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Monday, 15 May 2017

Beyond the Teacher/Guru

Written by Mathew Naismith

Even though people like me often make reference to well tested ancient teachings, we can't think of anything worse than a consciousness continually relying on these teachings. A true teacher loves nothing more than the student or listener (novice observer) to go beyond their teachings/observations, to evolve into a more aware state of consciousness, only in this has the teacher succeeded in their teachings.

I am not myself one of these teachers or a guru, I am, like many people, a novice observer which basically means I am primarily a student, a learner of observation rather than primarily an observer of participation. I am primarily a channeller, a person who relays messages from non-physical energy sources, this is all. I should also point out that I am not a psychic medium either.

As I have expressed in my last post, I am a whisperer, meaning, a person of some awareness and wisdom, however, the difference between me and the truly wise is my wisdom primarily comes through me in my channellings, this is all. Of course my own life experiences from an early age have given me wisdom, mostly the wisdom to comprehend what is being channelled through me, this is too obvious.

At times, I am simply unable to comprehend what is being channelled through me for various reasons. At times my present personal life intervenes or my ego mind is simply unable or unwilling to comprehend what is being channelled through me. I am certainly no guru as I am not well studied or do I follow any kind of ritualistic practice, I am simply a receiver and sender of messages, obviously from sources way more aware and wiser than myself. However, the ability to comprehend most of what is being channelled through me simply implies that my own abilities, to comprehend beyond normal human consciousness, are evident.

In all, the message is simple. Only when we go beyond these teachings and channellings, can we say we have gone beyond the teachers/gurus. In actuality, the presence of people like me is a poor reflection of how far human consciousness hasn't evolved; people like me should no longer exist, its this simple. Our own existence is an indication that human consciousness is still not listening. The very existence of people like me is a poor reflection of the consciousness being whispered (messaged/channelled) to. We are certainly not a very good sign that a consciousness has and is evolving beyond the teacher, guru, channeller, whisperer etc.  I simply look for the day people like me are no longer needed or exist.   

Note: In reference to what has been mentioned recently, there is no plagiarised content within my posts.        

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