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Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Matrix!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

At present, it is obvious we exist in a reality of a kind and not a reality entirely created by our own thoughts and perceptions, yes, our thoughts and perceptions influence this reality but they don't define this reality, this matrix system. Basically, our conscious influence isn't what determines the essential quality of realities like this, they are only apart or created from these essential qualities within a reality. All matrix systems are created from finite consciousness, a consciousness that is limited to certain specifics, time and space are certainly essential qualities to all matrix systems.

However as of always, the extent of motion of a matrix system is squarely on our shoulders as we are the creators of excessive motion within a matrix. The matrix just couldn't and wouldn't exist to excess without our participation.

The question still remains, have we created the perception of time therefore created the matrix itself through these perceptions?

As I have explained many times before, time has always existed like timelessness, how could time be created from timelessness if timelessness has no starting point to create from. There just isn't a from in relation to time. We are supposed to be initially from this timeless nothingness or oneness, but how would this be the case if there is no starting point of creation to start with? We within our individual perceptions, didn't create time or space but we did create the perception of there prominently only being time and space.

Indestructible Energy: They say God created everything, this of course must include all the destruction and chaos as well!! The perception of God relates to our infinite consciousness which is within all things, now think on this, you can't destroy energy but you can transform energy. God to me represents this indestructible creative energy source, however, within a finite consciousness, a matrix system, energy has the perception of being able to be destroyed as opposed to just being transformed. We, not God, created the perception of energy being able to be destroyed, basically, creating a starting and ending point to an excess.

As timelessness is of this God's consciousness, so is time, time of course refers to matrix system, a system based primarily on time, finite consciousness. Matrix systems were already created but void of excessive motion. This excessive motion was created from our own perceptions and interactions, God's consciousness didn't create these kinds of  interactions, we did. So in all, this God consciousness didn't create the perception of destroying energy, we did, as we didn't create time and space.

Note: You can replace the perception of God's consciousness with anything that defines infinite existence and consciousness, this is included in practices and beliefs like Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism and so on. Anything that refers to our infinite being or state is in relevance to God's consciousness, a creative consciousness of immeasurable creativeness. You can plainly see why many people call this indestructible creative infinite energy source a God, the funny thing is, we are this God, it's just we have become too much of finite consciousness to acknowledge this.

The following is in reply to a good internet friend of mine, a friend who is well known for his awareness of our infinite being.      

G'day siggy

Good to here from you again, hope all is well with you and your family.

Yes indeed siggy,  the so called matrix, this is inline to what we deem as God in my mind, it's all of human perception, which we should be honest, is limited.

"What do I think", absolutely, my last post goes into how, what we call matrix systems, starts off passive, it's this over interaction or excessive conscious motion that distorts the matrix to the extent it becomes primarily destructive.

Do we need to experience the full destructive power of matrix systems? My wife and I have been talking about catabolism and how it's more prominent today as ever, it's just expressed in a different way. How many politicians and multinationals are feeding off of live people? We  are indeed cattle to them, it's actually a more brutal kind of catabolism in that it slowly feeds off of people until the day they die.

Human consciousness need not have become so brutal and acceptingly brutal. Brutality is fine if we denounce it, it's not so fine if we accept it and/or ignore it and that is where we are at, at present.

Virus, yes indeed, this acceptance is a virus that has distorted the matrix to the extent of the matrix becoming primarily destructive, even onto itself. We have in affect become that virus. 

Is there a their in that a malign consciousness is behind all this brutality?

We would like to think so because human consciousness needs conformation and comprehension, without this, human consciousness is lost for an answer. In my mind, we are all feeding the matrix. If you think of these matrix systems as consciousness, and like any consciousness, is able to be influenced one way or the other by other conscious energy sources, you begin to understand that we are what the matrix is. An ego in control will not accept this in any sense, it's really funny how it works.

Is the matrix of the mind, as a creation of our mind, or is it a consciousness of finite existences which our own divided minds influence?

We totally underestimate ourselves in my mind. The matrix systems, as in time related, has always existed as timeliness has always existed, however, the way these matrix systems have developed, is completely due to our own making. We have purposely forgotten about our infinite consciousness and taken on finite consciousness as who we are. This is fine, however on top of this, many of the practices that kept us in touch with our infinite consciousness, is now being replaced by practices primarily of finite consciousness in my mind.

Because there is no balance between finite an infinite consciousness, we are becoming more destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness be destructive.

The matrix to me is real in that the matrix represents time therefore limited finite consciousness, however, this finite consciousness was always balanced out with the awareness of our infinite self in various ways, this is no longer the case on a collective scale. Time has always existed to me, because matrix systems are governed by time, they too have always existed but in a more passive way as my recent post goes into.

What we seem to have done is believed that we are trapped by the matrix, this has never or ever will be the case, we hugely underestimate our truer being. So yes, because we are the matrix the way it is now, there is no true limitations or boundaries, these are perceived projections of thought influenced by a finite existence which we ourselves created.     

It would seem I need to catch up with your thoughts and insights siggy.


Much Blessings always,



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