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Monday, 15 January 2018

Protective Guides

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my own mind, when we pass away we can be more alive and aware than we are in physical life. Considering this, guides refer to an entity or a soul that attaches itself to a person and/or a family as a guide in physical life, guiding a person and /or family through physical life.

My grandmother had a very hard life with my grandfather, even the WWII soldiers my grandfathers fought with in Africa and New Guinea didn't like my grandfather. He's mannerism and mentality was too harsh and brutal for most people.

I was left with a fully dislocated elbow when I was six years old, on top of this, our own family situation as children was terrifying at times. We must remember, mannerism's and mentalities are created. If a person is brought up under harsh conditions, this conditioning usually carries through, both my parents experienced harsh circumstances within their own family as children.

My siblings still cover up abuse from the past and present, they also act out a certain amount of neglect onto other family members. Being an advocate against bullying and abuse, you could imagine how my family have responded to me and my openness and disapproval of bullying and abuse.

My grandmother had a beautiful well balanced mannerism and mentality. My grandmother is one of my guides, now consider this. As children, we can often take on our parent's persona, is it not possible to also take on our guides persona? Considering that we are more alive after our demise, it is quite feasible that one can take on a guide's persona, especially if the guide is close and protective to the person they are guiding.

My grandmother didn't like people being abused either however unlike me, her ability to put a stop to abuse was very limited in physical life, this however is different in her present existence. My grandmother often works through me, maybe too tenaciously at times, it's like she is making up for what she couldn't do in physical life through me.

The neglect and abuse my grandmother and I experienced in our own physical lives, made us aware and wised up to how neglect and abuse can become hereditary, passed down from generation to generation. We might seem a little tenacious in regards towards our disapproval of abuse but at least the abuse stopped with us.

My grandmother loves what I am doing, trying to guide people through awareness and openness brought about my own and my grandmother's life experiences. It's not easy being open and honest with ourselves in regard to ourselves. There are many people who are bullying that have no idea they are bullying. Abuse is simular when just of a form of bullying/controlling, but when it becomes more aggressive and violent, it's very unlikely a person expressing these actions don't know they are being violently abusive.

My grandmother also likes me guiding people who are into spirituality to be less judgmental of the negatives and positives in the world, be more moderate in our mentality in regards to the world and not become too harsh in our judgment of it. Avoid disdain at all cost; simply view the world or human consciousness as an abused animal that has been lost and neglected for sometime.

Can we take on the thoughts, feelings and persona of our guides? In my mind, most definitely. I didn't morn my mother demise because I new that my mother is far more alive and happier in her demise than in physical life, how could I be mournful, I couldn't be happier for my mother. The point is, any entity that is more alive and happier in their demise is likely to be a great influence to the people they guide, especially if the guided have a liberal or moderate and open mentality and persona.

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