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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Identifying a True Sense of Love

Written By Mathew Naismith

A true sense of love has no name......

The shining; a benevolent all accepting state of pure bliss, a bliss with no perceptions of labels, a state of true unequivocal acceptance of all within it's presence, a true state of oneness.

Is the above referring to what we call unconditional love? Yes, it's referring to what we call unconditional love but its not unconditional love for a true sense of love has no name.

To imply a name, as unconditional love, to this state is to separate itself from what is not unconditional, we therefore have conditions when we apply a name to this state as unconditional.

The conditions are, to stay away from everything that is toxic and/or negative so that one can experience this state. If you have to be in a certain environment to obtain and keep within this state, conditions to this labelled state are applied to a major extent.

This is why this state is very tricky to truly comprehend in the first place to then understand.

Our comprehension is to first put a label on everything we have comprehended exists, as with everything. This is what a 3rd dimensional mind does, applies a label to everything to be able to comprehend what it wants to then understand, however, as soon as a label is applied and implied, we have separation.

The word shining exemplifies this state void of separation, for all is of the shining but not all is of unconditional love. The label unconditional love isn't an exemplification, its separation from what isn't unconditional brought about by the 3rd dimensional mind to separate itself from what it doesn't desire to be of. Exemplifying is simply a clarification, in this case, a clarification of this particular state that all is shining void of separation.

Only in separation are we unable to comprehend that everything is of the shining, no matter what of the vibration it is.      

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