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Thursday, 31 August 2017

I Simply Just Don't Get It!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

If you are not into conflict resolution or learning through and from conflicts, it is unlikely you will like this post.

This post once again pertains to a forum I am presently involved with. In respect, I have only inserted my responses to other people that pertain to a particular post of mine that at this point has over 407 views. It's not big number of views but it does show that a number of people are interested in the topics mentioned in this post.  I replaced names with four ex.'s (XXXX).


I am so ignorant sometimes.

I presumed that everyone into spirituality would comprehend and understand how a consciousness void of black and white mentality would perceive everything. There is only one so how would one offend or be offensive? To be offended or offensive takes one to be good (positive) and the other bad (negative). My ego isn't offended by XXXX motions/reactions here but it is annoyed and worried at her persistence to push her own black and white mentality upon me. 

A black and white mentality separates everything from negative to positive, high to low and so on; a consciousness void of a black and white mentality simply doesn't perceive like this, all that is observed is motion of one kind or another.  I don't have a bias or a desire of something higher or lower, the strange thing is I think I never truly did. 

I ignorantly thought everyone would comprehend and understand how this kind of consciousness worked but they don't, I owe everyone, especially XXXX and XXXX, a huge apology.

You ever get the feeling you know something and then something like this occurs and you find you don't?  I am simply flabbergasted at my own ignorance, my humblest apologies, I simply had no idea. Get this though, my wife understands how this kind of consciousness works, I just presumed so would many other spiritually aware people, ignorance certainly isn't bliss.

I'm in a different world and I suppose I always have been, I was ignorant to this as well, my humblest apologies everyone.  And please don't get the idea that my world is higher or lower in stature, it's simply just a different world. Just be aware that the ego often perceives otherwise as it would seem, there is simply no known narcissism expressed here by me.


What is inside for one isn't inside for another, the perception there is some absolute truth that everyone is of the same inner being isn't true in my mind. How many different perceptions of the inner self are out there to start with?

Now, which one is right over and above the others? We simply and obviously don't have the same inner perspectives XXXX. Why do you seem to be projecting an absolute here, that all inner perceptions are the same?

Why then push inner perceptions as being the only true one onto others who know different? Lets be truthful here, going onto someone else's post and forcefully projecting your own absolutes of the inner self so much is projecting an absolute.

Some people go in and the only thing they see is light and love when there is so much more, it's literally infinite. To a lot of people who go no further than love and light, these people often perceive only light and love is projected through the inner being, this is simply not the case.  Is the inner being limited to light and love? You would think so, going by my own experiences though, it's literally unlimited, it's infinite in nature.

To me you are limiting the inner being to certain perceptions and perspectives, not everyone has the same inner being so why push your own perceptions of your own inner being onto others.

We want to help people realise what, that our own personal perceptions of the inner being, being the same for everyone, in other words limited to certain set projected perceptions!!

This is exactly what I mean about black and white mentality, it's the same for everyone when it's obviously not, not through the experiences I have had anyway.      

So someone like me has not explored inside, your joking aren't you? Just because my inner beings perceptions are not the same as yours!! This is pretty shallow/limited in my mind XXXX. Everyone's exploration is different, this doesn't mean they haven't explored but you obviously think they haven't because it's not the same as yours!! 

It is obvious I am of a different world to you, XXXX and XXXX; this doesn't mean people like me haven't explored the inner being. We all simply don't express the same inner being perceptions XXXX.

In the future I won't project my own views on other people's posts on here, not that this would have helped in this case, however, I do think the reaction I got here did stem from me saying that love is a motion therefore ego on another post.

XXXX, the inner being isn't as limited as you perceive, it's literally infinite in nature but of course you must find this out for yourself to really know this. Are my own inner projected perceptions of the inner being of everyone else's? Absolutely not, this doesn't mean that others haven't gone within does it? 

You often reflect a black and white mentality XXXX, which one of us out of XXXX and I have not gone in, in accordance with your own inner exploration? 

