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Friday, 19 May 2017

Our Natural Non-inhibiting Abilities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I feel impelled to write this post strictly for the readers of my blog, this reason for this isn't clear to me as yet.

It's funny playing the lesser or minor role in dreams where I am not the hero or the main character, in actuality, I often usually play the observer without taking part in my dreams.

Last night I had two interesting compelling dreams. The first dream was to do with a stream that was clear at first, but then started to become polluted from a source further up from the stream. I collected samples of the polluted water to show the authorities, however, my endeavours were being hindered. Unusually in my dream, other people came to my aid; I was then able to produce my findings to appropriate people to take action.

I was not the authorities that found the source of the pollution and cleaned it up; all I did was take action to inform the appropriate people that were able to take action. What was interesting is that I had a feeling that the stream represented today's spirituality. My role was to only make the appropriate people aware of the pollution, that is all, I was to have no role in finding the source of the pollution and cleaning it up. I am wondering if that is not what I am doing in real life!!

My next dream was to do was a young lass (girl) who had extraordinary gifts.

There was this bloke (man) who had extraordinary gifts himself; no other person could match his gifts. On live television, this man tried to manipulate this lass, basically to see how gifted this lass actually was. He tried to control her moves, simular to people who have been hypnotised. The lass laughed and at this point made the bloke do exactly what the bloke tried to get the lass to do.

There was no feeling the lass was trying to take control of the bloke, all the lass did was repel back the energy the bloke tried to force onto the lass in the first place. The feeling I got from this was that all of us can do the same while trying to not take control of anything. This lass seemed to have no known human inhibitions. The simple lack of human inhibitions allowed this lass to do extraordinary things, however, to the lass, there wasn't anything extraordinary about herself, the way she was, was normal void of anything extraordinary.

The perception of being extraordinary or gifted actually takes away our natural abilities. Having the perception of being gifted in anyway gives us preconceptions thus inhibiting our real and natural abilities. Perceptions and preconceptions are limiting, we might have certain gifts but to an unlimited unrestricted source, such gifts are indeed a laugh.

This reminds me of a video I watched where a young woman was induced into a state where human inhibitions were themselves inhibited. Everything was seen as pure energy, however, what was more compelling to me was when this young woman was asked if she felt good or not. This young woman simply could not answer such a question as it had no significants. There was no question of feeling good or not, basically the perceptions of negative or positive had no meaning in this state.

We often take what makes us feel good like materialism, religion, love and light and so on, and perceive this as the highest pinnacle, very simular to the bloke in my last dream. With our inhibiting perceptions, we often seem to make everything into a religion that makes us feel good, in turn, inhibiting and at times regressing into states that are highly limiting.

Everything to materialists that isn't of materialism is negative. Everything not of actual church religion is negative. Everything that is not of love and light is negative. No wonder we are so limited therefore inhibited, look at all the negatives that these three inhibiting preconceptions have created on there own to start with. No one of the preconceptions will ever be of the lass in my dream, only of the bloke who in the end was anything but extraordinary.

I simply cannot properly and justifiably explain our natural state of existence; all I can do is give an outline of our truer being as of anyone.                 

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