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Monday, 26 December 2016

Matrix and Finite Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As of anything I write about, it's advisable not to take it as fact or fiction as there is usually very little black and white mentality involved in my writings/thinking. This means I often bring forth the middle ground, an awareness between black an white perceptions. The matrix to me is the condition of a black and white mentality, this means our conscious awareness has to be limited to one and/or the other, there is no middle ground within the matrix.

So what is this matrix?

Matrix: - (mathematics) a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns; treated as a single element and manipulated according to rules.

             - An enclosure within which something originates or develops.

When we invasion a straight sided border around a human being, we usually get a rectangular shape thus a rectangular array of quantities or expressions is evident. These quantities or expressions are also often treated as singular groups, for example, male or female, young or old, poor or rich, atheist or religious, black or white and so on and so on it goes.

Within this matrix, these rectangular quantities or expressions are limited to these set values, this is due to the fact that once we define ourselves as a singular element, we become easier to manipulate. It's this manipulation that sets values to singular elements.

Elements is interesting here because the word element defines a certain quantum, a quantum that is separated by manipulation, basically, the deliberate action of separating one element from another thus creating singular elements. Have you ever heard of the saying divide and conquer, well the matrix itself is all conducive to actions like this. It's simular to the perception of how time separates one moment from another, within this perception, we create finite consciousness, a consciousness that is usually only aware of everything being separated. This in turn creates a black and white mentality, a mentality that can only perceive in finite consciousness.

To me, the second definition of the word matrix should really go like this," An enclosure within which something originates or develops from. The reason for this is you can't create finite consciousness outside of this enclosure of the matrix, this is due to everything that is outside this enclosure, is of infinite consciousness, it has no limitations. The matrix itself exists primarily due to infinite consciousness, a consciousness that is limited through being divided or separated from everything else. We have limitations because we have a perception of division, everything is treated as a single element either singularly or in groups of singular elements.

The matrix is an enclosure of a consciousness that has limitations due to finite perceptions, meaning, everything has a starting and ending point and is singular to others elements. The matrix is a consciousness of division therefore limitations, however, believe it or not, this consciousness is a natural occurrence, we are existing in a natural consciousness of division. As finite consciousness is natural, so is infinite consciousness, just because one existence of a type of consciousness is divided, doesn't mean it's an unnatural occurrence. It's wise not to divide one consciousness or existence as being natural and the other unnatural, this kind of thinking is of a black and white mentality which is of the matrix itself. We have indeed been conditioned to think through and from divisions/separation.

I actually find the matrix itself quite amazing, what it created within itself, within it's limitations, is extraordinary. If we can create so much within such a limited consciousness, how much would we create in a consciousness that isn't limited? To me, the matrix is an awakening to our unlimited self, a self that is not limited consciously, a consciousness defined and influenced by infinite possibilities.

Within the natural course of the matrix becoming more and more limiting, we are awakening to our unlimited potential, our infinite self that isn't divided. What I am saying is it's natural for a matrix, like this, to develop further into a limiting consciousness for us to awaken to our truer being. We are in actuality becoming less trapped within this rectangle, the matrix itself, the more limiting the matrix becomes. Basically, the more naturally destructive this matrix becomes, the more we become aware of its' destructive potential. In effect, the matrix's own limitations are going to be the end of the matrix's illusions, the illusions that all we are is singular elements and only finite in consciousness. The more a consciousness is limited, the more it naturally becomes destructive.

Freedom will come to those who free themselves from the matrix, all this will take is to really know you are within yourself infinite. How many of us believe that death is the end when all it is, is a transition from one state to another. There is no true starting or ending point, there is no limitations to our potential, only in the matrix itself is this true, we are far more than what the matrix represents.                


  1. Hi there Mathew!
    How are you!
    Thanks for your great "pondering" on our "so called" Matrix!

    Long time btw!

    I agree with your assertion of the "natural" Matrix. Think this has served us very well. (don't need to be our enemy),...... - but is imo. significal tampered with.....i.e was not the original idea/layout!
    In the matrix there always is a choice though....The suffering. wars, the one end of the division...didn't needed to be experienced in my mind.
    Why choose the horrible pain? When we all can live as free in any environment - without limitation, guided by the universes laws, all in harmony, unc. love, beauty, "Freedom".....
    What do you think?
    Do we need to go into the extreme brutality, to come to were we want?
    Is perhaps the horrible actions upon others a distorted "matrix" of/in it's own? A artificial virus in the "divine natural infinite creation"?
    Just because we can do anything (free will) - don't mean we should. Will eventually hurt our self in the end.

