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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Fallen Angels

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am going to make reference to Abrahamic religious beliefs to some extent, so if you have any fear or disdain for religion, I suggest you don't read on. I am an open minded person, so expressions of disdain, fear and bias are going to less likely be present in my views and opinions. I am simply going to relate fallen angels to egoistic existences. 

First of all I am not going to refer to angels as winged human beings but of a consciousness, soul or spirit, that are existing in an egomaniac reality while remaining virtuous or egoless. It is of the philosophical opinion that man, human beings, are egoistic by nature. Are not humans primarily or entirely of humans first and foremost? Look at the fallen angels, the egotistic people, which are trying to presently control the whole of the world's natural resources, thus creating a reality for and of egomaniacs. Is a reality of and created by egotistic people, soul or spirits, a depiction of hell? What is going to occur when the ozone layer is completely diminished? The Earth will indeed burn giving a depiction of what is called hell. Don't despair as not all is lost.

We must first realise we are in a reality created by egoistic people to primarily serve the human ego, at no time in a reality like this expect other people to act humanely and peacefully. When this occurs, and it can occur quite often even in a reality entirely controlled by the ego, this is not of fallen angels. An angel is simply a person whose disposition is not controlled by the ego, a soul or spirit that has not given into the devil if you like. The devil being of an egomaniac disposition. Yes, we are all controlled by the egomaniacs, after all we are in their reality that they have created, but we still have a choice to be of the angels, a soul or spirit not of egoistic dispositions.

Yes, within an ego reality balance is the key, a balance of angels and fallen angles or of yin and yang, spiritualism and materialism, positive and negative and so on. I think to expect this kind of reality to be humanely peacefully perfect is unrealistic. Become aware of where you are at present and aware of whom you are. Are you what the present reality depicts? It is quite obvious that a lot of people, souls or spirits, are not of what the present reality depicts but at no time expect a depiction of hell to turn into heaven. Heaven being a place of peace, delight and bliss to an ego. It is peaceful, delightful and blissful to the ego when the ego starts letting go of the egos controlling ways.

My advice, especially at this stage of the game, is to stand firm to your virtues no matter what ideology or ism you follow.       

In Abrahamic religionsfallen angels are angels who were expelled from Heaven. The term "fallen angel" appears neither in the Bible nor in other Abrahamic scriptures, but is used of angels who were cast out of heaven or angels who sinned. Such angels are often malevolent towards humanity.

Christianity shifted the origin of the fallen angels towards the beginning of history. Accordingly, fallen angels became identified with angels who were led by Satan in rebellion against God[6] and became equated with demons.[10]


Friday, 26 October 2018

Experiencing the Eternal Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all, I humbly apologise to my readers who are unable to understand the English language as I am going to start this post off with a video that is in English. If you can understand the English language, please watch the video before reading on. If you can't understand the English language, I will explain, in my own words, what the video is about so you can translate the English language into you own language.     

The video is about experiencing no self, a state of consciousness that is not about the self separate from all other selves but about a state of the eternal self or divine self. The strange thing is, the eternal self isn't about the self at all as there is no self or even self awareness. The eternal self refers to the eternal being where all is as one and acts as one, even while experiencing a reality where everything has its own identity, its own self.

Yes, you can experience individuality while in a state of eternal being, make no mistake, we are all doing this right now, it's just most of us are unaware of this. We are unaware because our present consciousness is conditioned primarily to the self, individuality. How many people refer to the inner self or self awareness? Materialism or anything else that the ego in control feeds on is often of the self, of an individual identity, how else would the ego in control survive? I wrote a few years ago on a spiritual forum in how we don't even own our own personal thoughts, as usual this wasn't well received or accepted.

So why am I making reference to the eternal self? How else is the ego going to be able to comprehend anything if we don't refer to the self? The ego in control needs to relate to something to comprehend it and then understand it.

Any ego that is conditioned to the self or individuality in any sense, is a good indication that the ego is conditioned to individuality, a state of separate entities. I am self aware or I am of the inner self is still making reference to an individual entity, only because the ego in control can only comprehend this eternal state of being as self. The ego in control needs to start somewhere so it will naturally relate eternal being to the eternal self. It's important to allow the ego to go through this process. At no time have any kind of disdain for the ego in control, avoiding this will allow the process of enlightenment to happen naturally. Simply go with the flow and remember, the ego desires control and will try to control this process, try to avoid this by simply becoming aware of the egos controlling ways. Sadly, I have lost count in how many Western spiritually aware people make reference to taking control and empowerment.

I have at no time in my life have become spiritually aware, I have simply let go of the attachments of control. Yes, I have allowed myself to be controlled for to take control of being controlled is still control. What I have done is simply detached myself from control, even while being controlled myself. It's important to remember, it's our self that is being controlled, not our eternal being. The only way control can be implemented or exist is through the self as an individual entity. Yes, myself has become spiritually aware but not my eternal being for there is nothing to become aware of, only the self can experience a sense of becoming aware or enlightenment.

I, at one time, had a Reiki teacher say to me after my treatment with them, "You have experienced the lotus flower in this life." The lotus flower refers to detachments brought into being by the ego. I had to say no, not in what you would refer to in this life but what you would refer to in another life. The soul perspective is, it's all one life with different life experiences to be experienced. The ego refers to different life experiences to be experienced as lives lived separate to all other lives lived, however, the soul sees it as one life which is more eternal and limitless where the ego sees it as ephemeral and limited. In so-called past lives, I have had numerous experiences pertaining to the lotus flower. My soul simply sees life experiences as one life with no separation.

