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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Recycled Energy of the Matrix

Written by Mathew Naismith

I find the matrix's or finite conscious realities quite fascinating in many ways. These realities limit consciousness to a certain quantum, being that consciousness is limited within these matrix's, and in accordance with these matrix's, it's understandable that a lesser value of a whole is only going to be able to be expressed. The whole basically pertains to infinite consciousness as opposed to finite consciousness. Finite consciousness is of a lesser value in that it's less aware than infinite consciousness, it's the awareness within a consciousness that determines if a consciousness is of finite or infinite consciousness. As soon as any part of a consciousness becomes unaware from an infinite state of consciousness, it basically becomes of a matrix, and yes there is more than one matrix like their is more than one dimension.

The universe is of a matrix, so does this mean all conscious forms react in the same way in the matrix?

No, as each creature reacts differently in this matrix, so do beings and other animal forms  to each other, for example, does a beetle act and look like an elephant, does an elephant act and look like a human being? The reason for this is that each consciousness reacts differently to the matrix, the funny thing is, the more aware a consciousness becomes, the more it's influenced by the matrix, this is until it awakens to it's infinite self that is.

I find it strange that in reference to the matrix, we often only refer to ourselves being in the matrix, we often exclude animals and rocks and trees. Everything of finite consciousness is within the matrix, actually, nothing that isn't of  consciousness, is able to be within a matrix as everything of these matrix's is of a form of consciousness.

We might presume that a rock compared to ourselves, is of a lesser value, in that a rock is less aware than ourselves, basically, it's less conscious to it's environment. However, a rock for instance exists within it's environment in accordance to it's environment, a more aware conscious form doesn't. The more aware a consciousness becomes, the less it lives within the environment and of course the more destructive it becomes to this environment. Is an owl for instance more destructive to it's environment than a rock? A rock doesn't need to kill to survive to start with thus destroying part of it's environment, there is no conscious involvement of a rock even compared to an owl.

What about volcanos that are of recycled energy, they can be highly destructive, however, they can also at the same time be highly constructive in numerous ways towards it's environment, actually, many fertile environments have been created by volcanic activity. So, the more aware a consciousness becomes, the more destructive it seems to become to it's environment, human consciousness today couldn't be compared to volcanos that is for sure.

So the more aware human consciousness becomes, the more destructive this kind of consciousness became, this is evident. The point is, how is human consciousness becoming aware, what influences human consciousness to become more destructive the more aware human consciousness becomes? The matrix. Being that matrix's are of finite consciousness, a starting and ending point of recycled energy, it is understandable that the matrix is naturally destructive. The more a consciousness becomes aware, the more the matrix is able to influence it. How many rocks are aware of time or a starting and ending point of it's own transition? As soon as a consciousness is aware of time (finite consciousness), the more destructive it naturally becomes, and yes, it's natural but only within a matrix.

However, its how we become aware within a matrix that makes all the difference. The less the matrix itself influences us, the less destructive we naturally become. Think on this, how passive are the people on their environment who become more aware of their infinite self? Giving thanks before eating is one example, avoiding unpleasant killings to keep our own energy up is another example. Ok, we might not eat meat but we still eat plants that are a living breathing conscious energy form. Being aware of our infinite self, yes, even if it's a belief in a God/Goddess, is allowing our infinite self to influence us as apposed to our finite self within the matrix. Yes, I did say our finite self within the matrix because the matrix couldn't exist without finite interactions by a consciousness, in our case human beings. We are the matrix, without being of a finite consciousness, matrix's couldn't exists. The matrix has no true power over us, it's we who give it it's power over us!!

Now for the matrix itself. Like everything within a matrix, the matrix itself is of  recycled energy. Being that the matrix is naturally destructive, there is an end of this destruction when the finite consciousness that creates the matrix either awakens to it's infinite self or destroys itself. Don't get the idea that the matrix itself is destroyed, it only destroys all consciousness within the matrix to start up all over again and again. It's funny, nothing can destroy a matrix but the finite consciousness behind a created matrix!!

I do believe that matrix's have destroyed themselves, it's like a dimension that become that imbalanced that it destroys itself from within, suns are  prime examples of this once an imbalance of energy occurs within a sun. What occurs when a matrix actually destroys itself from within, as it tries to extend it's existence beyond it's own cycle? Think on this, only of finite consciousness can an ego exist and be controlling, what would a controlling imbalanced ego want to occur when a cycle is at it's end? It certainly not going to want to start up all over again to repeat everything within the cycles of a matrix, it wants to keep building up it's empire.

However, there are matrix's that have a very long cycle, they seem to last for eternity but in the end the cycle of a matrix always wins out to start the process up all over again from the very start. Being that matrix's are of finite consciousness, basically, of starting and ending points governed by some kind of time, it's understandable that all matrix's are governed by cycles of starting and ending points. It's also funny to think that these cycles of matrix's are eternal in nature, they will go on forever unless the consciousness behind the matrix destroys itself from within.  

Note: Please do not take anything I have stated here as being fact in any sense, most of what I know is channelled/conveyed through me from external sources.   

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