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Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Passive Matrix

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've never written about finite consciousness in reference to the matrix before, it's usually only in reference to finite consciousness which to me the matrix is all about. Finite consciousness is all about a starting and ending point, this is driven by a perception of time. The universe itself is based on a starting point and it is governed by time because it also has an ending point. The physical universe is certainly of the matrix, as is the consciousness behind the creation of the universe, or more precisely, (of) the universe. You could say when the universe was created, so was the consciousness that is governed by time, finite consciousness

Infinite Consciousness: We are that governed or conditioned to finite consciousness, that we don't see the consciousness that is influencing the universe. And yes, the universe is the matrix as it's governed by time, time being of finite consciousness, a consciousness limited to time based perceptions.

The strange thing is, there is no end to time because time wasn't created from a starting point, how would have infinite consciousness created time when there is no starting or ending point to infinite consciousness? Time has always existed but matrix systems haven't, not as they are or turn out to be. Time, finite consciousness, is the starting blocks to matrix systems, it's further interaction/motion by consciousness that creates the matrix systems as they are.  Basically, motion creates matrix systems and the more motion  created within a matrix, the more destructive a matrix system becomes.

Finite = ego + motion + matrix systems + time

Infinite = egoless + motionless + no matrix systems + timelessness 

Time basically gives consciousness motion which creates various matrix systems, in a sense, matrix systems have always existed but in a more passive way until excessive motion is applied through various interactions. Time separates consciousness into various quantum's or forms, within this separation, we get interaction which is excessive motion. It's funny to think we are all expressive of excessive motion in matrix systems!!

On the other hand a consciousness void of time, has no motion because time gives consciousness it's motion. We can so easily presume this motionlessness isn't of energy or God if you like, it's that anything of motion is unable to detect an energy field within this motionless state. I should say here that I refer to God as energy, the spirit within all things is energy to me, all energy to me is also in reference to consciousness, energy is of one form or another of  consciousness. I think certain science experiments recently found that protons communicate/interact with each other over vast distances, this obviously represents some kind of conscious interaction!!  

The following probably isn't going to go to well for a lot of people, I tend to be able to perceive beyond limited boundaries, this means I will present certain things that aren't in-line or accepted by perceptions limited to a certain consciousness.

Higher Consciousness!!: Let's take a look at this motionless, timeless state of the infinite, a state that is often referred to as oneness, zero point, nothingness, a state void of ego and motion.

This state seems to be of oneness therefore ego has no way of existing in a state of true oneness. The ego is unable to exist in this state because there is no separation, no division of consciousness, consciousness is one. The ego needs a comparison to exist, in a state of oneness or nothingness, there is nothing to compare one to another so the ego is unable to exist in this state.

Would a consciousness that has no ego, compare or even be aware that one state of consciousness is of a higher stature, vibration or pinnacle? We often see nothingness or oneness being of a higher pinnacle to all other states, it's something we should aspire to, especially compared to finite conscious states. To a state that has no ego, there is no pinnacle to aspire to, so wouldn't this egoless state experience all of what is without judgment or what is or isn't worthy? An egoless conscious state is able to experience everything void of bias. It's like people who humble themselves, one state of existence is never less worthy than a another state to experience, our so called higher vibrational oneness state is no different.

This is how matrix systems are able to exist as they are. There is no ego within infinite state of consciousness, it's no less worthy experiencing time, finite consciousness and matrix systems than a so called higher conscious state, a state often seen as the pinnacle to all of existence. It's exactly like saying God is this higher pinnacle when God to me represents all energy of finite and infinite conscious existence, there is no true separation therefore there is no true worthy or unworthy of an existence to experience.

When you have a consciousness that is unable to define what is more or less worthy, this kind of consciousness will experience all of what is, it's only when this consciousness sees itself divided from other conscious states, that it will judge that there is a higher state of existence, a more worthy state to experience. There is no worthy or unworthy state of existence as there is no pinnacle of existence, or non-existence, that is above all other existences, only can the ego perceive like this.

Passive Matrix: Matrix systems are at first passive even when they are of time, of ongoing starting and ending points. This is because this interacting consciousness is still conditioned to infinite consciousness, at this point it hasn't become conditioned to finite consciousness.

Finite consciousness relates to various consciousness's in motion, the more motion being expressed, the more separation we have between various conscious states. Basically, the more motion we express, the less passive a matrix becomes, however, the less passive a matrix becomes, isn't due to excessive physical motion as such, it's primarily due to conscious motion particularly of thought, it's this thought that gives motion to the physical. Change the way we think and perceive in a more passive way, the less physically chaotic we will express ourselves.

All matrix systems can be passive, this is due to a consciousness still being conditioned to infinite consciousness, however, not conditioned in opposition to finite consciousness, this is very important. It's wise to find a balance between infinite and finite consciousness while experiencing an existence based on finite existence. Because within a finite existence, such as matrix systems, we have excessive finite conscious awareness and perceptions, this always needs to be balanced out by infinite consciousness to keep a matrix system passive and not overly destructive. Religion and spirituality over all, has always played a part in this, this is until these practices also become predominately of finite consciousness, this of course has been evident numerous times in human history. Once we lose the awareness of our infinite self, we lose the ability to create passive existences, matrix systems.      

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