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Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Matrix!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

At present, it is obvious we exist in a reality of a kind and not a reality entirely created by our own thoughts and perceptions, yes, our thoughts and perceptions influence this reality but they don't define this reality, this matrix system. Basically, our conscious influence isn't what determines the essential quality of realities like this, they are only apart or created from these essential qualities within a reality. All matrix systems are created from finite consciousness, a consciousness that is limited to certain specifics, time and space are certainly essential qualities to all matrix systems.

However as of always, the extent of motion of a matrix system is squarely on our shoulders as we are the creators of excessive motion within a matrix. The matrix just couldn't and wouldn't exist to excess without our participation.

The question still remains, have we created the perception of time therefore created the matrix itself through these perceptions?

As I have explained many times before, time has always existed like timelessness, how could time be created from timelessness if timelessness has no starting point to create from. There just isn't a from in relation to time. We are supposed to be initially from this timeless nothingness or oneness, but how would this be the case if there is no starting point of creation to start with? We within our individual perceptions, didn't create time or space but we did create the perception of there prominently only being time and space.

Indestructible Energy: They say God created everything, this of course must include all the destruction and chaos as well!! The perception of God relates to our infinite consciousness which is within all things, now think on this, you can't destroy energy but you can transform energy. God to me represents this indestructible creative energy source, however, within a finite consciousness, a matrix system, energy has the perception of being able to be destroyed as opposed to just being transformed. We, not God, created the perception of energy being able to be destroyed, basically, creating a starting and ending point to an excess.

As timelessness is of this God's consciousness, so is time, time of course refers to matrix system, a system based primarily on time, finite consciousness. Matrix systems were already created but void of excessive motion. This excessive motion was created from our own perceptions and interactions, God's consciousness didn't create these kinds of  interactions, we did. So in all, this God consciousness didn't create the perception of destroying energy, we did, as we didn't create time and space.

Note: You can replace the perception of God's consciousness with anything that defines infinite existence and consciousness, this is included in practices and beliefs like Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism and so on. Anything that refers to our infinite being or state is in relevance to God's consciousness, a creative consciousness of immeasurable creativeness. You can plainly see why many people call this indestructible creative infinite energy source a God, the funny thing is, we are this God, it's just we have become too much of finite consciousness to acknowledge this.

The following is in reply to a good internet friend of mine, a friend who is well known for his awareness of our infinite being.      

G'day siggy

Good to here from you again, hope all is well with you and your family.

Yes indeed siggy,  the so called matrix, this is inline to what we deem as God in my mind, it's all of human perception, which we should be honest, is limited.

"What do I think", absolutely, my last post goes into how, what we call matrix systems, starts off passive, it's this over interaction or excessive conscious motion that distorts the matrix to the extent it becomes primarily destructive.

Do we need to experience the full destructive power of matrix systems? My wife and I have been talking about catabolism and how it's more prominent today as ever, it's just expressed in a different way. How many politicians and multinationals are feeding off of live people? We  are indeed cattle to them, it's actually a more brutal kind of catabolism in that it slowly feeds off of people until the day they die.

Human consciousness need not have become so brutal and acceptingly brutal. Brutality is fine if we denounce it, it's not so fine if we accept it and/or ignore it and that is where we are at, at present.

Virus, yes indeed, this acceptance is a virus that has distorted the matrix to the extent of the matrix becoming primarily destructive, even onto itself. We have in affect become that virus. 

Is there a their in that a malign consciousness is behind all this brutality?

We would like to think so because human consciousness needs conformation and comprehension, without this, human consciousness is lost for an answer. In my mind, we are all feeding the matrix. If you think of these matrix systems as consciousness, and like any consciousness, is able to be influenced one way or the other by other conscious energy sources, you begin to understand that we are what the matrix is. An ego in control will not accept this in any sense, it's really funny how it works.

Is the matrix of the mind, as a creation of our mind, or is it a consciousness of finite existences which our own divided minds influence?

We totally underestimate ourselves in my mind. The matrix systems, as in time related, has always existed as timeliness has always existed, however, the way these matrix systems have developed, is completely due to our own making. We have purposely forgotten about our infinite consciousness and taken on finite consciousness as who we are. This is fine, however on top of this, many of the practices that kept us in touch with our infinite consciousness, is now being replaced by practices primarily of finite consciousness in my mind.

Because there is no balance between finite an infinite consciousness, we are becoming more destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness be destructive.

The matrix to me is real in that the matrix represents time therefore limited finite consciousness, however, this finite consciousness was always balanced out with the awareness of our infinite self in various ways, this is no longer the case on a collective scale. Time has always existed to me, because matrix systems are governed by time, they too have always existed but in a more passive way as my recent post goes into.

