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Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Face of Mockery Revealed

Written by Mathew Naismith

The above quote for translation purposes: "Mockery is the means used by the comlexed ignorant to feel wise."  

Exposing mockery (contempt) and revealing mockery shouldn't be critically judged as negative. I'm not sure any awareness should be critically judged simply as negative thus showing contempt. Revealing anything for what it is, is truth, of course today a lot of truth is simply judged as being negative. While having so much contempt for the truth, evolving from a state of lies, deceit and contempt, is going to be impossible.  

I was recently insistently mocked on the post titled, "Simply not Knowing". I think simply stating, "They know not what they do, if they did, they wouldn't and couldn't be abusive or bullying, they simply couldn't be", related to Christianity therefore something to have contempt for. I also mentioned atheism and religion in the same context in my replies.

If at anytime we are mocking therefore showing contempt for anything, is a sign we are well and truly still of a 3rd dimensional reality, a reality that ignores awareness due to its negativity. To judge any kind of awareness negative is mockery, a state of contempt. Revealing mockery (contempt) within our environment isn't negative, it's revealing therefore of awareness. To reveal anything of our environment void of contempt is awareness, however, to reveal anything of our environment while in contempt isn't awareness, it's simply ignorance of what is of our environment.

How many people are aware that by judging so many negatives, especially when they are seen as toxic, are a show of contempt? Our present 3rd dimensional reality is highly contemptuous, how is expressing more contempt going to allow us to evolve further than our present 3rd dimensional reality or mentality? 

This is the trick while evolving in such a reality; desist in expressing contempt in a highly contemptuous reality. Mockery therefore contempt is flourishing (thriving) in our present reality because we are simply not aware of how contemptuous we have become.

One thing to remember, you are your environment, this includes everyone and everything around you. You are not in judgment of others when revealing contempt; you are simply becoming more aware of your environment which is you. Never separate yourself or think you are not of your environment, to do so is a show of contempt, a desired separation to what you think or desire you are not. 

The following was I reply I submitted in relation to this topic, I hope it's more informative.                              


I don't want to mock people who mock others of different views and beliefs, but I do want to expose them. The funny thing is they often expose themselves without much effort. These people actually mock themselves.

People who are conditioned to mockery therefore contempt, are not bad or negative, they simply know not what they do, if they did, they wouldn't and couldn't do what they do.

Within people like me, there is no contempt, a lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike. Because some people are conditioned to contempt, they think everyone is conditioned to contempt. Again, they simply know not what they do.

Extremist atheists have not got contempt on their own, people of new age spirituality often show contempt, not just to people but the whole of reality. To judge everything an illusion that isn't of our views is also a sign of contempt. These are the same people who think they are going onto some 5th dimension while still expressing 3rd dimensional traits like contempt to excess!!  

And we wonder why mockery (contempt) has exasperated into what it is today!!

The problem with the truth is it can seem contemptuous to some people when this isn't the case.

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