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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Truer Sense of Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a very interesting interaction with another person in regards to my following post posted on another person's timeline. Progressive thinking like this, or more precisely progressive awareness, is not well accepted, in actuality, in a reality based on desires, progressive awareness is less accepted.

The reason for this unacceptance has to do with our desires or our fixations, for example, that there is only a starting and ending point, meaning, everything hasn't always existed and we come from something to end up where we are now. 

We also don't desire to be apart of something unbecoming, like this reality that we are experiencing at present. It's as if we are discarding the yang in favour of being just of the yin; of course there is no true sense of oneness in this or truth.

Progressive awareness is to do with being aware that everything has always and always will exist, this of course also includes, not excludes, starting and ending points, especially of origin.

Progressive awareness simply has nothing to do with the desire to be one thing or another, but everything no matter how unbecoming it might seem.

Note: This post is rather long, sorry for any inconvenience; I simply could not split this post up in two parts.


So if I focused on myself and healed myself or became enlightened, I would be healed or enlightened!!

No, for the simple reason we are one. If one part of this collective consciousness is not healed or not enlightened, we too are of the same, of course a controlling ego will not have this in any sense.

I will listen to a truly enlightened person, for only a truly enlightened person knows they are never healed or enlightened if any part of the collective is unhealed or unenlightened.
Where has the true comprehension of oneness gone in the world?

I am often labeled a guru or enlightened; never will this truly be the case because a real guru or enlightened person could never accept this for obvious reasons.

Heather MacEwen So this must mean that we have to work towards healing or enlightening ourselves - so that in the improbable scenario we all give action to this cause, we are then all healed and enlightened together.

It would be futile to say 'what is the point in even trying to find self healing or enlightenment' because then you could be the one that prevents oneness.

My Rely
Very interesting view, yes of course. The very act of perceiving to be healed or enlightened prevents the collective from being at one, this is probably why human consciousness collectively may never be at one. 

It's infinite, there is always a part of the collective consciousness as a whole that needs to be healed or enlightened. If it was the other way around, we would only exist and experience finiteness. I think having a part of the collective consciousness as a whole that needs to be healed or enlightened, gives us infiniteness. This is as it should be because consciousness should always be infinite in nature; actually I don't think it could be any other way. 

It's strange to think that we can only be at one while being aware that we are never truly enlightened or healed as a whole. I think our own awareness of this gives us a true sense of oneness. 

If we only perceived that we were enlightened, where is the oneness in this when excluding the parts of ourselves that are not enlightened? A true sense of oneness has no exclusions; it's something human consciousness seems to have always done and probably always will; it's just one of the traits that make human consciousness human I suppose. 

Thank god we are not just of human consciousness.

Heather MacEwen Great reply Matthew. I enjoy reading your posts but I really do have to take time to digest the content and understand it.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

My Rely
 It's funny, most people would say what I write is complicating things. I thinks it's more complicating things when we separate everything as most people are conditioned to do, for me anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that someone got the gist of this to the point you did. We must think outside the square to find our truer being in my mind, human consciousness is too limited, of separatism and self-centred.

I think it's easy for others to say that you're complicating things when they don't understand. My opinion is that if you don't understand, then ask and become committed to taking time to try and understand where another person is coming from. Surely this will help us all to become united/one.

So, to look outside the square - should we try and view human collective consciousness as limitless - like Divine consciousness, or are we limited within the Divine consciousness?

My Rely
Very good question, should we try and view human collective consciousness as limitless?

Would we be lying to ourselves if we viewed something that is limited as being unlimited? Considering that our present reality was created from lies, I'm not sure if this is a good thing to do.

I think human consciousness is naturally limited while being apart of an unlimited consciousness at the same time. Oneness to me refers to the yin and the yang, the limited and the unlimited without separation or refutation of one or the other. To me, human consciousness is an important part of the whole even being as unlimited as it is. A controlling ego desires that we are only of the unlimited, in other words of the yang while refuting or denouncing the existence of the yin, there is certainly no wholeness or oneness in this.

Only when conversing with eastern minded people do you realise the extant to which the eastern and western mind thinks. The western mind often excludes one or the other in favour of one or the other, it's a liar/deceiver in other words. 

In India, people were brought up being aware of the controlling ego; we in the west are brought up to do anything but be aware.

I think all we need to simply do is be aware that we are of an unlimited consciousness as well, while at the same time desisting in trying to separate one from the other.  It's funny that a controlling ego always desires to be glorious, the best of everything only.    

Heather MacEwen Am I thinking along the same lines as you if I suggest that in a way, 'we' limit human consciousness by refusing to accept the whole i.e. Yin/Yang? If this was embraced fully we would become limitless and a heaven on earth?

My Rely
Do we, in the way we use human consciousness, limit human consciousness?

I think human consciousness itself has to refute the existence of the whole to stay as human consciousness. However, as human consciousness has evolved from other conscious forms, we too will evolve from human consciousness; we will simply leave human consciousness behind us in my mind. 

So yes, we are limiting ourselves to human consciousness when we are at the same time of the divine consciousness, a consciousness that isn't limited.

I think heaven on Earth simply has to do with awareness, considering our present reality having been created from ignorance, I think being more aware would bring a heaven on Earth. Being aware of the true nature of oneness would definitely help in this in my mind; we are just too disconnected from our divine nature, too unaware and deliberately so in a number of cases.

Heather MacEwen Yes, makes sense

Supplement: I will explain the idea of this using the same method as people from India do; use their environment to explain themselves.

My wife and I are debt free, however, this does not mean we are truly debt free because our country isn't debt free. We perceive we are personally debt free; this is clearly only a perception or a desire.

Ok, let's say that the country is debt free, does this mean we are debt free? No, if anyone is in debt and doesn't pay that debt, it's not the financial institutions that lose out; we do with higher charges to cover these debts.

We might be healed but if the Earth is unhealed, are we truly healed? Considering that the Earth affects our health and well being, are we truly healed? To simply put this, our desires lie to us.


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