I know this is hard to truly comprehend but life as whole is not about the human self, it's about the eternal being which is often referred to as our truer being, or as the ego sees it, our truer self or inner self. Yes, it makes a difference once you start referring to the eternal self as the eternal being but remember, the ego has to start somewhere. Be patient  with the ego and try to go through the process of awareness without trying to take control of this process.

Yes, these are trying times to the self, they always have been throughout human history, but not to the eternal being. Your soul may want to stay unaware of the eternal being, I didn't even want to become aware of the things I am aware of as the self but my soul said otherwise, this is the way it is. If the soul says it wants to experience being controlling, that is the way it will be, accept this and move on for all is of the eternal being.    

One more thing, the eternal being isn't separate to the self; it's not a separate entity or state. The eternal being is everything in what it is and in how it is, this includes the perception of self and the self's ego and all the ego creates. Once you experience the eternal being, only then do you realise there is no ultimate state separate to all other states. All that is without exception is of the ultimate state, in actuality, consciousnesses, like experiencing human consciousness, can often be seen as an ultimate state for the eternal being. To be humble is to deny the ego control, especially while being controlled by the ego!! Not an easy phrase for the ego in control to understand, as I should know myself as I am what you are without question.   

The following might be a good read for some people, not that I have read it myself.            

Extract: Your Eternal Self ends by describing what our purpose seems to be in life, what true spirituality is, how people can grow spiritually to change themselves so they have love and bliss in their lives, how they can provide that loving legacy for their children's children, and what the research has shown about the world of the afterlife.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Going Beyond the Inner Self Projection

Written by Mathew Naismith

We most often perceive an inner and outer self, the inner self being our truer being and the outer self being our projected being. The truer being or self pertains to the self that is not influenced by external environments, where the outer self is primarily of and created by our external environment. For example, our five senses are primarily of our outer self thus giving us a projected image of our outer environment. Our inner self at no time is influenced by our five senses thus giving us a projected image of our inner environment. Of course if you are totally reliant on the five senses, nothing beyond the five senses can be comprehended therefore exist, this is quite understandable.

When we talk about the inner self, this is still projecting an inner environment as opposed to an outer environment through the five senses. Only through the five senses can the existence of an inner and outer environment or self exist, this is because in out, back forth, up down, are all based on our five senses. Our five senses were created by our physical environment and our physical environment is completely determined to what is in out, back forth, up down, in other words time based realities or existences. We, through our five senses, have projected an existence of day and night on a revolving planet going around the sun. We are completely conditioned to a reality of days and nights therefore time. Is not the projection of day and night the same as the inner and outer self? The projection being, one is inner so the other is outer. This is still based primarily of the conditioning of the five senses.

As in night and day, we are still projecting an image of an inner and outer self which is still primarily based on time therefore our five senses. The inner self exist only because the outer self exists as in day only exists because night exists. These are simply projections governed by our physical environment, no more. Isn't the perception of an inner self reliant on the existence of an outer self, in other words the inner self owes it's existence to the perception of an outer self, as in day and night. Within this, we are still primarily reliant on a physical existence and time to give us a projected image of an inner self. Now imagine going beyond this projection.

I have inserted a small article bellow where Sadhguru mentions the inner self. In my own words, the atman, the eternal self, refers to the real self beyond ego; this is what is known as the inner self, a self in the absence of ego. This egoless self is projected to being inner only because the present environment we are experiencing is ego. The ego is projected as being of the outer self and the self in the absence of ego is projected as being the inner self. What makes an inner and outer state in the absence of ego? Ego completely relies on time to exist, in other words motion like in out, back forth, up down, starting and ending points. In a state in the absence of ego, inner and outer selves simply don't exist, only in existences based on time and motion can inner and outer selves exist. What we project to be our eternal self is not governed by time because in this state there is no starting or ending points, it's simply an eternal state of being. Instead of stating an eternal state of being, we most often state inner self, how else is the ego self going to relate to the eternal self otherwise? This is exactly like nothing beyond the five senses can be comprehended therefore exist, this is unless we use what the five senses comprehends, in out, back forth, up down, starting and ending points.

Once you comprehend the inner self, the eternal self, let go of this projection of the inner self. In reality though, once you truly comprehend the eternal self, there is no ego in control to stay attached to the projection of the inner self as opposed to the outer self.

I truly hope this is comprehensible as I am aware where this kind of awareness can lead.

Extract: People are always asking me, “Sadhguru, you are talking about so many subjects. Where do you get the time to read?” I say, “I don’t read.” What is there in front of me, I perceive it as it is and that is it. There is no need to carry the burden of knowledge on your head if your perception is keen enough. So perception can be raised to various levels through certain inner instruments. “Is it very difficult? Can I rise beyond my senses? Do I have to withdraw to a Himalayan cave to do this?”

