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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Simply Ego Void of Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought this was something else I wrote and wasn't going to post, instead it seems I was waiting for the second part of this post to materialise.

The second part to this post is titled Crystalline Consciousness, a consciousness of the energy of crystal void of physical properties. In this state of non-physicality, the energy of crystals is much greater. As of everything physical, crystals owe their existence to non-physical factors or influences.


The sun is one of the biggest controlling factors within our solar system, it's also one of the most destructive and violent, far more violent than all the humans at present as a collective could express. Of course if our own reality is negative, how negative would this make the sun? Compared to whatever humans can do while influenced by a controlling ego, the sun would have to be totally demonic but it's not. This is but another reason why I try to stay away from the perceptions of negative and positive.

We are guests, not just to the ego but to the controlling ego, of course an ego in control could never see it like this for this kind of awareness would greatly diminish the egos control over us. As I previously wrote in a post, "It is wise to remember that we are guests in a controlling egos reality, always have been, however, what lies beneath these factors is utter bliss.

The problem lies within the control of the ego itself, it simply negates this bliss for the sake of control over and above this bliss, for within this bliss there is no control, only being."

A controlling ego, like the sun or even our spouse/family members, take away bliss that is infinite in nature and replaces it with another kind of bliss that the ego is able to control at will. Of course not everyone under this kind of control will experience bliss but to one extent or another many people will. Of course as history shows, this kind of bliss is finite in nature; it simply doesn't last or is lasting as of everything controlled by a controlling ego. How long does a love for a family member or a spouse last when they become totally controlling?

This is the ego in control so what is ego void of control?

I wrote a while ago about an insight depicting a crystalline sun instead of a gas ball sun, basically a sun of pure crystal. A sun of crystal is infinite in nature; it is able to exist eternally, however, instead of the sun controlling everything it influences, crystalline suns are influenced by the inhabitants that exist under, or more precisely with, this kind of sun. In actuality, crystalline energy sources are not suns but are still able to sustain biological life, in actuality, because they are completely stable and in balance with all within it's influence, it is able to sustained biological life a lot more securely. Take away an insecurity, you take away a fear!!

The ego in control will of course categorically state that a crystal like energy sources supporting biological life forms could never exist, or anything else that is not controlling/dominating, you know why? A crystalline energy source like this isn't in control, the biological life that is influenced and supported by this kind of energy source is. Actually, there is no real control, only a cohabitation of equal value, a reality based on balance instead of an imbalance. This is the last thing a controlling ego wants and especially needs to know or exist as a controlling factor.

It would seem if we take away the controlling factors of the ego, the ego would be non-existent, this simply isn't the case but can be the case. If you take away the control of the ego, what you are left with is ego void of it's control. When we are able to be influential void of the ego being in control, this is balance due to a cohabitation of equal value of energy sources. One reliant on the other to exist, not one in total reliance on the other like in fear of the other of their control over us, but a coexistence free of fear altogether.   

I honestly believe we could influence the sun to become crystalline, of course I believe this would take us to take our consciousness into a totally different dimension that isn't controlling, dominant or destructive in any sense.

Can we be expressive of an ego that isn't in control or being controlled? In my mind absolutely, however, for a mind that is controlled by the ego, never, this of course is but one of numerous limitations of the ego mind in control.

I thought I would end this post by inserting a few relevant responses to other people by me in relation to this topic.                      


Look at it this way. The sun is controlling as everything of the ego is, so in a real sense, the ego has always had control in realities like this one.

Humanly, indeed, the ego hasn't always been in control by the controlling ego in a human sense.  I think realities like this one, the universe as a whole, is conducive to a controlling ego, not just ego. 

Are there realities that are just of the ego void of a controlling ego?  I believe so.


I think anything controlling and/or desiring is of the ego. Our sun is controlling, this is ego so everything within this control is also ego otherwise I doubt it could exist within this kind of reality.

I think the purpose of ego is creation for all of creation is ego. It's like an expression or motion of something that is motionless, Buddhism calls this motionless state pure awareness.  All of creation is simply the motion side of motionlessness, the yin to the yang if you like.

Is everything of creation not truly of solid mass? While this pure awareness is being expressed as motion, it is, when being simply being of pure awareness it's not. The ego as always needs to force a singular or ultimate answer when there isn't one in my mind, consciousness as a whole isn't this limited.


A wise interrogation, is the ego related to our memory loss?

Ego is motion for without motion the ego isn't able to exist, for example, as we quieten the mind, we experience less ego for there is less motion. Basically, instead of focusing on the quietness, we focus on motion which creates ego, the more motion expressed, the more egoistic we become, our present reality shows this. Because we are focused on motion, we forget what we are, we become the participator instead of the observer, in the process of participating forgetting what we are.  

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