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Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Age Spirituality

Written by Mathew Niamsith

Having had numerous interactions with the so-called new age spiritual movement, I have to ask myself, where is this westernised new age spiritual movement leading us?

For starters, a lot of the new age movement isn't new, it's on the back of and based on spiritual writings and practices that stem right back to the first spiritual movements. Light and love, peace and harmony, enlightenment and oneness have been apart of spirituality since the dawn of man, so what's really new?

To a lot of people, the concept of a one world order, one government, one religion and so on, is a fallacy. Considering that Adolph Hitler, with the help of Italy and Japan in WWII, tried to force a one world order on the rest of the world and that the Romans tried to do the same hundreds of years before, a one world order is certainly very plausible today. The point is nothing has changed from thousands of years ago; the mentality of human beings is as old as old, not having evolved for thousands of years.

However we must consider, just because human consciousness hasn't evolved, doesn't mean consciousness as a whole hasn't evolved. We must also consider the natural cycles of life as everything in time is influenced by these cycles, the problem with cycles is, if a consciousness goes against these cycles, it will perish for the cycle has moved on leaving a consciousness without a cycle to live by for a time. Perishing simply means a consciousness will eventually restart the same old cycle all over again, very much like humans have done for thousands of years. New age spirituality is still a part of this old cycle for it's primarily based on and influenced by ancient spiritual movements.

Imagine not perceiving in negatives and positives, bad and good, hate and love, light and dark, basically, not in separation, a state of true oneness. Of course the concept of oneness has been around for thousands of years, but how often has human consciousness as a whole embraced this oneness? It hasn't, not in known times.

How many new age spiritual people have disdain for this reality and of anyone of a different movement to theirs?

To me, an evolved consciousness will leave disdain behind in the old cycle, in actuality separation of consciousness through the perceptions of negative and positive, bad and good, hate and love, light and dark, won't be able to be expressed for all will be as one.  

So does this mean no expression of love?

Lets' put things into perspective in relation to human consciousness and the sun. Man is unable to be as violent and as destructive as the sun can and will be, why then is human consciousness felt as a bad vibration and negative but the sun isn't? Why don't we get bad vibrations from the sun as we do of human consciousness at it's most violent and destructive time? 

As we have an obvious bias perception and vibrational feelings towards human consciousness in comparison to the sun, we also have bias perceptions of love and light in comparison to hate and dark. We have separated one from the other; imagine no sense of separation, no bias segregation giving us false perceptions. It's hard to imagine isn't it while still experiencing a segregated reality!!

Sadly, through my own experiences, the following is a good example of today's new age spiritual movement. It's either ignoring everything not of what it desires to be of, or, it lashes out at anything not of its own desires. I should also say I have friends who are of the movement of love and light, they are themselves quite moderate within their being and expressions, nothing like the bellow example.                   

My Reply
"better yet, why would you continue a discussion after everybody already said goodbye?"

So now it would seem I am not allowed to continue a discussion on my own post, this is bullying.  If the discussion isn't on their terms, it can't be on any terms, especially mine on my own post. Go figure!!

Did John say goodbye? Why lie and deceive GS?

Our topic was about speculation which I proved you were incorrect with, now you are lashing out big time after trying to bully me in respect to speculation. What lie did I tell about speculation and a black and white mentality? I wasn't even allowed to express my own thoughts on my own post without a show of disdain towards me.  

The disdain from you towards me is insurmountable GS, you have proven this within your reply. Why so much disdain? Yes, I proved you incorrect in regards to speculation, why lash out just because of this? It's a very shallow response GS.

"I pray that justice for you comes swift and 7 fold."

What an ugly thought, I certainly don't wish this upon you, in actuality quite the opposite; I hope one day you are able to observe yourself void of so much disdain. When you do, I truly hope you are not too hard on yourself like you are to others at present.

Many Blessings GS, really.

Is this my ego facing down people like this? Yes, but it's to protect others, I am certainly not protecting myself from such vibrations but others.

To be spiritual is to also humble yourself, this includes humbling yourself to the ego.

Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, you become conditioned to protecting others even while putting yourself in peril, it's this simple. You embrace so-called bad vibration as well as good vibrations for all vibrations deserve to be embraced in care.         

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