What we seem to have done is believed that we are trapped by the matrix, this has never or ever will be the case, we hugely underestimate our truer being. So yes, because we are the matrix the way it is now, there is no true limitations or boundaries, these are perceived projections of thought influenced by a finite existence which we ourselves created.     

It would seem I need to catch up with your thoughts and insights siggy.


Much Blessings always,



Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Passive Matrix

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've never written about finite consciousness in reference to the matrix before, it's usually only in reference to finite consciousness which to me the matrix is all about. Finite consciousness is all about a starting and ending point, this is driven by a perception of time. The universe itself is based on a starting point and it is governed by time because it also has an ending point. The physical universe is certainly of the matrix, as is the consciousness behind the creation of the universe, or more precisely, (of) the universe. You could say when the universe was created, so was the consciousness that is governed by time, finite consciousness

Infinite Consciousness: We are that governed or conditioned to finite consciousness, that we don't see the consciousness that is influencing the universe. And yes, the universe is the matrix as it's governed by time, time being of finite consciousness, a consciousness limited to time based perceptions.

The strange thing is, there is no end to time because time wasn't created from a starting point, how would have infinite consciousness created time when there is no starting or ending point to infinite consciousness? Time has always existed but matrix systems haven't, not as they are or turn out to be. Time, finite consciousness, is the starting blocks to matrix systems, it's further interaction/motion by consciousness that creates the matrix systems as they are.  Basically, motion creates matrix systems and the more motion  created within a matrix, the more destructive a matrix system becomes.

Finite = ego + motion + matrix systems + time

Infinite = egoless + motionless + no matrix systems + timelessness 

Time basically gives consciousness motion which creates various matrix systems, in a sense, matrix systems have always existed but in a more passive way until excessive motion is applied through various interactions. Time separates consciousness into various quantum's or forms, within this separation, we get interaction which is excessive motion. It's funny to think we are all expressive of excessive motion in matrix systems!!

On the other hand a consciousness void of time, has no motion because time gives consciousness it's motion. We can so easily presume this motionlessness isn't of energy or God if you like, it's that anything of motion is unable to detect an energy field within this motionless state. I should say here that I refer to God as energy, the spirit within all things is energy to me, all energy to me is also in reference to consciousness, energy is of one form or another of  consciousness. I think certain science experiments recently found that protons communicate/interact with each other over vast distances, this obviously represents some kind of conscious interaction!!  

The following probably isn't going to go to well for a lot of people, I tend to be able to perceive beyond limited boundaries, this means I will present certain things that aren't in-line or accepted by perceptions limited to a certain consciousness.

Higher Consciousness!!: Let's take a look at this motionless, timeless state of the infinite, a state that is often referred to as oneness, zero point, nothingness, a state void of ego and motion.

This state seems to be of oneness therefore ego has no way of existing in a state of true oneness. The ego is unable to exist in this state because there is no separation, no division of consciousness, consciousness is one. The ego needs a comparison to exist, in a state of oneness or nothingness, there is nothing to compare one to another so the ego is unable to exist in this state.

Would a consciousness that has no ego, compare or even be aware that one state of consciousness is of a higher stature, vibration or pinnacle? We often see nothingness or oneness being of a higher pinnacle to all other states, it's something we should aspire to, especially compared to finite conscious states. To a state that has no ego, there is no pinnacle to aspire to, so wouldn't this egoless state experience all of what is without judgment or what is or isn't worthy? An egoless conscious state is able to experience everything void of bias. It's like people who humble themselves, one state of existence is never less worthy than a another state to experience, our so called higher vibrational oneness state is no different.

This is how matrix systems are able to exist as they are. There is no ego within infinite state of consciousness, it's no less worthy experiencing time, finite consciousness and matrix systems than a so called higher conscious state, a state often seen as the pinnacle to all of existence. It's exactly like saying God is this higher pinnacle when God to me represents all energy of finite and infinite conscious existence, there is no true separation therefore there is no true worthy or unworthy of an existence to experience.

When you have a consciousness that is unable to define what is more or less worthy, this kind of consciousness will experience all of what is, it's only when this consciousness sees itself divided from other conscious states, that it will judge that there is a higher state of existence, a more worthy state to experience. There is no worthy or unworthy state of existence as there is no pinnacle of existence, or non-existence, that is above all other existences, only can the ego perceive like this.

Passive Matrix: Matrix systems are at first passive even when they are of time, of ongoing starting and ending points. This is because this interacting consciousness is still conditioned to infinite consciousness, at this point it hasn't become conditioned to finite consciousness.

Finite consciousness relates to various consciousness's in motion, the more motion being expressed, the more separation we have between various conscious states. Basically, the more motion we express, the less passive a matrix becomes, however, the less passive a matrix becomes, isn't due to excessive physical motion as such, it's primarily due to conscious motion particularly of thought, it's this thought that gives motion to the physical. Change the way we think and perceive in a more passive way, the less physically chaotic we will express ourselves.

