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Friday, 21 July 2017

Crystalline Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

My error, I thought I was going to be channelled in relation to this topic I know very little about. Within my own quietness recently, a vision of a crystalline conscious reality vividly appears, I also feel I am apart of this crystalline consciousness as many people of today seem to be. Usually when I experience vivid visions/insights like this I'm channelled, oddly enough not this time around. Anyway, here I go.


As science is finding out, what is perceived to be of solid form is in actuality not as solid as we perceive, this also includes crystals. This of course doesn't mean that everything perceived as solid is an illusion; all it means is that there is more to solid form than we first perceived. 

A lot of us are becoming aware that there is more to us than what we were conditioned to perceive, this doesn't or shouldn't make everything that we were conditioned to perceive an illusion as in fake. What we were conditioned to perceive was simply not the whole truth, only part of the truth.       

As the ego always tries to do, there is only one answer to everything question, meaning, there is only one absolute, one true alternative when in actuality there can be numerous answers to a singular question, numerous true alternatives completely void of limitations. Everything of solid mass and is associated with solid mass is now suppose to be an illusion; this of course includes anything that is of solid crystalline form!!

Often when a consciousness finds out it's more than it was lead to believe, that everything it was lead to believe in the first place is an illusion. Part of a truth perceived is not a true illusion, only an illusion that it was not of the whole truth. What I find strange is that numerous ideologies throughout the ages presented various perceptions that we are more than of solid mass. At no time, except through general science and atheistic ideological views, were we not informed, to one degree or another, of being more than of solid form/mass.

You will find that most of us still believed we were only or primarily of solid form, this is why we now perceive that everything of solid mass is an illusion, including crystals.

Going beyond the perceptions of the ego doesn't mean that everything that the ego perceived was an illusion, in saying this, the more control the ego has over us, the less of the truth we become!!

An ego; in control naturally expands or contracts the truth, making the truth only part of the whole truth. In expanding the truth, the ego now perceives an ultimate state or reality of one kind or another and that everything else is an illusion. In contracting the truth, the ego states this is all we are, solid mass/form or we are only truly of some kind of ultimate being or state.

As of everything of solid form, crystals are a representation or an abstract expression of it's non-physical state, a state of pure consciousness void of mass or form.

Consciousness itself is vibrational; it's simply vibrations created from various frequencies that make up a certain vibrational signature, this is why there are so many different kinds of consciousness's, they all, as crystals are from iron ore or emeralds, have their own unique vibrational signature, there own unique type of consciousness. The reason why people look different and act different is due to their own unique vibrational signature, there own unique consciousness.

Each crystal also has it's own unique vibrational signature as we do, this is why we resonate with certain crystals or elements of a particular mineral. Why are the wealthy attracted to diamonds, gold and platinum, and people like me are not? It's basically to do with the ego that creates the consciousness we experience and express, it creates a certain signature that only resonates with certain elements, certain vibrational signatures. I personally have an attraction to silver at present, which probably means my consciousness is inline or in tune with the elements of silver.

Crystalline Consciousness: A lot of people's egos might laugh at this but we are connected to our physical environment more than most of us are aware of. It's by no mistake that we are attracted to certain crystals or minerals that other people aren't attracted to. In saying this, we can also be attracted to certain elements because that is what we need at the time to give us balance.

It would seem that within our reality, gold, diamonds and platinum, represents a certain type of consciousness/ego that seems materialistic, so what type of consciousness/ego do crystals represent?

My visions of this kind of crystalline consciousness refers to a well balanced moderated existence of all energies, basically, all energies are seen and acted upon as equal to all other energies. This kind of consciousness also seems to be of a different kind of ego, an ego that isn't in control or being controlled. It would seem at no point is the ego being controlled or controlling, in actuality, this kind of consciousness seems to be void of any kind of control at all, there is simply no need or capability of one controlling the other.   
Imagine being in a reality where you can't control anything but you are also not being controlled, there is simply no perception of control, it just doesn't exist. It will of course be very difficult for a controlling ego to imagine this; it's simply incapable of doing so. Even if the controlling ego could imagine this, it wouldn't desire to imagine a reality/consciousness like this. The ego exists only because of the perceptions of control, either it being controlled and/or controlling, it's always in fear of becoming non-existent.

We are conditioned to perceive crystals as a solid mass, to me; this detracts away to what crystals truly represent, a well balanced moderated consciousness that can be expressed or represented in solid form/mass like with everything of consciousness. Consciousness simply represents motion of one kind or another, one kind of ego or another.        

I came across a couple of videos below that only a certain consciousness will resonate with, please enjoy.

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