    Could it be that the finite Matrix was altered? To serve an agenda. From those that had gone so far in separation from oneness (God within and outside you).
    So this altered system was ONLY set up to enslave us, torture us, kill us (the loosh and all ).... going on for so long that we forgot who we really are?
    Was/is "their" ultimate goal to make it a infinite limitation?

    "We have limitations because we have a perception of division,..."
    Yes indeed - Could it then be that the matrix is purely in or mind - only?
    And when we realize we are Masters of our destiny - we can transmute the suffering of the finite Matrix - as it's a distortion from the beginning..... A creation from ego minded individuals who forgotten, or chose to disconnect from "source"(tried/try anyway)...and we all went along, accepted it as truth..., and by that believed the extreme suffering as needed means within duality. (as seen in many religions)

    Well anyway, - I've been away myself and got caught up inside a Geo political Matrix he he. Well it was fun and I wrote more about our unlimited self-core and the amazing creative abilities we all have. ( which I've seen all trough my own life). Some would call it miracles, to me it's only who we are.

    So to me there is really no Matrix. The "fences" around anything, is just here as long I believe it's here/real.
    Thus this suggest I am the co-creator of this holographic limited reality. Put up to conquer any limitation within,( the matrix within)............ but sadly got hijacked.
    (Perhaps a side jump from your thoughts - which do give a great picture of the framework re the matrix)

    Thank you so much for that!

    best regards

    1. G'day siggy

      Good to here from you again, hope all is well with you and your family.

      Yes indeed siggy, the so called matrix, this is inline to what we deem as God in my mind, it's all of human perception, which we should be honest, is limited.

      "What do I think", absolutely, my last post goes into how, what we call matrix systems, starts off passive, it's this over interaction or excessive conscious motion that distorts the matrix to the extent it becomes primarily destructive.

      Do we need to experience the full destructive power of matrix systems? My wife and I have been talking about catabolism and how it's more prominent today as ever, it's just expressed in a different way. How many politicians and multinationals are feeding off of live people? We are indeed cattle to them, it's actually a more brutal kind of catabolism in that it slowly feeds off of people until the day they die.

      Human consciousness need not have become so brutal and acceptingly brutal. Brutality is fine if we denounce it, it's not so fine if we accept it and/or ignore it and that is where we are at, at present.

      Virus, yes indeed, this acceptance is a virus that has distorted the matrix to the extent of the matrix becoming primarily destructive, even onto itself. We have in affect become that virus.

      Is there a their in that a malign consciousness is behind all this brutality?

      We would like to think so because human consciousness needs conformation and comprehension, without this, human consciousness is lost for an answer. In my mind, we are all feeding the matrix. If you think of these matrix systems as consciousness, and like any consciousness, is able to be influenced one way or the other by other conscious energy sources, you begin to understand that we are what the matrix is. An ego in control will not accept this in any sense, it's really funny how it works.

      Is the matrix of the mind, as a creation of our mind, or is it a consciousness of finite existences which our own divided minds influence?

      We totally underestimate ourselves in my mind. The matrix systems, as in time related, has always existed as timeliness has always existed, however, the way these matrix systems have developed, is completely due to our own making. We have purposely forgotten about our infinite consciousness and taken on finite consciousness as who we are. This is fine, however on top of this, many of the practices that kept us in touch with our infinite consciousness, is now being replaced by practices primarily of finite consciousness in my mind.

      Because there is no balance between finite an infinite consciousness, we are becoming more destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness be destructive.

      The matrix to me is real in that the matrix represents time therefore limited finite consciousness, however, this finite consciousness was always balanced out with the awareness of our infinite self in various ways, this is no longer the case on a collective scale. Time has always existed to me, because matrix systems are governed by time, they too have always existed but in a more passive way as my recent posts goes into.

      What we seem to have done, is believed that we are trapped by the matrix, this has never or ever will be the case, we hugely underestimate our truer being. So yes, because we are the matrix the way it is now, there is no true limitations or boundaries, these are perceived projections of thought influenced by a finite existence which we ourselves created.

      It would seem I need to catch up with your thoughts and insights siggy.

      Much Blessings always,