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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Coexistence of Duality and Non-duality

Written by Mathew Naismith


Something came to me when I awoke this morning.

This non-duality state is supposed to be the or our ultimate true state where in this state existence of duality simply doesn't exist. This simply means in this state we are totally unaware of everything pertaining to duality, where is true enlightenment or pure awareness in this?

The question is now, is what is known as God's consciousness, oneness, pure awareness or what ever, of non-duality? We are obviously speaking of one source here which seems to represent non-duality; this is often perceived as the ultimate state of reality, our truer being, however, a true state of non-duality is the absence of duality. This basically means that this state of non-duality isn't of pure awareness and wisdom because there seems to be no awareness of duality what so ever, there simply can't be.      

Because we exist in a chaotic reality that is often judged as being negative, any feeling or experience of a non-duality is going to naturally feel like an ultimate state. It's wise to be aware that it's the ego self that is searching for an ultimate state that simply in my mind doesn't exist, as such. It's this perception by the ego of an ultimate state that is the true illusion.    

However, I do believe there are states of pure awareness. Within these states, yin and yang work as one which is unlike our present state of reality. These are not states of non-duality but of both duality and non-duality working in balance with each other as one. To us or the ego, these states can seem like they are of total non-duality but there not.

It's actually the coexistence of duality and non-duality, yin and yang, that could be perceived as an ultimate reality from our view, for only within this coexistence are we of this pure awareness and wisdom. Religiously, you could say only in this state of union are we one with God, being that the perception of God to me refers to this state of pure awareness and wisdom.

My advice is, don't be fooled by the ego in search of an ultimate state, also, go beyond non-duality. Because we think this non-duality is the ultimate state, the ego doesn't search beyond this state. Simply, don't allow the ego to control you in this way.


Recently, I have involved myself in a number of conversations with a number of people, most of the conversations were sedate, one conversation not so sedate. Actually, the discordant conversation I was involved with assisted other people as observers just as much as the accordant conversations did if not more. Not everything that seems negative and discordant has a negative outcome. I also realised, through my interactions with the cordial conversations I was having at the same time, that the aware shouldn't be the ones to ostracise or be the ones to pull away from other people or situations. On rare occasions I have done this, of course there is a point where one should back away as well, this of course takes wisdom to know when to do this.

Wisdom isn't a feeling thing, it's a knowing thing or gut instinct; you are just aware often without a knowable cause or reason. If I feel someone's vibration seem discordant to mine, this is a feeling. If I just know someone's vibration seems discordant to mine, this is a knowing thing. This just knowing, void of the biases of feelings, gives us truer or more truthful perspectives, however, at times we can feel what we become aware of. It's wise to be aware that feelings often give us a perception of a negative or positive, especially when another person's vibrations seem discordant with our own. If feelings are giving us negative or positive perceptions, it is most likely we are just feeling void of being truly aware or knowing, wise.     

Is love and light based on feelings? If we are honest, we already know the answer to this question.

As what was explained to me, love and light seems to be a creation of chaos and destruction, a reflection of our own reality. One extreme creates another and of course as of all extremes, they are based on feelings/desires. Within this, there is no coexistence, just a perpetual motion of one against the other. How many of us separate and see that non-duality and duality as different entities, one of course being negative (the illusion), the other positive (real)? People like me think that non-duality relies on non-duality to exist and visa-versa, very much the same as light and dark, yin and yang, etc. Only in coexistence, void of exclusion of the other, can we bring a true sense of balance and indeed, a heaven on Earth. Extremes just simply and naturally create it's opposite, this is how consciousness seems to work, our present consciousness is a prime example of this.

There is a very good reason why many of the ancient texts and teachings inform us of the need for stillness, we seem to be simply ignoring this once again.......               

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