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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Bliss of Neutral Being

Written by Mathew Naismith

What would happen if we got off the treadmill of motion, expressed less motion, meaning, instead of expressing more motion, therefore emotions, we expressed less motions, therefore less emotions. This seemingly would be terrible to express fewer emotions; we of course presume fewer emotions expressed means that we would become more apathetic, basically, less expressive.

Now consider an apathetic state void of motion, this of course reminds me of numerous eastern teachings of being within your own stillness, a state of true motionlessness, it is a state of what feels like bliss to us. When we become apathetic in motion, we become less caring and loving. It is wise not to confuse this state of motion with a state of motionlessness. Becoming apathetic in a motionless state is exceptionally different to becoming apathetic in a state of motion. The reason lies in that all motion is ego based, a controlling ego can only influence and control motion, it is unable to influence and control a motionless state of being for obvious reasons.  

I seem to be coming across more and more people who have been on the receiving end of extreme motions these days; so-called lightworkers/positive people often treat them harshly. It is wise to understand where these people are coming from and what is controlling them to treat people so. I find it strange how when anyone tries to bring in a balanced view, you often become victimised.

The following was posted by me to help other people understand that extreme motions only beget extreme motions in the end.         


Will excessive expressions of love heal the world and make for a more constructive reality?

Considering that love brings on huge amounts of emotions, love is obviously of motion, at times extreme motions. It is wise to consider that all motions are ego based and all extreme motions are ego controlled. 

Is it wise to try to overwhelm one extreme motion with another extreme motion?

You have to consider here which human trait is trying to overwhelm another human trait; of course the answer to this is a controlling ego. One motion trying to overwhelm another motion to gain control over all other motions depicts an ego in control, this is not just a simple display of ego.

Love is a huge healer, yes, however to use love to heal, is an acknowledgment that there is something to heal in the first place, of course the more extreme our motion of love is, the more acknowledgment we give to what has to be healed. Only in a reality controlled by the ego is there anything to be healed.

What would happen if we, instead of expressing even more motion, expressed less motion? The effect of expressing less motion is actually a lot more counteractive towards extreme or excessive destructive motions. The reason for this lays in that the less motion we express, the more neutral we become which in turn neutralises motion.

In the short term, love is a healer and euphoric, in the long term, neutralising all motion gives us nothing to heal thus nothing to be euphoric about. Feeling euphoric tells us there is something to be healed; of course a controlling ego loves this feeling of euphoria because there is something to be healed when there does not have to be.

Not many peoepl will understand what I am saying here, even though eastern teachings teach us to sit within a motionless state!! If you are being overwhelmed and exhumed by motion in a supposed motionless state, you are not really in a motionless state; however, I find it fitting to be in a balance between motions and motionless states of existence myself, however, this balance is often misunderstood by other people expressing excessive motions.  

I received the following reply on this topic. I should point out that the following reply was one of the nicer impartial replies I have received on this topic.   

The more I meditate, the more I have moments of a pure bliss wash over me at random parts of my day for various periods of time. I believe it is the ego stepping aside and allowing me to experience what I am meant to feel when I am not allowing the ego to take centre stage. I love this. I welcome this. I wish this for every living being to experience this feeling of pure joy. Would you agree that this is a wonderful thing that does not add to the negative? And are you basically saying that when we label or think we stand in the way of being instead? I'm not sure if I am explaining myself clearly, so hopefully you are following me.

My Reply
Indeed, this pure bliss creates an overwhelming feeling of love, in my mind; this is exceptionally natural for this state of bliss to create. We will also feel very positive, this too is overwhelming.

As many eastern teaching teach us to do, sit within the quietness of self. It is this motionless state that creates this bliss, which in turn creates a feeling of love and positiveness.

These emotional feeling are a creation from a state of bliss, everything that is created from this state is in motion. Any motion is perceptible to the ego as all motion is ego as all motionlessness is egoless.

The ego states, I am all this positiveness and love and runs with this while forgetting what created this positiveness and love in the first place. How many people, especially lightworkers/positive people, believe that love and light is the be and end all? It is actually this motionless, natural bliss, that is of neither light nor dark, negative nor positive that is, in a sense, the be and end all.

When lightworkers/positive people bag anyone who is of this balance, this bliss, they have obviously allowed this love and light to become controlled by the ego.

When you get into this blissful state, void of motion altogether, which means there is no positive or negative, love or hate, just pure being void of one or the other, you know you have discovered your truer being.

I thank you Diane for you are pleasantly illustrated impartial reply here, this does not occur too often.

What I do myself is stay in balance between motion and motionlessness, this is of course the same as being in balance between finite and infinite consciousness. I at no time prefer one state of existence to another state of existence, as I do not refer to my infinite being, being my truer self to my finite being; I simply try to free myself from this separation.      

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