All matrix systems can be passive, this is due to a consciousness still being conditioned to infinite consciousness, however, not conditioned in opposition to finite consciousness, this is very important. It's wise to find a balance between infinite and finite consciousness while experiencing an existence based on finite existence. Because within a finite existence, such as matrix systems, we have excessive finite conscious awareness and perceptions, this always needs to be balanced out by infinite consciousness to keep a matrix system passive and not overly destructive. Religion and spirituality over all, has always played a part in this, this is until these practices also become predominately of finite consciousness, this of course has been evident numerous times in human history. Once we lose the awareness of our infinite self, we lose the ability to create passive existences, matrix systems.      

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Recycled Energy of the Matrix

Written by Mathew Naismith

I find the matrix's or finite conscious realities quite fascinating in many ways. These realities limit consciousness to a certain quantum, being that consciousness is limited within these matrix's, and in accordance with these matrix's, it's understandable that a lesser value of a whole is only going to be able to be expressed. The whole basically pertains to infinite consciousness as opposed to finite consciousness. Finite consciousness is of a lesser value in that it's less aware than infinite consciousness, it's the awareness within a consciousness that determines if a consciousness is of finite or infinite consciousness. As soon as any part of a consciousness becomes unaware from an infinite state of consciousness, it basically becomes of a matrix, and yes there is more than one matrix like their is more than one dimension.

The universe is of a matrix, so does this mean all conscious forms react in the same way in the matrix?

No, as each creature reacts differently in this matrix, so do beings and other animal forms  to each other, for example, does a beetle act and look like an elephant, does an elephant act and look like a human being? The reason for this is that each consciousness reacts differently to the matrix, the funny thing is, the more aware a consciousness becomes, the more it's influenced by the matrix, this is until it awakens to it's infinite self that is.

I find it strange that in reference to the matrix, we often only refer to ourselves being in the matrix, we often exclude animals and rocks and trees. Everything of finite consciousness is within the matrix, actually, nothing that isn't of  consciousness, is able to be within a matrix as everything of these matrix's is of a form of consciousness.

We might presume that a rock compared to ourselves, is of a lesser value, in that a rock is less aware than ourselves, basically, it's less conscious to it's environment. However, a rock for instance exists within it's environment in accordance to it's environment, a more aware conscious form doesn't. The more aware a consciousness becomes, the less it lives within the environment and of course the more destructive it becomes to this environment. Is an owl for instance more destructive to it's environment than a rock? A rock doesn't need to kill to survive to start with thus destroying part of it's environment, there is no conscious involvement of a rock even compared to an owl.

What about volcanos that are of recycled energy, they can be highly destructive, however, they can also at the same time be highly constructive in numerous ways towards it's environment, actually, many fertile environments have been created by volcanic activity. So, the more aware a consciousness becomes, the more destructive it seems to become to it's environment, human consciousness today couldn't be compared to volcanos that is for sure.

So the more aware human consciousness becomes, the more destructive this kind of consciousness became, this is evident. The point is, how is human consciousness becoming aware, what influences human consciousness to become more destructive the more aware human consciousness becomes? The matrix. Being that matrix's are of finite consciousness, a starting and ending point of recycled energy, it is understandable that the matrix is naturally destructive. The more a consciousness becomes aware, the more the matrix is able to influence it. How many rocks are aware of time or a starting and ending point of it's own transition? As soon as a consciousness is aware of time (finite consciousness), the more destructive it naturally becomes, and yes, it's natural but only within a matrix.

However, its how we become aware within a matrix that makes all the difference. The less the matrix itself influences us, the less destructive we naturally become. Think on this, how passive are the people on their environment who become more aware of their infinite self? Giving thanks before eating is one example, avoiding unpleasant killings to keep our own energy up is another example. Ok, we might not eat meat but we still eat plants that are a living breathing conscious energy form. Being aware of our infinite self, yes, even if it's a belief in a God/Goddess, is allowing our infinite self to influence us as apposed to our finite self within the matrix. Yes, I did say our finite self within the matrix because the matrix couldn't exist without finite interactions by a consciousness, in our case human beings. We are the matrix, without being of a finite consciousness, matrix's couldn't exists. The matrix has no true power over us, it's we who give it it's power over us!!

Now for the matrix itself. Like everything within a matrix, the matrix itself is of  recycled energy. Being that the matrix is naturally destructive, there is an end of this destruction when the finite consciousness that creates the matrix either awakens to it's infinite self or destroys itself. Don't get the idea that the matrix itself is destroyed, it only destroys all consciousness within the matrix to start up all over again and again. It's funny, nothing can destroy a matrix but the finite consciousness behind a created matrix!!

