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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Observer - A Passive Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

I cannot personally think of a more passive existence than being an observer. An observer being an observer of motion or participation even of one's own participation. It's this involvement or participation of any motion that detracts away from our passive nature, the more the participator we become, the less passive of an existence we create. Of course the more the observer we become, the more passive of  an existence we create, it's all to do with how passive we are and more importantly, more of the observer we become.

It's impossible for a true observer to be anything but passive, Buddha and Jesus are prime examples of this passive existence or being. You can't be aggressive and be a true observer, this means any existence or reality that is noticeably aggressive, is created from other sources, this is why it is said that God's consciousness didn't create realities like we are presently experiencing. No true observer can create a reality that is primarily based on destruction. Basically, the present human mentality wasn't created from anything like a God consciousness, a consciousness that is able to perceive, or more precisely, observe, beyond human conscious perceptions.

A true observer, or if you like, a higher consciousness, is able to observe the bigger picture as it's unlimited within it's observation, basically, there is absolutely no bias within this kind of observation. Human consciousness on the other hand can only observe through it's bias, thus limiting this kind of consciousness to observing a smaller picture. As I have said many times before, what makes human consciousness human, is it's limitations, otherwise it's not human. This is the same with God's consciousness or any simular consciousness to God's consciousness, it's the limitlessness that makes a God like consciousness, a higher consciousness, what it is.

This kind of consciousness is also known as the divine inner self within all things, basically, it's an energy that connects all things no matter how unobservant a consciousness becomes, even of itself.  This energy is divine, in that no matter how disconnected a consciousness feels, it is always connected to everything else through this energy within all things. It's quite understandable why we call this kind of energy divine, and this is why it's also said that we never truly became disconnected to this divine energy. I have personally come across consciousness's that tried to disconnect themselves from this energy flow, all I did was smile, while being aware that they will always be connected to this consciousness no matter how hard they try to disconnect themselves from this inner divine energy.

All we have done is stopped being a true observer while experiencing human consciousness. Being that human consciousness limitations also include being unaware of our truer being, it's quite understandable why we have stopped being an observer in lieu of being a participator, a consciousness that is unable to perceive beyond it's numerous limitations. True freedom from our present situation, can only obtained through the awareness of how limited human consciousness actually is, of course a controlling ego will tell you otherwise as always!!   

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