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Friday, 13 January 2017

Acknowledgment Beyond Perceptions

Written by Mathew Naismith

In finite realities, which are based on time, space and motion, perceptions influence us in every way single way from our feelings of various vibrations to the views we have of other people and our environment. It's however different in finite realities in that perception just plainly don't exist, they can't because perceptions need motion to exist. A true infinite reality has no motion, in actuality it's not even a reality as we know a reality to be.

It would seem more people are becoming more in tune with infinite consciousness or our infinite being (higher self). This connection, while still existing in a finite reality, gives us perceptions of our perceived higher self. What many of us seemed to have done is compare one to the other, infinite consciousness is perceived as way more passive and loving than finite consciousness. This perception in my mind is absolutely correct even though it's still just a perception we have. Being that this quite correct perception is purely based in motion, finite consciousness perceptions, it's amazing how accurate this perception is of our infinite being as a whole.

In this case, we would also perceive that less motion is positive while motion is more negative is also correct. It's true, the more motion that is created, the more destructive a consciousness is more likely to become, human consciousness is a prime example of this.

So we now have a perception that motion (finite existence) is of a negative polarity and motionless (infinite existence) is positive. The more passive we express ourselves as, the more positive of the polarity we perceive we are of.

Motion (finite)= negative polarities + active

Motionless (infinite) = positive polarities + passive

In our perception within a finite consciousness, we perceive that passiveness is obviously more positive than activeness, basically, motion is negative and motionlessness is positive.

Recently in discussion with others, I was seen by some as negative to the point of obviously being toxic, basically, highly and excessively negative. At the exact same time though, I was seen by other people as being positive even while expressing, at times, excessive motion. I was very active at times in the discussions as opposed to passive, this was seen as being negative by certain people involved in the discussion, the reason for this varied. The funny thing is, some people felt my vibration were negative, other people thought it was positive!!   

Now consider the following. The sun within our solar system is excessively violent , it's not just simply active, it's violent to an excess. The sun expresses a huge amount of motion as opposed to motionless, do we perceive that the sun isn't just toxic but demonic seen as it's the most active source of energy in the entire solar system? No, so why do we often judge that all active motion has to be of a negative polarity?

The point is, we seemingly often perceive, while becoming connected with our infinite being, that anything else other than this infinite being is negative. Could any biological life exist without the sun being as violent as it is? Yes, when the sun becomes imbalanced within it's own projection, it will express extreme motions that will in the end destroy all of what it created in the first place. It is predicted that our sun will, in it's end, envelope Earth as it expands before it's own end. Within this, motion as we know it will cease to exist as biological life will. There will be no motion, everything will be passive but at the expense of destroying biological life as a whole. You see, not everything that is passive has a  positive outcome, in fact it's devastatingly quite the opposite.

Could you imagine not sitting by a stream and listening to the birds sing and see the fish swimming, this is what motionlessness (passiveness) will destroy in the end when the highly violent sun ends it own cycle of life. We seem to have the perception that all violent acts are negative when in actuality passiveness is highly destructive within it's own existence.

The way we are perceiving while existing in a finite reality, the sun would have to be the most negative energy source within the solar system but it's simply not. This is exactly why I try to stay away from this kind of black and white mentality, there is no true black and white to anything. This kind of black and white perception is only still a perception in the end.

While becoming connected to our infinite being, we often, in my mind quite incorrectly, perceive that our passive motionless being has to be way more positive to that of our finite being, that simply and obviously is not the case. In this case the sun would have to be perceived as the most negative source of energy in the solar system. I believe this perception has come about because we are now existing in a reality of extremes, very much like when the sun will end it's cycle, anything other than this end will be perceived as being more positive, giving us the incorrect perception that all active motion is negative.

Of course any extreme motion will give us the perception that all motion is negative, it's just simply not the case though. Could you imagine being around when the sun ends it cycle, any other existence at that time will be perceived as being more positive, that is where I feel many of us are at. It's quite understandable why we perceive like this but you should look beyond these perceptions to really see the truth of the matter, not all active motion is negative, in fact violent motion can be extremely life giving. Of course acknowledging this while we are influenced by our present perceptions is going to be difficult. We are often too influenced by our present perceptions of all motion and motionlessness is of just a negative or a positive.  

Freeing ourselves from these perceptions, is only replacing one lot of perceptions with another lot of perceptions, but a more accurate truer sense of perceptions while existing in a finite reality. It's just simply not all black and white.        

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