I do believe that matrix's have destroyed themselves, it's like a dimension that become that imbalanced that it destroys itself from within, suns are  prime examples of this once an imbalance of energy occurs within a sun. What occurs when a matrix actually destroys itself from within, as it tries to extend it's existence beyond it's own cycle? Think on this, only of finite consciousness can an ego exist and be controlling, what would a controlling imbalanced ego want to occur when a cycle is at it's end? It certainly not going to want to start up all over again to repeat everything within the cycles of a matrix, it wants to keep building up it's empire.

However, there are matrix's that have a very long cycle, they seem to last for eternity but in the end the cycle of a matrix always wins out to start the process up all over again from the very start. Being that matrix's are of finite consciousness, basically, of starting and ending points governed by some kind of time, it's understandable that all matrix's are governed by cycles of starting and ending points. It's also funny to think that these cycles of matrix's are eternal in nature, they will go on forever unless the consciousness behind the matrix destroys itself from within.  

Note: Please do not take anything I have stated here as being fact in any sense, most of what I know is channelled/conveyed through me from external sources.   

Monday, 26 December 2016

Matrix and Finite Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As of anything I write about, it's advisable not to take it as fact or fiction as there is usually very little black and white mentality involved in my writings/thinking. This means I often bring forth the middle ground, an awareness between black an white perceptions. The matrix to me is the condition of a black and white mentality, this means our conscious awareness has to be limited to one and/or the other, there is no middle ground within the matrix.

So what is this matrix?

Matrix: - (mathematics) a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns; treated as a single element and manipulated according to rules.

             - An enclosure within which something originates or develops.

When we invasion a straight sided border around a human being, we usually get a rectangular shape thus a rectangular array of quantities or expressions is evident. These quantities or expressions are also often treated as singular groups, for example, male or female, young or old, poor or rich, atheist or religious, black or white and so on and so on it goes.

Within this matrix, these rectangular quantities or expressions are limited to these set values, this is due to the fact that once we define ourselves as a singular element, we become easier to manipulate. It's this manipulation that sets values to singular elements.

Elements is interesting here because the word element defines a certain quantum, a quantum that is separated by manipulation, basically, the deliberate action of separating one element from another thus creating singular elements. Have you ever heard of the saying divide and conquer, well the matrix itself is all conducive to actions like this. It's simular to the perception of how time separates one moment from another, within this perception, we create finite consciousness, a consciousness that is usually only aware of everything being separated. This in turn creates a black and white mentality, a mentality that can only perceive in finite consciousness.

To me, the second definition of the word matrix should really go like this," An enclosure within which something originates or develops from. The reason for this is you can't create finite consciousness outside of this enclosure of the matrix, this is due to everything that is outside this enclosure, is of infinite consciousness, it has no limitations. The matrix itself exists primarily due to infinite consciousness, a consciousness that is limited through being divided or separated from everything else. We have limitations because we have a perception of division, everything is treated as a single element either singularly or in groups of singular elements.

The matrix is an enclosure of a consciousness that has limitations due to finite perceptions, meaning, everything has a starting and ending point and is singular to others elements. The matrix is a consciousness of division therefore limitations, however, believe it or not, this consciousness is a natural occurrence, we are existing in a natural consciousness of division. As finite consciousness is natural, so is infinite consciousness, just because one existence of a type of consciousness is divided, doesn't mean it's an unnatural occurrence. It's wise not to divide one consciousness or existence as being natural and the other unnatural, this kind of thinking is of a black and white mentality which is of the matrix itself. We have indeed been conditioned to think through and from divisions/separation.

I actually find the matrix itself quite amazing, what it created within itself, within it's limitations, is extraordinary. If we can create so much within such a limited consciousness, how much would we create in a consciousness that isn't limited? To me, the matrix is an awakening to our unlimited self, a self that is not limited consciously, a consciousness defined and influenced by infinite possibilities.

Within the natural course of the matrix becoming more and more limiting, we are awakening to our unlimited potential, our infinite self that isn't divided. What I am saying is it's natural for a matrix, like this, to develop further into a limiting consciousness for us to awaken to our truer being. We are in actuality becoming less trapped within this rectangle, the matrix itself, the more limiting the matrix becomes. Basically, the more naturally destructive this matrix becomes, the more we become aware of its' destructive potential. In effect, the matrix's own limitations are going to be the end of the matrix's illusions, the illusions that all we are is singular elements and only finite in consciousness. The more a consciousness is limited, the more it naturally becomes destructive.

Freedom will come to those who free themselves from the matrix, all this will take is to really know you are within yourself infinite. How many of us believe that death is the end when all it is, is a transition from one state to another. There is no true starting or ending point, there is no limitations to our potential, only in the matrix itself is this true, we are far more than what the matrix represents.                

