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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Higher Realms

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's been unusually quiet recently in regards to channelling and messages coming through me, actually, a good friend of mine has also noticed how quiet it has been for them as well. Is this the quiet before the storm?

All quiet moments create different realities and/or perceptions, basically a change in consciousness or a shift in consciousness. As all non-quiet moments, like war/conflict, create shifts or changes in physical realities, quiet moments also create shifts in reality to one degree or another, it's just that quiet moments are more passive in nature within creating these shifts. Quiet moments also create an awareness that goes beyond human perceptions and perspectives. Non-quiet moments create an awareness within the limits of the said consciousness. Quietness basically represents a passive shift that is limitless in nature to the consciousness experiencing the quietness. Quiet moments are also more conducive to wisdom where non-quiet moments are unconducive to wisdom; this is because wisdoms is of this quietness. Basically, the observer rather than the participator, motionless rather than motion.

So does this higher realm represent a state of limitless awareness and wisdom?

What if I said that experiencing states of unawareness/ignorance and high degrees of expressional ego straits, is also of this higher state. As human consciousness often perceives, a more aware state is of a higher stature than an unaware state, try experiencing an unaware state while being fully aware, you simply can't which means you are expressing a limited consciousness. Being aware that consciousness as a whole is limitless, infinite in nature, it's strange to think that human consciousness thinks that a higher degree of awareness is of a higher realm of conscious awareness. Even experiencing conscious states void of wisdom is of this higher realm of consciousness.

I truly think it's virtually impossible for human consciousness itself to perceive that there is no true higher state or realm of consciousness, only in our ability to experience all of what is, either that be aware or non-aware, can we be of this so-called higher realm. Because human consciousness is limited by certain perceptions and perspectives, which of course makes human consciousness human, perceiving beyond these limited perceptions and perspectives is virtually impossible, this is until we incorporate another consciousness within human consciousness that is. For an example of this, God's consciousness or a state of pure awareness is often used to influence human consciousness, of course more often in a passive way.

It's important, at our stage of the conscious shift, that we are aware of the importance of passive shifts in relation to non-passive shifts. We are that conditioned to non-passive shifts of consciousness, that passive shifts could pass us by without being noticed therefore utilised. I have the understanding that all conscious shifts/changes can only come to fruition through being aware of these passive shifts, or, desisting in counteracting these passive shifts with highly active expressions/motions of any kind.
It is often said that this passive shift is now going to occur no matter what, I couldn't think of a more limited conscious within thinking this. Consciousness is unlimited therefore there are no certainties, this has nothing to do with scare mongering, it's an actuality that consciousness is unlimited therefore there are no certainties or absolutes, ever. I find it strange that we talk about certainties on one had but on the other hand talk about there being no absolutes. You can see why so many people take spirituality as being a joke these days, especially in relation to the western mind.

I also have the understanding that the true elite are not the people who are controlling the world at present. It's wise to be aware that this control is apart of the experience that we are all having to one degree or another, that is all.

The true so-called elite are the people who can take what they have created in this realm with them after their so-called demise (death). It's impossible for the present controllers of the world to do this no matter how much they accumulate and create; this is how limited this kind of consciousness is. Of course you can take this highly limited kind of consciousness with you after death; you just simply can't take what has created these limitations with you. Eventually, what has been physically created by the present controllers will be wiped out; this is because everything created by this kind of limited consciousness is limited within its existence. Limited consciousness is simply finite by nature.

I thought I would end this post with something I wrote in an anniversary card to my wife just recently. This might give some people a better understanding of me.

Happy anniversary my darling

Life can be shaky at times but
it's these shaky times that builds
upon our joining

These shaky times are like the
glue that bonds our love together
The stranger the glue, the stronger
the bonding

These shaky times, the glue that
bonds our love, are only weakened
by our resolve when there is no
conclusion to such a  bonding love
as ours

Yes, it's these shaky times that has
build upon our joining for without
a strong bonding, love has
nothing to adhere to

Much Love and Blessings,
You're Beloved


  1. Quiet moments are processsing of information and growth moments. It's usually a prelude to a new phase of learning or a raising or shift in consciousness as you said earlier. I Believe it has been refererad to as the time before the harvest or the bearing of fruit.

    ps: Happy anniversary to both folks down under.

    1. Indeed Stranger, a good reflection.

      Thanks for the well wishes, be blessed and safe as always.