Monday, 22 October 2018

Soul Experience of Open Mindedness

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are simply born with an open mind, all else is a condition of the mind by our environment to think one way or another. I have allowed my step daughter to be and think as she likes, she is now a self-proclaimed atheist. At no point has my wife or I tried to influence her to be and think as we are. I started off my life in an atheistic environment, I am now a............what ever. I am a what ever simply because of the extent of my open mindedness.
We are born with an open mind, this means we are neither a believer of disbeliever of anything as all our beliefs and disbeliefs are determined by our environment. Did I disbelieve in God when I was born? No, as I simply had no comprehension of what beliefs and disbelief were until my environment determined what was a belief and what was a disbelief. My atheistic environment soon determined what was a disbelief. This closed mindedness of what to believe and what to disbelieve limited my acceptance of other people and their views, in other words my consciousness was being limited to certain specifics and certain specifics only. Having experienced certain experiences beyond what atheism dogmatically determined to exist, I found myself drifting away from the exceptionally limiting doctrines of atheism.
I have got myself in a lot of trouble being so open minded, I have lost count how many people have been offended by my open mindedness. To give you an idea of my open mindedness, I don't believe we experience various lives; we experience one life while experiencing different experiences from one life experience to another. It's like a stage play where you act in one play, (one life), while acting (experiencing) different scenes or acts. It's as though I am looking at life through the soul perspective instead of the human perspective, there is no separation as in the perception of individual lives lived. It's one life with different scenes or environments to experience life through.          
Looking at life through a soul perspective has conditioned my human mind to not just look at myself as being of a particular colour or culture. I don't see myself as being just of a white Australian. How many people today take offence of another culture pointing out the truths in their own culture? If anyone from another culture was to say how uncivilized we were in Australia in how we treated the Australian Aboriginals. I would agree and not be offended by such truths. How many people today are offended by this kind of truth, especially if it's to do with their own culture? These easily offended people's culture comes first and foremost; now add colour and creed to this. How offensive is it when a white man is offended by a black mans truth about a white man?             
My own environment of not separating one life experience from another, has allowed me to look beyond my own colour, creed and culture. I once interacted with Australian aboriginals that didn't think much of white people, in the end they couldn't believe I was a white Australian. This was because I didn't firstly see myself as a white Australian of a certain colour and creed, I was simply a soul having an experience. How many US citizens would be offended, especially if an Eastern cultured person, pointed out that Australians are war mongers for supporting the US in nearly every conflict the US has started or were involved in? Are we spiritual if we continually put our own colour, creed and culture before the soul experience? In truth, I am a white Australian at present, should this negate my entire life lived by my soul? To a lot of people who think they are spiritual it often does. If you are easily offended by another person from another culture telling the truth about your own culture, it's likely you are not truly spiritual as being spiritual relates to being primarily of the soul and/or spirit. If you put your present human self in anyway before the spirit or soul, you are simply not spiritual. I have lost count how many self-proclaimed spiritual people have been offended by the truth I tell, either about my own culture or someone else's culture. Numerous Western spiritual people were offended by my research and writings on the Eastern and Western mind, and I am of a Western culture and white!! Look at it this way, how many new age spiritual people are offended by a simple word or phrase that they have judged to be negative or toxic?
How often is the self put before the soul or spirit in a lot of new age spirituality? It's most often about how good I humanly feel, not how good I spiritually feel. A lot of relationships work like this. At first they please each other and make each other feel good until the momentum of making each other feel good all the time diminishes. What do a lot of new age spiritual people do? Try expressing anything they have judged as being negative. You are most often instantly disposed of because this so-called negative doesn't feed their egos and makes them feel good all the time. I did not enter in a relationship with my wife and expect her to make me feel good all the time or even half the time, I certainly don't expect or demand this from life itself.
My relationship with life itself, or if you like with God, Shiva, Allah, Gaia and so on, is not built upon expecting or demanding that life should always be about making me feel good or even positive. Look around you at present, see what expecting or demanding that life makes us feel good all the time is doing. Life itself isn't about feeling good, it's simply about an experience just like the experience I have with my wife, where there are no expectations or demands that we make each other feel good all the time. Today, most ideologies and isms are being misused and abused in this way to simply feed an ever hungry ego in control. This is what I call abuse of energy.
Considering the following information, it's amazing how often I go way outside my comfort zone to experience other people's experiences. At times this makes me feel good, at other times it doesn't make me feel good but life experiences isn't, to me, about feeling good, it's about a soul or spiritual experience. To realise this, one must look through the eyes of the soul or spirit, not through a controlling ego that demands to feel good all the time. What often occurs when the ego in control is fed something that doesn't make it feel good? It's usually labeled negative or toxic!!                    
Children are born Open-Minded. It’s Vital we don’t Teach them Otherwise.

Extract: Open-mindedness is receptiveness to new ideas. Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others, and "incorporate the beliefs that others should be free to express their views and that the value of others’ knowledge should be recognized."[1][2] "An open-minded person characteristically moves beyond or temporarily sets aside his own doxastic commitments in order to give a fair and impartial hearing to the intellectual opposition."[3]Another closely related definition sees open-mindedness as the "willingness to take a novel viewpoint seriously."[4]
According to Wayne Riggs, open-mindedness springs from an awareness of the inherent fallibility of one's beliefs; hence, open-minded individuals are more inclined to listen to, and seriously consider, alternative viewpoints.

6 Keys to an Open Mind

1. Fight the urge to react in anger when you hear differing opinions
2. Avoid closing yourself off
3. Place yourself out of your comfort zone
4. stay social and make new friends
5. Don't be afraid to ask questions
6. Avoid speculation

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Written by Mathew Naismith

I am not relating togetherness to two people or a family being together, in actuality I am not relating togetherness with separate and individualised energy forms. I am actually going to relate togetherness as energy simply being observed as energy, no matter how different forms of energy behave to other parts of energy. In other words I would like my readers to perceive is that energy is simply perceived as being energy without any separating and division of energy.