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Outside The Comfort Zone

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's funny, we so often avoid going outside our comfort zone, a zone that we feel most comfortable and secure in. The emphasis is really on security here, if we don't feel secure, how comfortable are we going to feel? So security seems to be one of the main factors of our comfort zone.

Yes, our comfort zone is of security or relative security compared to the rest of our environment, it's also something we create ourselves within ourselves. Yes, we can be secure in our external environment that's created by others, but if we have no inner security, no amount of external security will create a true secure comfort zone for us, this has to come from within.

Now, if we feel insecure in our external environment, our internal environment, our comfort zone, becomes even more precious to us, at this point, we can indeed get to the point we no longer want to venture out from our comfort zone. The desire to go out of our comfort zone is no longer present. It's amazing how many people have done this and understandably so, especially when you consider the present world environment. I lot of people in the US presently feel just like this, very insecure and again understandably so.

Once our comfort zone is threatened, or seems to be threatened by external influences, we lose the security of our comfort zone, we then instinctively try to bring this back into order in anyway we can. For a lot of people in the US, they are way outside their comfort zone, it's pretty scary for anyone who hasn't been this far out from their comfort zone before. In true reality, our comfort zone should  have nothing to do with external influences even when it seems our comfort zone is threatened by external influences.

When our comfort zone is created through and from external securities, our inner comfort zone will also be in peril of external influences. The reason for this lies in that our comfort zone relies on our external securities, it exists because of our external securities, this is why any comfort zone, created from external securities, are most vulnerable to our external environment.

Never should our comfort zone be created from and through our external environment, our external environment should have nothing to do with our inner internal comfort zone, especially spiritually and/or psychologically. How many people's happiness and security solely relies on our external environment? Wealth and power are good examples and so is prestige, take away these things from people who rely on them for their security, they go to pieces, their comfort zone totally disintegrates.

You will also find that any comfort zone created from and through our external environment, will entrap us within this environment making us quite unaware of the rest of our external environment. For an example, how many billionaires freely giveaway their comfort zone, meaning, how many freely giveaway all their fortune to go outside their comfort zone? They are seemingly observing what is going on outside their comfort zone but there not really observing, they are actually only participating while being encased in their comfort zone. Actual observation takes one to participate as well, especially observing one's own participation outside one's own comfort zone. You can only be a true observer if you observe your own participation, especially if it's outside your comfort zone.

Spiritual awareness is supposed to be about becoming more aware, not less. This means we are supposed to go out from our comfort zone and participate as well as observe our own participation. However, it's advisable not to do this if your comfort zone was created from and through our external environment, this is because our comfort zone in this case is vulnerable to the external environment.

At all times, it is advisable that our comfort zone be created from within, within our internal environment. A lot of spiritual practices teach us this, at times unbeknownst to us. Again, if your comfort zone is created from and through our external environment, it's advisable not to venture out too far from your comfort zone, this is because your comfort zone is vulnerable to our external environment.

Once you have created your comfort zone through your inner internal being, no amount of external influences can disintegrate or influence this kind of zone. You will get to a point where you just smile at everything that is going on around you externally as your security is assured. However, the more we become evolved in our participation of our external environment, the less we will smile. You see, the observer will always smile where's the participator will not and understandably so, this is because the participators comfort zone is always reliant on the external environment, of course the observers security isn't, it's totally reliant on a comfort zone that can't be influenced by our external environment. This is only one reason why we smile in this state.

If you want true internal peace, don't create your comfort zone from and through our external environment, it's too insecure within it's own participation, just be and observe in full comfort of your internal security zone that you created, not someone else.                 

Monday, 12 December 2016

Spirituality, Is There Any Substance To It?

Written by Mathew Naismith

For anyone who has had to deal with significant trauma in there lives, spirituality can seem hollow or fake at times. As I will indicate latter on in this post, it's worth evolving on from this. Yes, there are people who talk about love and unconditional love but only show it to who they choose to show it to. If you are slightly negative or have suffered significant trauma in your life, you are often judged as negative and are often ostracised or abused by many who claim to be, for an example, of unconditional love. As of anything we follow, there is going to be people involved who aren't what they say they are, this is quite a natural and normal occurrence in any following. Please accept this and move on from this, it's worth doing so as I will show latter on.

Here we have people who haven't gone through significant trauma, telling people to take control and be unconditionally loving and above all else, positive. Of course like a lot of fitness fanatics, you will be ostracised or abused if your judged as being negative in any sense. As of being over weight, being traumatised is negative to certain people who only see themselves as highly positive in some sense. I know I go on about being overly positive but I can see a huge contradiction in extremist expressions, as I will explain, balance between life energies is highly beneficial, especially to the traumatised. This includes any traumatised people who feel what is going on in the world. If you really do feel what is going on in the world, you will know exactly what I mean. 

