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Monday, 9 July 2018

Being the Quality of Change

Written by Mathew Naismith

If people like Jesus and Buddha couldn't change the world, how are thousands or even millions of people working towards a singular goal going to change the world? Considering the enlightenment of Jesus and Buddha and many other wise and aware people in human history, millions of people not of the quality of this enlightenment are obviously not going to change the world either. We need to be honest with ourselves here, so what is the answer?

I wrote the following in regards to light and dark, light overwhelming or overcoming dark.

Imagine yourself in a completely dark room; now shine a small light, what has your focus, the dark or the light? The light is more pronounced within the dark than in the light, even though the light is surrounded by darkness!!

As it's not the quantity of people that will change the world but the quality, it's the quality of the light within the dark that will change the world, not the volume of light. If the light within the dark is not pronounceable, the dark will be more pronounced.

It all comes down to not being of the quantity or volume but the quality.........


Imagine a light room with a small dark area, what is your focus going to be on? The dark because it's more pronounced within a light room. Now imagine a balance of light and dark within a room, which, out of light and dark, is going to be your main focus on? Neither, the focus will be mainly on the balance of light and dark because it's the balance of light and dark that becomes more pronounceable/obvious.

When you go into a house that is made up of a decor of a balance of black and white, what do you notice the most, the black or white? The balance between black and white becomes the main focus, even when a brightly coloured object is added. The brightly coloured object will take your attention but your main focus is still going to be on the pronounced, the balance of black and white.

Buddha, being a prince, was in a safe heaven away from all the negatives of the world outside of his safe heaven. Jesus was a carpenter, this was his safe heaven. What did both of these people do? They went way outside of their safe heavens!! They faced the so-called negatives face on outside of their personal safe heavens, most importantly, facing the degradation of their own being. Degradation simply refers to how our desires overrule all else. In their case the act of going outside of their safe heaven was to deny their own personal desires control over them. They became more focused on the collective than the individual.

The negatives outside of their safe heavens became more pronounced, this is represented by the dark in regards to their own light. Their main focus wasn't on the light but the dark, as the dark became more pronounced to them. In truth, what is our main focus on? The light, while at the same time ostracising and/or having disdain for the dark!!! Should we give more attention, love and goodwill to the light or the dark? We most often give our attention to the light, not the dark. Yes, the quantity of people are trying to change the world but not the quality, as most of the quantity simply desires to create a personal safe heaven, not go out from their safe heaven to assist in real change.

I often give as much attention to the perpetrators as I do the victims, for example, I often give more time to bullies and abusers than I do their victims. For people like me, the perpetrators are as much of a victim of themselves as of anyone!!

All you need to be is the quality of change, not the quantity of change........M G Naismith


  1. First off, you are wrong that Jesus did not change the world. He did, most decidedly, because He led the way for us to open our hearts to the consciousness of unconditional love. It was never the intention that all people would accept His teachings at once. It takes time. Millennia.

    1. Firstly Boots, the same mentality being expressed back then is being expressed today, in actuality more people are turning atheist.

      Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Jesus and Buddha didn't make a difference, they obviously did, all I am saying is fewer people today are taking on Christs and Buddha's actual consciousness.

      Christs and Buddas consciousness isn't about sitting within our own personal haven, they went out of their haven to make a difference, not create a haven to simply hide within like a lot of people today seem to be doing.

      We were supposed to take on their consciousness as it was lived by them Boots, not to manipulate this consciousness to feed our own personal desires!!

      I do appreciate your interaction here Boots

      Be blessed,

  2. A very good read Mat. Yes, it is all about quality and not quantity. One’s bing radiates out and if coming in contact with someone or a small group ready for a change than a good result will occur. I came across this old writing go mine and will post the link for you here.

    1. It's really strange how a lot of people don't realise that we have manipulated this consciousness to fulfil our desires; it's nothing like Jesus and Buddha's consciousness, a consciousness they wanted us to take on. Look at how the churches have used this consciousness for their own ends, there doesn't seem to be any improvement from this with new age spirituality either.

      It would seem very few people like us actually comprehend this; it's a little disheartening and bewildering Mike. Are we that much closer and understanding of this consciousness than a lot of other people? I do wonder at times Mike!!

      Jesus and Buddha made a huge impact on human consciousness because they were of quality; all I am expressing here is that quality out ways quantity when the quantity isn't of the same quality. One person of this kind of quality can make a huge difference, or is this something of the past?

      Be Blessed Mike,

    2. I just read your blog, indeed Mike, everyone is unconditionally worthy no matter what.

      I would certainly recommend anyone reading my post here to read Mike's blog post. Mike and I think alike in a lot of ways but through different perspectives.

  3. It’s a matter of connection. Not up or down or hierarchy. Simply, connected to our our Self or Soul with is the Divine connector that feeds information that we request.

    Kindest regards,