely negative or positive, are you truly being positive? A Guru is not conditioned to a black and white mentality like this, where one frame of mind is sought above all other frames of mind at the cost of everything else. Being a Guru is simply the extrication of the conditions of a black and white mentality, a mentality that always seeks to be positive or negative within their own frame of mind. It actually takes no energy at all to be truly positive in any circumstance.

Yes, a Guru will extricate themselves from reality, a reality that is conditioned to a black and white mentality in that you have to be negative or positive, black or white. Being truly positive is like enlightenment, it is something obtained without effort or expenditure of energy. What you are doing is releasing yourself from expending so much energy, releasing yourself from expending so much energy all the times to fulfil your desires and a desired state of existence. This is a touch of Guru.  

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Self-Psychoanalysis and Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

At the present time I must sit back and watch a person who is not being properly clinically examined or analysed. Knowing what I know, this is very difficult to do. This eighty year plus person simply can't be bothered helping themselves live, even though there is nothing physically wrong with them to any great degree. This person is trying so hard to become ill or physically disabled. No doctor or social working has bothered asking the four key questions of psycho analysis. As a lot of our ailments come from our mind set, I find it strange that doctors (physicians) are not trained to ask the four key questions of psychology.      

The four key questions can vary in accordance to the situation, but the four key questions are fundamentally of the same attribute. In other words strive to bring about the same outcome through simular means, no matter what the circumstances are. It is important that you ask these questions in sequence for one question leads to ask another particular question, not any question by chance or luck.

Question 1; gives an outline of where to start, for instance, "Are you married or single?" You would ask this even if you knew if they were married or not as you want to set a precedence in relation to the four key questioning process.

Question 2; Depending on the answer to question one, question two is to do with starting to find the problem. A question like, "Are you happy with your partner or being single?"

Question 3; is a vital question. From question three there are a number of directions the patient can go, for instance, I am happy, while you observe the clinching of fists and looking down, or, clinching fists and looking straight at the psychoanalyst angrily. Of course if you say I am good in that area with a show of palms, yet another direction can be followed.

Question 4: After a number of other non-key questions relating to question three, question four is primarily to do with conformation of the analysis of the first three questions. This can vary greatly but in this case, "So you do have a problem with your partner?" 

Yes, spiritual gurus psychoanalyse themselves. Try to remember, psychology is simply a derivative of philosophy, an analysis of natural life. As modern day science owes its existence to both mysticism and philosophy, psychology owes its existence to philosophy. Mysticism is of course the forbearer of alchemy and today's chemistry.            

No true spiritually aware person psychoanalyses the external environment they are experiencing, they analyse their own inner environment. The four key questions are not relating to their external environment but their internal environment.
Question 1- How many spiritually aware people today wish to escape the present environment?

Question 2 - Why do they want to escape this environment?

Question 3 - Question three relates to if the environment is stated as being negative and/or toxic," So why do you think the external environment is negative and/or toxic? 

Question 4 - Relates to the conformation that they are not looking within but are instead critically judgmental of the external environment. This is while one is suppose to be going in and analysing the inner environment or self, not the outer self or environment!!

The external environment is what it is; it is how we react to this environment that makes the external environment what it is. This is like anyone who has suffered trauma from external sources; it all comes down to how they psychologically handle the trauma involved. If handled badly, they will not want to rejoin the external environment as it is too toxic to their psyche. In all self-honesty, are not a lot of western spiritually aware people suffering from trauma attributed to the external environment? The external environment is only as toxic as we perceive it is. To manifest such a mentality of negativity and toxicity, will only bring about more trauma associated with the external environment, not less.

As Jesus stated, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." I am not a Christian myself but this statement is still very true today. As of the 80 year plus person who knows not what they do, hurting themselves and others around them through not being self-honest, so are a lot of other people in westernised spirituality. Try to remember; it is the western mind in all of us that doesn't like to be shown there is something not quite right with itself, even through self-analysis. Like a mentally ill person, often as illusionary inner reality will replace the external reality, how many western minds will be offended by this kind of self-honesty? If you are offended, try asking yourself the four key questions, the following should give an idea of this but please be honest with yourself.