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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Essence Within All Things

Written by Mathew Naismith

Think of a thing that is much greater, pure or aware to the point of infinite awareness, a point of origin that is beyond everything else that represents the ego. Now imagine this point of origin or zero point being minuscule, especially to the ego. It is that small that the ego often overlooks this point of origin, probably because the ego is unable to comprehend it to start with. Also, how could anything so minuscule be the origin of everything and be so powerful in relation to the ego?

Considering that the ego has to perceive everything to be greater than what it is to be able to comprehend it's existence, it is quite understandable that this minuscule point of origin is either incomprehensible to the ego or is purposely overlooked by the ego, denounced of it's existence by the ego in other words.

I wrote this a few days ago; I simply can't continue along these lines, this is way above our heads, even way above love and light or mind, body and soul. I wanted to say so much more on these lines, we are simply not ready, not when we treat things like love and light and mind body and soul as another God or another religion, a be and end all ideology.

Love and light naturally comes to those who are truly becoming aware without extracting the so called negatives from the equation, from ourselves. Truly, imagine these negatives as a neutral entity rather than something to fear and denounce. 

In all, simply imagine touching this infinite point, this zero point, the essence within all things of creation with your finger, nothing more is needed, it's this simple.

Supplement: Please avoid any so called teacher who makes you feel they are above you because of their experiences and/or knowing. I observed this once again, a teacher who puts themselves above all else.

A true teacher will humble themselves to the observers of the teacher while teaching things way beyond the observers (students) comprehension and awareness. The best teachers are the one's that live through what they teach at the same time be what they are teaching too. Basically, a good teacher will experience and be the observer as well as the observed. In our case, this means being like a typical human while being observed by observers, the students.         

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