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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Outside The Comfort Zone

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's funny, we so often avoid going outside our comfort zone, a zone that we feel most comfortable and secure in. The emphasis is really on security here, if we don't feel secure, how comfortable are we going to feel? So security seems to be one of the main factors of our comfort zone.

Yes, our comfort zone is of security or relative security compared to the rest of our environment, it's also something we create ourselves within ourselves. Yes, we can be secure in our external environment that's created by others, but if we have no inner security, no amount of external security will create a true secure comfort zone for us, this has to come from within.

Now, if we feel insecure in our external environment, our internal environment, our comfort zone, becomes even more precious to us, at this point, we can indeed get to the point we no longer want to venture out from our comfort zone. The desire to go out of our comfort zone is no longer present. It's amazing how many people have done this and understandably so, especially when you consider the present world environment. I lot of people in the US presently feel just like this, very insecure and again understandably so.

Once our comfort zone is threatened, or seems to be threatened by external influences, we lose the security of our comfort zone, we then instinctively try to bring this back into order in anyway we can. For a lot of people in the US, they are way outside their comfort zone, it's pretty scary for anyone who hasn't been this far out from their comfort zone before. In true reality, our comfort zone should  have nothing to do with external influences even when it seems our comfort zone is threatened by external influences.

When our comfort zone is created through and from external securities, our inner comfort zone will also be in peril of external influences. The reason for this lies in that our comfort zone relies on our external securities, it exists because of our external securities, this is why any comfort zone, created from external securities, are most vulnerable to our external environment.

Never should our comfort zone be created from and through our external environment, our external environment should have nothing to do with our inner internal comfort zone, especially spiritually and/or psychologically. How many people's happiness and security solely relies on our external environment? Wealth and power are good examples and so is prestige, take away these things from people who rely on them for their security, they go to pieces, their comfort zone totally disintegrates.

You will also find that any comfort zone created from and through our external environment, will entrap us within this environment making us quite unaware of the rest of our external environment. For an example, how many billionaires freely giveaway their comfort zone, meaning, how many freely giveaway all their fortune to go outside their comfort zone? They are seemingly observing what is going on outside their comfort zone but there not really observing, they are actually only participating while being encased in their comfort zone. Actual observation takes one to participate as well, especially observing one's own participation outside one's own comfort zone. You can only be a true observer if you observe your own participation, especially if it's outside your comfort zone.

Spiritual awareness is supposed to be about becoming more aware, not less. This means we are supposed to go out from our comfort zone and participate as well as observe our own participation. However, it's advisable not to do this if your comfort zone was created from and through our external environment, this is because our comfort zone in this case is vulnerable to the external environment.

At all times, it is advisable that our comfort zone be created from within, within our internal environment. A lot of spiritual practices teach us this, at times unbeknownst to us. Again, if your comfort zone is created from and through our external environment, it's advisable not to venture out too far from your comfort zone, this is because your comfort zone is vulnerable to our external environment.

Once you have created your comfort zone through your inner internal being, no amount of external influences can disintegrate or influence this kind of zone. You will get to a point where you just smile at everything that is going on around you externally as your security is assured. However, the more we become evolved in our participation of our external environment, the less we will smile. You see, the observer will always smile where's the participator will not and understandably so, this is because the participators comfort zone is always reliant on the external environment, of course the observers security isn't, it's totally reliant on a comfort zone that can't be influenced by our external environment. This is only one reason why we smile in this state.

If you want true internal peace, don't create your comfort zone from and through our external environment, it's too insecure within it's own participation, just be and observe in full comfort of your internal security zone that you created, not someone else.                 

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