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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Obscurity v Exposure

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is going to be quite controversial for a number of people, especially where I supported some of these views. One thing to note with what I write as always, nothing that I write is either right or wrong, negative or positive, bad or good, I'm really not sure why it has to be one or the other all the times. While explaining about consciousness, it is unwise to write about consciousness in cement or rock, it's just too variable, knowing this, there is no true right or wrong, just an expression of a particular variable.

I recently received some interesting perspectives in regards to my post titled, " Matrix and Finite Consciousness, the following was in response to these perspectives.


WWIII started some years back, it's certainly not a conventional war. Many other wars were to obscure the real war and assist this darkness in the mean time.

The more we become aware, especially of the dark, the more of the light we become. It's actually a good thing in becoming aware of the dark, as it shows how much of the light we have become. The dark is all about obscurity and secrecy, this needs to be exposed for all to witness, only in this will we purge the dark within ourselves.

Many people are tying to avoid exposing the dark because it's a lower vibration. This is exactly what the dark wants us to do, keep it obscured as opposed to exposed.

The perception of light basically represents awareness and freedom, the dark represents deliberate ignorance and servitude.

The matrix needn't have represented ignorance and servitude, it could have been far more of the light than what it is at present.

You presented some interesting perspectives here WT, thank you.

P.S. The more of the dark we become aware of, the better. No one of the dark is able to see their light because it's obscured, the exposure of so much darkness is a very good sign.


First of all, as I have stated in my reply to WT as above, obscurity represents the dark, a state of consciousness that exists in deliberate ignorance, an ignorance to it's truer being, in this case represented by the perception of light.

Exposure represents the light, a state of consciousness that exists in deliberate awareness, an awareness to it's truer being, in this case or our case,  represented by the perception of light.

So is our truer being the light as opposed to the dark?

The ego within us all would love to think this but in truth, we are truly neither one or the other nor are we not of one or the other, within this, all is neutral until we perceive one is above the other in some sense. Basically, the exact same perception of light neutralises the dark and visa-versa. It's really not a good sign that we need to perceive/create so much light, as this depicts how much dark  has been created in the first place. People like me are quite happy existing in a reality of the perceptions of neither dark nor light, negative or positive, as each is attributed to the other. Basically, one can't exist without the other in the whole scheme of existence as a whole.

Yes I know, this is very hard to comprehend as it's of no known teachings, as I have presented it here, that I know of.

WWIII, when did it actually start?

How do you give a starting date when our infinite consciousness started exposing our finite consciousness for what it's created, especially considering infinite consciousness is not based on time? The sixties seem to come to mind but was not the sixties just a prelude to war between our finite and infinite consciousness? Sorry, no date comes to mind but what I do know is this war is between our finite and infinite consciousness. When did our infinite consciousness, overall or collectively, became threatened by finite consciousness, a consciousness of obscurity and deliberate ignorance?

Actually, the real question is, when did our infinite consciousness  truly start exposing finite consciousness for what it created? The sixties is only a prelude to this because finite consciousness was not predominantly in control of this reality, the sixties is a sure sign of this because we could still express freedom without being oppressed to any great degree.

Music is a good indication here of the time when we started to really become repressed. Disco music was certainly still of the same freedom of the sixties, however, when did the love of the sixties turn into blatant lust for example? Blatant lust really started in the disco era but freedom of expression was still very evident. If you know anything about the disco era, it was deliberately crushed by numerous people.

Another good indication of a starting date of WWIII, is when rap music was deliberately introduced to fill privately run prisons in the US.

I find it strange that WWIII is seemingly attributed to the US in almost everyway. Don't get me wrong, this isn't stating that US citizens are the cause of this, it's the oppression within the US, upon it's citizens by dark energies, that is the root cause of WWIII.

This now brings us to the perception of dark and light energies. Anything that is perceived/judged to be dark and light, negative and positive, good and bad, is but a perception that creates a particular reality depending on what is being perceived.

If you observe the whole world, each and every person around the world has a different perception of what is negative or positive, so which negative and positive is truly negative or positive? You see they are only perceptions, however, what is and isn't destructive is another matter but in saying this, there are people who will state that war is constructive!!

Our actual perception of light and dark, refers to the light being of awareness and freedom where's the dark refers to deliberate ignorance and servitude. Basically, one consciousness is limited where's the other is limitless, one consciousness is finite where's the other is infinite. Basically, the dark doesn't want to be exposed where's the light wants to be exposed.

Being unwilling to being apart in exposing the dark because it's too negative, is assisting the dark to stay obscured. We might think while deliberately ignoring the dark and becoming the light, that the light will expose the dark. Light is based on awareness, not obscurity or deliberate ignorance, the perception of light is purely based on exposing the dark, not the exposure of light. The last thing the dark needs is to be exposed for what it creates. We basically need the perception of the darkness within human consciousness to be exposed before we can evolve, this also means that humans will indeed be expressive of this darkness at times.

The process of evolving from one state to another, relies on cycles to give consciousness motion, without this motion, human consciousness is unable to evolve. Human consciousness is noticeably in a cycle, if we take motion away from this cycle, all that will occur is that human consciousness will stagnate and basically rot away from within. All consciousness that is based on time/finite consciousness, needs motion to evolve. It's highly unadvisable to help hide or ignore a destructive part of any consciousness.

Obscurity has nothing to do with freedom, so free yourself of your obscurities that will in the end free your consciousness from it's created limitations. Be exposed and unlimited within your own consciousness.    

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