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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Acknowledgment and Appreciation

Written by Mathew Naismith

In a recent discussion, a person of the name of Ron mentioned about appreciating the natural energy flows around us. Ron brought up the question about, "But does all this really matter?" This question was in relation to being appreciative or not of the various different natural energy flows or footprints around us. Ron of course thought it matters and of course I concurred.  

Acknowledgment is one thing; appreciation of what is being acknowledged is another thing. I think this is simular to being aware or knowledgeable while being wise to know how to use this awareness or knowledge. How far and in what direction can we take our acknowledgment of the natural energy flows around us if we don't appreciate them? To me, this is the same as, what direction has our present knowledge void of wisdom has taken us? Ron is quite correct in my mind, an appreciation of our acknowledgment goes a long way and yes, it does matter as it makes a huge different to our journey.

As wisdom is important in guiding our awareness and knowledge, so is appreciation of guiding what we acknowledge, the appreciation of the natural energy flows or footprints surrounding us, not just acknowledgement void of appreciation. Take away wisdom from awareness and knowledge, what do you have? Something that is unguided. Take away appreciation of our acknowledgment of the natural energy flows around us, what are you left with? Something that is unguided, an energy flow of extremes expressions void of balance and moderation. What again are we presently experiencing? The destruction of what we acknowledge but don't appreciate, mother Earth it but one of many of these unappreciated energy flows.        

Acknowledgment of the spiritual is one thing; appreciation of the spiritual is quite something else.......

The following is my discussion with Ron if interested. 

"Crystalline Consciousness: A lot of people's egos might laugh at this but we are connected to our physical environment more than most of us are aware of. It's by no mistake that we are attracted to certain crystals or minerals that other people aren't attracted to. In saying this, we can also be attracted to certain elements because that is what we need at the time to give us balance."

G'day Mathew.
Great truth in this paragraph, especially our vibrational or energetic connection with our natural world.

Leaving aside the ego for a minute.

Think we see things as solid because we are looking at them from a 3 dimensional point of view.

As we expand our consciousness or awareness allowing our DNA to change and be upgraded.

The body in which we live may begin to change into an energetic or crystalline physiology or form.

Feel we may well then see everything as physics is now beginning to appreciate.
In an energetic or vibrational point of view.

My Reply
Ah, this figures from you Ron as you also seem to believe that we, if we want that is, can or will evolve into a crystalline life force physiologically and consciously. 

I think it's the consciousness that defines our vibrations and subsequent form/physiology. Of course how aware a consciousness is has everything to do with this, maybe the less aware the consciousness, the more dense the matter.

I have the funny feeling the people who comprehend this, come from some kind of life force like this before experiencing a denser form of existence. 

Interesting feeling that you have.
The impression of remembering the vibration or energy we exuded in a previous time, so to speak.

Being blessed with Mother Kundalini.
Personally feel she contributes and may even dictate this body's vibrational footprint.

But does all this really matter?
What matters is our appreciation of the vibrational message or energy we feel from ourselves and surrounding us in nature.

It is the shared energy in this Oneness as opposed to being separate, which to this heart, is so special.

Enjoy your weekend :-))

My Reply
Indeed Ron, very well articulated and a very good point. It certainly matter if we have an awareness and an appreciation, if we don't, we create realities like we are experiencing at present in my mind.  How many of us at present are truly aware and appreciative of this kind of energy flow?

I think what you have stated here needs to be shares around Ron, if you don't mind, I would like to insert our discussion here in a post on my blog.

I look at this way Ron, I am a guest to the present energy flow, I have no right to try to change this energy flow as a guest, however, I do have a right as a guest to be influential upon the energy flow of the host. The host being an energy flow of a controlling ego, our present existing reality. 


  1. Of course it matters. Being aware of one's environment is very necessary for one's survival. Besides, it makes one's lifetime a richer experience.

    1. Indeed, infinite wealth compared to finite wealth.