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Monday, 8 May 2017

Beyond The Seeker

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is certainly not going to be for everyone. Any comprehension beyond the seeker or questioner or human consciousness, is going to be virtually impossible for anyone fixated to one or two processes to becoming further aware. Being aware that the seeker and the euphoric feelings of love are of the starting point of awareness beyond human consciousness, any fixation to these processes will limit a consciousness to human consciousness. When being expressive of a seeker, it is wise to be aware of this, this is unless you are happy being just aware of the seeker.

It’s probably wise at this stage to be aware that the seeker is of motion and that the non-seeker is of motionlessness. Seeker = motion. Non-seeker = motionless.

Human consciousness is basically of the seeker and of a consciousness that often becomes fixated to euphoria’s; it’s these limitations that make human consciousness human. I should point out, at no time try to change this consciousness, in actuality, it’s impossible to change any limited consciousness, of course you only realise this when you observe human consciousness from a more aware conscious perspective.

Human consciousness is part of a process that is needed when of a less aware consciousness to become more aware, for example, ominous or destructive expressions of consciousness are obvious within their lack of awareness, for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy. Simply look at human consciousness as being one part of an awareness process or a stepping stone.

I stated perspective instead of levels because there are no true levels, only can perceptions of levels exist when perceiving from an unaware state.  An aware state is never seen or perceived as a higher level than an unaware state while of a more aware state, this is because levels relate or depict an unaware consciousness. Also, perceptions of levels relate to limitations and of the participator, however, perspectives relate to limitations but as an observer. The reason perspectives are also limited, even as an observer, is due to perspectives being also ego based, basically, to seek is ego. Perspectives are still of the seeker or measurer even when in observation. 

We might now think that stating that human consciousness is limited, is a limitation within itself. To a non-seeker, human consciousness is but part of the process of becoming more aware, human consciousness isn’t seen to be limited within this state because it’s a part of the process of becoming more aware.  For example, is a wheel of a car limited while not attached to a vehicle?  Yes, the wheel needs to become attached to a vehicle to become less limited.

An unattached consciousness, such as human consciousness, is limited until attached by a process to the whole self. Basically, the wheel is human consciousness and is limited until it’s attached to the whole self, in this case the whole self relates to the vehicle.  Whole self = Vehicle. Human consciousness =Unattached wheels.

The seeker and fixations to euphoria’s is part of the process of becoming more aware, it is wise to see them as wheels to a car, unattached they are limited, attached, they are far less limited.  Human consciousness unattached to its whole self or divine self is limited, this is until it becomes apart of the whole process, very much like wheels of vehicle.

To any unaware consciousness, the seeker is imperative to becoming more aware; however, any fixations to any part of the process will hinder and even negate a consciousness to becoming more aware. In actuality, at times fixations can cause a regression in conscious awareness; this has occurred in human history many times over, the religious Dark Ages are a good example of this.

The non-seeker does not seek, however, part of the process of becoming a non-seeker is to seek; this is why the less aware seeker is never perceived as being of a lower level or value. Each part of the process has its place, even within its own limitations as long as it’s a part of the process and not separated from the process. The seeker doesn’t, or more precisely can’t, comprehend that human consciousness is part of the process where’s the non-seeker can.  Of course from our whole self, we can experience any process, there are no limitations within a non-seeker; this simply means that at no time is a non-seeker limited to just being aware!!

A truly unlimited consciousness means having the ability to become aware or unaware, void of any limitations and the perceptions of one consciousness being of a higher level than another consciousness. 

To a lot of people, what I have written here will seem confusing and/or probably of non-sequential rhetoric, if this is so, it’s not meant for you at this point of the process. If you can imagine being of motion (seeker) and motionless (non-seeker), you are on your way of going beyond the seeker, it’s this simple.

Try to comprehend that you are not just of motion or motionlessness. If any part of the oneness is in motion, you are in motion. If any part of oneness is in motionlessness, you are motionless. At no time is this oneness, which represents everything, ever not of motion or motionless, seeker or non-seeker. At all times you are simultaneously the seeker and the non-seeker, this means at any time you can stop being the seeker by just focusing on the non-seeker, to do this however takes some comprehension of what I have written here.   

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