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Sunday, 29 July 2018

True Positive Manifesting

Written by Mathew Naismith

I look upon human kind and all I can do is smile no matter how destructive or negative human kind may seem, for all I see is a consciousness lost within its own creation.....MG Naismith

Is true positive thinking, thinking that something that is lost is negative? Also, how many self-proclaimed positive people have a huge desire to escape this creation? I would think a true positive approach would be to assist in this consciousness finding itself again!!

This is not to be the case it would seem, positive thinking for a lot of people is to do with escaping and/or ignoring negative creations thus creating a positive creation. As I will clearly show using three different sources, this is not true positive thinking and can only lead to a continuation and even an enhancement of a lost consciousness.

Extract: Positive thinking is the ability to feel negative when you have to and still maintain enough hope to keep on going.

Extract: Perhaps the statement that best exemplifies positive thinking is "When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade." It seems so self-evident that this is a good thing that we never question the wisdom of the adage. But it does not take a whole lot of digging to unearth the flaws in this reasoning.

First, did fate really hand you a lemon or was this merely your initial, unthinking response? Second, is a lemon really a bad thing, something that you would rather not have, but now that you do have it you will somehow salvage something by making lemonade? Finally, it is quite stressful to be handed a lemon until such time as you figure out how to make lemonade. Do you really have to go through this phase?

Extract: Your success depends on whether or not you choose the positive direction for your thoughts, generate the right vibrations, and avoid any negative thoughts or emotions. Your way of thinking determines what you will attract—negative thinking attracts bad things, whereas positive thinking attracts good things — according to the so-called law of attraction. Unfortunately, that’s not true.
So-called negative experiences allow us to strengthen the positive within us. I call these experiences so-called negative because for a true positive person, all that could come from the negatives in life is a positive resolve, a positive outcome. Simply deeming a lost consciousness negative and even toxic isn't going to lead to a positive resolve, in actuality quite the opposite.

Here is a point. I am supposed to be negative and even toxic to so-called positive people. I am clearly a manifestation of their thinking as I am the reaction of their actions; this was brought about by the way so-called positive people think these days. All they have done is create a negative manifestation, in their mind, in my own reaction to them!!        

How many people think that this lost consciousness, either individually or collectively speaking, is simply a lemon? This is in line with how many people are deemed negative these days by so-called positive people. It's something we need to escape from or ignore to create a more positive creation!! Is this lemon as negative as so-called positive people try to make out?

Today, we have so many so-called positive people trying to manifest a creation by simply denouncing anything deemed negative, this is while negatives can and often do lead to a positive resolve. As the sources I supplied clearly state, so many of us are conditioned to being positive in a very strange way, a way that will manifest anything but of what we desire. Unfortunately, what a lot of people are conditioned to in relation to positive thinking isn't a true form of positive thinking.


  1. Clever lad. To concentrate on either pole is an avoidance of the other and an avoidance of the entirely of the human experience. Well said, Mat.

    Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you Mike. It's only because you are also aware of this, if you weren't, I would be something far less admired and understandably so. We often only admire of what we understand.

      Much Blessings,