Look at it like a jar of water where there are different particles to the water but the water is still observed as being water. I often observe this universe like a jar of water, in actuality I look the whole existence like this with no separation. Now perceive that each particle within the jar of water represents good and bad, negative and positive, wrong and right, black and white. No matter how much we try to separate and divide ourselves from our present reality, we are still like the jar of water. This is why a lot of new age ideologies are not for people like me, they are all about separation and division through perceptions of, for example, negatives and positives. In other word they are of the present reality of separation and division.

I still use words like negative and positive, good and bad, wrong and right to some degree. How I use them is not to separate and divide one from the other but to observe, like the jar of water, different parts of the whole. Honestly, if you could observe energy outside 3rd dimensional aspects, you would observe there is no separation and division of energy, no matter how each energy form or motion of energy behaves.

We presently observe that there is a distance, therefore separation, between ourselves and another form, like one person to another or even a person in relation to a rock. What if I said, like the jar of water, that there is an energy between one form and another. It's like how we perceive, therefore observe, how our planet is separate through its individuality and distance from other planets within the solar system and the universe as a whole. The universe is absolutely full of energy with no actual space between one form and another. How much space is there in a full jar of water? Yes, you have air particles and other particles but it's still all connected by other forms of energy that make up water.

How many people say we have to go in to change the world or to influence ourselves to be of a different vibration? I've said this myself on numerous occasions however you don't actually go in. The reason for this is there is no in and out, up and down, left and right, back and forth, accept in a perception of a 3rd dimensional reality. Of course only being able to primarily observe through 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions, going in is beneficial in relation to being able to observe other dimensional aspects of energy as a whole. We have simply created a reality where we have to go in to be able to observe other dimensional aspects of ourselves and everything else. There is no in and out in a state where you primarily observe energy in its purest state. To perceive an in and out is a separation and division of energy. Try to remember this while using words like negative and positive, in and out, to describe something.

You really don't go in. What occurs is you become familiar with the energy between object and forms, the energy that's between and connects all forms of energy, like the jar of water. Look at it like the spirit within all things. How often do we observe without the acknowledgment of the spirit within all things? The spirit within all things isn't just referring to different forms or mass, it's to do with the whole jar of water, including the jar itself. You could look at the jar as being the universe and everything else in this jar being of the water with different individual particles of positive and negative, good and bad, in and out, etc, in it. You could say that the spirit within all things is simply energy without separation and division.

I should remind you that I am not religious, I was brought up in an atheistic environment, I simply don't have any fear or bias of or against religion or the perception of God. I haven't been an atheist for some years now for a very good reason. I don't blame religion for all of the world wars and crises. Most of the people in the world are religious, so if most of the people in the world were atheist, we wouldn't be were we are at now? As psychology has proven, its human nature to be as we are, no matter what ideology or ism we follow. I would say we would be worse off if most of us were atheists. As studies have proven, in relation to morals, atheists would trust a religious person before they would trust another atheist. Could you imagine being in a reality were no one trusts anyone morally?       

Getting back to the main discussion. Imagine the jar being the hand of God and everything else being the water like in the jar accept in this case it's simply the spirit within all things. I like the perception of God simply because the perception of God gives me a comprehension of oneness; of course you can use other means to do this as well in accordance with your own ideology or ism.

Of course with the jar of water there is a perception of up and down, in and out and so forth. What I am trying to portray using the analogy of a jar of water, is that everything is of one energy source. It's like going in to change yourself to change the world; you have to use 3rd dimensional examples so that the 3rd dimensional mind can comprehend beyond 3rd dimensional aspects of itself. 

The jar of water simply exemplifies togetherness, no matter how much we desire to separate ourselves from this jar of water.        

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Creating World Peace!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

What a horrendous task, even thinking about creating world peace seems futile as the task to accomplish this seems so horrendous. Only to the ego in control, truly.

I have often expressed lately about how we should avoid abusing energy, not just in regards to our natural resources but energy as a whole, this includes the way we use and abuse ideologies and isms.

The ideology or ism may present itself, but may never be pushed on people. Imagine pushing Hinduism, Taoism or Buddhism onto other people, as soon as you do this, you lose the meaning and the substance of that ideology or ism. The ideology or ism may present itself to you but you must approach the ideology or ism, not it approach you, anything else is simply abuse of this energy. How is materialism or certain kinds of Christianity or Islam or even certain kind of new age spirituality used? They are often used in approaching you, not you approaching them, of course not all of Christianity, Islam or new age spirituality is used in this manner.

Think on this, when an ideology or ism is forced upon people, what occurs? Often chaos and destruction, anything but peace, now imagine when ideologies and isms are not pushed onto people. Hard to recall in the West isn't it? Of course ideologies and isms like Hinduism, Taoism or Buddhism are often only presented to be approached; they don't approach you if used properly as this is the way they are structured. Once these ideologies and isms are used incorrectly, in other words abused, they are no longer truly of what they are supposed to represent.

