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Monday, 16 January 2017

Shooting for the Sky

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following quote was introduced to me by a bloke of the name of Sreeram.  

"Quietude when active and active when quietude is the sign of the wise."

My Response:
I had to come back to this. I was recently removed from an ascension group, a group of people looking  to ascend beyond the present human consciousness.

There was  a lot of talk about toxic people, there was two of us that stated that it is toxic within itself to express such actions, you are continuing on the cycle of pain, release yourself from this endless cycle. This didn't go down too well with a number of people, in the end, ending up with my removal.

I was too active with this group and labelled in accordance. I pointed out the sun, being the most active energy source in the solar system, is at the same time the most life giving, obviously not all active energy is toxic/negative.

These people desire quietude void of being active within themselves, in a finite existence this isn't practical for finite existence is based on motion. It's as though they are shooting for the stars, infinite being, instead of shooting for the sky, infinite and finite being.


Extract: The greatest perfection seems imperfect, and yet its use is inexhaustible.
The greatest fullness seems empty, and yet its use is endless.
The great straightness looks like crookedness.
The greatest skill appears clumsy.
The greatest eloquence sounds like stammering.
Restlessness overcomes cold, but calm overcomes heat.
The peaceful and serene is the norm of the world.

Let's say yin represents our infinite being and yang represents our finite being, also that yin is the stars and yang the physical.

Yin = infinite being + stars

Yin and Yang = infinite and finite being  + the stars and the physical

Yang = finite being +  physical

In our existence, yin and yang would be separated from each other if it wasn't for the sky, it's the sky that brings our whole being together, for we are not whole unless we are of the other. Why is yin and yang often displayed as a whole? What we seem to be doing in a lot of cases, especially in the West, is shoot for the stars  (yin) at the expense of the Yang (physical), when one is not whole without the other!!   As it seems of many people in these kinds of groups, it's the stars or nothing at the expense of the whole and yin.

Yin and yang are often represented as black and white, this is in relation to a black and white mentality which I try to avoid myself. The reason I try to avoid this, is where does the sky then fit within this kind of mentality? It often doesn't which means one will never become truly whole with one's whole being. The yin and yang symbol is represented as separate entities, the physical and stars in this case, however at the same time symbolised as one as a whole which is represented by the sky in this case.

In an existence of extreme finite (physical ) expressions,  we are desiring to be just of the infinite (stars), within this action, we are excluding what makes us whole and balanced again, the sky. The sky is often referred to as the grey area, a state were black and white intermingle to create the whole being as opposed to separate beings as in black and white, yin and yang.

Yes, many people are also anti-ego in these groups, of course only the ego can have disdain for itself !! It's not the ego that wants the stars void of the physical, it's a controlling ego for a controlling ego is all about separating one from the other by excluding the sky, and in this case the physical. A controlling ego doesn't want balance of it's this balance that takes control from the ego. Within groups like this, I often give a balanced view, for example, instead of saying people are toxic, state they are imbalanced instead, this of course was not accepted either.

How often is a person trying to bring this existence balance rebuffed (rejected)? It's like what is occurring in relation to the Romanian sphinx. Underground tunnels and chambers have been discovered that hold knowledge that would bring balance back to this very existence. This knowledge  has been withheld because this balance would take away the control  the ego has over this existence. No controlling ego consciousness is going to sit by watching its control being diminished, it's the same with various spiritual groups at present it would seem.

Will peoepl like me who are active, which seems to some people be in opposition to passive, be accepted by other people either shooting for the stars or the physical? Like I stated, a controlling ego will not sit by watching it's control being diminished or eroded by expressions (motions) of balance. We must accept within ourselves that no expression or motion of balance will be ever accepted by a consciousness controlled by a controlling ego, this was never going to occur, only an awakened conscious to the controlling ego will accept this. The strange thing is though, would I be as aware of the controlling ego if the controlling ego wasn't as extreme within it's motion as it is? Very unlikely, you see what seems negative (toxic), isn't always the case.

Shooting for the sky instead of the stars will free us from a controlling ego, anything other than this is still of a controlling ego, for the controlling go is unable to exist in a balanced existence. 

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