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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dreams - Participate or Observe

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's funny to re-enact out different dream scenarios while still dreaming. It would have been good if it was a nice dream but that wasn't the case, however, this particular dream had it's purpose. It's like being shouted at because you didn't listen to the whispers. This is so typical of me though as I can at times become overly involved in certain motions around me. This is funny coming from a person who has, on numerous occasions, written about avoiding expressing too much motion, for each motion we express, creates reactive motions. It would be nice if I practiced in what I preached, basically, put into motion what I often state!!

I played out this dream but I didn't like it's outcome, I then decided to replay the dream out but playing it out differently, I basically became more involved, more of motion,  in relation to the outcome of the dream. The dream was played out in a different scenario but this adversely change the course of the dream, further intervention by me made things a lot worse in the dream.

Take three; involved me to re-enact the dream out again but just as an observer, not a participator. This action by me to just become an observer, didn't change the path the dream was taking but it didn't make things worse either. I also wasn't observing the dream on my own either, as I wasn't on my own participating in the dream.

Too Involved!!: I don't like certain things that are occurring in the world at present, I have become involved, more expressive of motions in regards to these occurrences in the world. I basically don't like the scenarios they are playing out and the possible outcome of these scenarios. My dream was dark and ominous, this is how I see these occurrences in the world that I am reacting to, basically, these occurrences have caused a reaction by people like myself. It's cause and effect, the cause being what is seen as unbecoming to me, the effect, my reaction to the cause of my reaction. My reaction being sad with certain events in the world, this sadness has caused a reaction by me, of course this reaction is natural for a caring person to express, put into motion.

The observer on the other hand reacts quite differently, they observe while avoiding to become a participator no matter what occurs. We might think this is cold-hearted, lacking care or sympathy for other people's plight but this isn't the case at all. As the dream I had showed, intervention can actually cause more problems than what it solves, the more intervention, the worse the outcome can be. In my case this seems to be case. Some people's path is to intervene, my path is to not intervene or become to involved through participation while losing the ability to observe.

It is well known in quantum physic, that one can influence an outcome through observation alone, various science experiments, like the double slit experiment, seem to show this to be the case. The observer through observation alone, can influence a scenario but is more likely to influence a scenario in a more constructive way than a participator would. The reason for this lies in that the observer is more aware while not being involved than they would if involved while participating. The observer is of wisdom and awareness, this is lacking in being a participator as the more of a participator we become, the less aware and wise we will be. Yes, certain amounts of wisdom can be obtained through experiences but we must also remember, being an observer is also an experience, the only difference is, one is experiencing life through wisdom and awareness, the other most likely or obviously isn't.

Observation: In a lot of Western spirituality these days, a lot of love is being expressed, an observer who has a truer form of love, can influence what they observe without being a participator, however, a person of this kind of love must observe what they want to influence. In a lot of cases, this isn't occurring because we often judge what is and isn't negative and avoid what we have judged as such. We basically only want to observe the niceties of life and avoid participating in anything else not nice, this is fair enough, however, we are also avoiding observing anything not of these niceties. How can we influence anything if we are not even an observer of what we want to influence?

Try constructively influencing anything you are unwilling to observe. It is by the way unwise to influence anything you are unwilling to even observe, influencing anything through that lack of wisdom and awareness, is obviously an unwise thing to do. It's like taking a swim in known shark infested waters, if you haven't observed these sharks yourself, they just can't exist!! Yes, it's dangerous for any consciousness to try to influence what they are not observing, being primarily a participator, as most of us are, is doing just this.

If you participate too much, you lose being an observer and a constructive influencer of what is being observed, only then through participating can we be influential, however, because we haven't properly or wisely observed what we are influencing, it's like swimming in shark infested waters before observation.

What if we don't participate enough, we observe more than we participate, this would have to be a better way to exist? Has any consciousness the right to influence what they are not participating in? In actuality, if you are not also participating, you will most likely not have a need to influence what you observe, this is usually the case. A consciousness primarily of an observer, will not see a need or a desire to influence what they are not apart of.

What I am observing is that we have very little balance between an observer and a participator, it has to be one or the other when in actuality it should be both simultaneously. Yes, we have all this love, and maybe the ability to observe, but we still only want to observe the niceties while shunning and avoiding observing the not so niceties of life. 

In the dream, I first participated void of observation but because I didn't like the scenario of the dream, I then influenced the dream more void of observation, this obviously made things worse, not better. In the end, I observed what I participated in, in the first place, the scenario wasn't good still but it was a lot better than trying to influence something I wasn't observing. I didn't observe enough in the dream to constructively influence the dream scenario, this is still to come it would seem......                              

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