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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would start up another blog simply titled, "Freedom", so welcome friends and other well wishes and philosophers looking for freedom from our present collective reality.

As the description of this blog infers, this blog is about freeing ourselves from our encumbrances and limitations. In my mind, we have become conditioned to these encumbrances and limitations that stop us from further evolving in consciousness.

This further evolving in consciousness doesn't mean we will evolve further in human consciousness either, it means we will evolve in consciousness beyond the limitations of human consciousness. To me, any consciousness that is obvious within it's self-destructiveness, is on the verge of a massive shift of consciousness. This shift in consciousness will also mean we will start to exist in a different reality to what we are conditioned to, a consciousness that is not as limited as human consciousness.

As I did in my previous blog, I will share a dream I had last night, this dream sort of says it all in relation to finding freedom, especially in regards to fear.


I had quite an interesting dream last night.

The world was going to the pack, it was destroying itself from within. The people within my group started panicking, this was the end, there was no way out.

Even though things were getting worse, I stated that things were actually improving, in actuality the state of decay was a sign that things will improve before the end occurs. The end being of fear which the human race was being conditioned to, I knew this wasn't going to occur. Faith can indeed move mountains. 

When approached by these people who were totally conditioned to the end, they spoke of being delivered through the end of the world as we know it. These people to our group seemed stupefied like zombies.

I then looked them straight in the eye and showed them their truer self. It was like switching on  a light switch, all of a sudden they became aware of their truer being, they no longer acted like zombies.

Within this one group of zombie like people, once one changed, they soon all changed their disposition that was no longer based on fear.

At the end of the dream, all I could hear was singing.......

The singing at the end of the dream was incredible, it sounded as if all of mankind came together as one after a tumultuous battle against fear, it was really beautiful. 

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