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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Balance - A Key to Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

Love is unable to exist without a true sense of peace, the more peace we are in, the more of love we become, basically, peace creates a sense of love, they certainly go hand in hand.

Now, peace is unable to exist without balance, look at how non-peaceful this reality is and how imbalanced it is. All imbalances create disharmony as all balances create harmony (peace).

What this means is a true sense of love is about balance and peace; love is unable to exist within the same space as imbalance and disharmony, try hating or expressing disharmony in a true state of love, it's impossible.

It is said in certain philosophies/ideologies that love has no opposite, why then is hate or disharmony unable to exist within the same space as a true sense of love? Of course the opposite of hate is love as well. The ego wants to believe love has no opposite but there is a reason for this kind of reasoning by the ego.

Consider the yin and yang symbol. Negative and positive is shown as one in the same space. To the modern western human mind that is dominated by the ego, this symbol quite clearly shows that negative and positive can indeed exist within the same space.

Waite a minute, the yin and yang symbol illustrates that negative and positive are in unison and in perfect balance with each other, this perfect balance neutralises the effects of both negative and positive. If we were to separate the yin and the yang, the positive and negative, we would have an imbalance with the negative being unable to exist within the same space as the positive and visa-versa.

Now consider the view point of an ancient eastern mind. I should point out; in ancient times there was very little difference between western and eastern minds, there is however a huge difference between ancient minds and modern westernized minds. Because the world is dominated by the westernized ego mind, we presume there is little difference between western and eastern minds; this could not be further from the truth.

As was pointed out to me by a Hindu from India, ancient Hindu philosophy and Greeks philosophy have a lot in common, however, there is a huge difference between the modern western mind and ancient philosophies.

The modern mind segregates everything even when shown that all can be of one while in perfect balance. The modern mind seems to be conditioned to imbalances where the ancient mind is conditioned to balance.

What a lot of modern minds seems to have done is mistaken a pure blissful state for a state of unconditional love, we have in turn become fixated to love. All fixations refer to an existence based on fear. How many people fear having this love taken away from them or threatened in any sense? The critical adverse reactions people like me receive, quite clearly shows that we have replaced one fear based existence with another. At no point should any true state of love (bliss) express fear in any sense.

What created or recreated this love in the first place? An imbalance and disharmony, the love expressed by the modern human mind is in reaction to this but the ancient mind isn't.

Buddhism refers to this blissful state as nothingness or pure awareness, both are correct and do not contradict each other. Hinduism refers to this state as zero point or God (creator) as many ideologies and philosophies do, the difference being, is the views in relation to the ego and how this state is expressed.

In recent time's, instead of my writings coming from channelling, they have at times been coming through my dreams as direct messages. What is peculiar is that there is no definition or labelling or form, these messages seem to be coming from nothingness. For the ego (modern) mind to comprehend anything, it needs definition like a name of form, I have to admit though, most often my ego mind could not comprehend these messages from nothingness, last night was different. This nothingness will feel like pure bliss to us, or as the ego mind sees it, love.

My writings are not well received and are incomprehensible to more a and more people. As what has been pointed out to me a number of times by various people, my writings are beyond most people's comprehension, only because most people become fixated to one part of the process or another while becoming aware.

So what is the point of my writings? I am channelling and receiving messages in my dreams for a purpose, I also need to write them down as they are, this means I will not insert words like love in every sentence, this would be rather deceitful of me, of course deceit relates to fear.

It would seem I am a guide to those who need to go beyond all fixations and fear based existences. Instead of fixating ourselves to love being the absolute and ultimate state, focus on this bliss, this nothingness or zero point that has no need of love which is ego created. This state is bliss for there is no need of love to counteract disharmony.

This state is hard to explain because there is no definition to this state, considering this, be aware that the ego mind will not be able to comprehend this state without giving it some kind of definition or form like love. Like I said, there are certain people in the world that need to go beyond these fixations, go beyond the perceptions of absolutes and ultimate states, however, there are a lot of people who probably just need to stop at this process of the perception of love. My writings are certainly not for these people, not these days.

As of many ancient ideologies express, balance is the key, not just to love but beyond the perceptions of love. For some, try to feel and think void of definition and form. For others, try not to become too fixated to one process or another while becoming aware.

Note: As always, if what I have written offends you or you are upset by them, I apologise but you must look within you to why. If you are honest and unbiased, you will most likely find your reactions are fear based, it is wise to be aware of this.....:)       

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