I was recently active in a world peace group. One of the discussions was about consciousness so I mentioned the following. "Some scientists actually surmise that a far more advanced and aware consciousness might have created this universe, seen as scientists are today able to create mini-universes. They also think it's possible to create a self-aware consciousness and biological matter within a human created universe.
Also, there are scientists that believe and hypothesize that a form of consciousness exists within everything. Taking this into consideration as well, it is obvious that any universe created by a consciousness is of the consciousness that created it. This of course gives credence to the perception and belief of a creative source (God) of all things."
One of the group members, of a world peace group by the way, took obvious offence to me relating god to the creations of the universe. They demanded evidence and even proof to my claims above. As they obviously didn't know, claims don't need supporting evidence to be a claim. Even after presenting evidence and even two lots of supporting evidence that claims don't have to be supported by evidence, they continued over and over again with their demand.
You see this particular person follows an ideological doctrine that's not supposed to be interested in accepting or rejecting any claims that gods exist or do not exist. However, he literally used this ideology to the extent of strictly forbidding the acceptance of this universe in anyway being attributed to a God. He in fact used and abused his own ideological doctrines to the extent of rejecting any claims of the existence of Gods of any kind. I even ended up supporting some of my claims using science, this was instantly rejected of course which goes against his own doctrines of his ideology. After numerous claims by him, he presented evidence but evidence from a philosophy source, not from a credible scientific source that he consistently demanded from me. This person was taking more of an atheist stance than an apatheist stance.         
Sadly, this person was supported by other members of this group, even while he was obviously abusing me and his ideology. Lying, deceiving and manipulation to protect your biases are indeed of abuse. To force your own ideological doctrines onto someone else over and over again is also of abuse. If he's ideology had any substances to it, all he had to do is present it to me but this was clearly not the case.
If you follow an ideology or ism correctly, the substance of the ideology or ism should speak for itself. All you should need to do is present it; anything else is going to lead anywhere else but to peace. If used incorrectly, ideologies and isms will create biases. Biases create lies, deception and manipulation because of the way we abuse energy, such as ideologies and isms. Try lying, deceiving and manipulating in the absence of biases, of course the more extreme our bias is, the more we will lie, deceive and manipulate, in other words abuse energy.
Try to think of everything as pure energy, no biases to what kind of energy, just energy without labels or tags. Once you actually experience a state of only perceiving everything as simply being energy, you will have a different outlook to life for the rest of your life. Within this state, you can actually observe the difference to energy being abused and energy not being abused. Energy being abused looks all chaotic and distorted. When energy isn't being abused, it looks sedate and proportional. Abusing the ideologies and isms the way we are doing, will of course lead to a chaotic distorted reality.
I am an advocate against abusing energy; this includes abusing ideologies and isms. I am not an advocate against all ideologies and isms but I don't, in a bias way, follow any ideology or ism. Yes, I often use a number of concepts and principles of various ideologies and isms, but I try not to use them in an abusive way.  Abuse by the way also includes feeding energy off of each other. How many new age ideologies rely completely on continually feeding the ego in control? You have to express a lot of motion by feeding each others ego otherwise the momentum is lost. This often occurs. The controlling ego could gorge itself on all the energy in the universe, this still wouldn't be enough. If an ideology or ism has to keep approaching you to feed it, this is simply an indication of abuse of energy.
I am aware that some of this, if not all of this, is going to be hard to comprehend to anyone who can't perceive that everything is pure energy. If you are a Westerner or even an Easterner, research on panpsychism or even idealism. Most Eastern cultures have their own way of presenting what I stated here in their own way. I don't' myself consort to idealism.    
World peace is simply obtained through desisting or stopping in the abuse of energy, it really is this simple.                     

Sunday, 14 October 2018

A consciousness outside the square

Written by Mathew Naismith

"This is the first lesson ye should learn. There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn't behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us. This is a universal law, and until one begins to make application of same, one may not go very far in spiritual or soul development." 

The following makes reference to past lives (reincarnation), the phenomena of time and ancient Egypt. Keep in mind that I have an open mind that is often free of our present conscious limitations. It is okay to think I am delusional, I just see it being able to look outside the square, outside our present conscious conditioning. The following is copy of a discussion I had with another person who is also able to look outside the square. It is quite a long post though, sorry for that.      

The ancient Egyptians felt all souls are offered two paths.

People can enter into the process of reincarnation and learn life's spiritual truths in this physical dimension. Or they can choose to remain in the spiritual realm.

The Egyptians associated Osiris with the reincarnation path I think. This is interesting for me because Edgar Cayce was I believe the reincarnation of Osiris. And reincarnation was one of the central themes for Edgar Cayce.

Cayce had the ability to tell people about their past lives going back to Egypt and even Atlantis. And he didn't just tell them about their past lives. He told them how those experiences were affecting them in their current life and the deeper meaning about those experiences.

Here's a classic book about reincarnation. During a past life experience in Egypt Elisabeth Haich experienced the Egyptian initiation rites. She was shown her future lifetimes and given the choice of whether or not she wanted to have those experiences in this physical world.

Elisabeth Haich chose to have those experiences even though it would involve a lot of suffering.

[Paperback – July 28, 2000]
by Elisabeth Haich

There's theories about what exactly reality is.

Some people say there are an infinite number of universes. Although I have read and believe there are 12 universes.

However the following message gets into some very strange questions about the nature of time.

Time is a very mysterious subject that is not well understood by scientists today.

There are strange theories about reincarnation like people can be reincarnated into any time period past or future or even live the same life over again to try to change something they deeply regret.

The idea that someone could live the same life over again raises many strange a paradoxical questions about the true nature of time. It implies that time is something other than a strictly sequential, linear process.

It also implies that everyone, everything, and really the entire universe exists in an infinite number of possible futures which may or may not actually play out in this physical dimension. Because to be reincarnated for the same life and change even one thing creates a different path into the future.

If I recall correctly Edgar Cayce said he repeated a life experience in the American Old West time period. During the first incarnation Edgar used his psychic abilities in bad ways like to win money gambling. That incarnation ended in disaster for Edgar. Then when Edgar repeated that incarnation he lived his life differently.