I've come across so many people who are disillusioned and just as traumatised, if not more traumatised, while following certain spiritual teachings. This seems to be due to a truly traumatised person, being unable to step up higher in accordance with the teachings and with other people involvement with these teachings. For me, there is no negative and positive, especially to an extreme, there is also no true higher or lower, this is an illusion but an illusion that is real. Once we judge what is and isn't higher or lower, especially in relation to ourselves, the illusion of negatives and positives, higher or lower, what I call a black and white mentality, becomes real because we have created it. Within this creation, we create even more trauma, especially in relation to the people who are already traumatised.                  

If you haven't previously experienced significant trauma prior to following certain spiritual  teachings, you will most likely experience a certain amounts of trauma in regards to these teachings. If you are unable to bring balance back into your life, you could be worse off following these teachings, especially in regards to western style teachings it would seem. However, if you naturally have an ability beyond normal human comprehension, most teachings will bring balance into your life, making most traumas experienced less traumatising.

Be aware though, a lot of western style teachings, even if there origin is Eastern, can and obviously do cause a traumatised person to become even more traumatised in certain circumstances. Previously traumatised people, in my mind, need to follow teachings that are not of one extreme or another, basically, there is no true depiction of a higher or lower, negative of positive, especially to any extreme, as these are but human perceptions we create.

The following is in relation to me, it basically shows how a balanced perception can ease the sense of trauma, at times quite significantly, allowing us to function at our best. I wrote the following for my facebook friends.    

When I was six years old, I suffered from a fully dislocated elbow that was never put back into it's socket. I latter on worked up to eighteen hours a day at times with this injury void of pain killers.

I once badly tore a ligament in my ankle, after five days of walking on it void of pain killers, I decided to go to the doctor. I was lucky I did because I could have caused permanent damage.

One day I decided to slip off our back step landing and toppling down twelve steps, I ended up with my left shoulder torn 3 inches from it's socket. The soft tissue damage was pretty significant, I went back to work the next day void of pain killers.

No, I'm not tough, resilient yes but not tough, especially in relation to my forebears. I try not to allow pain to control me, this doesn't mean I control pain, it means I balance out pain with non-painful things. However, I do take pain killers in certain circumstances, this occurs when I lose this balance between pain and painlessness, a bad tooth ache is a good example. It's advisable not to over step these boundaries as significant pain can cause long term mental trauma. Take pain killers as required by you, not when required by the pain....!!   

I know spirituality to a lot of people seems like crap but science, including psychology, is proving otherwise because a lot of spiritual practices naturally condition us to balance. There is no hoogly-boogly involvement in conditioning ourselves to a balanced life existence.

Yes, I can't always handle the mental trauma of a long term chronic injury, but I know I would be a lot worse off if it didn't bring some kind of balance into my life. My best advice is, focus on balance, not control.

Some people might find the following articles quite interesting.

Spirituality in all, should give us a balance between our physical and non-physical self, it works on the whole self and not just part of the whole self. Basically, spirituality gives us freedom from the limitations of one extreme or the other, this also includes extremes that relate to the non-physical self as well. A balance between these existences, is to me, the key to freeing ourselves from ourselves and our created limitations.......    

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Observer - A Passive Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

I cannot personally think of a more passive existence than being an observer. An observer being an observer of motion or participation even of one's own participation. It's this involvement or participation of any motion that detracts away from our passive nature, the more the participator we become, the less passive of an existence we create. Of course the more the observer we become, the more passive of  an existence we create, it's all to do with how passive we are and more importantly, more of the observer we become.

It's impossible for a true observer to be anything but passive, Buddha and Jesus are prime examples of this passive existence or being. You can't be aggressive and be a true observer, this means any existence or reality that is noticeably aggressive, is created from other sources, this is why it is said that God's consciousness didn't create realities like we are presently experiencing. No true observer can create a reality that is primarily based on destruction. Basically, the present human mentality wasn't created from anything like a God consciousness, a consciousness that is able to perceive, or more precisely, observe, beyond human conscious perceptions.

A true observer, or if you like, a higher consciousness, is able to observe the bigger picture as it's unlimited within it's observation, basically, there is absolutely no bias within this kind of observation. Human consciousness on the other hand can only observe through it's bias, thus limiting this kind of consciousness to observing a smaller picture. As I have said many times before, what makes human consciousness human, is it's limitations, otherwise it's not human. This is the same with God's consciousness or any simular consciousness to God's consciousness, it's the limitlessness that makes a God like consciousness, a higher consciousness, what it is.

