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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Simultaneous Existence part2

Written by Mathew Naismith

As there is a primary source of all physical existences, there is also a primary source of non-physical existences. A non-physical existence isn't when we pass on (die) either. Being that all physical existences need motion to exist, we are still in motion after we pass on. We are just as much if not more physically in motion after we pass on. The reason for this lies in the choice of not being limited to human perceptions (consciousness), within this limitless state, we are able to be more expressive, more of motion, therefore more physically expressive.

Yes, human physicality is limited within it's own physical limitations, being human  limits us to how physical we can be. Humans are not very physical at all because they have limited themselves to certain very human perceptions and perspectives, the more we become predominantly human,  the more we limit ourselves. These limitation limit us to how physically expressive we become and more importantly, how aware we will be.

The illusion we have is that intelligence defines how aware and even wise we will be, it's an illusion because this plainly isn't the case. How wise are we destroying the very thing we rely on for our existence? How aware is our intelligence in that all of everything is connected by common denominators such as existence itself? What about everything being of one consciousness which includes trees, animals and even rocks, yes, even  the Earth as a whole!!

Intelligence, including knowledge, obviously doesn't define awareness and wisdom and in actuality it's quite the opposite. What also makes us human is our intelligence and knowledge, the more we are of these traits, while at the same time denouncing being connected and a part of other existences, the more we are becoming human. Being human of course means limitations, a consciousness limited to certain denominators. What we are mostly unaware of is our whole self, the more human we become, the more unaware of our whole self we become.

Our intelligence and technological advancements doesn't come from knowledge, knowledge of course giving us the illusion that intelligence derives from knowledge. Where does knowledge come from? Knowledge initially derives from the observation of our environment and learning from that. Now take away a huge portion of that observation away, how knowledgeable will we become?  By refuting the existence of other existences and our whole self, we limit our observations thus limiting our knowledge, intelligence, awareness and wisdom.

This is interesting, what I am saying is that knowledge, intelligence, awareness and wisdom, derives from observation of our environment. What is observation void of participation? A motionless existence, an existence that is non-physical and non-participating, it's this state that our knowledge, intelligence, awareness and wisdom initially derives from. We know that knowledge and eventual intelligence is created from observation, what we are not aware of is that we have limited our observation by becoming too human, thus in turn limiting our consciousness to certain denominators. We have become primarily a participator rather than on observer but now, only an observer of and through human consciousness which is shown to be limited.

Try existing without arms and legs, how much harder is life going to be? Try existing without a mouth or a stomach. Each separate part of the human body represents each and every separate part of our whole self. How much harder is it going to be to become aware void of certain a parts of our whole self? As we refute the existence of certain existences, we are dumbing ourselves down, we are becoming less aware and wise, not more.

As a collective race, we have never primarily been of one consciousness and observed through one consciousness in the history of mankind. Spiritual practices, including religions, have always conditioned us or made us aware that other existences do indeed exist, the perception of heaven and hell are prime examples of this in the west in particular. The belief in a God or God's and Goddesses, also gave us a glimpse of the creators of existences and consciousness's. Not one thing we invent or create is new, it all stems from the existences that are more aware of their whole self. Of course again God or God's and Goddesses, give a depiction of our whole self, God of course representing everything in existence.

I should point out that God to me represents my whole self, the ultimate observer, to me this is extremely relevant.

It is very obvious that our own leaders of the world are not of the whole self and neither are the so called elite/multinationals. We really shouldn't be still wondering why our world/reality is so destructive and chaotic. It stands to reason, dumb a consciousness down to it's whole self, what then is this consciousness able to observe from? It's only able to observe from and through a consciousness that is hugely limited to certain denominators, It's quite natural for a consciousness this dumbed down to be destructive.

True freedom can only come from the awareness of the whole self, not from one part of the whole self as we are trying to do. 

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