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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Limitless Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is what I mean about wisdom and synchronicity, words of wisdom leading to synchronicity, creating a synchronistic moment within the present. Considering that I was going to write about how we don't become aware but simply become less consciously limited, the follow remarks by Kim were well timed.      

Onederfully said Mathew <3 The separation is illusionary. So basically the collective is all there is, where simultaneously the collective is an illusion as well. I hear what you say and recognize this in me. Question is how separated we truly are when we experience ourselves to be separated...

My Reply
As you said Kim, separation is an illusion as we only perceive separation.

This is inline with the next topic I am going to write about; we don't become aware, we simply become less consciously limited to certain specifics like 3rd dimensional aspects. There is nothing new in knowledge or awareness as knowledge and awareness are not governed by time, however, aspectual time related consciousness is limited by perspectives and perceptions. Perspectives and perceptions fragment awareness, therefore consciousness, giving a perception of a new awareness/knowledge.

Indeed, awareness is not of time therefore governed by the same limitations as time or 3rd dimensional aspects. No matter what we become aware of or create through knowledge, the creations that awareness has created have always existed as a pure state of awareness. What I mean by a pure awareness is there are no separation of awareness therefore bias therefore limitations within this state. For an example, a state of bliss is not preferred over and above a state of chaos; only in conscious states of limitations can this be the case.

States of limitations simply refer to states of consciousness where awareness is fragmented (divided) in numerous ways, usually through specific ideologies, especially the ideologies that are consciously limiting. Of course not all ideologies are consciously limiting to certain specifics.

Look for ideologies that teach unconditional acceptance, for only in unconditional acceptance can a true sense of unconditional love exist. An unlimited ideology will teach you acceptance rather than separation from desired aspects over others, yin from yang, negative from positive and so forth, of course this isn't for everyone as always........      

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