This starts to get into questions that are far beyond human comprehension I think. It may be an indication of how all of our destinies are intertwined in ways that are very subtle and complex.

The Lives of Edgar Cayce
[Paperback – August 1, 1995]
by W. H. Church

My Reply
As of always, very informative Jeff, thank you.

Yes, if we limit ourselves to only living one life that is all we will remember, this of course doesn't mean we only lived one life. It's the same with astral travelling, they say everyone astral travels, it's just we are unaware of it or choose to be unaware of it.

I was aware I had a choice in how I was going to lead the rest of my life from my late teens. I chose ignorance over awareness, or, a common normal life to a spiritual life. I didn't like being able to ask any question and get an immediate correct answer. Sounds stupid doesn't it but it's true. Being able to ask any question and get a correct answer out of the blue felt normal within myself but it wasn't normal in regards to the rest of my environment.

However, I tried to be average in relation to my environment, this did not always eventuate. I at one time I could feel and know of the thoughts and feelings of perpetrators and victims of crime. Not the best of experiences to have but it gave me a better understanding of how human consciousness works.

Yes, souls can choose to exist as a God (immortal) or of a mortal being. Can a soul that chose a mortal existence choose at any time a God like existence? Time is a strange phenomena, can you go back from choosing an immortal or mortal existence again and choose differently? It's the same as choosing to relive a life again in my mind.

I always smile at one of my lives in ancient Egypt, even when we ended being separated and banished in outlying areas of Egypt. We were so aware and consciously advanced compared to the rest of our environment. Being banished was a part of our lives at the time.

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Wow it sounds like you can remember a past life.

Even though consciously most people don't remember their past lives the memories are still there in our subconscious nonetheless.

Some people can be put into the deep hypnotic state required for past life recall.

I've been able to find out about quite a few of my past lives.

I've been wondering if I was a guy named Imhotep in a past life in Egypt. I don't know if that's correct but I think it could be true.

The name Imhotep means 'I come in peace !'.

One of the best books I've ever read about mysterious subjects is called Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. Elisabeth experienced the Egyptian initiation rites thousands of years ago. Because of those experiences she was able to remember her past life in Egypt in vivid detail.

Elisabeth said she witnessed spaceships arriving in Egypt. I can't remember who she said came to Egypt in this way but Imhotep may have been one of those people.

It's interesting because the Egyptologists cannot find any references about Imhotep's parents and things like this. It's like this guy just appeared out of nowhere.

This is all very strange for me. Because I did not come to this world in a spaceship.

What could it mean? That somehow in another life I was some sort of advanced entity living on another planet ?

My Reply
I concur with everything you have stated here Jeff. Our group was in direct contact to what humans call Gods at the time; I remember how amazing it was in comparison to the rest of the environment at the time. As of today, so many people were kept in the dark to serve the ego of the very few.

It seemed so natural to be a part of this kind of aware consciousness, in fact human consciousness seemed unnatural to us. As of today, I am still trying to help human consciousness to become more aware of itself. Will I be banished again by the same repressive consciousness? When you are dealing with an ego that is completely in control and controlling of most of the populous, anything can happen.

It is sad that we have to become aware of our truer being through books and workshops when it should just come to us. We have always been what we become aware of, it's that we have simply forgotten.

I am thinking of sharing our interaction here if that is alright with you. Yes, a lot of people are kept in the dark but there are a lot of people who are not kept entirely in the dark as well.

What was disappointing of the Pharaohs and their constituents is that the Pharaohs could have created something far more grandiose than they did. To lead human consciousness out of the dark and into the light would have been amazing.

Of course what they actually did was quite the opposite. As they were warned, don't excessively abuse energy, which of course included conscious energy. I remember them paying a huge price for their indiscretions, not unlike we are today. You could say abusing energy like this is sacrilegious (profane) to consciousness as a whole.

There are a few people I can think of who I believe remembered their past life experiences in Egypt.

One was Edgar Cayce. Edgar was I believe the great Osiris and also Ra returned to our modern world. And I don't think there's ever been anyone else like him.

Edgar told how him and his wife 'Isis' (a lovely temple dancer) were kicked out of Egypt. Edgar had another wife but when he saw Isis he could not resist her. This was a violation of the laws of monogamy that Ra Ta himself had set up in Egypt.

Two other people I can think of who wrote about their past life experiences in Egypt are Elisabeth Haich and Earlyne Chaney. I found both of their books fascinating.

Egyptian Heritage: Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings
[Paperback – June 1, 1974]
by Mark Lehner

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Atheism in Denial

Written by Mathew Naismith

I know a lot of people don't like me pointing out the obvious, but to not do so in my mind would be of the denial of the real truth in favour of a desired truth. As I experienced recently in search of a free thinking group of people, denial in atheism of the real truth in favour of a desired truth was too obvious to ignore. I was looking for a group of people who are of free thinking, was I stupid looking for free thinking people in an atheist group? Not at all, especially when atheism in the West proclaims it's about free thinking, a thought process not governed by the biases of dogmatic doctrines!!

One of my first responses to the question of free thinking within this atheist group was to blatantly assume I was a theist, only because I stated true atheism. It would seem stating that there was a true form of atheism, as opposed to a false form of atheism, was an immediate sign, by the creator of this group, I was a theist. I was subsequently treated as such without any supporting evidence to this claim that I was a theist in any sense of the word. In the end I was also accused of being an internet troll and you guessed it, without any supporting evidence whatsoever. This made perfect sense as I supplied numerous forms of material to support my claims; this obviously did not go down to well. At no time did anyone in this group supply any kind of evidence to support their numerous claims.