This kind of consciousness is also known as the divine inner self within all things, basically, it's an energy that connects all things no matter how unobservant a consciousness becomes, even of itself.  This energy is divine, in that no matter how disconnected a consciousness feels, it is always connected to everything else through this energy within all things. It's quite understandable why we call this kind of energy divine, and this is why it's also said that we never truly became disconnected to this divine energy. I have personally come across consciousness's that tried to disconnect themselves from this energy flow, all I did was smile, while being aware that they will always be connected to this consciousness no matter how hard they try to disconnect themselves from this inner divine energy.

All we have done is stopped being a true observer while experiencing human consciousness. Being that human consciousness limitations also include being unaware of our truer being, it's quite understandable why we have stopped being an observer in lieu of being a participator, a consciousness that is unable to perceive beyond it's numerous limitations. True freedom from our present situation, can only obtained through the awareness of how limited human consciousness actually is, of course a controlling ego will tell you otherwise as always!!   

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dreams - Participate or Observe

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's funny to re-enact out different dream scenarios while still dreaming. It would have been good if it was a nice dream but that wasn't the case, however, this particular dream had it's purpose. It's like being shouted at because you didn't listen to the whispers. This is so typical of me though as I can at times become overly involved in certain motions around me. This is funny coming from a person who has, on numerous occasions, written about avoiding expressing too much motion, for each motion we express, creates reactive motions. It would be nice if I practiced in what I preached, basically, put into motion what I often state!!

I played out this dream but I didn't like it's outcome, I then decided to replay the dream out but playing it out differently, I basically became more involved, more of motion,  in relation to the outcome of the dream. The dream was played out in a different scenario but this adversely change the course of the dream, further intervention by me made things a lot worse in the dream.

Take three; involved me to re-enact the dream out again but just as an observer, not a participator. This action by me to just become an observer, didn't change the path the dream was taking but it didn't make things worse either. I also wasn't observing the dream on my own either, as I wasn't on my own participating in the dream.

Too Involved!!: I don't like certain things that are occurring in the world at present, I have become involved, more expressive of motions in regards to these occurrences in the world. I basically don't like the scenarios they are playing out and the possible outcome of these scenarios. My dream was dark and ominous, this is how I see these occurrences in the world that I am reacting to, basically, these occurrences have caused a reaction by people like myself. It's cause and effect, the cause being what is seen as unbecoming to me, the effect, my reaction to the cause of my reaction. My reaction being sad with certain events in the world, this sadness has caused a reaction by me, of course this reaction is natural for a caring person to express, put into motion.

The observer on the other hand reacts quite differently, they observe while avoiding to become a participator no matter what occurs. We might think this is cold-hearted, lacking care or sympathy for other people's plight but this isn't the case at all. As the dream I had showed, intervention can actually cause more problems than what it solves, the more intervention, the worse the outcome can be. In my case this seems to be case. Some people's path is to intervene, my path is to not intervene or become to involved through participation while losing the ability to observe.

It is well known in quantum physic, that one can influence an outcome through observation alone, various science experiments, like the double slit experiment, seem to show this to be the case. The observer through observation alone, can influence a scenario but is more likely to influence a scenario in a more constructive way than a participator would. The reason for this lies in that the observer is more aware while not being involved than they would if involved while participating. The observer is of wisdom and awareness, this is lacking in being a participator as the more of a participator we become, the less aware and wise we will be. Yes, certain amounts of wisdom can be obtained through experiences but we must also remember, being an observer is also an experience, the only difference is, one is experiencing life through wisdom and awareness, the other most likely or obviously isn't.

Observation: In a lot of Western spirituality these days, a lot of love is being expressed, an observer who has a truer form of love, can influence what they observe without being a participator, however, a person of this kind of love must observe what they want to influence. In a lot of cases, this isn't occurring because we often judge what is and isn't negative and avoid what we have judged as such. We basically only want to observe the niceties of life and avoid participating in anything else not nice, this is fair enough, however, we are also avoiding observing anything not of these niceties. How can we influence anything if we are not even an observer of what we want to influence?

Try constructively influencing anything you are unwilling to observe. It is by the way unwise to influence anything you are unwilling to even observe, influencing anything through that lack of wisdom and awareness, is obviously an unwise thing to do. It's like taking a swim in known shark infested waters, if you haven't observed these sharks yourself, they just can't exist!! Yes, it's dangerous for any consciousness to try to influence what they are not observing, being primarily a participator, as most of us are, is doing just this.

If you participate too much, you lose being an observer and a constructive influencer of what is being observed, only then through participating can we be influential, however, because we haven't properly or wisely observed what we are influencing, it's like swimming in shark infested waters before observation.

What if we don't participate enough, we observe more than we participate, this would have to be a better way to exist? Has any consciousness the right to influence what they are not participating in? In actuality, if you are not also participating, you will most likely not have a need to influence what you observe, this is usually the case. A consciousness primarily of an observer, will not see a need or a desire to influence what they are not apart of.

