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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Awareness- A Process of Evolving

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wrote a post knowing that this post is going to be controversial for some people, however, I received a few replies from people who could see exactly where I was coming from. I don't favour extremism of any kind, even the kind expressed by my own people. All extremisms create terrorism of one kind or another; this is pain we need not experience. We simply ignored the whispers and are now being yelled at.

yes Mathew, it is all awful. There is a lot of sadness here and uncertainty. You are quite right about the background. I can't help thinking that governments need to at least begin to approach the problems with honesty and unselfish intentions. I wonder when they will stop looking backwards for solutions that don't work, and begin to look forwards for the benefit of the whole global family. humph!

My Reply
I certainly feel for everyone in the United Kingdom, this kind of thing just simply needn't happen.

I wish human consciousness would simply grow up/evolve, it doesn't look good though, however in saying this, this kind of thing might just make us evolve in the end.

Australia is right behind in terrorizing these people, I simply don't like it.

I really hope you and your own are never directly affected by this kind of thing. Keep well and safe, surely this can't continue for too long.

ahh thank you.
It is interesting how the upheavals happening all around the world seem to be completely at odds with the idea that we as a human race are now evolving at a faster rate ,,, I do agree that these terrible events may be catalysts but I would like to understand why good things so often come from pain and suffering. I wonder why good things can't just arise from previous good things? Building on positive feelings, thoughts and events rather than reacting against negative ones.Xx

My Reply
Are we truly evolving?

Growing up/evolving from infancy to adulthood usually entails a lot of pain at times of one kind or another. As I wrote a few years ago now, human consciousness is like an infant trying to evolve; it's going to go through growing processes.

As of any consciousness growing up/evolving, it will at times through the process stop evolving, basically, stay child like. To me it simply doesn't want to grow up so there is going to be pain involved. I think the quote, "What is above is also below", is very apt.

As of infancy to adulthood, it's the way we become aware that determines the pain we will go through; it's all to do with how we become aware. Becoming aware simply doesn't have to be painful. For any consciousness, awareness is it's growing process,

You can be loving without being aware but you can't become aware without being loving. Awareness simply creates love, the more aware we become, the more loving we will be. Spiritual awareness proves this, the more spiritually aware we become, the more loving we naturally become. This is very much like, the more of an adult we become, the more responsible we become; human consciousness seems to have simply stopped growing up, becoming aware, collectively.

However, there are people who are still evolving, this simply means that human consciousness collectively hasn't stopped evolving completely, in actuality, our present conscious stagnation has influenced a lot of us to become more aware. There is an imbalance of too much irresponsibility and immaturity within the collective consciousness so some of us have naturally reacted to this. Jesus and Buddha in my mind were a reaction to the consciousness in their time.        

What is negative and what is positive? If something like this makes us more aware, is it altogether negative? I try to stay away from perceiving in negatives and positives, this kind of perceiving can be too bias.

Because we have ignored the whispers, we are now being shouted at to become aware in my mind, this simply should not have been the case, we are simply acting and thinking too immaturely, too unaware to the extent of utter ignorance.

Much Blessings as always Carolyn

PS. I am going to turn our interaction here into a post for my blog.

Supplement: At no time am I bagging (Criticising sarcastically) any culture or people of a country in what I write at times, as of always, telling the truth will, sadly, always make you more enemies than friends. We simply don't like becoming aware of anything unbecoming about ourselves and our culture; we would rather point the finger at other people/cultures than ourselves and our own.

I am simply for peace and harmony, the truth, brought about by awareness and wisdom, supports this kind of truth. There is however another kind of truth, a truth that comes from knowledge and intelligence, this kind of truth noticeably doesn't support peace and harmony. In my mind, any knowledge or intelligence not supported by wisdom isn't truth but a desired truth rather than actual truth.

Also, awareness and wisdom isn't motion, however, the truth that awareness and wisdom creates is of motion, only because there is also untruths. It's these untruths or truths that are not of the whole truth that creates motion. At present, the Delai Lama is a prime example of awareness and wisdom not being of motion.                    

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