Atheists in this group, as I have found in other Western atheist groups, totally denied that atheism was governed by dogmatic doctrines, even after supplying various supporting material to this claim and obvious fact. This was strange because this atheist group boasted it was against any claims that are false. It certainly seems this only referred to any theist claims, not to atheist claims as I found out. Atheists in this group made numerous unfounded claims, even to claim over and over again atheism wasn't of dogmatic doctrines as atheism was only of the disbelief of deities of any kind. Of course it was also stated they were also against any false claims as well!! Again at no point was any supporting evidence supplied to their counterclaims that atheism wasn't of dogmatic doctrines.

Faith also came up in the discussion; the total denial of atheist having any kind of faith was too evident. Even after supplying supporting matterial to the claim even atheist express a form of faith, this was denied over and over again. I even supplied material from a psychology today which clearly stated everyone expresses some form of faith. As of one of the examples I gave, going from (A) to (B) to these atheists is not of faith but of statistics, even though the definition of faith is simply a confidence of getting from one point to another and not of statistics. Once again no supporting material was supplied to support their counterclaims that atheists don't express a form of faith. In the end I was of course removed from participating in this group any further.

Supplying evidence to your claims can indeed create a very volatile response, often a response that is irrational and abusive. You must consider the circumstances you are in when supplying evidence to your claims as this can be taken offensively. Yes, telling the actual truth is often scorned upon in favour of a desired truth in accordance with our own isms and/or ideologies.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why So Much Separation?

Written by Mathew Naismith

A state of separation simply means a lack of unity, where any energy fields or entities are not working together as one but as separate entities of energy. The reason for this separation is interesting and bewildering. Interesting but also bewildering in that we still today express a sense of separation and even division. Separation is simply an acknowledgement that there is a difference in energy fields. Division goes further; it's the labelling to individualise energy fields into their separate groups such as coloured people and white people, one culture from another and so on.

Let's go further with division. I am materially wealthy person, your not, I am therefore positive, good and right, you are therefore negative, bad and wrong. I am a spiritual person, you are a materialist, I am therefore a positive, good, and right person, your obviously not. Separation is simply an acknowledgment of a difference between obvious differences, while at the same time knowing you are of the same species. How many people divide other people into a lesser species? Multinationals certainly don't treat the average common person as being of the same species as them, how many spiritually aware people do the same? "You are far more negative compared to me." As soon as we separate ourselves like this is when we create divisions, the division of separate energy fields or entities. The controlling ego simply desires to be of something greater so it just doesn't separate energy fields, it divides them.

I feel like a fraud at times. I often talk about an awareness beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, while at the same time being more of a 3rd dimensional entity than anything else that I speak of. I don't try to be anything that I am not of within the very present even if this takes a certain amount of being unaware. I am simply content in being within and experiencing the present consciousness no matter how unaware it is. Yes, I am aware of certain aspects beyond 3rd dimensional aspects but I don't try to excel in this. I really do live within the very present consciousness the way it is, at the same time being aware that we are a part of something more. Being aware that we are something more shouldn't mean we are positive, therefore good and right, and everything compared to this is negative, therefore bad and wrong, but it most often does to a lot of people. How bad and wrong is materialism to a lot of people, therefore negative? 

I look at it this way for me, only a controlling ego desires to be more than what it is within the present, the present being that the collective consciousness is not as aware as it could be. How many people are content in existing in the present like this? I don't divide myself from the present collective consciousness, while at the same time being aware that there is a separation between the present collective consciousness's awareness and other forms of awareness beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. I simply don't perceive some higher consciousness as being positive, good and right compared to our present collective consciousness, I simply can't. Yes, like anyone else I did at times think like this, that some higher consciousness is some kind of separate entity to our present consciousness.

I was told from an early age not to read or study up on certain subjects. The reason for this was not clear at the time, only latter on in my life did it become clear. Everything you become aware of or experience conditions you to a certain way of existing and perceiving. How many subjects are based on separation and division? Noticing a difference in energy fields is simply an observation of separate energy fields. Dividing energy fields often takes labels like negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc. Try observing a difference in energy fields, especially to your own, without judging a negative or positive for starters. This is virtually impossible while the ego is in control of us. Of course the ego doesn't have to be in control of us, we can simply release ourselves of the control of the ego. How many people say about taking control of the ego instead of simply releasing ourselves of the egos control? Simply let go as everything else is to do with divisions, in actuality the controlling ego wants you to try to control it. To take control of anything takes the separation and division of energy fields, otherwise how would control be implemented upon another separate energy field!!  

Within a state of only observing a difference of separate energy fields, as opposed to participating in dividing energy fields, you are unable to control anything. Now, how scary is this going to be to an ego in control? It's like being expressive of fewer fixations to conditions in the presence of a consciousness fixated to conditions; the reaction isn't going to be favourable. How do most atheists act in the presence of a person preaching their religious faith and visa-versa? Because human consciousness is conditioned to separation and division, any other kind of awareness that seems to be of some kind of higher realm will create more division at first, not less division.

Try this in your dreams, let go of 3rd dimensional desires, attachments and perceptions and see what occurs. Have a feeling of letting go of everything especially of being controlling and of being controlled. Simply have a feeling of letting go of your life long conditioned conditions. Our dream state is simply a gateway to other dimensions and realities but only if we are willing to let go of 3rd dimensional aspects. I don't do this a lot myself as I simply have no desire to do so, even when it feels so good to let go like this. With me, it's not about me feeling good or not, it's about experiencing the present no matter what the present is judged to be.

