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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Love, The Nullifier

Mathew Naismith

With a true sense of being love, you are able to be in any situation and circumstance and still be within this love. This kind of love simply nullifies or neutralises all other effects of existence and being.

Within this love, no other way of existing can exist, this is why some people can just simply walk into a disharmonious situation and immediately influence these situations to become more passive.  

What isn't a true sense of being love is when you have to avoid judged and at times critically judge judged negative situations or people. This kind of judgment is brought about by dissimulating everything instead of simulating everything including the judged negative from the positives. Judging yourself to be positive is dissimulating, not simulating.

Dissimulating; negatives from positives is separatism that creates realities primarily based on duality. Dissimulating naturally creates disconnectedness and dissension.    

Simulating; negatives and positives is dependency that creates realities primarily based on non-duality. Simulating naturally creates union and harmony.

A true sense of being love, not just thinking you are love, automatically nullifies dissension without effort. If we have to make an effort either to avoid or become deliberately unaware (ignorant) of anything, especially the things we critically judged negative, this isn't a true sense of being love.

It is simply wise not to judge, especially critically, negatives too harshly for all this creates is more dissension, not less. I have observed numerous people who just feel love do just this. My love to these people is to make them aware of this for all they are doing is adding to dissension and separatism, not creating union and harmony.  

I have been lucky enough to come across a few genuine loving people in my time, one nearly brought me down to my knees only because I was not conditioned to this kind of energy at the time.

I know of few people who are actually in situations that other people who only feel love would critically judge negative, you will often find these people in a so called negative situation. The reason for this is simple, they firstly don't critically judge negative situations and ignore or avoid them, in actuality they are attracted to these situation because this is where they are most needed.

In my own view, it is wise to avoid any group who is just feeling love to being this love until you find yourself being of this love. Once you are being of this love, the dissension created by these people will be nullified, only at this point is it wise to integrate with these people and situations. It is especially unwise for an empath to integrate in these kinds of separatist situations, mentalities and existences, until they are being of love, not just feeling love.

It's not easy times, especially for an empath who feels what is going on within their environment. Within these times, we will be attracted to anything that nullifies or neutralises this environment in some way, it is however wise to be aware of anything that is into separatism or fear in anyway.

A person who is being love, even though it might not seem that way at first because they are in a judged negative situation, will willingly go into a judged negative situation, not avoid it at all costs.

You know when you are being this love when you can put yourself into any situation void of critical judgment. I have integrated with very few people on the net who are like this, it's very uncommon sadly enough, we are just plainly too critically judgmental and we are in observation getting worse.

I think to a lot of western minded people, what I have written here is going to be incomprehensible, most probably deliberately sadly enough. We in the west simply think differently, if it's a judged negative, avoid it at all costs.

For myself, I often balance out my being love with other ways of existing, for no way of existing is any more or less worthy of experiencing. Yes, this includes just feeling love and creating even more separatism, what do you think we are all here for? As many true people of being love do, I often put myself within a different existence and situation but my mentality stays of being of love, it's simply impenetrable, this is why people like me are able to do what we do, even while being critically judged by so many people on the net.        

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