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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

If You Build It, He Will Come

Written by Mathew Naismith

One of my all time favourite movies is Field of Dreams staring Kevin Costner, of course one of my favourite quotes from the movie is, "If you build it, he will come".  This was in reference to building a baseball field so he's deceased father will return as one of the players.

To me, this quote has reference to the collective consciousness. " If you build it", is in reference to building a constructive consciousness under very trying conditions, very much like the movie when Kevin Costner's character build the field on his farmland which incurred ploughing in part of his crop. This made it hard for him to keep his farm. In a sense, we are ploughing in the old consciousness which is making it hard for us to exist in such a chaotic reality.

Now the second part of the quote is interesting, He will come". You could make reference to this to the second coming of Christ or something simular. I actually think it's more to do with a Buddha/Christ like consciousness cementing in place the consciousness we create. It's not referring that a single consciousness will save us, this must occur collectively.

I think what this basically means is that once we have created a constructive consciousness, this consciousness will be confirmed or reasserted to be of true virtue. Basically, true virtue means to live in truth instead of lies. I do believe we will have conformation of this through the collective consciousness, as one consciousness instead of separate consciousness's. This means conformation is when we become the Buddha/Christ consciousness through our own efforts.

However, for all this to occur, we must start becoming aware of the things going on in the world at present. I was recently sent an article on yet anther cancer cure being suppressed. The following was my response to this.                       

When there are so many known cancer cures out there, why keep on supporting cancer groups that don't support these cures in any sense? They are obviously only looking after their own jobs, this is too obvious.

When a consciousness stoops to the level of living off of sick and dying people, how low can a consciousness go from here? Cannibalism maybe!! Well, in certain parts of the world human meat is being sold in markets, also, living off of sick and dying people is as bad if not worse than cannibalism in my mind. It's certainly a sickening form of cannibalism in my mind, slowly feeding off of sick and dying people. 

It is impossible for human consciousness to go any lower, I certainly don't want to be around if there is a lower level.

Yes, we could just judge this as being negative and ignore it; in actuality the suppression of cancer cures is positive, especially when these suppressions are being shared around instead of ignored because they are negative. We are conditioned to ignore these suppressions, for one reason or another, so that others can feed off of sick and dying people. Building our field, a constructive consciousness, has nothing to do with living and subsequently supporting lies, all this will do is create the same of what the collective human consciousness is presently experiencing.

I would myself like to build a field constructed from truths instead of lies; of course this takes one to become aware as opposed to deliberately staying unaware. If we like to be aware or not, our present collective consciousness fully endorses lies and the feeding off of other people and other consciousness forms.

Being aware of the field we build will help us create a more constructive reality, but we must be aware and willing to face the truth instead of hiding the truth or hiding from the truth.

Note: My actions here are not causing ripples; in actuality they are calming the waters for only through lies can the waters stay murky and unsettled. Any unsettledness is caused by the lies themselves.                  

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