Taking control through separation and division is simply a sign that the ego is in control, not you in the absence of a controlling ego. Once you experience a state of the absence of control, separation and division, you will never again desire to take control of anything. However, if you have to take control, try not to take control to avoid taking control, accept taking control when the need arrises. Yes, you even allow the controlling ego to be controlling, knowing you can release yourself at any time from this control. This present reality is a prime example of how we have let the ego become controlling, however, we have simply forgotten how to release ourselves from this kind of conscious reality of control, separation and division.    

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Unconditional Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

How many conditions can you create or perceive in a deep meditative state, a state where you release yourself from human created conditions of opposing polarities?

Imagine being of or simply experiencing a state of consciousness of the absence of conditions. To imagine this is virtually impossible while being of an existence of numerous conditions, I should know as I have of anyone are going through a process of awareness. The process of detaching ourselves from conditions, like everything is determined to be of negative or positive, bad and good, wrong, right, etc, can be daunting. Daunting means to be discouraged through fear, the fear of losing conditions we have become fixated to and rely on. How many people fear losing the sense or the existence of positiveness in a reality of negatives? Look at how many people today avoid any sense of what they have judged negative, this is simply a fixation to conditions created by other conditions, most often opposing conditions. How is a consciousness fixated to conditions going to understand a state of unconditional existence, when a consciousness doesn't even want to comprehend an existence of the absence of conditions?

It might not seem like it at first but experiencing ostracisation and ridicule while being expressive of the absence of conditions in your own consciousness, is actually a sign that you are consciously becoming aware. I could not imagine anything less of awareness than a consciousness fixated to and even protective of certain conditions. Of course anyone who is fixated to any conditions, is going to react unfavourably towards any consciousness expressing any kind of unconditional consciousness. Accept this and move on while being aware that your own consciousness is becoming more aware, aware in how any and all conditions keep us unaware in some way.

How many people, primarily into materialism, desire to become aware of how the conditions that materialism exists by is destroying the environment? How many people of love and light desire to know that their own fixations to certain conditions are keeping them unaware? The conditions are that to be of love and light, one must be positive and/or love and light is positive!! You cannot enter into a true state of love and light or unconditional love while your own consciousness is fixated to and controlled by certain conditions. Your consciousness has to be in a state of the absence of conditions. The reason for this is obvious as a true state of love and light and unconditional love are not of and created by conditions, in actuality they exist primarily because of the absence of conditions.

Try perceiving a positive without the existence of the equivalent negatives. One simply relies on the other to exist. Now try perceiving a negative or a positive in a neutral state of consciousness, a state of consciousness of the absence of these kinds of conditions. A neutral state of consciousness is simply a consciousness of the absence of conditions. Of course in a reality of numerous conditions, the absence of negativity has nothing to do with the creation of positiveness. This is simply a denial of a consciousness fixated to conditions to simply protect a consciousness's conditions. You only realise that one creates and relies on the other to exist when in some kind of neutral state of consciousness, the neutralisation of positiveness and negativeness. In other words, the neutralisation of conditions that human consciousness is well and truly conditioned to and protective of, even to the bitter end. 

How do you know how aware you are when there is no comparison, no unawareness to compare to? Within this, unawareness becomes as worthy as awareness, there is no true separation and division, especially when both energy fields exist together as one. This is how an unconditional consciousness sees it, of course a conditional consciousness never desires unawareness or negativity to be as worthy as awareness or positivity. Now honestly observe the environment around you, knowing the difference how an unconditional consciousness empresses itself in a conditional existence. If you think a conditional consciousness is less worthy than an unconditional consciousness, you are still controlled by a conditional consciousness. Only a consciousness conditioned to conditions can separate and divide energy into separate individual parts. Most often this is done to protect its own individual and personal conditions, most importantly, to separate itself from anything not of its own energy, even though their own energy completely relies on the existence of the opposing energy field to exist. It's like watching a dog chase its own tail, thinking that the tail is separate to the dog itself, this is until the dog bites the tail of course. How many times does human consciousness have to bite its own tail, to realise it's of the same energy field?     

Now imagine how an existence of unconditionality would be like.........

Should a new or evolved consciousness be based on even more conditions, the conditions being, to be of love and light and unconditional love takes one to be excessively positive or of the light to start with? No, an evolved consciousness, or if the like an ascended consciousness, actually takes us to be less of conditions for all conditions are created by man made perceptions. Continuing on separating and dividing everything (energy) through the creation of more conditions is simply continuing on the same present consciousness, albeit in a different way. Think on this, is it not the ego in control that creates even more conditions? Try creating a reality based on conditions when the ego isn't in control, it's utterly impossible as created conditions like positive and negative perceptions can only be created by an ego in control.

Again, how many conditions can you create or perceive in a deep meditative state, a state where you release yourself from human created conditions of opposing polarities?

Polarities: A relation between two opposite attributes or tendencies.

Remember though, polarities simply refer to opposite polarities like negative and positive. Polarities don't have to be opposing, only to an ego in control are polarities perceived to be opposing.

Now, how many of us are into creating even more opposing polarities in spirituality these days? This is while trying to create a more constructive reality for ourselves, but on the back of even more created conditions!!

Extract: We can also achieve the state of being above polarities after 20 minutes of a session of Emotional Management Method. We will experience a moment in which we look at our lives in a new light, as if we are standing on the top of the hill. This new clarity of our mind enables us to choose the path to go further.