What I am observing is that we have very little balance between an observer and a participator, it has to be one or the other when in actuality it should be both simultaneously. Yes, we have all this love, and maybe the ability to observe, but we still only want to observe the niceties while shunning and avoiding observing the not so niceties of life. 

In the dream, I first participated void of observation but because I didn't like the scenario of the dream, I then influenced the dream more void of observation, this obviously made things worse, not better. In the end, I observed what I participated in, in the first place, the scenario wasn't good still but it was a lot better than trying to influence something I wasn't observing. I didn't observe enough in the dream to constructively influence the dream scenario, this is still to come it would seem......                              

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Simultaneous Existence part3

Written by Mathew Naismith

Philosophical presentism is the view that neither the future nor the past exist.[1] In some versions of presentism, this view is extended to timeless objects or ideas (such as numbers). According to presentism, events and entities that are wholly past or wholly future do not exist at all. 

You project aspects of your consciousness into many different timeframes, simultaneously. You, at the human level, receive information from your other selves, in different amounts and at different moments, as you need them. There is much more influencing us than what we recognize.

Time = motion

Timelessness = motionless

It's impossible for a simultaneous existence to exist while we have a perception of time, of course time being of motion. The perception of motion gives us an idea that everything is governed by time, basically, everything is governed and perceived through motion. The perception of motion then gives us a perception of a past and future, within this singular perception, simultaneous existence is impossible, however, time, therefore motion, is only one part of what we are apart of as a whole. We must also consider our motionless self, our self that is not governed by the perception of time therefore motion.

Time as we know it seems to be man made. We live on a planet that revolves around a sun that gives us a perception of day and night, of course this perception of time is created from motion, the motion of a revolving planet, however time is not just governed by a revolving planet, distance or space also determines time and motion. Man didn't create this universe that is predominantly governed by motion therefore time. It is obvious man didn't create time as he didn't create motion. Man instead is governed by time and motion, this is all, and it's this influence that denies the possibility of being of a simultaneous existence.

It's basically a time (motion) based consciousness denying the existence of a timeless (motionless) based existence. Now, how many timeless based consciousness's deny the existence of time based existences, time being an illusion which was created by man? Within this perception, all time based existences are an illusion, however, time based consciousness's also perceive that timeless based existences are an illusion, which perception is right over the other? Neither, because we really exist within a simultaneous existence, existences of time and timelessness, of motion and motionlessness void of the denial of other existences. Only a limited consciousness would deny an existence of other existences not of it's own existence or comprehension!!

Where is our balance? It has to be one or the other, not a simultaneous existence of time/motion and timelessness/motionlessness. This again is a black and white mentality which I don't conform to. Where is the balance between our motion and motionless existences when one is an illusion and the other is not an illusion? Which one is the illusion to what conscious existence either of time or timelessness? Of course one will always state the other is the illusion, until you realise we do indeed exist within a simultaneous existence, not one or the other.        

A time based consciousness states that timeless based existences are an illusion, only time based existences truly exist.

A timeless based consciousness states time based existences are an illusion, only timeless based existences truly exist.       

It is wise to remember that time, therefore motion, was not created by man, man is only a participator of time, not the creator of time.

Time = participation

Timelessness = observer

I thought the following response, to my last post, from a good internet friend of mine was interesting.

If one's Memory is good, one can remember many lifetimes and even other dimensional life's and forms that are not human. There is also the between realms.

ms world besides. It all is complicated in human form to remember and can cause problems if one has lost their balance.

My reply

Absolutely Michael, well stated.

I don't think human consciousness itself is able to comprehend anything beyond it's own existence, if it tries to do so, one can cause oneself unnecessary trauma. What makes human consciousness human is it's limitations.

However, we are certainly not just of human existence and consciousness, we are all of what is. Within this knowing state, we are able to comprehend, to one extent or another, other existences, basically becoming aware of our whole being.

As the world around us is going to hell, people like us are becoming more aware of our truer being. We no longer feel we belong as the present existence is only a part of one part of our whole being, I think the present situation on Earth is bringing this awareness forward.
It would seem we have lost balance between human existence and all our other existences that represent our whole self, we are just not of one existence but of all existences. However, I do understand why human consciousness is unable to comprehend this. To comprehend this, we need a balance between this existence and all other existences. This just isn't occurring for a lot of us, we are becoming more human while denouncing all other existences that are also a part of us.


Through this, you get the idea  how infinite we really are as a whole, even within time itself as time based existences are endless within their motions, expressions and perceptions. As is timelessness infinite, so too is time within it's endless motion.

Freedom comes with the need to become aware of the whole, not what we desire the whole to be!!