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Monday, 10 April 2017

Learning from Predictions and Prophecies

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all, prophecies and predictions seem to make reference to the future, of course it's debatable if a future and a past actually exist as everything is within the present. Try thinking about the future or the past in the future or the past, all thoughts of the future and the past are in the present, even if they were written down in the past, it's still of the present.

If you perceive only the present exists, you will perceive quite differently to anyone who perceives a future and a past also exist. We are of course conditioned to a past and future existence, in actuality, many of us focus more on the past and/or the future more than the present, the now.

Prophecies and predictions don't actually relate to future events but of possible paths or directions. When you consider there are infinite directions a singular or collective consciousness can follow, you start to get an idea how difficult it is to make accurate predictions. However, when you also take in consideration of the present circumstances and the direction (path) human consciousness is presently taking, prophecies and predictions become a lot more accurate.

All prophesised and predicted events have already occurred, this doesn't mean they are of the past either, it means they are of the present as in a present path being followed. If human consciousness was on a different journey to what it is at present, these prophecies and predications would predict a totally different future.

So does this mean that these prophecies and predictions are correct?

Being aware of what is going on in the world at present, prophesies from well known seers like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce seem to be correct. The following link predictions predicted by a man in a coma that lasted for a year, seem to concur that the next few hundred years is bleak. However, it is wise to also consider that no prophesy or prediction is of future events, they are only of a certain direction that a consciousness can follow or is following. In actuality, these so called future events tell us were our consciousness is presently at, they are there to assist us, perceiving prophecies and predication as just negative and ignoring them because they are negative is exceptionally unwise. It is also unwise to focus on these predictions as being true no matter what; they are, in my mind, there to guide us.                             

All our paths that our human consciousness can take are already written, it's as if they have already occurred and in a sense they have. Consciousness is not limited to one direction or one variation within the present. Human consciousness has insurmountable paths to follow within the present, even though human consciousness itself is limited, it still has insurmountable directions it can follow. To comprehend this, try not to think in time and space, past and future, instead focus on the present.

Extract: 3382 A.D. A remarkable phenomenon happens in humanity. People one after the other acquire suddenly a new spiritual ability that could be called hyper-vision or hyper-intuition. A direct access to “the great Spiritual Light” or “Direct Knowledge” with extremely powerful and of stunning clarity creative powers. It is also a mutation of the human brain. 

This is a prime example to why these predictions are only of one path that we can follow. This so called hyper-vision or hyper-intuition is already being experienced by numerus people in our life time; I myself experienced this in my mid-teens when I could ask any question and get a direct correct answer to my questions. In my case, this didn't last very long and it wasn't something I focused on or tried to do. The answers you receive are not always the answers you want to receive or expect to receive, some of the answers are way too revealing for the ego mind to comprehend or cope with.

When we have governments, for example, that doesn't care about the environment and want to build antiquated wall systems of ancient days to wall themselves in, it is obvious that human consciousness is regressing and taking the path of what is predicted by these well known seers. What is even more frightening is that these leaders are voted in by the people for these kinds of regressive stances. However, human consciousness is very lucky that not all the people are this regressive by nature. These are the people who still have a chance of changing our present prophecies and predictions.

Could you imagine a government, which is obvious within their regressive stance, allowing the culling of their native people once again. The horrible fact is that a large percentage of a populous, under a regressive institution, would indeed be apart of this culling (annihilation) of another race of people, this of course is predicted to occur. Of course we are allowing this kind of culling to occur in the world at present, it's certainly a path we seem to be taking at present. This is why ignoring these prophecies and predictions, because they are judged as negative or what ever, is exceptionally unwise to do, they are present for a very good reason.   


  1. Very true. The future is fluid and forms over time. What we see 3 years before Will have a much different outcome when it actually occurs in time. When I was a small boy I could see future events play out exactly as I saw them a few hours before but when it was long term a year or two yet to come then it had some elements of what I saw but was far different. I Learned that the future was formed second by second by the decisions we make along with those of others. After all, the future is a joint effort of many.


    1. This is very true. Just because we become fixated to certain ways of existing, doesn't mean consciousness as a whole is determined by these same fixations, it's too unlimited.

      Human consciousness for starters is limited to time and space. Human consciousness is wholly conditioned to time and space, (limitations).

      Yes, we all determine the outcome of our present consciousness/mentality. We might have a thousand people that are for love and peace but we also have two thousand people for materialism. Materialism certainly doesn't create peace, Syria is a recent example of this.

      Have people the right to express their materialism? As have the people who express love and peace, it's just the way it is at present Michael.

    2. Indeed.

      Where have you been? Having writers block or has Google banned you?

      Take care and hope all is well.

      Kindest & warmest regards,

    3. Nothing coming through me Mike. I try to rely on the natural forces around me in regards to my blog.

      Be blessed Mike as always.

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