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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

As One Door Closes

Written by Mathew Naismith
I think most of us would know this saying, "When one door closes another door opens." What occurred to me recently was a little different, as one door was closing, another door was opening, at the time I did not realise this until I read the following.
"A full heart cannot be filled.
Only those who perceive their heart is not full seek to fill it.
Most people are taught to seek fulfillment from people and things outside of them.
In the spiritual community many seek twin flames and soul mates to fill their heart.
This too is outside of you!
The problem with all of this is:
The only thing that belongs in your heart is you!
Who or what is in your heart that does not belong there?"
My Reply:
Very well stated, we need more of this. Too many western teachings condition us to find fulfilment externally, for example, you must sit right, eat right, live in a certain way to find fulfilment and enlightenment/awareness.

"Only those who perceive their heart is not full seek to fill it."

How excellent is this line which actually says it all. Western teaching/perceptions condition us to first perceive our hearts are not full in the first place, this couldn't be further from the truth for any of us. We perceive our hearts are not full based entirely on external aspects.

My biggest awakenings came to me while going through the hardest part of my life, my wife was the same.

I don't usually do this but I am going to promote this group here, my facebook/int friends need to know about this group. It's funny, while one door was closing, this door opened to me.

Much Blessings

PS My dreams told me of the group I just left, I dreamt of very fancy boats last night. As some people use numerology and horoscopes to guide them, I use my dreams which are exceptionally accurate at times.


I also loved the guidelines in relation to this group.

Welcome to The Human Mastery Group <3
Please read the group outline below...
1) This group is to assist in the understanding of how to integrate your divine aspects into the human experience in order to make the integration/ascension process easier, practical and functional for those of you who are human.... :)
2) Ask any and all questions you have that pertain to your human experience and the integration process.
3) Be kind and respectful.
4) This is a safe place to share and learn.
5) Please, do not argue or debate, instead learn and see your own reflection when someone or something triggers you.
6) Accept that everyone has a different perspective and opinion and no one is right or wrong, only different.
7) The intent of the group is to assist each other and make the transition/integration easier.

Our external aspects are to me are but a tiny reflection of what is within, we then rely on these external reflections to give us fulfillment when internal fulfillment's have always been present within. Put in another way, our whole environment is but a tiny perspective of what is within, we then expect to find our whole being within this tiny perspective of our whole being externally. Yes, our external environment can tell us parts of that are within, however, our external environment, which is but a tiny perception of our whole being, will never be totally fulfilling, as it does not truly reflect our whole being. Basically, it would seem we are trying to replace our true whole being with parts of our being with external aspects of our whole being.

OK, science generally depicts our external being, science tells us of ourselves through various perspectives that are within our environment. You can see why science alone will never have all the answers as it's only depicts apart of our whole being through our environment. Specifically through other science techniques as opposed to generally, science is going within. Many science techniques today focus on consciousness and not just of a consciousness that has to be linked to a physical brain, this is definitely looking within outwardly. It is like observing from within outwardly into our environment, instead of inwardly looking in from our environment.

It is basically freeing ourselves from the perception of looking within from our external environment...... 


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