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Thursday, 15 February 2018

A True Sense of Love!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

There is a lot of reference to God in my following replies that I gave to another person recently, a person who approached me with there own ideas of what a true sense of love is.

God is in reference to oneness and unconditional love, it represents the whole self as opposed to man's separateness of the self from others and the environment man doesn't desire to be of. Yes, we can create our own reality separate from the collective conscious reality, however, at no point within our own desired reality are we ever separate from the collective consciousness.

We certainly have a different perception of love, this perception will create the reality we personally create. This perceptional reality we create isn't for everyone; it's wise to be aware of this while expressing one's own reality.

If you don't feel like reading through all the comments by me here, I recommend reading the last comment, it sort of explains everything, however, there are a few good points made by me in reference to the other replies by me like, "Love is acquired, not desired......."   

Reply 1
Well my friend, what can I say.......

What you have written here very few people will comprehend Nagual, what you are unable to comprehend, you certainly won't understand.

In relation to my wife and I; if my wife found more happiness in someone else, would my love for my wife be happy for my wife or sad?

Desire dictates sadness and even bitterness, this is not me or my wife for it is not about our desires but the happiness of other people we truly love. Desire always dictates otherwise. 

Not many people truly comprehend the true sense of love, if they are unable to comprehend a true sense of  love, how are they then able to understand a true sense of love?

What did Jesus do? There was no desire, it was simply a true sense of love otherwise he wouldn't have sacrificed himself for of what he loved. Actually, he's actions were not sacrificial at all; it was pure love, not easy for us to even comprehend in regards to our present conditioning to desires above all else.

I am not religious myself but I often make reference to God and even the holey trinity, to a lot of people's discussed sadly enough. I am simply not inhibited by such a limited consciousness.

Be Always Blessed,

Reply 2
In my mind it should have something to do with relationships, in actuality human consciousness as a whole. To separate one from the other isn't of God but of man.

Love of another shouldn't be based on desire but of God, yes, desire to be with another but not of love of another. If I was not to love my wife as God, my love would simply be of a desire. How many people desire to feel love? This is simply desire Nagual and of man, not of God.

Love is acquired, not desired.......


I added the following in ( ) to a post that was presented to me in regards to the following. A true sense of love doesn't separate one from the other, a true love through God, a sense of oneness, is to not separate but to unite.    

 Reply 3
I love you for your bright ideas (and your dull ideas)
I love you for your Good energy (and your bad energy)
I love you for your pure intentions (and your impure intentions)
I love you for your wise decisions (and your unwise decisions)
I love you for your righteousness (and your unrighteousness)
I love you for your beliefs (and your disbeliefs)
I love you for your endless smile (and your frown)
I love you for the help you offer to the world (and the help you don't give to the world)
I love you too because through you
I see all my beauty too (and my ugliness as well)

Reply 4
It's not good stating so often do you understand now, too evangelistic like for me. My advice is to not put yourself so much above everybody else.

I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, do you understand now? I've given myself while under a huge amount of trauma.   

I'm simply not into creating a Goddess out of love, love is not the be and end all and should never be treated as such in my mind. Try truly loving void of truly accepting. If you can only accept love, this is anything but unconditional love or acceptance.

If your acceptance has conditions, so does your love Nagual, it's this simple.......

Reply 5
I think so much and analyse!! You have no idea Nagual, so much just comes through me not from me.

Within your reply here, you are putting yourself above me, this is too obvious, no thought necessary in this.

I spoke with an 84 year old Yoga teacher tonight, if you have to feel love to express love, you have conditions of your love to have to feel love. It's simply a desire, not of God's unconditional love.

Try expressing love void of having to feel love. I have been expressing this kind of love most of my life, not just a few years as of yourself as you have depicted.

How many people predominantly have to feel love to express love? This kind of love has insurmountable conditions as it's based on desiring to feel love over and above expressing love.

Reply 6
Very well articulated Kim. 

I worked with disabled people, they often don't have bright ideas, so called good energy, pure intentions, wise in decision and so on it goes. I also look at multinationals as disabled for they know not what they do. These people were excluded in this post, all I was doing is including them, in actuality they need more of our love and acknowledgment, not less and certainly not excluded because of conditions of positive or negative energy.

The conditions of love are of so called positive energy, everything else is often excluded as of this post sadly enough. Yes, the post is a nice gesture but the gestures are of insurmountable conditions.

If you are going to make reference to God, you must also be making reference to unconditional love, this often doesn't occur.

If the conditions are of having to love oneself to understand love, you have conditions, this is obviously not of unconditional love Kim. What if there is no reason to love oneself, no need of it!! The question of loving oneself or not in relation to unconditional love has no relevance; it simply does not come into question, as soon as it does, you create conditions.

What I am trying to say here isn't easy to comprehend; if it's incomprehensible, it's certainly not going to be understood.

Love yes, but without the insurmountable conditions that new age spirituality put upon love.    

The discussion didn't end up well; I ended up being referred to as just he and this is from so-called very loving people. Use people's names when in discussion, it's a simple sign of respect. I ended the discussion with the following. 

"Where has the real love gone? To people like me, it's disheartening, I suppose it's the way of the wind......"

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