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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Unconditional Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would create a few videos so that my readers are able to put a persona behind what I write, also, it would seem the visual effect is more preferable these days. 

In brief; the basis and makeup of unconditional love is of no conditions, basically, the main attribute of unconditional love is the absence of conditions. This means a state or an awareness of a true form of unconditional love is of the absence of positive and negative, good and bad, light and dark, wrong and right, black and white, there is simply no perception of separation.

Most often unconditional love is associated or even attributed to love and light. There seems to be a misperception here, the ideology of love and light has huge amounts of conditions, being of or limited to the light and positive thinking are but a few conditions the ideology of love and light has. Another primary condition of love and light is avoiding or separating oneself from anything deemed negative.

People like me today are now deemed/judged negative and even toxic, only because we tell the truth in what is obvious. Within my 54 years, the obvious truth has become negative; this is in favour of believing love and light is associated with unconditional love when love and light obviously has huge amounts of conditions attached to this kind of ideology today.

A true sense of love and light is of unconditional love but only if unconditional love is not limited to conditions. 


  1. You are absolutely correct on your interpretation Mathew. That is why no one wants to hear it.

    1. The obvious truth is so disdainful to a lot of people, I suppose it always has been. An evolved consciousness, in my mind, won't perceive like this Terri. It's as though science is showing the way to consciously evolve these days but spirituality is doing quite the opposite. We have becoming lost within our own darkness.

      In saying this, the advancement of human consciousness is still prevalent within people who are not into separating one from the other.