Can the divine consciousness express disdain, meaning, refuse acknowledgment through contempt?


It wouldn't matter how a person like me expressed themselves, a true love and light person could not themselves express disdain in any sense like I described because distain can only be expressed by an ego in control. The ego simply controls people to express contempt.

Sadly, I have not been on one forum where the owner and other members of the forum have even come close to expressing any kind of divine consciousness, in actuality quite the opposite. I am usually critically judged and labelled some kind of ego maniac or worse or I am simply judged as not being of the inner being, of course as they are.

I am myself not a true love and light person I however express way more love and light than people who claim to be of love and light or of exploring their inner being when it's presumed I haven't. I simply don't have disdain/contempt for anyone; of course the ego is going to see this differently for obvious reasons.

If you are showing any kind of contempt for me at all, it is obvious you are nowhere near being of the divine consciousness or love and light.

I find the reactions I get quite interesting but also saddening. I should also say that there are people who are observers of these forums who are truly of love and light, it's just they don't dare speak up or have no need to speak up.


"I do have a problem with megga ego who
build themselves up by putting others down and can't even see they are doing it."

Is not a megga ego in line with an ego maniac? Not once in knowing XXXX have I critically labelled her an ego maniac or narcissist even though it is obvious she quite often puts herself well above other people like me, after all I am something XXXX noticeably has disdain for and wants to change to her kind of world, as mine is disdainful.

How many people into spirituality these days show an obvious disdain for the perception of God and/or religion. There should be less judgment therefore less disdain but there is a lot more judgment therefore a lot more show of disdain.

God to me represents a true state of oneness because it represents all of what is void of desiring to be of one's desires, this includes what we personally perceive how a divine consciousness would be like. When I mention God or religion, certain people showing obvious disdain for God and religion often try to hang me in some way. The perception of God isn't just pure awareness or nothingness or ego, the perception of God represents everything, this gives the ego an idea of a true sense of oneness in my mind.

In regards to religion, religion is as good or bad as the people of the religion are as of any ideology or philosophy, to people like me it's this simple. People will be people.

In regards to love and light, how old is the perception of love and light? Within my own knowing, it goes way back to the antediluvian times, its not just from some old consciousness, it's ancient, so why didn't it work back in the antediluvian period?

To my knowledge it did to a certain degree but also to my knowledge love and light became yet another be and end all, they simply didn't go on from love and light. It's impossible to limit an infinite consciousness but it's not impossible to limit a perception of a consciousness. Once we have a fixed (limited) perception of a consciousness, the consciousness involved becomes finite in nature.

If even an ounce of God's consciousness directly expressed itself today, it would be hung and labelled some kind of ego maniac or more likely something a lot worse if it didn't express itself in line with other people's fixed perceptions. I simply just don't get it......


If you are willing to learn through forums at the same time being expressive of your own inner being/world, it is likely you will have to learn through conflicts, especially if your own inner being/world is incomprehensible to other people.

I wonder at times if it's worth it, it's probably why I don't become involved with too many forums these days. Forums are not bad places to learn through but they can be daunting as in intimidating, it's really up to the individual if you are willing or able to learn through forums, especially if your world is incomprehensible to a lot of people. If you are already traumatised, it is advisable to stay away from forums that don't project your kind of inner being/world.

If on the other hand you can observe without becoming a participator of these forums, these forums can be quite enlightening. In saying this, after all this time on and off forums, I still simply don't get it, just maybe because I am participating too much instead of simply observing!!   


  1. Look from a place outside of ego. Many spiritual types are at the level of psychic which is a very low frequency, any on in in to ego verification or gratification, power over others, being submissive and wanting g to be told what to do or how to behave, the list goes on and on. I like black and white and not so keen on the gray which is so in fashion today. Tip: When human, be human. When divine, observe thru you Matt identity and body. It will avoid a lot of infighting and conflicts.

    Kind regards,
    ps: Very thoughtful and insightful as usual.